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The Bataan Death March (1942)

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Title :  The Bataan Death March (1942)
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Simple History
This WWII event was requested quite a lot by you! So finally it is here
Comment from : Simple History

Bren Medina
and this is why Atomic Bombs were excused :)
Comment from : Bren Medina

My Lolo (Grandpa) was a survivor of the Bataan Deathmarch He was lucky enough to escape with a few other peoplebrbrMiss you lolo ❤️
Comment from : strictlydoge

Amazing these war crimes by either the Japanese or Germans resulted in if those responsible were caught resulted in a death sentence that was actually carried out but war crimes regardless if not as extreme committed by the allies namely the US resulted in slaps on the wrist or commuted sentences never a death sentence and never a life sentence that was actually followed through on and that includes war crimes committed in the Vietnam war especially the My Lia massacre which was a massacre in every sense of the world
Comment from : titan1912

Nic Marcelino
My great grandfather was one of those soldiers who survived the Bataan Death March He remembered seeing many soldiers around him die of dysentery and poisoning He too later became infected, but having enough medicine knowledge, he picked guava leaves from guava trees they pass by, and he chewed them so that he can consume the juice of the leaves This cured him of dysentery and it has even helped him survive the entire torturous march
Comment from : Nic Marcelino

Diones Valdez
The Bataan Death March
Comment from : Diones Valdez

The Japanese really knew how to handle Americans
Comment from : MrRamazanLale2

Oliver Sherman 2
I love your channel keep up the great stuff!!
Comment from : Oliver Sherman 2

The Japanese commanders punishment shouldn’t have been death by execution, it should have been death by being forced to March with no food or water or breaks until he died
Comment from : maxton-_-

Philippine Reptiles and Frogs
Look how many soldiers sacrificed their lives for our country RIP
Comment from : Philippine Reptiles and Frogs

Epsilon XVI
US lost to japan which lead to Bataan death march, beijing Masaccre, and Rape of South korea US tried or failed to save them as a result 20 years of confort woman in entire asia while they taking credit of soviet victory in the west lol
Comment from : Epsilon XVI

Xian Gabriel
My great great grandfather was one of the survivors called saturnino in the phillipines of the death mrach of bataan
Comment from : Xian Gabriel

Maus (Daebom)
Ohio brbrWatashi Maus brbrI don't nani speak JapanbrbrI am watashi german N×zi brbrTank but heavy
Comment from : Maus (Daebom)

thaddeus christmas dog18
No papa no mama no all
Comment from : thaddeus christmas dog18

What about the Sandakan Death Marches? 2,700 POW's, only 6 survived after escaping the camp, 2,343 POW's died, many more escaped and was aided by locals
Comment from : [REDACTED] Agent [DATA EXPUNGED]

Stuart Ward
And people get mad when I say the Japanese deserved the atomic bombs The only mistake the Americans made was stopping at two
Comment from : Stuart Ward

I live in bataan, there are statutes along the road where the march happened it is white and shape like an obelisk
Comment from : THAT DIG IS BICK

Tuli Kinikini
And that’s why they got nasty fat nukes in return
Comment from : Tuli Kinikini

kuldeep hari
People nowadays don't even know that these things happened and hundreds died to protect them 😔
Comment from : kuldeep hari

Robert Miles
Those two atom bombs and the executions of Japanese higher-ups weren't nearly a harsh enough punishment
Comment from : Robert Miles

Rugia 1168
McArthur was referred to as the "American Caesar" The man was more truthfully a coward and an untalented jerk who without superior American arms production and A-bombs would not have amounted to much just like all other Yank generals
Comment from : Rugia 1168

Least that americans helps us (filipinos) battle
Comment from : PVP_plays

My grandpa's father is one of the people who survived death march Sadly, i never met my great grandpa He died before i was even born
Comment from : ggplayz

bo jiden
My great uncle was captured by the Japanese and survived the Bataan March & the camp He didn't even enter as soilder he was a chef
Comment from : bo jiden

Andre Marcus
My Filipino great grandfather was actually in the march he told me when i was young that his friend had his face sliced off and was left there to rot
Comment from : Andre Marcus

So much emphasis put on the Bataan Death March, to hide the fact that America did much worse
Comment from : YETI

Jemerico Harrico
I’m so glad Japanese just thought that other races were inferior to them and not actual racists
Comment from : Jemerico Harrico

MizzouPatriot 88
The Japanese definitely got what they had coming in the form of 2 atomic bombs
Comment from : MizzouPatriot 88

our greatest president was a survivor of the bataan death march our PressFerdinand E Marcos
Comment from : MavMC

Akanbi Oluyomi
When we think of the war crimes committed by the Japanese Army during War II, the detonation of the atomic bomb on Japan is justified It indeed mirrored the adage of 'what a man sows shall he reaps'
Comment from : Akanbi Oluyomi

Brutal fact and great vidbrIf possible, I wanna know why did IJA such haphazard and self-conflicted march IJA infantry didn't well mechanized so themselves were forced the march and sterve after all People complain Japanese ignorances resemble to their targets, never refer to enemy's toll
Comment from : Minoru

Aruni Yasmin Azizah
As an indonesian student, while studying history, I remembered that even though the japanese occupied indonesia for only 35 years, they did worse crimes than the dutch who colonized us for around 3 centuries
Comment from : Aruni Yasmin Azizah

Mpshh Man
When you go to war for food
Comment from : Mpshh Man

ruski muejek
This pisses me off I love 🇺🇸
Comment from : ruski muejek

It’s ironic that in WW2 Americans and Filipinos were fighting together to defeat a common enemy but just 50 years prior the US bought and colonized the country after defeating Spain and treated the Filipinos unfairly The Philippine American War is rarely taught in depth in American public schools (for obvious reasons) The history is pretty similar to Japanese colonialism of Korea Many Americans forget about this or are simply unaware and uneducated I’m curious how the American Philippine relation is taught in the Philippines I would like to hear your opinions on this if any Filipinos are reading this
Comment from : HM

Austin Cox
The entire month of November is dedicated to Veterans from all around the world in 96 by the Armed Force YMCA, I hate that companies don't acknowledge it like every other holiday, they treat it like its one day and force people to believe it's on one day so they will go on a spending spree because they also feel like they have to buy stuff just to show appreciationpeople suffered in ways no one can imagine and were still here today because of thembrbrI had a hypothesis that if Hitler didnt waste resources on the camps, all that money and material could have went to their soldiers and equipment and they could have done so much more than they already did, and people knew that, they knew there was a small chance they could have came over even to the US if given time, they knew how much they could have lostbrbrNow that we don't have that threat anymore, people don't have a fear or examples of how easy it is for such devastation and loss, that they treat things like it's expendable and so easily replaceable, being like that for so long also caused so much entitlement
Comment from : Austin Cox

Jayden Salguero
I found out recently from my dad that my great grandfather was a filipino soilder who was there and survived the death March Apparently he only escaped because a couple of American soldiers had an plan to escape on a cargo truck and needed my great grandfather because he was the only one who knew how to drive the kind of trucks the Japanese had I guess they temporarily disarmed the driver while being transported and jumped off the truck and ran off in different directions From there, my great grandfather was able to reach a camp of Allie soilders for help Idk I just think it's crazy to think I'm related to someone who survived something absolutely horrible like this
Comment from : Jayden Salguero

Paul Harbron
My uncle, Richard Damm, survived the March He passed away before I was old enough to speak to him, but my family shared whatever he offered in stories The pics of him before the war at 6’3” 215 lbs of muscle vs him at 97 lbs when he made it back to Lyons, IA say about enough He did gain a wife out of it all like many; married the nurse that brought him back to health I hear many vets married the nurses who cared for them when they returned
Comment from : Paul Harbron

soo lee main acc lewz
i know all of us including me is a new generation teenager but i have a little bit knowledge about this this bataan death march also known as the (the great death march) in our country PH,brbut could we forgive those individual who commit such a crime to our long lost ancestry?…cuz its too out of date of us to bring back such a commotion
Comment from : soo lee main acc lewz

I live in New Mexico and it is well known, from tales to memorials this atrocity will remain remembered
Comment from : seth047

Eren-Mikasa Yeager
They should’ve fought back!
Comment from : Eren-Mikasa Yeager

joette hoke
My husband Uncle was in Davao when the Japanese invaded it He has papers that tell of the treatment the prisoners went throughbrIt made me so angry when I read his story and how the American soldiers were abandoned by McArthur telling the men he would be back to rescue them and never returned with reinforcements His Uncle was if you considered it lucky, he was one of the survivors After returning home he went through PTSD that was not a diagnosis back then and he took his own life at the age of 21 due to his mental and physical injuries I never read about this march until I read the article he told a reporter about
Comment from : joette hoke

Romeo Echo
My Grandfather did not sureender to Japanese, he escaped the Bataan Death march and hide in the mountain area of Quezon together with some other Guerilla, he convince many Americans not to surrender because he knows what Japanese do to them, but they not listen He tells me a story how Japanese soldiers killed by him using his bolo, inside the cornfield And he also participate on the Great Raid on Cabanatuan, where hundreds of American POW prisoners were rescued by the American Rangers But in some other part, there's a lot of good Japanese Soldiers who was assigned here in the Philippines, i hope you can watch the storu of Captain Yamasoy a Japanese Army Captain
Comment from : Romeo Echo

to this day the japanese did not say sorry or do anything about there counless war crimes the people are sorry the government isn't
Comment from : PHOENIX 881

The world explained
Whatever the Japanese did was no less than a massacre
Comment from : The world explained

my great grandfather from my dad's side luckily survived the Bataan death march After the war he had a family and his son had 4 other sons, 1 of them being my dad Its crazy that if he didnt survive i wouldnt be here
Comment from : OMA

Don Limoncelli
My uncle missed the Death March by being in the hospital with malaria After he got out, he spent a year in a Japanese prison in the Philippines and then was transported to Japan where he was in a work camp for three years He kept a detailed diary while he was there I am writing a book using his exact entries with an accompanying narrative of the war events happening at the time
Comment from : Don Limoncelli

•Cherry Blossom•
back when I was learning about the fall of bataan and the death march in grade 6, I remember that it was only 3 paragraphs long in our book with very little detail as to what happened during the march except "they had to walk for almost 100km without food and water while being tortured" I'm honestly disappointed at how my books covered this event, now I doubt if all of the history I've learned is just as simple as how it was written I'm glad i came across this video to study for my exams, hopefully the soldiers who died during the death march and the war won't be forgotten about, may they rest in peace
Comment from : •Cherry Blossom•

Alexandre Alferan
Filipinos and Americans worked together for a long time, since being taken over from the Spanish America has helped developed and modernize Philippines brbrSadly many people in the West like in Canada think Filipinos are from the middle east and never sacrificed for the the West
Comment from : Alexandre Alferan

Comment from : TrashTalkTerry

My grandpa’s brother was at the Bataan Death March It’s unknown whether or not he died during the March or at the pow camp but in either case, they never found his remains
Comment from : jonharana4

phil bowers
Well they got nuked in the end
Comment from : phil bowers

Wellcome to the Philippines
Comment from : PHILIPPINES

Victor Nunes
I heard that some of the survivors of the Bataan march were sent to unit 731 Is that true?
Comment from : Victor Nunes

Kevin Duliesco
So,if the Japanese had enough transportation they don't have to walk?and also if the Japanese accepted the American offer,same goes with food
Comment from : Kevin Duliesco

Philippines need to create more war films about WW2 to remind Filipinos of the sacrifices and loyalty of our soldiers during the war
Comment from : Erueru

Those damn Japanese!!!!
Comment from : seartop112

hugh jass
We should of dropped 4 more bombs
Comment from : hugh jass

A good chunk of the US forces captured by the Japanese for the Bataan Death march are from my home state of New Mexico (last I've checked they were artillery units) and to this day every year we have an event to remember the travesty: The White Sands Bataan Death March Marathon
Comment from : AbbysalWarrior

Oh my! in Philippines? thats cruel cause i live in philippines
Comment from : BrotherAlex

Farah Ahmed Karim
"The Japanese didn't have enough food or transport for such a large number of prisoners" not like they would've given them any food in the first place
Comment from : Farah Ahmed Karim

quinn starr ⚠
Why grandfather
Comment from : quinn starr ⚠

The Bataan Death March Video Exist*brbrThat Other Kid Who Is Adopted: MY GRANDPA SURVIED THE BATAAN DEATHMARCH!!!!
Comment from : Oofof

JL Español YT
No one even remember bruno gaido lol
Comment from : JL Español YT

Ethan White
Stupid evolution teaching
Comment from : Ethan White

Demonic Falcon
my grandpa was on the bataan death march but then was able to make it then came home safely
Comment from : Demonic Falcon

Spanky Harland
My Grandfather was in the US Army in the Philippines and was captured and ended up participating in the death march, however, he was cleaver enough to escape and ended up living in a village until the end of the warhe did get very ill but was nursed back to life by the villagers He is very greatful to the Filipinos who did all they can to help the American fighting men and women
Comment from : Spanky Harland

It's funny how there are at least 100 people in these comments who's grandfathers were in the Bataan death match
Comment from : Eliasroflchopper

Wilkins Tokarev
This is the Japanese greatest victory in ww2 so far tennoheika banzai!
Comment from : Wilkins Tokarev

Brent Schuyler Waine David
My Lola lives near the O'Donnell camp last time but were in batangas now she was a child back then now she's 54
Comment from : Brent Schuyler Waine David

wait if there were 76,000 prisoners vs like what? a couple thousand lightly armed soldiers some distance in between the camps, why didn't they revolt?
Comment from : K33ndle

There is saying from the elder in my country that said "During Dutch colonials we were eating poor quality food, during Japan occupation, there is nothing to eat"
Comment from : Beersvault

If asked "Is the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is justifiable?", I'd say "YES" because If Japanese Imperial Army had nukes, they would've used every single last one of them and they would've been very proud of it
Comment from : btswt101

Brix Tyrone Sison
My grandpa fought as a guerilla back in those days He still has the bayonet the US soldier gave to him when they we're in Saysain Point Grandpa died last year, rest in peace lolo
Comment from : Brix Tyrone Sison

Mr Meckles
My grandfather was a prisoner in davao he managed to escape just by cutting the wire
Comment from : Mr Meckles

Rey Christian Gamboa
Today, we celebrate the Day of Valor for the soldiers who went through this horrendous tragedy Salute to them
Comment from : Rey Christian Gamboa

Samuel Davillo
Comment from : Samuel Davillo

Joseph Mendoza
Watching this during the Day of Valor (Commemoration of the Fall of Bataan) brbrSalute to the heroes who fought in Bataan until the end
Comment from : Joseph Mendoza

AI 0891
Watching this on Day of Valour 2022 from the Philippines May their bravery and resistance never be forgotten
Comment from : AI 0891

Truths Knight_0777
Do the Rooin March next
Comment from : Truths Knight_0777

Olivia Lambert
The saddest thing is Japan still can’t accept what they did to Philippinos They even had a comfort women statue removed in the Philippines
Comment from : Olivia Lambert

ninja master builder
I just realized that this death march has many similarities with how the Nazis transported the Jews to the concentration camps
Comment from : ninja master builder

Axi YT
You saved me from a quiz
Comment from : Axi YT

James Edwards
I still think the off spring should be held responsible in 2022 and imprisoned
Comment from : James Edwards

jay y
Now do the Rape of Nanking…
Comment from : jay y

Orion J de la Concepcion
you prounonce is b-a-t-a-a-n
Comment from : Orion J de la Concepcion

Makes the 2 nukes actually satisfying, looking at how they treated pows those nukes were well deserved
Comment from : Felhice

Brenan Epino
so im filipino and my uncles great great or great grandfather was part of it and he was a pvt we visited the obelisk and saw his name rip to those who died
Comment from : Brenan Epino

billy bill
Glad we nuked them
Comment from : billy bill

A good friend of mines great grandfather survived the death march
Comment from : oP_bREaD

izz jo
They we're also a death marches in Borneo ,it was call Sandakan Death Marches which resulted in the deaths of 2,434
Comment from : izz jo

Japan: We did it in self defense!brAlso Japan: lmao
Comment from : SethAtSNK

4:50: This one exchange could have saved the lives of all these men if the Japanese general had just agreed to that
Comment from : Tenacitybrit

Spaghetti onanoro
The reason I might burn all my manga is those people who have committed extremely horrible war crimes
Comment from : Spaghetti onanoro

International state college of the Philippines
As an revenge US drop nuclear to Hiroshima, japan but pnoy wasn't happy even my country is come battlefield bcuz o've the culture of my country even we really hurt bcuz u destroy my country we still your friends 🥺😭
Comment from : International state college of the Philippines

Hardtop Harry
The Philippines soldiers really copped it from the Japanese The Japanese had some special grudge against them Note that 650 US soldiers died and between 5,000 and 18,000 Philippines soldiersbrNot enough is said about the Philippines soldiers in WWII documentaries They fought really hard and endured a lot of Japanese atrocities Brave men who died hard
Comment from : Hardtop Harry

Jebus Christoff
This old japan is horrifying
Comment from : Jebus Christoff

• R a f a e ł •
We are the battling [email protected][email protected] of Bataan No mama no papa no uncle sam No aunts no uncles no cousins no neices No pills no planes no artillery peices and nobody gives a damn
Comment from : • R a f a e ł •

Finn Mertens
This is why nukes are justified
Comment from : Finn Mertens

Lei Yatz
as i know 70k american-filipino prisoners were capped,1100 remain after the deathmarch
Comment from : Lei Yatz

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