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Opposing Views on the Role of Government and the Essence of Money (w/Michael Green \u0026 Peter Schiff)

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Information Opposing Views on the Role of Government and the Essence of Money (w/Michael Green \u0026 Peter Schiff)

Title :  Opposing Views on the Role of Government and the Essence of Money (w/Michael Green \u0026 Peter Schiff)
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Frames Opposing Views on the Role of Government and the Essence of Money (w/Michael Green \u0026 Peter Schiff)

Description Opposing Views on the Role of Government and the Essence of Money (w/Michael Green \u0026 Peter Schiff)

Comments Opposing Views on the Role of Government and the Essence of Money (w/Michael Green \u0026 Peter Schiff)

Ali Borojerdi
I don’t think either one is the right answer Governments are notoriously inefficient and history repeatedly shows it gives into devaluation of currency I agree with Peter in that the less they are involved the better but at same time having credit creation pegged to some random metal doesn’t make sense either
Comment from : Ali Borojerdi

mike b
Michael Green seems to want to deny basic historical reality not realizing that there was enormous available, usable land all over the world He also attributes American success in the late 19th and early 20th century to enormous human capital and yet is apparently oblivious to China and India of the same period which had vastly more human capital but were not even close to the US in productive success
Comment from : mike b

mike b
The main difference in my view is that one system is honest(gold and Austrian economics) and the other (Keyensian fiat) is dishonest An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold, it can't be inflated without pulling more out of the earth Keyensian economics is a system designed specifically to be both dishonest and as collectivism as its ultimate goal
Comment from : mike b

military forces TV
Barter is a Myth, Ppl did not do that before gold or money; Read or listen to David Graeber Economic Athropologist Who did the Real Research most Successful Period was FDR social Democracy which transformed the economy and introduced things like social security , strengthening unions etc
Comment from : military forces TV

Rafael Graça Silva
Mike Green thinks lending money to an entity that already owes over $30T is riskless? (imagine multiple Twitter's clown emojis) eheheheh
Comment from : Rafael Graça Silva

Almost Nearly Sociable
Big government has its own agenda depending on which is in power and they do not just serve snd protect people but convert people to their own thinking Government needs to get small
Comment from : Almost Nearly Sociable

Almost Nearly Sociable
Looking back at this video made in 2021 Peter was absolutely correct when he said prices are going to rise higher than you can believe Now in 2022 we see he was right We need the gold standard Michael will not admit the truth, probably for his own liberal control reasons
Comment from : Almost Nearly Sociable

Almost Nearly Sociable
Mr Schiff is the man in that he stands for everything I believe in, especially with respect to the monetary system backed by nothing I am so sick of the power of government and its abuse Why people cannot see that is just incredible Just get the Fed and government out of the waybrMr Green is the type of person whose mindset got us into this mess in the first place, and they will not use common sense
Comment from : Almost Nearly Sociable

Brandon Boand
What’s Michael have to say now????? Peter was absolutely correct!
Comment from : Brandon Boand

Brandon Boand
Live peters view
Comment from : Brandon Boand

S J Boyer
Who is suffering at the expensive of your investments?
Comment from : S J Boyer

I have no problem with government controlling the economy, as long as government isn't made up of fallible, corrupt, self serving, evil people Until then, I'll rely on the Free Market to decide winners and losers
Comment from : joeashbubemma

Ag Willie
I'm glad the gold in Ft Know is owned by the US Treasury and NOT the Federal Reserve I do think this gold needs to be audited as there are lots of concerns that much of this gold has been leased and sold If the US were to offer its gold for sale to help offset the debt this fiat system has produced, I would be a buyer
Comment from : Ag Willie

Spartan Marinelli 87
We have NOT filled out most of our available land!! That is an insane comment 🤣😅🤣
Comment from : Spartan Marinelli 87

Spartan Marinelli 87
This guy is talking about people coming here for land??? What a TOOL!!!
Comment from : Spartan Marinelli 87

Spartan Marinelli 87
People came here to be free!!!
Comment from : Spartan Marinelli 87

29:45 and 30:15 🤣 did you not listen to Peter? They defaulted on the mortgage and underwater already in the house They don't need a credit report if the bank will keep them as RENTERS BUT THEY WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY! Courtesy of the WEF and USA INC
Comment from : DIRGES in the DARK

You can't keep having this conversation with out addressing our treasonous govt with the UN and WEF and their depopulation program
Comment from : DIRGES in the DARK

I’m amazed that guy said people didn’t come here because of freedom and new opportunities They sure left Europe and Russia and etc for those reasons Ffs that’s why we had a war with the Brit’s That guy must be a liberal can’t admit that
Comment from : W J

Elwood Bergman
“Google is free” “Google’s prices are so high because of interest rates” These two absurd statements tell you this guy is either an idiot or he’s BSing us Austrian economics tells us the simplistic answers we think we know so that poor people vote against their own self interest That is why this myth still exists
Comment from : Elwood Bergman

Relative Vie
Peter insight to the future = 5brGovernment = 0
Comment from : Relative Vie

manny mo
Peter is right again inflation is right now year later at 86 and raising
Comment from : manny mo

mike allen
Watching over a year on and guess what ?! Peter got it right again inflation is out of control
Comment from : mike allen

Julian Blunt
Intersecting to have found this conversation in June of 2022 I’m astonished that two deeply intelligent people can be so hilariously wrong about Bitcoin
Comment from : Julian Blunt

Mister Sir
Green: “People tend to think about [natural, free] evolution as progress That’s not correct Evolution is fitness within a regime And large entities have the capacity to capture regulators and capture a system and preserve a regime to which they are best suited, preventing the competition from coming in”
Comment from : Mister Sir

Mister Sir
Green is based
Comment from : Mister Sir

Mister Sir
1:15:44 Commercial banks don’t care about real rates, because loss of purchasing power due to inflation is on the books of depositors Meanwhile bond buyers can choose between negative real rate, or even more negative effect of inflation
Comment from : Mister Sir

Mister Sir
14:06 Not all land is equal Have you seen the Russian taiga? Meanwhile there was plenty of freedom in the other colonies, but that was in (sub-)tropical places, ie not the same land
Comment from : Mister Sir

Peter won
Comment from : Drew

Fabian Bogg
Current inflation rates in the US tell us whose prediction was right
Comment from : Fabian Bogg

Peter gets it… the other guy needs to study history
Comment from : Cyrus

Andrew G
Ash is hands down the best moderator I've ever seen He gets far too little credit
Comment from : Andrew G

Qey Shinkurt
Watching this a year after when it was posted and seems peter hit the nail on everything he predicted
Comment from : Qey Shinkurt

Brad Albone
I agree with Peter Mr Green speaks of not "abandoning" the system, but the prosperous system has already been abandoned to implement a dysfunctional system It's absolutely time to abandon the failing system Interesting debate
Comment from : Brad Albone

Lampkin דניאל
It doesn’t make sense Why can’t you bring production back to America I would prefer to work in a factor than flip burgers
Comment from : Lampkin דניאל

Lampkin דניאל
Doesn’t Peter look younger?
Comment from : Lampkin דניאל

Peter was right!
Comment from : stage274

1 year later I’m watching this and I have to say Peter was right CUDOS !!
Comment from : paulvaz1

Matt Verville
Peter is right except his stance on Bitcoin
Comment from : Matt Verville

I think this is the definite debate/lecture about Austrian economics vs current monetary system I wish Mike would have been more assertive though, but Peter is a menacing debate opponent
Comment from : Jussi

Peter was correct about the republic Biden is not president I hope to see military remove him from office
Comment from : hansenleal

David Benson
Just made mental note to never watch anything else with Peter Schiff in it
Comment from : David Benson

Alex Salazar
"The reason why immigrants are coming is because they want to be on welfare" uhhhhhhhhhh no Peter lost after that
Comment from : Alex Salazar

Miguel Castillo
“The most terrifying words-“I’m from the government and I’m here to help” Ronald Reagan
Comment from : Miguel Castillo

David Londono
If you can teach a subject than you really know it! And the way Peter Schiff explains things so simply is amazing! He really really knows his stuff, smart man
Comment from : David Londono

Travis Fleury Lopez
Interesting that Pete thinks the period when our working class often fought deadly battles against their union busting employers is an ideal to strive for What a fitting backdrop against which to set the utopian idealism of US libertarianism
Comment from : Travis Fleury Lopez

Peter Schiff is like Bill Maher, but just in the opposite direction The 2 of them are like twins separated at birth And they're both exactly the same kind of idiots
Comment from : theIdlecrane

This didn't age well for the professor 😅
Comment from : beaver6919

Peter would be the world's biggest bitcoin bull if his entire ego, identity, and financial positions weren't centered around gold Bitcoin is going to crush gold
Comment from : Raymond

Jose Jose
Peter sounds logical and on point I appreciate Mike playing the contrarían point, but he seems somewhat lost Very few people are more knowledgeable about the economy than Peter Schiff and Marc Faber The current system is rigged
Comment from : Jose Jose

UrLeisure MyPleasure
I agree with Peter on everything here However he should buy some bitcoin also LOL (Bitcoin primarily, but perhaps SOME altcoins as well)
Comment from : UrLeisure MyPleasure

Big Papi
Great video!!
Comment from : Big Papi

Big Papi
🤔 Historically inaccurate? If people moved here for the land why did they move to cities? Why not go to the country? Peter is right, workers chose factories over farming because it was their best option Else, why would they do it!
Comment from : Big Papi

Scott Pettingill
I really liked the debate, they both had great points and I think we all win from it, they sharped each other skills and we get an all-around view of topics we didn't know about, I like Peter he interrupts too much, I'll keep watching his content though :)
Comment from : Scott Pettingill

Jaden Kutz
Peter educated this guy for an hour
Comment from : Jaden Kutz

Dog Owner Guru
The dude in the white shirt is right, it is historically, inaccurate; but in reality spot on Man I don't know you but you lost all credibility in my irrelevant eyes
Comment from : Dog Owner Guru

Howard Huang
Isn’t this the guy who has been saying the dollar would collapse for decades? Hahaha… talk about way off the base !
Comment from : Howard Huang

Paul Dockery
Thank you
Comment from : Paul Dockery

Once I stared skipping Shiff’s ideological circular thinking this was a worthwhile discussion to hear Thanks!
Comment from : hitchh

The man debating Peter is a complete idiot Example of why America is doomed Thruuuuuuu
Comment from : Enemyofthesheeple

Andre P
Peter has been talking about a 50 drop in the Stockmarket for about 3 decade’s… over which time the S & P has gone up 1000brbrLook at the returns of Euro Pacific capital
Comment from : Andre P

The Golden Loot
Inflation is already at 85 as of today How much higher should it go before this guy Michael Green acknowledge that Peter Schiff is correct in his analysis?
Comment from : The Golden Loot

Commander Corn 🇺🇸
1:09:25 Schiff nailed itbrI dislike agreeing with Schiff instead of the crypto bro, because I am also a crypto bro, but I guess Im more of a libertarian anarcho capitalist than than I am a crypto brobrIt makes me cringe every time Mike Green suggests more government intervention is the answer
Comment from : Commander Corn 🇺🇸

The truth lies somewhere between Michael Green and Peter Schiff
Comment from : Rizky06

Wot's thw End Game, as far as Fed/Govt plan? To own (thru their financial intrests eg Blackrock, Vanguard, major banks and B Gates) all property, land, farming land, redundant commercial properties and impecunious individuals So that they have total control to implement their Agenda
Comment from : Interstitial

Roberto Lopez
I Love Peter Schiff Mr Schiff has made me a Wealthy Man (with the knowledge he freely gave me through his Podcasts over the years)
Comment from : Roberto Lopez

Patrick Wears
No to Peter Schiff
Comment from : Patrick Wears

Hey Mike! You got to admit Peter’s predictions has been very reliable since the pandemic
Comment from : ricardo

Ari Michael
Comment from : Ari Michael

Joseph Kramer
My gosh Green is so wrong on everything I learned in elementary school I cannot watch more He does not know that Pasteur was long dead before viruses were discovered The worst part is he has not even gotten to the MMT stuff and he is already exposed as an intellectual fraud
Comment from : Joseph Kramer

Does this guy not know about Singapore or Hong Kong freedom is always the key ingredient brbrI wonder if maybe rhe guy in the white shirt is chosen people?
Comment from : ezzy1147

JP Fontes
It's clear that Peter takes no issues with monopolies given his habit of monopolizing the conversation; he just can't help himself 😅
Comment from : JP Fontes

Peter, sounds like he’s on a mindless rant at times
Comment from : audacityknight

GERALD CELENTE Of the Trends Research
Comment from : CON-GRESS SUCKS

Yeh but the children you are educating are all choosing easy worthless liberal arts subjects
Comment from : Stanthemilkman

Ira Lujan
No government ? Cool, sell me nuclear power🤠
Comment from : Ira Lujan

Matt Brown
Its rioting time! (Either way!)brbr--a view from the bottombrbrThough if we start reverting back to the 19th century its outright WAR
Comment from : Matt Brown

Joshua Leong
Having mostly only heard Peter's thoughts on crypto, where I'm mostly opposed to his views I'm surprised to find that I agree with quite a majority of Peter Schiff's stances on government policies Great debate!
Comment from : Joshua Leong

Comment from : Celeste

Steven Snider
"Russia had land" is so ignorant Russia is a majority frozen most the year 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Steven Snider

lance mairs
You are smug and dismissive w/out even knowing it Mr Schiff was not giving you kernels of truth he was giving you the big picture using gold nuggets of truth I have long since learned to ignore his abrasive manner in order to absorb his truth
Comment from : lance mairs

I'm a fan of Mike Green and his way is thinking Not so much of Peter and I don't like how he often cuts the other off You can see Mike's frustration with this trait Peter claims he's okay with free-market monopolies, and he also likes to monopolizer the discourse
Comment from : HoroRH

I agree with Peter here Bitcoin, gold, and silver need to be the country’s currency 👍🏼
Comment from : emeraldcitydreamz

Timothy Woitte
Future is here Schiff was right; inflation wasn't transitory Mmt guy is acting as if inflation doesn't cause a loss in purchasing power
Comment from : Timothy Woitte

Timothy Woitte
Regulation leads to and allows for corruption Less government simplifies the playing field and keeps bad actors from manipulating systems
Comment from : Timothy Woitte

Timothy Woitte
End the FED
Comment from : Timothy Woitte

Timothy Woitte
We have better living standards now so let the printers run loose What a joke Who's pocket is this mmt guy in? He's not speaking objectively and certainly not on behalf of we the people The government serves we the people not the other way around Less government Get rid of the Senate and reps let the people vote directly on individual bills We have the internet and really no longer need the political aristocratic class of thieves and deceivers
Comment from : Timothy Woitte

Timothy Woitte
Cheers to Mr Schiff Liberty brought people to America
Comment from : Timothy Woitte

Caribbean Crypto Tips
Excellent debateI would say that Peter did an excellent job of representing the ideology that crypto ppl have but just using Goldbtw in not sure which point of view is more correct
Comment from : Caribbean Crypto Tips

Ken Ebanks
On long term balance I can see that Peter’s overall opinion is the best way to do things!
Comment from : Ken Ebanks

Ken Ebanks
Peter Schiff! YES YES YES!
Comment from : Ken Ebanks

Ken Ebanks
I’m in the UK, but if I were American I’d definitely vote for Peter Schiff The whole world needs people like him to lead world governments!
Comment from : Ken Ebanks

Joshua Vander Plaats
Ive watched this twice: It occurs to me that these two set up a dialectic between government and corporations/individuals They BOTH fail to expose that the corporations have taken over the government We live in a plutocracy And until this is ended by definition and by law (regulated), we will never recover Chronos will continue to eat his children The serpent his tail
Comment from : Joshua Vander Plaats

Joshua Vander Plaats
Thanks Liam!
Comment from : Joshua Vander Plaats

Steven H3
This is a perfect demonstration of how pathetic Peter is He has created this historically adjacent narrative to push his own products He cherry picks whatever he wants to validate his narrative in a vacuum Any comparison between the 1800s and modern day is strictly laughable in the context he used
Comment from : Steven H3

Scott Fletcher
Hmmmmm Some of this sounds awfully familiar to me on this day Must be a coincidence
Comment from : Scott Fletcher

bruce pennycook
Peter Schiff clearly won the argument
Comment from : bruce pennycook

JAre Mansa
Michael Green: I agree but……
Comment from : JAre Mansa

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