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Behind the Counter at a Local Japanese Tempura Restaurant

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Information Behind the Counter at a Local Japanese Tempura Restaurant

Title :  Behind the Counter at a Local Japanese Tempura Restaurant
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Frames Behind the Counter at a Local Japanese Tempura Restaurant

Description Behind the Counter at a Local Japanese Tempura Restaurant

Comments Behind the Counter at a Local Japanese Tempura Restaurant

Paolo fromTOKYO
tokyozebracom/merch Help support the channel and get my Tokyo Merchbr paolofromtokyo/discord Connect with my Japan Discord community for Japan travel questions br paolofromtokyo/cc Contribute subtitles in your language brGet 10 off with my link on Squarespace - squarespacecom/paolofromtokyo
Comment from : Paolo fromTOKYO

Cinthya Contreras
Thanks Paolo My husband and me are on our honeymoon in Japan and all your videos are our tourist guide in his marvelous journey 😊
Comment from : Cinthya Contreras

Comment from : ROKKOR

Sahana Santhana Krishnan
It was very adorable when the one who likes Baseball showed off his baseball cards❤️
Comment from : Sahana Santhana Krishnan

Rama S
Mr Paolo di salah satu video mengenai restoran Ada pelanggan yg bilang di suka ke restoran itu karena kid Freindly Apakah emang restoran di Jepang tidak kid Freindly? Kenapa seperti itu? Jadi anak anak di Jepang jarang makan di restoran?
Comment from : Rama S

Sophia Marsella
I enjoy this entire video, including the narration, the way it flows throughout, the angles, and the voiceover Every time I watch this kind of video from Paolo, it just feels so soothing and leaves me speechless The Paolo video usually makes me want to be productive again when I'm extremely exhausted from work, hihi If you read my video I just wanna say many thanks, Paolo!
Comment from : Sophia Marsella

Дуже приємно було подивитися на традиційний японський ресторан Вельми дякую!
Comment from : Adomair

If your chef has been behind the burners for over 40 years that dish is gonna taste great
Comment from : Fabian080690

Phong Le
Japans fast food is something I know I could eat fresh every day
Comment from : Phong Le

Elvina Dumoulin
Japanese always happy even through tough times and I admire them a great dealvery nice people!👍❤😊
Comment from : Elvina Dumoulin

Paper Cranes And Haiku
My husband and I are dining here tomorrow I cannot wait to eat the vegetable tempura and anago tempura 😍
Comment from : Paper Cranes And Haiku

Vishnu Prasanth
Isaburo San has a certain charisma about him
Comment from : Vishnu Prasanth

Asyilah Tan
I love how he uses drumsticks to fry :D
Comment from : Asyilah Tan

I especially love these Behind the Counter vids, they show the working culture and the passion towards your own work It's remarkable!! And the owners and workers seem so polite and happy :)
Comment from : Hobbit89

I love japanese culture and food Everyone is so sincere and kind I hope i can make it there someday
Comment from : sereny

The chef straight up test the bubble oil with his finger How does his hand not getting burn?? The protein on his hand is different from mine or what
Comment from : WaBaLaKa

Meu Deus que gente infeliz os que trabalham por 50 anos na mesma labuta e os que comem por 50 anos e voltam pro trabalho na mesma rotina!
Comment from : igoravatar

Loved that he whipped out a stack of baseball cards
Comment from : oregonweim

Sherin Philip
They take so much pride in what they make and have an interest in being the best in one speciality
Comment from : Sherin Philip

Checking the oil temperature with his fingers? 👁👄👁
Comment from : _caaaster

High Cell Chk
Why is there always a curtain on the Front door?
Comment from : High Cell Chk

Douglas De Guzman
I watch this video all the way through every time it pops up These guys seem to be pretty funny guys and are enjoying each others company at work Hope they're all still doing well
Comment from : Douglas De Guzman

Sirius Wang
Comment from : Sirius Wang

000 Upinsmoke
Comment from : 000 Upinsmoke

Sabi Zeppo
There's nothing like the small Japanese Edo style shop so intimate and cozy their is no denying it with the smells yes your about to eat something special and delicious cooked by someone who puts their whole nationality on the line to prepare something masterfully executed I love visiting Japan and tasting its rich beautiful culture, your taste palate will never be the same
Comment from : Sabi Zeppo

klaus nielsen
90år wow
Comment from : klaus nielsen

Live to eat don't eat to live get this please
Comment from : MANAV GODARA

Вы когда-нибудь расчёсываетесь?
Comment from : ovikobi

Dek Dela Cruz
hi paolo can you film the dinner service next time and may i request for a local tokyo izakaya or bar
Comment from : Dek Dela Cruz

Tempura looks easy to make but it really takes some great amount of skills brIt’s just like sushi that little detail makes so much difference
Comment from : Daze

Jay Gatsby
Japan may have low crime but 0:58 that's the behavior of somebody who has definitely had his bench stolen before lol
Comment from : Jay Gatsby

Noel der Chefnekromant
Love the video as always and as a drummer I really like the drumstick-method in that shop! Awesome!!
Comment from : Noel der Chefnekromant

I’m hungry now
Comment from : Geckuo

14:13brbrPOV: ur mom is cooking with oil
Comment from : Zhongli

Marie Fran
Honestly curious if local small shops/restaurant like this mind having foreigner customers Anyone?
Comment from : Marie Fran

Comment from : thisphilosophie

12:19 if this dude doesn't have a drawer of used panties next to his anime love pillow collection, I would be incredibly surprised
Comment from : Ziabatsu

Zenaida Edris
I love tempura
Comment from : Zenaida Edris

Lucas Guimarães
omg, this place is so amazing! Japenese culinary is definitely my favorite! brThe customers interview, japanese people are so polite and friendly, that's beautiful! 動画おめでとうございます!- Dōga omedetōgozaimasu!
Comment from : Lucas Guimarães

Dumb question but, do you speak Japanese?
Comment from : ACoustaDC

The Rambling Vlogger
Literally drooling the whole video! I want to visit this restaurant🤤🤤🤤
Comment from : The Rambling Vlogger

Dan Renniell Lazana
The title of this should be Masters in one Tempura restaurant
Comment from : Dan Renniell Lazana

Japanese has this “love” and “hate” relationship with oil when coming to the cooking 😂
Comment from : Daniel

Bambang Adi Syahputra
Simply amazing My utmost respect for the elders here
Comment from : Bambang Adi Syahputra

Cintia Kurimoto
Very, very nice!! Thank you all!!
Comment from : Cintia Kurimoto

2:41 てんぷらの下ごしらえで粉が塊になっているのでそれを壊しているんですねbr塊は揚げても粉のままなので
Comment from : namidako

Jonathan Doreck
Don't ever follow YT sponsored shows
Comment from : Jonathan Doreck

Rider Black
it's so UNHEALTHY to eat tempura man can't image how these people ate and felt after home
Comment from : Rider Black

Murshida Najnin
Comment from : Murshida Najnin

Simita Patnaik
This video is not about restaurant but abt work culture in general,how one should be efficient n dedicated to one's profession
Comment from : Simita Patnaik

Inspired Screens
That was a great video Thank you
Comment from : Inspired Screens

🦐🦐🦐The tempura is delicious, but so is the riceNICE👍👍👍👍
Comment from : TEMPURA JAPAN天ぷら日本

Man im hungry now
Comment from : xTaiZna

V xxx
I'd be honored to visit some day
Comment from : V xxx

3:41 so this is where Food Wars:Shokugeki get their reference
Comment from : Matthaus

mauri man
An awesome view_ impressive both staff & customers 👍
Comment from : mauri man

Andrew Winoto
i WILL go here someday
Comment from : Andrew Winoto

Mira Syal
Really good video
Comment from : Mira Syal

MeianJū Naihatsu
Will definitely visit one day
Comment from : MeianJū Naihatsu

I really dig these old men, skillfull but humble and kind, hardworking and cheerfull, i can never be like that
Comment from : Genyuro

I recommend guys to go to Tenmasa in Marunouchi, Tokyo This tempura restaurant is so nice You can see chef cooking tempura in front of you It was awesome!!! We can chose five courses at dinner I can’t speak Japanese, but the staffs can understand English, so it’s no problem Everything was GREAT❤
Comment from : なそ

Jeremy Timm
these people are so damn funny "were you any good?" "everyone was horrible"
Comment from : Jeremy Timm

There are no group of people in this world who are so dedicated and precise at their job than the Japanese
Comment from : yuumsta

Deyyum Deyniyel
W tempura restaurant and workersbrbrbrNov 2, 2022
Comment from : Deyyum Deyniyel

hoping to meet you and your wife when I come back to Japan :)
Comment from : MyJapanJourney

I see that they didn’t fix a bowl for Paolo Is not offering or sharing food customary in Japanese culture?
Comment from : zuzu

14:14 iron finger…I died 😅
Comment from : JeremySpeaks

The immaculate hair of Chip Hazard
Comment from : Grant

16:33 itadakimannmosu(mammoth)!
Comment from : 円山文鎮

watching awesome video and making tempura at home on a whim 🥰
Comment from : shokoladniybegemot

Perry Levy
Work Ethicthat is what it is about!
Comment from : Perry Levy

13:40 parang kamukha niya si Fumiya 😂
Comment from : monssterific

starlightangel wolf
Loved this video It was so fun So organized and clean! The workers were all so kind
Comment from : starlightangel wolf

Bruce kyle Villegas
While i was watching this, i remember my late grandpa
Comment from : Bruce kyle Villegas

Parece uma delícia
Comment from : 𝐅𝐮𝐱𝐬𝐢𝐞

Bryan Hernández
Respect to gentleman’s work Top 1 Quality Hope one day im able to visit them ❤
Comment from : Bryan Hernández

Mamimi Toys
It was sooo interesting! They are such nice people <3 It gives me warm and positive vibes ^^ Thank you!
Comment from : Mamimi Toys

Bethula Lord
Checks the oil temperature by putting in his HAND!!! Boss level 1000😮
Comment from : Bethula Lord

That was frozen shrimp For a tempura place in Minato Ward, disappointing
Comment from : vanderley3

Cheney H
paolos got such good kind vibes
Comment from : Cheney H

I love how Japanese people are kind, humble, wholesome Would love to visit sometime
Comment from : Mizu

Revol Techie
Paolo Can you follow them the whole day up to dinner service? I want to watch more!
Comment from : Revol Techie

Andu Falha
No wonder the shop name and the owner photo seems familiar Its the same shop from the show Isekai Izakaya - Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu, featured by Nagira Kenichi
Comment from : Andu Falha

Guillaume Sandmayer
One hopeful day, assuming I work really, really hard I might buy a Tiger Japan rice cooker That or a mega yacht, the boat would be cheaper though!
Comment from : Guillaume Sandmayer

Jesus Cabas
Grabe,!, nakaka gutum!, hahahaha
Comment from : Jesus Cabas

The food looks amazing! I want to visit😊
Comment from : Tatiana

bay justin
That old man with that white hair is everything It’s like he’s an alien slayer from the future who came to japan to make tempura
Comment from : bay justin

Armopa Ohnair
Thank you Paolo, I love these behind the counter videos!!!
Comment from : Armopa Ohnair

Shortened Yugioh
I pray for everyone who reads this that whatever they are going through gets better, whatever they are suffering with or worrying about will be okay, and that everyone has a wonderful day❤
Comment from : Shortened Yugioh

Christian Loeb
He is so annoying everyone in Japan hates him
Comment from : Christian Loeb

Did this man just dip his finger 140°c oil?
Comment from : Jishan

Fredy Budiman
now i see why japan is hard to get work, the old one still on 🔥🔥
Comment from : Fredy Budiman

donkey century
i m coming
Comment from : donkey century

shivaprasad bm
With due respect to the food Why is tempura a big deal ?
Comment from : shivaprasad bm

Jd Toledo
Dipping your finger on a 140c boiling oil is bad ass
Comment from : Jd Toledo

Man if I ever go to Japan i got to rewatch all your videos and make a shortlist of awesome places to visit
Comment from : Stelo

Spencer Jaimie
The smiling soprano microcephaly entertain because crayfish macroscopically heap qua a rude shake fanatical, eager replace
Comment from : Spencer Jaimie

Paolo, been watching you for some time now, love your videos keep up the great work shout out the Jordan drip too lol
Comment from : C L

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