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Why is poverty rising in Japan? | CNBC Explains

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Information Why is poverty rising in Japan? | CNBC Explains

Title :  Why is poverty rising in Japan? | CNBC Explains
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Frames Why is poverty rising in Japan? | CNBC Explains

Description Why is poverty rising in Japan? | CNBC Explains

Comments Why is poverty rising in Japan? | CNBC Explains

jeff strong
China has been borrowing Japanese Yen at 0 and exchanged to USD for investment abroad for Belt and road initiative which caused lost of interest income in hundreds of billions for the US federal reserve Japan has currency swap deal with the US and their debt ratio is at 260 of their GDP thus Japanese federal bank kept their 10 years bonds at minus 01 to 0 or else they can't pay their debt Washington must stop currency swap deal with Japan to stop China and Japan must compensate Washington in hundreds of billions of interest income lost
Comment from : jeff strong

Usa ,is a real evil country, usa is responsible for everything happening in japan , Afghanistan, Ukraine This country usa their power should be controlled
Comment from : anjali

Sashimi oma kaze pls
Comment from : Igor_ComoLakeshore

Bill Parrish
The root cause is the mentality Working for Mitsubishi or Hitachi as a "salary-man" carries more prestige than being a self-made entrepreneur earning millions With that mentality, there's nowhere to go but down
Comment from : Bill Parrish

Arthur Zhu
You encourage women to work and you wonder why the birthday rate is low?
Comment from : Arthur Zhu

I am livng in Japan and yespeople are so SO VERY MUCH poor
Comment from : USS1

Roxanne Castaneda
Japan: br🔵foreign labor to solve labor shortage? br🔵inflation? br(🔵automization & robots)br🔵Lack of innovation in Japan (risk aversion; no successful apps, cross ref w/ China which has TikTok, WeChat, etc)br🔵Relatively high poverty rate compared to the G7 (2nd highest in G7)br🔵Salaries tied to seniority, rather than performance - should this policy stay or go? brbr🔵Women participation in the labor force (Japanese culture)br🔵Brutal Japanese work culture (karoushi) br🔵Is it a good thing for Japanese employees to only work for 1 company over the lifetime? Why or why not?
Comment from : Roxanne Castaneda

Saint Nomad
I LOVE ABE who fucked up Japan for years Thanks LOL
Comment from : Saint Nomad

Edwin Brace
Japan has lent so much money to the US !
Comment from : Edwin Brace

The truth is that even "stagnation" is optimistic, an illusion Subtract Japan's QE debt spending and the economy would certainly have been in proper minus growth depression for 20 years Rather than changing, the public (or the retirees) seem content for the LDP party to preserve the status quo
Comment from : Thom

Mark Visser
Timothyna, why don't you talk about Korea 😅brThey brainwashed you quite well over there brThis is why CNBC doesn't have any credibility You bring crappy journalists, you damage the whole business
Comment from : Mark Visser

Seetha Raman Jeganathan
another problem created by USA
Comment from : Seetha Raman Jeganathan

Comment from : 디디콩쓰

Expect cartoons for LizzyM scores
Comment from : Lucy

Oh wow, addition and Ochem
Comment from : Lucy

Easy pronunciations with both
Comment from : Lucy

That's lovelybrHispanics were represented
Comment from : Lucy

Rico Suave
This started way before Shinzo Abe took office
Comment from : Rico Suave

Abe no mistake
Comment from : opticalsense

Comment from : K

Mohammed Ibrahim
Japanese people work very hard more than Arab people do 😅😎Japanese are amazing people 💪
Comment from : Mohammed Ibrahim

15 are poor well, thats the number that comes up everywhere around the world in any country poverty is around 15 no alarmbells ringing of course, im not an economist i am richer than economists
Comment from : pokerpaul1000

dohmin konoha
Ironically,making country more efficient means making more divided country between poor and richbrJapan is already House divided
Comment from : dohmin konoha

Surya Dulal
Their history is rich in economic They think they are skilled Foreigners are unskilled They think about pensions and work hard for the tax 20’s above population are almost drunkard
Comment from : Surya Dulal

Lukman Ismail
have nothing to do with gender
Comment from : Lukman Ismail

Perfect Students
The US doesn't allow any country to surpass its position In 1985, the US forced Japan to sign the Plaza Accord that ruined Japan Now that China opposes a similar accord, the US uses trade sanctions and smear campaigns
Comment from : Perfect Students

Conducting in Tomfoolery
I have a solution reform the employment system by deregulating it, have a better education system, lower the value of the yen while putting that money into economic development
Comment from : Conducting in Tomfoolery

If I were the lead of Japanese I will print more money, give for everyone 3000 us dollar per months Then problem are solve
Comment from : Evita

Ramon Ng
poverty is caused by aging society, less youth, less drive to innovate, aggression towards China, dependence on the US, and losing the national spiritbrbrI lived for a year in Japan in the late 70s, everyone was wealthy, Japan was a rising superpower, the world was driving Toyotas, watching Sony tvs, riding bullet trainsthen the Plaza Accord stunt by the USbrbrsayonara, Nihonjin
Comment from : Ramon Ng

Ramon Ng
the US engineered the downfall of Japan, in the late 80s, because it was nbr 2 and threatening to overtake the US, so there was the Plaza Accord, and Japan never recovered in the 2000s, South Korea was rising so fast, with Korean Kpop, food and movies dominating the world, Samsung, Hyundai, etcbrso, the US slowed it down, too and South Korea never recoveredbrbrthe US is doing it to China, but due to strong leadership, all attempts have failed , Huawei, 5G, ZteNbn, Xinjiang, HK, Tibet, Taiwan, the South China sea, genocide, forced labor, etceven the corona virusall backfiredbrbrbut China can not be contained, ig is just too smart for the UsAbrbrbut not the Japanesetwice nuked by US, still is following its dictatesso sad for the oncd mighty Japanese empire
Comment from : Ramon Ng

Cheah Kwong Phin
Sad, karma set in
Comment from : Cheah Kwong Phin

Chief Rabbi
We need resource based economy Project Venus 🧸
Comment from : Chief Rabbi

Yuvraj Pradhan
At first control the rental house and food pricespeople have the right to have that stuff with minimum wage Japanese working hard to just afford his high rental and food pricesby passing 10 years of his carrier they hardly saving moneywith this saving they can't afford a family and live a happy lifethey work like slaves for half of his life and at old age they barely afford a family and die with depression and frustration
Comment from : Yuvraj Pradhan

Frank M
American dad is beaming poor, so what is surprise?
Comment from : Frank M

Bern Koh
Japanese work hard to pay US for protection🤔
Comment from : Bern Koh

Mohmee Gaik
Part of the poverty in Japan could be low confidence in government leading to saving than spending on consumer goods Prices on consumer goods are higher because Japan consider itself to be like westerners How to compete on international markets It would need God intervention to change the downward spiral!
Comment from : Mohmee Gaik

Chan Sang Woon
Give better incentives for having children and reverse the demographic while there is time Woke economics won't help
Comment from : Chan Sang Woon

ceychung yu
In my visit to Japan 4 years ago, Japan had come to a stand still, every sphere, thebrinfrastructure was maintained but nothing new was being done It was stagnating The systematic decline of a nation brought to virtual zombie state Thanks to USA They decimated the economy, abeeconomics couldn't shift one point of the gdp
Comment from : ceychung yu

guy truth
Abenomic is going to the drain A big brFailure Still anti China is economic suicide
Comment from : guy truth

Nelson Gonzalez
Who cares?
Comment from : Nelson Gonzalez

New PM Suga is just continuation of old Abe economic policy Japan is avoiding social and economic restructuring which is long overdue The pandemic and Olympic may have been some turning point for Japan but it seems unlikely I see same old fossilized society of Japan as usual
Comment from : youcantata

Eyyub Mahmudlu
It show that brYou should work smart not work hard
Comment from : Eyyub Mahmudlu

Saint Nomad
Whatever happens to Japan, the Japanese keep voting only for one political party So the Japanese government will not be changed and also the Japanese people will not be changed Conclusion: It's really fun to watch Japan go bust economically
Comment from : Saint Nomad

Rodney Mark Estrella
Japan is a dying country!
Comment from : Rodney Mark Estrella

Dao the Eternal Nameless Beyond Thought
Weimerica or Japamerica? 2022 same old story, more socialism or war or both
Comment from : Dao the Eternal Nameless Beyond Thought

I guess the reason japan had good quality pron and increased nsfw anime scenes is because they wanted to at least increase the birthrate😕
Comment from : ßÄßØŸ

Lady Morwen Daebrethil - Feanissil
23 years of stagnation
Comment from : Lady Morwen Daebrethil - Feanissil

Winong Calliares
Poverty all city all country in the worldpersaingan bisniswar bisnis USA-CHINAi love Japan🇯🇵🇯🇵🇮🇩🇮🇩💪👍💪👍🌏🌍🌎
Comment from : Winong Calliares

Alpzepta Anime
Please don’t let’s this happen in Japan I love their electronic, Anime, video games, and car
Comment from : Alpzepta Anime

indian guy
Japanese actually deserve a lot more than they are getting They are polite and hardworking and so kind That's the country I would love to visit
Comment from : indian guy

korea catch up japan korea is asia no1!!!
Comment from : 권순준

Max Victor
their public debt to gdp ratio is 272 that should sound the alarm
Comment from : Max Victor

Pete Ip
Simply put it, it was the USA and Western allies of Japan that contained and sanctioned Japans economy in the mid 1980s and Japan never recovered ever since With friends like that, who needs enemies?
Comment from : Pete Ip

Caden Crew
Settling up an investment that would benefit you is something one would be aiming towards I wasn’t really a fan of online business because I have actually been doubting this all my life because I have been taken before by several scammers But after my encounter with AUSTIN my prospective of online trade changes and I I’m now a millionaire from bitcoin
Comment from : Caden Crew

Steven Lopez Pagan
Never in a million years did i ever think the Japanese would be one in poverty
Comment from : Steven Lopez Pagan

D Legionnaire
Comment from : D Legionnaire

Comrade Boris
Poverty is caused by the CapitalismbrbrThere are enough resources for everyone, they just are not distributed fairlybrbrTop 1 own more than the bottom 50brbrWe need a system that focuses on the collective good and not profit
Comment from : Comrade Boris

Sun Tzu
You said everything except why
Comment from : Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu
US be like:brRising poverty in china: chinas govt a sh*tbrRising poverty in japan: (silence)
Comment from : Sun Tzu

Someone please correct me if Im wrong, but doesn't Japan have one of the lowest unemployment rates of the modern nations?
Comment from : KatyushaRockets

The problem with this lifetime employment scheme is the fact that people can't fired I have seen way too many older guys sleeping on the job and getting away with it herebrbrThe best thing they could do is get rid of the system and make EVERYONE in the country a contract employee This would increase competition, efficiency and raises It would also be a lot easier to find a job for everyone than it is now "Lifetime Employement" positions are way too much of a risk for a companies here, so they tend to pick the safest candidates over the more innovative ones
Comment from : Skateboard_0213

Vedanta Khandai
i think its better if they also give incentives for their diaspora to repatriate and that can potentially come on Japan is the powerhouse of East Asia I wish the best for Japan and Taiwan and South Korea I do hope all three end up forming a potential defence triad against China I really wish India can help these countries with their defence against the evil CCP China is the ultimate enemy to world peace and I think it must eventually democratize otherwise this will be extremely disastrous for world peace
Comment from : Vedanta Khandai

Vedanta Khandai
japan can change for better if they end up allowing for policies that would help their defence production
Comment from : Vedanta Khandai

Al Cheung
The US destroyed the Japanese economy starting in the 1990's and until the Japanese government has the courage to counter the US suppression, its economy is not going to improve!
Comment from : Al Cheung

Jonny Cash
thediplomatcom/2020/06/japanese-politics-rocked-by-arrests-over-voter-bribery-scandal/brThis is outrageous Ur money is NOT safe brBoycott Japan
Comment from : Jonny Cash

Avital Alef
these 5 minutes are better than my teacher to comparative politics you saved me, thanks
Comment from : Avital Alef

Nehco Oahnait
Japan: Olympics is gonna revive my economy br2020:
Comment from : Nehco Oahnait

Malick 2014
So Japan's economy is ruined thanks to Donald Trump Still, Japan's economy will get worse at this rate, and it won't recover
Comment from : Malick 2014

Damn Even Korean wages are higher than Japanese by now
Comment from : BountyFlamor

Yeong Gyu Heo
Most of Japanses car is compact car Most of Korean car is SUV
Comment from : Yeong Gyu Heo

Yeong Gyu Heo
Thanks to Abe Korea'a gdp can be similar to Japon
Comment from : Yeong Gyu Heo

thediplomatcom/2020/06/japanese-politics-rocked-by-arrests-over-voter-bribery-scandal/brThis is outrageous Ur money is NOT safe brBoycott Japan
Comment from : KASH FLIPS

shubham kandhway ,,,jai hind ✊
Ab Kya hi Kar saktey ho 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Comment from : shubham kandhway ,,,jai hind ✊

Rich are getting richer and poors are becoming poorer
Comment from : ŚHIVANŠ

Yeong Gyu Heo
Still many Japanese read books regarding why Korea sucks and they can sleep well
Comment from : Yeong Gyu Heo

All work and no play makes the Japanese sacrifice relationships for their career, resulting in a baby bust that cannot replenish Japan's workforce
Comment from : Inquiry

Hemsingh Panwar
i still dont know why poverty is rising in japan
Comment from : Hemsingh Panwar

Jonas Ark
thediplomatcom/2020/06/japanese-politics-rocked-by-arrests-over-voter-bribery-scandal/brThis is outrageous Ur money is NOT safe brBoycott Japan
Comment from : Jonas Ark

we need to stop buying online, we are killing off local stores buying online, being lazy :(
Comment from : emsik185

Fouad D
This is poor quality
Comment from : Fouad D

Tetsu de Rothchild
thediplomatcom/2020/06/japanese-politics-rocked-by-arrests-over-voter-bribery-scandal/brThis is outrageous Ur money is NOT safe brBoycott Japan
Comment from : Tetsu de Rothchild

Jonny Cash
thediplomatcom/2020/06/japanese-politics-rocked-by-arrests-over-voter-bribery-scandal/brThis is outrageous Ur money is NOT safe brBoycott Japan
Comment from : Jonny Cash

I work in JapanbrThis country is doomedbrOld dudes in power grab all the profitbrLeaving nothing for the youthbrPoor youth cannot marry, cannot reproduce, plummeting the birth ratebrFucking old dudes need to step aside and let the youth take over
Comment from : チーズボール

Mr 10 Rupees
The reporter has very bad English pronunciation
Comment from : Mr 10 Rupees

2:18 i really hope you put median and not mean otherwise youre an idiot
Comment from : StonkSlayd

Andrada Marites
Comment from : Andrada Marites

The Last Defender of Camelot
we still have some of the richest homeless people on Earth its the same reason why I am the smartest retard
Comment from : The Last Defender of Camelot

precious fumi
It’s like we fell in love all over again! We’ve both put the past behind us, and are trying to move forward and for the first time in a long time, the future looks a lot brighter I can’t express in words how grateful I am Dr sabo ! It’s like we’ve finally rediscovered those things about each other that made us fall in love in the first place All of the worrying and stress has simply vanished Thank you Dr sabo for saving my broken Marriage and bringing my wife back to me!” Me and my wife are living together happily again All thanks to Dr sabo If you have any problem contact Dr Sabo now and I guarantee you that he will help you Email him at:( [email protected] ) you can also call him or add him on whats-app: +15019914802
Comment from : precious fumi

Maddy Roy
CNBC sold themselves to ccp 😒😒😒😫 knew it from the begining
Comment from : Maddy Roy

Caio lima caldas
If the middle-east war never had happen, maybe the 2008 financial crisis couldn't happen and Japan would be still a world power in those days
Comment from : Caio lima caldas

Dominic Daniel
This is relative poverty, not absolute poverty It is more about wealth inequality than anything else, the people in "poverty" in Japan would be Kings in Africa Misleading title
Comment from : Dominic Daniel

Proof that while captialism is good at creating wealth it is terrible at distributing it evenly
Comment from : backseatgaming

Brick Life
because japan is a slave to usa
Comment from : Brick Life

2:15 Bye, Japanese friends we're going to go up, so keep your seat well ( ㅠ_ㅠ )*
Comment from : 손나연

Daniel M
This video is not up to CNBC's usual standard It lacks background context; consideration of future options; or even answering the title of the article at all Pretty lazy Do better
Comment from : Daniel M

Bringing Trump into the opening is so irrelevant to the topicPlease do some quality control on the content
Comment from : 65Sherbear

Mary Ralladi
love the reporter!
Comment from : Mary Ralladi

Louis King
Japan signed the plazza accord, US could impose that on them cuz Japan is basically a colony of the US Without strong military you are never getting on top
Comment from : Louis King

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