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Title :  Alternatives to Rosetta Stone Japanese
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Comments Alternatives to Rosetta Stone Japanese

Phillip Castro
This shit is more expensive than rosetta stones lifetime deal and it's worse😂
Comment from : Phillip Castro

Revealer of Now
Spent $200 10 years ago on the full 1-5 levels Rosetta Stone spanish Did for 6 months = crapbrWent 6 days in a kitchen with hispanic crew, learned way more
Comment from : Revealer of Now

watch anime to practice japanese
Comment from : Solisium

Hanna W
My 10 year old daughter wants to learn Japanese I’ve been back and forth between Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone
Comment from : Hanna W

Tomoko Kirihara
Best solution for japanese: Search google for Grammarbrbri learn Japanese since 5 month with Internet Uni Grammar i have no problemsbrbrMy Reading / Writting / Remembering / Speaking is very wellbrbr9 Days ago i finished first Semester and i've started the Second Semesterbrbralso make sure to take a Japanese Person on your sidebrbrmy Girlfriend is Japanese since i started the 2 semester she helps me alot also with shadowingbrbri can already have Good conversations with her in japanese
Comment from : Tomoko Kirihara

Natalia H
School lets me use it for free Would only recommend if you don't have to pay and only to practice/begin learning Only finished level 1 so far- thinking about taking classes and, hey! It was free So I'm gaining a bit of knowledge before language classes It's especially nice if you don't use/rely on romanji Learned quite a bit of hiragana and a bit of kanji and katakana Pronunciation's always been easy for me, my native language is Spanish
Comment from : Natalia H

Steven Santiago
I get it for $130
Comment from : Steven Santiago

Countries dont allow you to be a hobo (I had a friend who went to England and couldnt say what he was going to do there so they put him back on the plain home kicked right out) podcasts and Japanese programing is not geared toward teaching anything That's immersion/confusion who says a person cant spend 8 hours a day inside RS? you are giving them "2 hour"s thats your limit for people?
Comment from : ジME!!

Serial Vapist
I pirated Rosetta stone to see if I wanted to buy it It didn't teach me anything previous to attempting to teach me the word for spoon Out of all the programs and study methods I've used it is literally the worst
Comment from : Serial Vapist

I can use RS for free Thanks university : )
Comment from : Caranilion

Ace in Asia
Break it down like this most classes at public universities go for hundreds of dollars Plus books is another hundred Thats for a few hours of class time a week Rossetta gives you more hours of various activities, so really you are getting you moneys worth I pay $30 a lesson for my tutor online
Comment from : Ace in Asia

Brandon Andersen
thank you!brbryour video helped me find a much cheaper alternative to learning japanese! brbrI am going to manga university for a multi-layer japanese learning experience! (kanji, hiragana, and the spoken language and some other stuff only for a grand total: HUNDRED TWENTY NINE DOLLARS?!)brbrthank you crunchyroll!
Comment from : Brandon Andersen

Rosetta stone is the biggest waste of money They don't break down anything they just throw you into it and you end up having to guess what they are saying because they don't even say it in a language you can understand I could've kept my money
Comment from : Neek

I don't really feel like the intent of the question was addressed in this video Price aside, corporate image aside, does Rosetta Stone correctly teach the language? Is it a good and accurate method of learning the language, or will it teach uncommon phrases / words that may be "correct", but are never used I find the problem with a lot of other resources is they have tons of information, it's all there and available, but it doesn't offer any sort of plan, or "curriculum" No way to test your knowledge or understanding at appropriate intervals without something like Lang 8 where you can just make people angry if you totally don't grasp anything (and also requires you're able to type in the language before you can start) Rosetta Stone promises an actual curriculum to follow, so the question is more towards: is the content it teaches accurate? Does it emphasize the most important aspects? How far can its curriculum get you into the language? Basics? Sentence construction? Conversational? You talked about it being expensive, but I didn't hear anything about the program or any aspects of it's teaching methods I'm interested in the program, not the corporation that sells it
Comment from : Cinjrak

Brendan Berney
Comment from : Brendan Berney

Joseph Otter
Japan sucks The expat community's getting rife with weebs and dweebs, lol
Comment from : Joseph Otter

ibi nyth
yeeeeea but this is the internet and everything is free if you know what you're doing AKATorrentMasterRace
Comment from : ibi nyth

Hahahaha becoming a Japanese hobo XD
Comment from : missrawrawr

Dylan Travis
Alright, so I have been trying to learn Japanese just because watching subtitles in anime really takes away from the experience for me I am reading the article he put out Anyone else have any good advice to give on this subject?
Comment from : Dylan Travis

I tried Rosetta stone for about 4 months cant stand it for 10 seconds anymore its only good for pronunciation as far as i know brother than that its a lot of guess and fail
Comment from : DarkShadowsX5

I bought their online pack special they had going a few years ago Some of the features I do like about rosetta stone is the flashcards and a decent vocabulary spread However, I did have some issues with it since there was little to no explanation of grammatical points (like ha, o, to, ni, ect) and just threw you in there This made it insanely difficult for me on the speaking with native speakers portion adding on top my anxiety of talking to new peoplebrLong story short, it does have some useful points, but I wouldn't solely rely on rosetta to learn a language thoroughly
Comment from : Pinkishfiend

Neon Otter
Idk, I've been very satisfied with rosetta stone I was having conversations with Japanese after a couple of months using it The reason it's so expensive is because it's usually meant for companies and schools where one copy could be used by a large amount of people So if you are getting it for yourself, you are paying for tons of other people too
Comment from : Neon Otter

Rosetta Stone the best but you need a translater  for the full sentences,I'm on level 3 now nearly half way done, i always watch french movie and tv no subs helps loadslearned loads
Comment from : RandomRyu

I tried Rosetta stone, but honestly, didn't work for me ><brbrAnyways I had a question for you Specifically, what Order should I go about trying to do this? I Love watching various anime (and games) With Japanese dub, and english subtitles, because I can pick out words here and there that overall, I think add more to the "story" But I'd like to be fluent, First speaking, then reading
Comment from : sapherno11

Katharina Fässler
Wow, surprised how many people seems to feel like Rosetta Stone is good I tried it too, but I didn’t feel like really learning I think some nice textbooks are better to learn for brBut maybe some people, who worked through the whole thing, can tell more about it (Like which level could you pass on JLPT with the knowledge you gained in Rosetta Stone Can you read Kanji text afterwards? And so on)
Comment from : Katharina Fässler

Is that cat smoking?
Comment from : TonboIV

Chris Labby
It's a good start, but I wouldn't have paid for it Good thing this is the Internet and everything's free
Comment from : Chris Labby

sadly this video was made in 2009 and flutterscape isnt running anymore I don't believe bweeps/b
Comment from : Jesop

So first off, you saved me a lot of money Secondly, thank you for putting all the work in to make the resources Thirdly, is there a way we can contact you or find someone to contact with questions about learning Japanese? Maybe a place were we can go to talk to people from Japan to correct us? I'd be a hobo in Japan, but I'm a small blond girl and would fear for my lifeI also have a boyfriend and idk how he and my parents would feel about me being a hoboOH! And btw, you cat shirt is awesome Where do you get your cat shirts? 
Comment from : CatSpeech

thank you for this!
Comment from : coolranchsoda

speaking as a brit, thank u!!!! lol i mean arigato goziymas, watashi namue wa robert johnson betsumei superman320 watashi wa nihongo ga sqwoosh wakanimasu i cant spell anything in japanese lol
Comment from : RTJ3DCosplay

my school in Canada allows you to use the full Rosetta stone Japanese course for free, and i don't know what you are talking about it being not the best one, i have learned so much, and i can speak to our Japanese students Also it costs $279 right now
Comment from : Zahara

Andrew Danis
I'm actually planning on going to japan and being a hobo, I'm saving up money for a plane ticket and camping equipment
Comment from : Andrew Danis

goodness all you are doing is making a review but I'm still one hundred percent entertained! XD lol good job
Comment from : HayloMaxxette

5 years later and that shit's still expensive
Comment from : zName1

Rosetta Stone became a little more affordable since this video came out They offer memberships A say, two month membership for a little over a hundred could get me prepared for my winter semester of Japanese class? 
Comment from : JackieFuckingChan

Ryan Robinson
Considering I've recently subscribed to Total E, I'd love to say you're completely wrong, just so I can feel better about spending the money when there are free alternativesbrbrSadly, you're probably right on the other hand, RS is currently offering a 36 month subscription for $229, so I don't feel too bad Also, where were you a month ago when I first signed up!?
Comment from : Ryan Robinson

Espers San
Dude, you totally made my baby laugh his ass off with the ending clip
Comment from : Espers San

The ending of this video really ticked off my cat Bahaha :)
Comment from : mscasei

Lucas Adverse
"become a hobo" AUHAHUAUH good points man (seriously)
Comment from : Lucas Adverse

Stephen Kong
Do watching Japanese anime (ie Gundam series) help learning Japanese?
Comment from : Stephen Kong

Sydney Parks
I got Rosetta stone on black friday, it was 120 bucks, great price but i've used it for one month and i havent learned anything, waste of money
Comment from : Sydney Parks

Lovely walker
Ah ah crunchyroll love that site
Comment from : Lovely walker

h t t p : // EASYDL 0RG Learn JAPANESE with the best language programs Download Rosetta Stone/Pimsleur and POD101-JAPANESE for Free!(win/mac) Full,cracked,tested softwares with detailed guides and workin serial numbers No PAYMENTS or SURVEYS!Its 100 free and available for ALL countries +Spanish,english,french,portuguese,german,italian,danish,swedish,greek,russian, arabic,farsi,hindi,hebrew,korean,chinese,vietnamese and thai ! check it out
Comment from : UppoTokki

Thea Smuck
Thanks for the suggestion I got the full collection of Pimsleur and ROsetta -Japanese from FastnFree and both works like a charmfinally something good! 99 of youtube videos and comments are fake/spam/scam Thanks a lot for the suggestion!U guys are simply awesome
Comment from : Thea Smuck

I've actually got Rosetta stone It was a gift from my parents, and I got it at a discount I also studied Japanese in a part time course, and I'd say that Rosetta Stone is only useful beyond a point if you're studying alongside it, otherwise I've no idea how I'd remember the vocab or learn the grammar properly It is good for one contiguous learning curve though
Comment from : MxMagpie

Greece flag behind ^___^
Comment from : nekrofilzombi

Dude! You are hilarious!!
Comment from : yumboom

Piratebay maybe?
Comment from : AdaWrong0267

Jaylen Taylor
i feel bad when i was taking french i made my dad buy it didnt know it was that exspensive D:
Comment from : Jaylen Taylor

Bridget Forcier
I just wanted to let you know guys that the site in the top comments works like a charm Both softwares:Rosetta stone and Pimsleur works like a charm Iam impressed ps: it was free to downloadno surveys any other bs
Comment from : Bridget Forcier

Download the best JAPANESE LANGUAGE PROGRAMS FOR FREE! W:W:W:FASTNFREE ORG GET:Rosetta Stone-Pimsleur-EuroTalk-JAPANESE! Full,tested,100 workin softwares with detailed install guides&user manuals NO surveys,torrents,registration or payments100 FREE for ALL COUNTRIES +other available languages:korean,chinese,vietnamese,thai,tagalog,english,french, spanish,portuguese,german,italian,danish,swedish,russian,greek,arabic,farsi,hindi, hebrew check it out!
Comment from : wechscircresfi

im trying to do that to how did u do it for free???!
Comment from : crash

Bucky Ohare
your the best man ^_^
Comment from : Bucky Ohare

Zulfiya Kamenskaya
Thank you very much! ^_^
Comment from : Zulfiya Kamenskaya

Hahaha, you're so funny I cracked up at the end of the video!
Comment from : SchmidtBo87

John Clements
Thanks mate every software works as you stated Site bookmarked
Comment from : John Clements

anta wa omoshirokute tanoshii ^^
Comment from : SasukeBabina

i got it for almost nothing thanks to internet pirates
Comment from : SasukeBabina

Yea I guess never though of being a pirate :?
Comment from : oObrodieOo

John Fredton
The easiest way to learn Japanese is at this website JAPANLENITOCOM , just copy and paste it on your browser and check it out I learned Japanese SUPER QUICK! Go to JAPANLENITOCOM The meal utilizes the frantic level The canvas lobbys the mammoth prose The fight arranges the wrong cloth
Comment from : John Fredton

Comment from : Pyrelith

Anastasia Aratovska
Koichi is right I've got Roseta Stone, but it is sooo useless There are lots of more educative resources, free resources
Comment from : Anastasia Aratovska

George Wilson
The easiest way to learn Japanese is at this website JAPANLENITOCOM , just copy and paste it on your browser and check it out I learned Japanese SUPER QUICK! Go to JAPANLENITOCOM Why does the copy refer the gigantic kick? The thin sugar liquidates the disease Why does the flight record the righteous guide?
Comment from : George Wilson

Hisui Hyena
That shirt is by far the best part of the video =*w*=
Comment from : Hisui Hyena

"Please don't e-mail me" as he puts his e-mail address on the screen
Comment from : 123string4

If you wanna learn japanese from the start Try Livemocha it is a really good website and free
Comment from : CubebyCube

you can try a sample lesson of Rosetta stone at their website I think it works pretty well One of the best programs for me personally, however it is also one of the most expensive language learning programs out there Ranging in the Hundreds of dollars
Comment from : MadameTamma

Japanese hobo XD LET'S DO IT (lol)
Comment from : MissMyuse

Other than the british part which I found kinda annoying, good video If rosetta stone cost lets say $30, would it be a good idea to buy it or would you still say don't buy?
Comment from : AirbusA380rox

Neil Sampson
People, please don't listen to this idiot Having communicative competence as a native speaker of a language does not automatically entail competence as a teacher of that language Upon realizing that, you'll note how this video is a case-in-point example of that Although, I should not have to tell anyone that listening to a decontextualized speech transmission of a language you do not already understand will not help you learn it, as you will quickly realize that for yourself #rollingeyes
Comment from : Neil Sampson

www0NECLICKSOFTWARESC0M Download Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur-JAPANESE for free! Fast,direct,100 free download links >>> NO SURVEYS! Very easyinstall(Detailed guides are available!) +Other RS&Pimsleur languages:Koreanchinese,vietnamese,tagalog,english,french, spanish,portugese,russian,sedish,greek,italian,german,arabic,armenian,farsi,hindi, hebrew etc +sony,corel,adobe,autodesk,avid,apple,microsoft softwares for win/mac!
Comment from : AranyKarasz

LOL, i am lower middle class nice try
Comment from : maraphernalia

Jeffery Rosario
i hate all of you
Comment from : Jeffery Rosario

Just learn free Japanese with JapanesePod101 (forgot name) but its totally free and it has a lot of lessons
Comment from : chaoky

apparently ( /watch?v=ItqQPVZs8qA ) there are mistakes in Rosetta Stone, which can take beginners off-guard Imagine learning how to say "hello sir" when talking to a woman (and being clueless about this embarrassing mistake) Because of this elementary mistake, i wouldn't get it even if it was given away for free
Comment from : dreamer

I understood when you said "cheaper" but I think you lost me somewhere around "free-er" Are you trying to tell me there's more than just one kind of freeness? How can anything cost less money than free?
Comment from : F0XTR0T

Ashley Guy
Why is there only one cat with an eye patch ?
Comment from : Ashley Guy

Jake Hanson
Learn Japanese with the best language softwares! Get Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur-Japanese for free! W W W :::ONECLICKSOFTWARES::Com Fast,direct,free download links(no surveys or torrents) and VERY easy 2-3 minutes install(step by step guide provided) +other Rs&Pimsleur languages:chinese,vietnamese,korean,tagalog,french,german, english,spanish,portugese,russian,greek,swedish,arabic,armenian,hindi,hebrew,farsi etcCheck it out!
Comment from : Jake Hanson

rich people hate you too
Comment from : maraphernalia

Pierce Riddick
yea you need to work on your english too my Croatian friend
Comment from : Pierce Riddick

I think Pimsleur is a great alternative to Rosetta Stone
Comment from : TheFamous35

Rachel Steadman
Im 16 years old and I use Rosetta Stone :] I bought it while it was like £60 off but still think its kind of a rip off Its helped me learn a lot fast (im almost a 3rd of the way thru it) and the online lessons on it are good (with native speakers) There has been a few times when I had no idea what was goin on (eventually worked it out tho) but overall its okay :] I also use this free website memrisecom to remember hiragana etc which I really recommend It is worth giving RS try too (:
Comment from : Rachel Steadman

My uncle gave me Rosetta Stone for Christmas and it was free (atleast on my side) Is it worth it to even work? Or should I stick with free online guides and stuff?
Comment from : Kzar

i have a tank top with the same print! we win!
Comment from : Vexist

Garrett Shafer
w::w::w:0NECLICKS0FTWARES::C0M Learn Japanese with the best language softwares! get Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur-Japanese for free(pc/mac) Full,latest,cracked softwaresVery easy install(1-2 minutes,detailed guide provided) and fast,free download links-No surveys or torrents! +korean,chinese,vietnamese,tagalog,english,french,spanish,portugese,german,greek, italian,russian,swedish,irish,arabic,armenian,farsi,hindi,hebrew etc
Comment from : Garrett Shafer

Jacob G
i love how everyone bashes Rosetta stone
Comment from : Jacob G

Marie Turcios
thank you Sandra!I really love you for this
Comment from : Marie Turcios

Mrxlongshot TV
well a review on it said that its like teaching a child japanese but the program is not proficient enough to even help you pass the JPL5 which is the lowest and easiest japanese proficiency language test
Comment from : Mrxlongshot TV

Why? That's the 100 truth
Comment from : Kiahdaj

Cliff Nunez
having tried RS and Live Mocha I much much prefer RS, it's much better laid out and doesn't throw you in with the sharks The price of RS is not worth it, but the program itself is great, much better than Live Mocha
Comment from : Cliff Nunez

fuck you
Comment from : Lee

Sandra Langdon
w::w:::woneclicksoftwarescom Get Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur-Japanese for free!(win-mac) Both software works,Fast,direct,100 free to download-No torrents and very easy to install(detailed install guide provided!) +other languages:korean,chinese,tagalog,vietnamese,english,french,spanish,russian, portugese,greek,swedish,german,italian,farsi,arabic,hindi,hebrew etc Check it out!
Comment from : Sandra Langdon

There's a chance that your part of the spambot that compliments it Very complex, and not a bad idea Though since that is the top comment on every video I'm confident it's just spam
Comment from : Magikarpador

5:50 the sound of enlightenment
Comment from : Magikarpador

Zac Alameda
is that cat smoking? you're a big nerd and i love it thanks for saving me the 1000 bucks
Comment from : Zac Alameda

Nelson Smith
Thanks works like a charm!!! I love you for this!
Comment from : Nelson Smith

Jeremy Russell
I cant use FlutterScape cause its trying to have me login and it's all in Japanese:( can u help
Comment from : Jeremy Russell

have to say I think I love that shirtand the voice Can you put them on flutterscape for me? (8 haha, but thanks for the vid, really helpful because I need cheaper/free-er alternatives so I can learn as much japanese as possible so I can hopefully study abroad next year
Comment from : Adonis

Gary Senpai
That was the best cat impression ever!
Comment from : Gary Senpai

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