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The Influence of Abdullah the Butcher on Japanese Pop Culture

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Information The Influence of Abdullah the Butcher on Japanese Pop Culture

Title :  The Influence of Abdullah the Butcher on Japanese Pop Culture
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Frames The Influence of Abdullah the Butcher on Japanese Pop Culture

Description The Influence of Abdullah the Butcher on Japanese Pop Culture

Comments The Influence of Abdullah the Butcher on Japanese Pop Culture

1001 Games
NOTE: 17:14 After publishing the video, I found out that The name (ザ ブラッティー) Which reads (Za Buratti) , actually reads (The Bloody) but it got lost in translation and pronunciation The name makes much more sense now
Comment from : 1001 Games

Pro-Wrestling Ichiban Brazil 2nd
FIGHTER'S DESTINY from Nintendo 64, a fighting game where Abby is playable!!
Comment from : Pro-Wrestling Ichiban Brazil 2nd

Where did you find the clip in 19:58
Comment from : josephCJlevel

This is a very well made documentary Please come back to YouTube and make morebrbrPs the Seinfeld bit really made me laugh
Comment from : attentionaddicts

Lance Parker
Hailing from Windsor Ontario, SudanbrbrAbdullah was an imposing threat everywhere he went In the kayfabe days he was easily the most over monster heel
Comment from : Lance Parker

I created him in my game no Mercy that I still play He's also in virtual pro wrestling 2 Nintendo 64 it's an awesome system the game is amazing cuz you can do mixed martial arts and pancrease fights and pro wrestling and I created all the legends and to those days the best wrestling game I played and no mercy I create all the legends it's basically an ECW game with a lot of Japanese guys that's the roster I like you I hope it comes out in the Nintendo switch great video keep up the great work
Comment from : 505ZOMBI MMA

Don Chimpson
I always thought King Hippo was inspired by Abby
Comment from : Don Chimpson

Insane how far Abdullah’s influence has reached
Comment from : ASwagPecan

PatmanQC - History of arcade game documentaries
Fantastic video!
Comment from : PatmanQC - History of arcade game documentaries

I'm gonna get you some views in a few minutes
Comment from : natr0n

Chimp Master
Amazing video, I had no idea about 95 of these references Thank you for enlightening me!
Comment from : Chimp Master

Majin Buu has sort of an Abby look
Comment from : GranTyrant

I found another Abdullah reference in the 41st episode of Magical Circle Guru Guru He only appears for 15 seconds around minute 7 I wouldn't have even noticed if I didn't watch this video
Comment from : Ittox

Outpost 206
13:25 If I have a son, I'm naming him Brab Man If I have a daughter, I'm also going to name her Brab Man
Comment from : Outpost 206

Rogue Writer
great video, habibi! I subbed
Comment from : Rogue Writer

Do they also give their opponents hepatitis too?
Comment from : Andulvar

Matt Myers
there was a monster that looked like Abdullah in the first or second episode of the original Kinnikuman series
Comment from : Matt Myers

Gordon Slamsay
Abdullah (Larry Shreve's) backstory is pretty sad grew up dirt poor in (a probably pretty racist) Windsor Ontario he never learned to read or write
Comment from : Gordon Slamsay

Emperor Trevor Norton
You know what I always thought that Abdullah and Bruiser were going to be the end of each other no pro wrestling has felt the toughness that you could blatantly see from just watching old matches of both I mean chain whip guy vs a fork wielding crazy man
Comment from : Emperor Trevor Norton

This video is EXCELLENT! I had no idea Abdullah was so popular and influential Thank you
Comment from : vidform

I didn't realize the weird lines and head ridges on the Machop evolutionary line were referencing Abdullah the Butcher Because their names in Japanese are Wanriki, Goriki and Kairiki, I just thought they were a Riki Chōshu reference
Comment from : ToruKun1

Dude Abdullah used to scare me in the 70s and 80s
Comment from : Marvin

this is amazing the thought has never crossed my mind
Comment from : RandallRoss♫Music♫&Critters

Just The Flu
Saw Abdullah wrestle Ronnie Garvin in 93 at the Lancaster OH Fair grounds Great times 🙂
Comment from : Just The Flu

Awesome deep dive brother! When I saw him in Puroresu back in his prime in Japan in the 80s I was blown away He was such a character known for making hilarious and scary (because of the gore) faces His finisher the Dokubari (poison needle) Elbow was convincing too I don't know why it was called that but it was just sounded devastating To me Majin Bu from Dragon Ball is a reference and PRIDE FC MMA fighter Alexander Otsuka was a bald dark skinned fighter/Prowrestler that had DIET BUTCHER on his tights I believe it means he is a slimmer Abby, Butcher on a diet Scary in the ring because of the guaranteed blood bath and uses a fork, makes you cringe and look away, but the public understood he was nice, personable and funny outside of the ring, of course his popularity is gonna sky rocket!
Comment from : wmpyr

Very well done and educational video!
Comment from : Charles

Captain Benis
Comment from : Captain Benis

Dennis Smith
That was a really good video I had no idea how huge Abby was in Japan I saw him wrestle several times here in Florida Went to his Atlanta restaurant in 2013 Met him in 2017 Bought a signed fork from him
Comment from : Dennis Smith

his restaurant is great One of the few businesses that were there when the west end was really ghetto, and still there now that it has been gentrified I found out he was a wrestler afterwards
Comment from : AYO B

Arthur R
that anime is called air blade it's from the early 2000s
Comment from : Arthur R

Luke Hope
great fuckin vid
Comment from : Luke Hope

Biff Vulgue from Best Bout Boxing is based on Abdullah The Butcher
Comment from : SelectaBwoy

OnceLewd TwiceHigh
Hi just found your vids thru algorithm and I would like to share something Japan and wrestling related brbrIf you check out on YT and search "Master Q Bruce Lee" (look for vids that are 1:00:00+) around the last half of the movie you will see some iconic characters that were well known during the 80s action era I think one of them might be Abdullah the butcher brbrbrI somehow remember it after watching your vids, might have brought back some childhood memories brbrBtw Master Q is a Hong Kong cartoon and kinda forgotten now
Comment from : OnceLewd TwiceHigh

Wise Clam
You mean Abdallah the Hepbag?
Comment from : Wise Clam

Stoned Ape
Great video! Abdullah terrified me as a kid!
Comment from : Stoned Ape

fuck yeah man, thank you for putting me onto air gear
Comment from : V

lucy dog
"Abdullah the butcher was an individual"brbrWow, how prolific
Comment from : lucy dog

Ghost Amity
This feels so random
Comment from : Ghost Amity

Johny Two Times
I learned from Abby that Sudan is in Canadawho knew?!brEdit: WAIT Terry Funk had a song called "Barbara Streisand's Nose" and it wasn't as big of a hit as "Betty Davis Eye's" 🤣🤣🤣 brI needed all this info in my brain
Comment from : Johny Two Times

What's the name of that Anime with Ric Flair, Hansen, and others name??
Comment from : ThrashAD720

Monsuta Man
That Tiger mask anime looks interesting
Comment from : Monsuta Man

Fred Herbert
You surely know Abby's name is actually Larry Shreve and is from Canada right?
Comment from : Fred Herbert

I know Abdullah's restaurant in Atlanta, too bad it is no longer in business He isn't in the best health nowadays
Comment from : sbb22

Paul S
The Amazon from the original "Pro Wrestling" on the NES used a fork in one of his attacks Also, that game was designed by Masato Masuda, a hardcore wrestling fan who would later create the Fire Pro series
Comment from : Paul S

It's a shame he was such a terrible person behind the scenes not telling people he had hepatitis and blading them with the same blade he used on himself, trying to keep other blacks out of Japan, etcbrbr but he is indeed a legend
Comment from : ushireborn

Ying Dat
Abdullah the Butcher or Bob Sapp
Comment from : Ying Dat

Ted Hobgood
That was excellent! Thank you so much for making this video IT was very entertaining and it clearly shows you did a TON of work! Much appreciated
Comment from : Ted Hobgood

Nathan Justice
Been watching Abdullah since I was kid in the 80s Then one day in 2009 my buddy and I went to his restaurant in Atlanta on our way to see The Bad Brains Only people in the place We walk up to counter and order the food The counter person asks if we like wrestling and we say yes that's why we're here He motions over to the tables and says there is Mr Abdullah We turn around and he waves We wave back We get our food and go sit at a table Abdullah calls us over and asks us to sit with him We ended up having lunch with him Heard some great stories He autographed his business cards for us It was surreal
Comment from : Nathan Justice

Last time i saw Abdullah was about 12 years ago after local show up here in Canada and he was sitting at the edge of the side door of his van, in a puddle of his own pee, just giggling to himself Good guy though, kept calling me champ and telling stories about how he would file his nails and use them as weapons in Japan
Comment from : Malkazzz

Brando Lee
Wow ! This was awesome !!! Thank you so much!!!
Comment from : Brando Lee

Brando Lee
Very cool my friend ! Where can i find that anime that had abby , hanson , inoki , flair etc ??? That looked killer ! Somebody help me out here please
Comment from : Brando Lee

Brando Lee
In the first few minutes you cracked me up and got my attention! Sienfeld !!! Lol too funny ! But yeah i started watching wrestling in 85 or so And Abby vs Bruiser Brody matches intrigued the hell out of me as a kid !!! The japanese fans feared those two and the Original Shiek and Stan hansen ! The crowd would run like hell ! THAT is whats wrestlings missing nowdays The danger The unpredictable
Comment from : Brando Lee

Ryan B Jones
U deserve that like Good stuff man As a afro American kid growing up in the 80's I loved wrestlers like him
Comment from : Ryan B Jones

James Hall
This is an awesome video! I'm a huge Abby fan and never put two and two together on a lot of these games thanks for the info
Comment from : James Hall

I just discovered the channel and subscribed directlybrFantastic work and well researched! brUnbelievable how many times Abdullah was referenced and a very good example of the impact professional wrestling has (had) on culturebrGreetings from Germany
Comment from : TubeYou

Great vid
Comment from : SureIsCrab

really great video i never heard of him before but you got hooked for the whole time and now i want to kno more of the characterbrreally great video
Comment from : BepponeTV

Eduardo Miller
The guy from Wrestle War that's wearing the Jason mask wasn't exactly inspired by Jason Voorhees He was probably inspired by a wrestler called Karl Moffat, better known as "Jason the Terrible" He and The Butcher both wrestled together in PR's World Wrestling Council, both as heels (and this was the same promotion where the infamous fork left a lasting impression like in Carlos Colon's forehead)
Comment from : Eduardo Miller

Jermah Evans
Canadian black dude decided to be from sedan n carve ppl up with forks Prime example of why i love wrestling
Comment from : Jermah Evans

Eric Rojasvelez
He was bigger in puerto rico
Comment from : Eric Rojasvelez

Broken Heroics
Met the man once when I was wrestling in the indies years ago Super nice and great storyteller
Comment from : Broken Heroics

Ahaha and he’s Canadian
Comment from : frenchabortion

I don't know if anyone's mentioned that the Arabian Butchers(Headhunters) are related to Abdullah the Butcher
Comment from : siddistick

I think what we learned to is abdula could have destroyed the NWO All by himself way past cool!!
Comment from : Bucky749

Eduardo Guimarães
What an amazing video! Thank you for that piece of wrestling history Great work
Comment from : Eduardo Guimarães

Israel as Crow
in the third episode of Kinnikuman there is a monster called Abodullah Jr brAnd it looks just like him
Comment from : Israel as Crow

Even my Butthole is influenced by Abdullah the Butcher, because it have the same look as his scares! :O
Comment from : LorKen17021991

Ok I’m bored
Comment from : STEEZ!

Your not an anime fan if you don’t know airgear
Comment from : STEEZ!

The Pokémon is straight lies lmao you tried it
Comment from : STEEZ!

So you don’t know that he let bruiser Brody get murdered?
Comment from : STEEZ!

He’s was always super fake
Comment from : STEEZ!

You forgot Majin Buu
Comment from : Woozy

Wait, at 18:32, did "Rich Flair" do the patented flop? Lol
Comment from : MisterSinister

The Ezekarion
He gave Hannibal Hepatitis C and caused him to lose his wwe contract
Comment from : The Ezekarion

Rich flair flopping had to be the most nature boy thing I've ever seen
Comment from : LoGIK

Impact Fan Since 2004
Okay, I find that idea of Machoke = Abdullah to be a little farfetch'd
Comment from : Impact Fan Since 2004

You missed Abdullah (Abdudulah in the anime) from Kinnikuman
Comment from : DTakeshi

I just alt tabbed quickly right before the Tokyo drift song started playing I came back instantly like "wtf, how is he in that movie and I never noticed?"
Comment from : 619Slipk

The most hated wrestler in 🇵🇷
Comment from : PHANTOM GRIN

Does Abby at 21:35 transform into a suit after all that "air chops"? 😆 brbrAnd bro, I think you forget to mention that Buccha from Air Gear also has the iconic scars on his forehead
Comment from : TheJadedWanSaid

Fat Timbo5
the streets of rage series has a boss that seems to be inspired to abdulah, he even breathes fire
Comment from : Fat Timbo5

jason dirt
One day in the future someone is going to ask "why does all these video game bad guy characters have pointed boots and 3 lines on their fore head? And they to will go down a rabbit hole to fond this video
Comment from : jason dirt

Fat Mario Head Gaming
I’m surprised you didn’t mention Kinnikuman, another wrestling anime albeit one that combines elements of comedy and superhero Earlier in the series a kaiju named Abdullah attacks Japan, albeit he was renamed “Abdoodoolah” in the anime
Comment from : Fat Mario Head Gaming

Larry Bundy Jr
The first boss in Golden Axe, the Heart Brothers could be counted as influenced by Abbie!
Comment from : Larry Bundy Jr

Lee McKenna
Abdullah was the goddamn man Its crazy ppl dont know him
Comment from : Lee McKenna

Eliezer Vargas
Watch Abdullah vs Carlos Colon
Comment from : Eliezer Vargas

Captain Buggy
WOW This was such a cool video i was born in 93 so Abdullah a little bit before my time but as wrestling and anime fan i love this! PS renamed my Machamp Adbullah in pokemon Go
Comment from : Captain Buggy

dd 347
Ever hear of the Sultan
Comment from : dd 347

Sebastian Gomez
What was that last anime?
Comment from : Sebastian Gomez

Excellent research sir 👏
Comment from : WILD THINGS

Bayb James
His breast and stomach are just one
Comment from : Bayb James

Kidney Stoner Music
First show I ever saw was Halloween Havoc 1991 Abby was one of the first wrestlers I ever knew!
Comment from : Kidney Stoner Music

SpeedFreak YGO
Cringed everytime u called him Abby
Comment from : SpeedFreak YGO

Kid Cthulhu
I always thought Earthquake from SNK's Samurai Showdown was inspired by Abdullah Same body type and breathing fire, but apparently that character is based on a bdifferent/b Japanese wrestler
Comment from : Kid Cthulhu

HF Collectibles
You know he's big when even my mom knows him
Comment from : HF Collectibles

Mark Halm
Is the Ugly Bastard Tag just an Abdullah the Butcher Reference?
Comment from : Mark Halm

So growing up my brother had a gamegear and he had the batman returns game The very first boss is totally based on Abdullah, he also spits fire So Abdullah fought Batman and not just any Batman, but Keaton Batman!!!
Comment from : Phernando5000

Kev P
With this much exposure in Japan, you'd think the Yakuza series would have had a Abby-based character as a side quest or arena fighter
Comment from : Kev P

Tom Tanaka
Awesome video! Subbed!
Comment from : Tom Tanaka

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