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Kabocha Squash | Japanese Pumpkin 101

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Information Kabocha Squash | Japanese Pumpkin 101

Title :  Kabocha Squash | Japanese Pumpkin 101
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Comments Kabocha Squash | Japanese Pumpkin 101

Peach Luck
I like that you include your bloopers
Comment from : Peach Luck

Stephane Lindor
Wow!!! I am so amazed that a pumpkin 🎃 has migrated to the West Indies (island of 🇭🇹 Haiti) This is the main ingredient of soup Joumou (Independence soup of Haiti) I heard so many names of it being called First I heard it's a squash Then it is a pumpkin Calabasas, Kabocha, Seminoleetcthanks for the information
Comment from : Stephane Lindor

James Beam
According to Wikipedia Kabocha have to be ripened and I would appreciate your thoughts:brbrRipeness brWhen kabocha is just harvested, it is still growing Therefore, unlike other vegetables and fruits, freshness is not as important It should be fully matured first, in order to become flavorful, by first ripening the kabocha in a warm place (77 °F/25 °C) for 13 days to convert some of the starch to sugar Then the kabocha is transferred to a cool place (50 °F/10 °C) and stored for about a month in order to increase carbohydrate content In this way, the just-harvested, dry, bland-tasting kabocha is transformed into a smooth, sweet kabocha Fully ripened, succulent kabocha will have reddish-yellow flesh, a hard skin, and a dry, corky stem It reaches the peak of ripeness about 15–3 months after it is harvested
Comment from : James Beam

Pamela Pick
I made two Kabocha squash a couple days ago I roasted them in the oven like I do my pumpkins I then got the peel off and put it all in a food processor It was extremely thick I've never seen it that thick before I looked up some information and I found out that the longer the squash sits the sweeter it will get as the starches will turn to sugar This must be extremely starchy for as thick as it is There is no need to strain it at all like I do my pumpkins I'm wondering if it really is good to eat it when it is this starchy? Should I have waited and let them ripen more so they would have been be more sweet? Has anyone else experienced this?
Comment from : Pamela Pick

mebby summers
Why would you put it in the microwave and take away the nutrients I always put mine in for 425 for 20 minutes let it cool for a bit and put it back in the oven for 20 more minutes 😊
Comment from : mebby summers

Nurse Dan
Thank you
Comment from : Nurse Dan

Charlene Bryant
Kabocha squash is so delicious It is a fall favorite for me I purchase several to make a large fall centerpiece for my dining room table
Comment from : Charlene Bryant

David Tseng
Just add water and boil it
Comment from : David Tseng

Daci Sky
This is my first time to cook this one and it looks like a winnerI'll be setting some aside for soup and eating the rest as you suggested I plan to roast the seeds and set some aside for plantingbr AI also want to try a cubin squash,whose name I can't remember
Comment from : Daci Sky

𝓞𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝔃
“Popular these days”? 😂 Us Puerto Rican have been eating them in our beans for ages Kabocha are so delicious So I boil then , mash them and freeze them in cube trays So when I want to thicken my beans and add color and flavor to means or stew beef I add a couple of cubes to my dish
Comment from : 𝓞𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝔃

Jody Goodman
I have roasted and LOVED kabocha squash in the past couple years I, unfortunately, just roasted one and the flesh is hard, dry and chalky Is this still edible?
Comment from : Jody Goodman

Push Day Baby
Comment from : Push Day Baby

Audrey Hester
I made one yesterday, God helped me cut it open I steamed it and servered with curry powder and vegan butter Also I froze the rest
Comment from : Audrey Hester

Best video on Kabocha squash Thank you for uploading
Comment from : ChantYip

Randy Clere
Most excellent
Comment from : Randy Clere

Thank you, I’ll try it
Comment from : Audrey

c c
I would avoid microwaving personally Only because the beta carotene and other nutrients will be drastically lower than what is normal
Comment from : c c

I am an ethnic vegetable and god is a white woman who is 'discovering' me to make profit
Comment from : Tired

Wild Cat
If you have high cholesterol here I show you how to lower your cholesterol in 30 days Take 100 gram of fresh kabocha ( peeled) put in a blender with 150 ml of water Blend it really well and drink it every morning before breakfast for 30 days you will be surprised Also will take your faty stomach away, and lower your sugar level too
Comment from : Wild Cat

Donya Taylor
Thank you so much! I'm not much of a cook and this helps me a lot
Comment from : Donya Taylor

Indy India
It is said that the word "Kabocha" comes from the country, Cambodia
Comment from : Indy India

Grilled kabocha and Butter soy sauce Slice kabocha about 05 to 08 cm Put a lot of butter in the pan Grill the kabocha until soft, turning it over on both sides Finally, add soy sauce to finish Be careful not to burn too much
Comment from : REALSTAGE

Srinivasa M
👍👍Thank you very very much,brWith best wishes, 🙏🙏 ( from India )
Comment from : Srinivasa M

Oh, my dear! If you put food in microwave-you kill all the nutrients and make it radioactive!!!
Comment from : RawSunNata

Mary Leung
I got one of these knew it was a squash but what type didnt know looked like a bit like a green pumpkin on the outside with a rough skin im gonna try the microwave it first then do the cut and bake thanks for the info
Comment from : Mary Leung

Angela B
I don't like the taste of pumpkin, but I love, love, love the taste of Kabocha squash I bake mine with olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and paprika It's so good
Comment from : Angela B

We grow a huge organic garden as a hobby & gives the produce away Kabocha squash & Butternut squash seems to be everyone's favorite The Kabocha squash is a really good keeper thru out the winter Thank you for letting people know how good this is!
Comment from : L W

Paula Meyer
The first time I had Kabocha squash it was in a tempura-amazing!
Comment from : Paula Meyer

Fritz 123
the mimic
Comment from : Fritz 123

Ka(is the stressed sound)bocha (is flat)
Comment from : Faith

Ross Hales
I like the last approach which is to slice and abake; thanks;
Comment from : Ross Hales

Malinda Lawson
The skin is still a dark green Is it ripe? What colour should it be?
Comment from : Malinda Lawson

William Stanley
Well, I am going to halve it, scoop the seeds out, and cut the flesh (with the skin on) into cubes to cook into a soup Low and slow
Comment from : William Stanley

Simple & Natural
Love kabocha squash Very good and healthy for kids as well
Comment from : Simple & Natural

Matilda Calderon
I've never had this squash, but seeing how you did roasting of it, I will for sure go to Sprouts or any store that has these, and pick One up😋 Maybe to go along side some grilled Chicken😋 thank you for such an amazing video😊
Comment from : Matilda Calderon

Jane Stadler
I enjoyed your video
Comment from : Jane Stadler

Mutant Ryeff
Ferment with ginger and Jalapeno/Serrano just long enough to get tang while keeping crunch Too long fermenting turns into baby diaper contents
Comment from : Mutant Ryeff

Cook the cut pieces in a covered boiler pot, on a rack to keep the squash above the boiling (simmering) water, and the pot covered; fifteen to twenty minutes
Comment from : dallemon15

Great tipsgrowing Kabocha so this is very helpful
Comment from : TKA Art

Kari Lynn
Kabocha is Japanese for 'pumpkin'
Comment from : Kari Lynn

Alicia Valentyn
Love Kabocha
Comment from : Alicia Valentyn

Tagualila Tagua
Guauuuu!! Realmente deliciosa y nutritiva !! Saludos desde manzanillo México bye bye!
Comment from : Tagualila Tagua

Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying: “Thank you!
Comment from : Healthilicious

How can I freeze some of it?
Comment from : Cocosheabuttarosemaryqueen

Alda Kendall
I just made it! Chopped it into cubes took the skin off added it to rainbow carrots, parsnips, butternut squash roasted with salt, pepper, paprika, sage, rosemary, basil, oregano
Comment from : Alda Kendall

Steven Schilowitz
great video !! my microwave just went off after 4 minutes, ready to cut
Comment from : Steven Schilowitz

Christina S
I love these 101 videos & I come back to them every time I'm cooking the listed food
Comment from : Christina S

Susan Smith
Will make pies with them Better than using canned pumpkin puree!
Comment from : Susan Smith

Annie P
I separate the seeds & leave them out for the squirrels — they love them!
Comment from : Annie P

Kabocha from the stores is a hit or miss for mesometimes it is tasty sweet like Ambercup, but sometimes it is bland I love the granular texture of Sweet Meat Squash but it is a rarity
Comment from : mtaylor

Thank you so much! I need to puree this in order to make a kabocha squash cheesecake for Thanksgiving! Your video was really well done, easy to understand and follow and now I know I can cook this! :)
Comment from : Janelegant

You can also steam or simmer it
Comment from : kiki246810

Jorge Nunez
i just bought one at trader joes i'm making the 'straight out of the bowl-scoop'
Comment from : Jorge Nunez

Cynthia Stinson
I like to make it with Indian curry spices and amchur powder
Comment from : Cynthia Stinson

Vesta McDonald
I found a recipe for garbanzo, red lentil kabocha curry that is fab!
Comment from : Vesta McDonald

Mark S
hey, you say you are into healthy meals so NO MICROWAVEdo your research for heavens sake!
Comment from : Mark S

Claudia White
We eat this a LOT and we absolutely Love it but we make mash with butter and cinnamon or roast in oven with brown sugar & cinnamon!! But you gave me a different way now with curry! Thanks👏👏👍
Comment from : Claudia White

Raul Jimenez
Yep, Sweet and Delicious
Comment from : Raul Jimenez

My dear
My kabocha is growing still but harvesting soon will be making a Kabocha pie with it then with the other one will be roasting it just like in the video Great video, thanks
Comment from : My dear

Alora S
I loooove kabocha squash It is fantastic in korokke (kind of like a potato cake but better) I grow it in my garden along with red kuri squash
Comment from : Alora S

Laura Levitan
Yum I will try this new choice
Comment from : Laura Levitan

Jesmond Mifsud
It makes a great pumpkin pie or cake!
Comment from : Jesmond Mifsud

my dear friend made a cake with it and it was sublime
Comment from : danielle7177

Cupcake L
What I do with mine is I but it up into pieces sprinkle with sugar and bake it it makes the house smell amazing and it taste soooo delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Comment from : Cupcake L

Hardeep Kaur
Beautiful beautiful beautiful for gut from Kenya wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Comment from : Hardeep Kaur

Hardeep Kaur
Fibers fibers fibers
Comment from : Hardeep Kaur

Hardeep Kaur
Thank you thank you thank you so much for your help and support wisdom from Kenya wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh beautiful beautiful beautiful bless
Comment from : Hardeep Kaur

Merwin ARTist
If you would like to save the seeds so you can grow your own cut the squash open before doing any cooking microwave etc Scrape out the seeds and clean them and dry them out on some newspaper or paper towel or a plate The squash is great if you steam cook it for about 15 min You should be able to stick a fork through the skin wish is good to eat but more difficult if you bake the squash which drys it out I like to eat it with Vegenaise which you can find in a Health Food store or in the refrigerated section of a good grocery store You can also fix it with a good salad using the squash as a bowl Experiment have fun and learn to grow it You will see male and female flowers male flowers have a long stem Females have a small squash shaped fruit just below the flower You will probably need to pollinate the female using a soft brush touching the stamen and then the inside of the female flower You can also cut the petals away and then hold the stamen inside the female flower petals and tap the stamen so the pollen falls into the female flower
Comment from : Merwin ARTist

Doreen Charles
Wow! Very informative Going to cut one open right now 😋
Comment from : Doreen Charles

Joaquin Santiago
Ima make mashed potatoes with Brussel sprouts and baked komboka BBQ sauce maybe on the komboka ? Gravy ?
Comment from : Joaquin Santiago

Dominic Fong
It is arm busting cutting up the kabocha, best thing is to simply dunk it into a pressure cooker resting on a steam basket in shallow water Pressurize it for a good 10 minutes and let the pressure bleed naturallyfork tender goodness
Comment from : Dominic Fong

[kabocha] is usually translated into [pumpkin] in my Japan But not true Your lesson teach me I searched various type of pumpkin pumpkin,autumn squash, turban squash, mammoth squash, etc
Comment from : 北金目歯科医院

My grandma used to make me a Japanese Kabocha dish called Kabocha No Nimono and has been one of my favorite side dishes! Can’t wait to try the curry roast recipe!
Comment from : deesxmail

Gonna roast plain in planks and scoop with a spoon to eat Then because I love curry, gonna do the curry, garlic, salt and pepper version TY
Comment from : OldDragonLady#1

Aundray Middlebrook
Thanks for this advice and the directions on preparing a (Kabocha Squash)! I was giving a (Kabocha Squash) from my neighbor that didn't know how to cook it! (Neither did I)! lol! So, I looked on the internet to find all (Squashes) that looked like my Squash! Then I learned that my Squashes name is (Kabocha)! Thanks again!, that I found your (cooking segment) on cooking my (Kabocha Squash)! Great cooking directions!!!
Comment from : Aundray Middlebrook

How do I get to watch the kabocha seed roasting video?
Comment from : Alien2799

I did not know that the skin is edible Great tip! However isn't it covered with wax and other things? How do I get rid of the crap on it? Thank you
Comment from : Alien2799

Andrea Idsardi
has anyone tried this with no seasoning just plain?
Comment from : Andrea Idsardi

hello man
Don't ever eat the skin please It's very high in lectin and antinutrients, can hurt the gut
Comment from : hello man

Colette Grey
Made this soup today and it is delicious! Great recipe and easy to follow video/recipe This will be my soup for the week! I actually added steamed collard greens in one bowl of soup, just to see how it would be with some greens and it works well! Thank you!!
Comment from : Colette Grey

I used your favorite method (cut into wedges like a melon), but used maple syrup, cinnamon and thyme as well Love it!
Comment from : Izzy66

I’m gonna slice mine and roast
Comment from : TiMalice2009

Love your videos!
Comment from : TiMalice2009

Fernando Krispy
What can we make with dragon fruit
Comment from : Fernando Krispy

Mermaid Treasure Hunter
I've just split my squash in half and dug out the seeds I am going to bake it for 30 minutes in a 400* oven (thanks for the info) then I am going to put the whole thing in my VitaMix and make soup I think I will season with curry, garlic, salt, pepper, turmeric and maybe a bit of cinnamon and fresh nut meg
Comment from : Mermaid Treasure Hunter

Andrew Connolly
very helpful
Comment from : Andrew Connolly

My favorite of all pumpkins!!
Comment from : LuRo

Joyce Weinstock
I found out about them from Optavia They are delicious and very low carb I am making one today into a curry "cream" soup and another into pie filling/pumpkin (using pumpkin slices) Thanks for the tips on handling and cutting these monsters!
Comment from : Joyce Weinstock

Svetlana Lysenko
I put seeds with water into the blender, then strain it and have delicious seed milk/cream
Comment from : Svetlana Lysenko

My Urban Garden Mary
I don't know if we could grow them in the south because of the vine borers They ravage every pumpkin vines except for the Seminole and Cherokee Tan The vines are to small for the grub to grow in I'm going to try them in 2020 with row covers and hand pollinate them You won't find the Kabocha in our local markets, not even the farmers market
Comment from : My Urban Garden Mary

Alastors Cocksleeve
kabocha is so dang good!! it's SO sweet
Comment from : Alastors Cocksleeve

Tameka Rhoden
i love this veggie boiled the bestcomes out like sweet potato and no need to add anything because it pairs well with whatever else your cookingits also great to add in chicken soup
Comment from : Tameka Rhoden

Olei Ei
I love Kabocha squash I eat at least one every week because it helps my digestion system I basically cut it in wedges and boil with a pinch of salt The ones I eat have very green skin color Unfortunately, they are not always available at my groceries, so I am growing them in my garden
Comment from : Olei Ei

Queentina Roberts
My absolute favorite way to cook kabocha squash is to make coconut curry kabucha it is so good I can eat it everyday
Comment from : Queentina Roberts

Amy Tinsky
I'm growing a "peanut squash" it seems to be called in the united states and the seed packet is "Galeaux D'Esines" and big flat cinderella pumpkin that gets warts on it Do you have any experience or videos with that particular squash? Love that you did a series of squash and just discovered these in 2019
Comment from : Amy Tinsky

Mdiaz Diaz
Hi, thanks for taking the time to share the wonderful video, I did not know it was a winter squash because I am growing them in the summer in intense Texas heat for the first time and they are doing very well, it's my favorite I will attempt to grow them year around I love this squash there is always at least one squash in my kitchen and yes they are sweet like a sweet potato
Comment from : Mdiaz Diaz

Bill Astell
I used to grow butternut squash  Thought they couldn't be beat  Then I discovered Kabocha squash and grow nothing else now  Mine come in 2 colour  Blue or green  Colour make no difference My grand kids, who are vegans, love these things  They are as sweet as candy when aged properly
Comment from : Bill Astell

Joyce Wang
Prep - I soaked it in the hot water for 10 - 15 minutes, make it very easy to cut
Comment from : Joyce Wang

Los hispanos usamos este vegetal para cocinar cosas como el sancocho Sabrosisimo 😋
Comment from : MariahxJimin

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