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AKITA! 5 Reasons YOU SHOULD NOT Get a Akita Puppy!

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Information AKITA! 5 Reasons YOU SHOULD NOT Get a Akita Puppy!

Title :  AKITA! 5 Reasons YOU SHOULD NOT Get a Akita Puppy!
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Description AKITA! 5 Reasons YOU SHOULD NOT Get a Akita Puppy!

Comments AKITA! 5 Reasons YOU SHOULD NOT Get a Akita Puppy!

Seny Alencius
i have akita,and after she is six month old,she sometimes attack my pomerian who used to be the dominant one,what should i do? i love them both
Comment from : Seny Alencius

Selena Diaz
It all depends on how they’re brought up, I have a male and female I think having siblings helped them learn manners, how to play etc because they are brother and sister, there are a lot of things they prefer doing with each other than with me They aren’t very playful with me but they love chasing each other and playing tug-o -war Perhaps they are more aware of their strength when growing up alongside another Akita? Not sure but they’re amazing and even simply watching them interact is breathtaking One Akita per human is certainly more than enough though lol But I don’t ever regret taking responsibility for two
Comment from : Selena Diaz

Hex Gothington
Would you say that it's impossible to have an Akita if you live in an apartment? I live in an area with a plethora of hiking trails, some within walking distance of where I live They are spacious, few trees, and can be deserted at certain times of the day I also run and bike regularly, and could take an Akita with me on my runs Would this circumvent any apartment problems or no?
Comment from : Hex Gothington

I got an Akita a few months ago He's more energetic than Usein Bolt, he destroys everything, bites and chews and barks and poops on the carpet I also regret nothing
Comment from : VN BALBOA

Drugs are bad also and you take it so
Comment from : Nikboy

Now I’m more interested about Akita Inu!
Comment from : Moury

Aysha D
I'm on my third Akita I love the breed and didn't want any other kind again Buuuut some asshole abandoned 14 Belgian Malinois puppies and it took hours to round them up so I treated myself to 9 week old Luna and Resistance is definitely happy to have a little sister Definitely not the breed for new owners because that stubborness is no joke but they are loving loyal smart and I feel insanely protected
Comment from : Aysha D

Lina Frandin
I appreciate this video so much, thank you! My girl is "Kiyomi" an American Akita, 3 years old now The light of my life! And yes!!! They need, and need, but compared to what they give back, no comparison Lots of work, lots of exercise, lots of stimulation, so in the eveningthey love watching documentaries related to animals Mine will watch a complete show, it's amazing! I can guarantee should would give her life for me, would I ever put this in front of her? Hell no, not if I could help it LOVE your Akita!!!
Comment from : Lina Frandin

Qamil Koxha
You know this guys rough spoken but every word is trueHe give it to you how it is After owning a akita i understand him Very great advice
Comment from : Qamil Koxha

Natasha Banister
I recently acquired Goliath my brothers Akita mix we don't kno what he's mixed with but br Oh boy is he strong! They think he has Shepard? He is so wonderfully proud! Boy does KNOW he has bigger um Chestnuts than any male in the room! He is a sweetheart as long as it's him and I or with my daughter He definitely changes when even my husband is around! Thank you for this channel your a saint, answered a lot of my questions!
Comment from : Natasha Banister

Cameron Henson
I used to raise Akitas and what this guy is saying is on point if you've never owned dogs before you should not start with an Akita that's a recipe for disaster for you and the dog
Comment from : Cameron Henson

Angie Hankins
We own 2 and they are great dogs I wouldnt dare part with my babies
Comment from : Angie Hankins

Elaine Paterson
Its also not my first tie I have a family of dogs small big giant all kinds
Comment from : Elaine Paterson

Elaine Paterson
I want an akita its called rex he's 600
Comment from : Elaine Paterson

Elaine Paterson
I want an Anita its called red he's 600 but i,m still not convinced
Comment from : Elaine Paterson

Never owned an Akita before (definitely had other breeds in the past) and I adopted my first one almost three years ago He’s the most well behaved, smartest, and chill dog I’ve ever owned I’ve always been calm and always work with him even to this day I get so many compliments on him my favorite is when I bring him into the groomer and they are nervous to work with him then I pick him up and they rant and rave about him and his knack for remembering routine Such an amazing dog, but they do require exercise, A LOT of time to train, and patience
Comment from : Anntidote

Devin Reese
we loved ours even though he was big and fat
Comment from : Devin Reese

music nd lyrics
Guys I am a first time dog owner I buyed an American Akita He is very aggresive and unpriditible today he tryed to kill my grandmother whome he is living since childhood Thankfully my dad was at home and my grandmother was saved he is 2 right now anyone please please please tell me how can I trane this dog ? he is not even loyal to his owner so he can kill anyone
Comment from : music nd lyrics

João Bastos
Are you a dig trainer?
Comment from : João Bastos

Ayla Miller
My dog is part Akita part Malinois mix The bHARDEST/b mix of dog to ever train
Comment from : Ayla Miller

Natalie Marie
what would you say about getting an akita that’s an adult and already trained?
Comment from : Natalie Marie

Can people please stop addressing the American and Japanese versions interchangeably? They’re not the same dogs brbrThe American Akita doesn’t even look like a true Spitz breedbrbrIt’s like saying the German Shepherd and East European Shepherd are the same breed They’re not!
Comment from : ラブラドールSena

Mark lewis
We had an Akita for 13 years Majestic, loyal, loving, great sense of humour , fantastic dog and companion We were always firm but fair with her and she was always well behaved and obedient although could sometime be stubborn and defiant but could be talked round As the video says care and thought needed to own one but a beautiful, fantastic and intelligent animal - miss her every day
Comment from : Mark lewis

What about the Japanese Akita?for an autistic child I saved pitbulls before and trained them It came naturally for me and they were not aggressivebut I don't know anything about Akita I thought about japanese Akita What if it's a female Japanese Akita, is there any difference in a female's nature than a male's? I know it sounds weird, but I am very sensitive to dog's natural odor but with Akita I don't have that This is why I thought about it Also they are cute but also very protective which is important to me
Comment from : Iris1111

Donovan Tyler
All your reasons I'd say are 100 accurate especially #3 so we had a decent size back yard and we always had a 12ft high, 3ft underground kennel that was big enough for them to run roughly 36ft I personally played with ours pretty rough My moms dad was a hunter with hunting dogs, so now that I'm listening to you and thinking back, my parents had a lot of experience brbrWe mostly had female's But we did have a few males over the year's The males were boring, they didn't like to play as much however the males we raised from birth were really fun The 2 we got that were 2 and 3 were not a handle full but definitely needed to be treated with a firm hand or you were gonna get dragged literally down the streetbrbrI'd say age 2 or younger is best anything older and you're gonna have problem's unless you're very very experienced with Akitas
Comment from : Donovan Tyler

jimmy stewart
my first dog was an akita it was easy to train
Comment from : jimmy stewart

Butters Rose
Can I get an akita as a service dog
Comment from : Butters Rose

。Toca mochi 。#freeukraine
Well I love Akita’s so I’m not listening 🙉
Comment from : 。Toca mochi 。#freeukraine

art cervera
TO LATE I GOT AN AKITAbrjk my landlord only alows small dogs
Comment from : art cervera

Rolanne Bouchard
I have a great Pyrenees Akita mix and she's a lump We can't get her to play outside with a toy or ball
Comment from : Rolanne Bouchard

Crystal Gilman
I have an aquita at my house right now and I'm only 7
Comment from : Crystal Gilman

Crystal Gilman
Comment from : Crystal Gilman

Crystal Gilman
A kids are glorious dogs
Comment from : Crystal Gilman

The Solution to number 5, spend 24/7 with your Akita and keep them socialized and submissive I hand-fed my Akita, and leave my Akita on the floor- no beds or couches I pick him up from behind as I straddle him, in his mind, I am stronger- I started doing this when he was a puppy I adopted an alpha female when she was about 5 years old It took me six months for her to submit to me, it was a constant challenge as she would not give up I ended up making her do tricks for every little bite of food It was a lot of work but it was worth it because she was my soulmate and was glued to my side until her death, she was like a wise owl and I had total recall over her; I was her third owner My male is a big goofball and has no real recall (he s 25 years old) and I would not leave him off-leash Expense: I am spending $500 a month on human food, rotating meat, organ meat, and organic vegetables and supplements I can't leave my Akita, he gets diarrhea and wastes quickly if he is away from me for more than a day, so I will never be traveling anywhere without him I think this is more of a high-maintenance dog than most people want or need Akitas are also very sensitive, regal, and discerning They may act aloof compared to other dogs but really they are just subtle, which I prefer Akitas don't bark very often and they are never foolish I love my Akita, he is a great communicator and we definitely have a psychic rapport Dog aggression is just common, many will attack other dogs and I find the females are worse So far my male has been dog friendly
Comment from : MountainBikeBabe

Scott Jenkins
I had one he was great and not aggresivd
Comment from : Scott Jenkins

My akita is so behave and no agression ! What is he talking about
Comment from : Dennis

Comment from : Todgerino

It's bad when your dog is making the decisions around the house 🤣
Comment from : Anthony

Had an akita many years ago Now I've got Shikoku 🦊
Comment from : Anthony

recently lost my 14-year old akita inu, one of the best, funniest, most loyal dogs I've ever had once we got to know each other and I earned his respect - which wasn't the easiest of accomplishments, I knew I would've trusted him with my life
Comment from : EarlOfWalthamstowe

Skelly Jay
My puppy is mixed with Akita,German Shepard,American Staff terrier and English spaniel
Comment from : Skelly Jay

Steven Utepass
Idiot guy, YouTube moneybrRescued 120lbs Akita wolf No worries
Comment from : Steven Utepass

Lewis Barrett
I agree I grew up with spaniels and myself and my girlfriend got an Akita when we moved in together If my partner didn't work as animal educator/dog trainer for the RSPCA I would never have bothered Because compared to the spaniels we had growing up the Akita is another level Behavior wise I would say its more of a highly intelligent, highly strung dog the only thing I can compare it to from my experience is my grandfather used to have an Airedale Don't get me wrong I love my dog to death but as with grandad's Airedale its a case of "no means no"
Comment from : Lewis Barrett

AlfredoTheKaiNetwork Tv
Nice video I have a Pomsky but I really love the way Akitas look and want one but now I'm really debating on if I should get one now because I don't really have time to raise the dog from the puppy stage again and you've put it in my head that there really a challenge so I'm just sitting here contemplating
Comment from : AlfredoTheKaiNetwork Tv

Bruce Dubbink
Our Akita/Great Pyrenees is great with kids Our daughter with autism has even picked her up by her tail and no aggression shown Perhaps I am the best dog owner ever, just based on this
Comment from : Bruce Dubbink

Day 0214
My husband and I recently purchased an Akita, he’s six months now My three year old loves him I had a German Shepard before but the Akita stole my heart
Comment from : Day 0214

Jaded Chick
My husband loved German Shepherd’s Our last boi turned out to be a Shepkita He was the best dog He rarely barked Loved people, hated dogs, and had an extreme prey drive I’d love to have another
Comment from : Jaded Chick

HaelHael Hael
☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ Akita is beautiful, but so sad I have no experience handling large dogs I don't think I can own one
Comment from : HaelHael Hael

Fool Slayer
I know many Akitas and Akita owners Akitas can be very one-person-only dogs They are very protective of their owners and be very aggressive towards others
Comment from : Fool Slayer

I got a 1 year old akita and I am trying to make her like me!😂😂
Comment from : nxs〆Darwin٭

Lesley-Anne Lawrence
But I truly want one I am in love with this dog I am however a first time dog owner guess Ill be patient and volunteer a year and revisit the decision then
Comment from : Lesley-Anne Lawrence

Bert Furfull
They are not a breed for the new dog owners I get that, I love my Akita and best dog I have ever owned
Comment from : Bert Furfull

Drew Persaud
My own died and that dog was my life im so sad
Comment from : Drew Persaud

Sk Rana
Comment from : Sk Rana

Callum Forbes
Akita’s best dog around, with family, cats, other animals you know nothing about dogs You have read of the internet Every dog raised right way will be perfect why don’t you talk about why they are great dogs and how to make they your best friend
Comment from : Callum Forbes

linda Lombard
They don't think twice before attacking
Comment from : linda Lombard

Mateusz Haba
For me there are more than 5 reasons to not get an Akita Despite my experience with guard dogs this breed is absolutely off the limits Despite that i think Akitas (American and Inu) are one of the most beautifull dog breeds :)
Comment from : Mateusz Haba

DJ SteelBill
Akitas are a wonderful dog But you have the have experience with dogs Most loyal breed besides a chow
Comment from : DJ SteelBill

It’s not the Akita, it’s those little terrior fany lickers , that start the fighting when you out and about!! brTell the all the pensioners to control there dogs as well please

Jean-Marie Asclépios #DBL_G1 #FDPH
This video is a bit more for males than females i think
Comment from : Jean-Marie Asclépios #DBL_G1 #FDPH

Daniela Biscaro
We have two american akitas I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER DOG!!!
Comment from : Daniela Biscaro

Nancy Michaels
lolinam NOT a novice akita owner or breederbut you are fukl of BSAkitas are about the ONLY large breed that can be an APARTMENT dogthey dont NEED to be walked everyday ! They were bred and raised in Japan in small living quarters and used as babysitters while the parents went out to work for HOURS in the rice patties!! Ive had and raised them off abd on for over 30 years!!!! Do your homework!!!!
Comment from : Nancy Michaels

kuros life ^^
I have an Akita and black mouth cur mix puppy He is the best Still alert around strangers but don’t bark as much anymore He shown aggressiveness towards others since I got him so these dogs really need a lot of time and patience He looks like an Akita with a short coat Gets along with my cat and other dog If you have a cat they both need to be socialized or you might come home to no cat lol
Comment from : kuros life ^^

Aprils Life Vlogs and Adventures April
I have owned multiple chow chows Everyone one of them were amazing dogs and I miss them terribly I've always wanted an akita with the mind set they're very similar to chow chows Am I correct in my thought process?
Comment from : Aprils Life Vlogs and Adventures April

E -
These can be challenging dogs, my family got one when I was a kid and they were wholly unprepared for the dog agression, hunting the cat, and guard behavior I assumed responsibility of her as much as a 14yr old could [and shouldn't have had to] , She was my best freind and sparked my love of dog training and interest in dog behavior Really she was the most 'aware' dog I've had the honor of knowing I've come to adore the breed and hope to get another one in my thirties
Comment from : E -

Honin Akecheta
Based on these comments, it seems pretty clear that it’s relatively unimportant if you are a first time dog owner or not What matters the most is that the person is dedicated to training their dog to the best of their ability, and beyond that, their Akita would develop fine Also, I’m seeing that some of these people’s dogs may not have even been aggressive to begin with, which made training them easier brbrThis reminds me of when everyone warned my mom about getting a German Shepard; she was a first time dog owner, never owned a dog before, and never trained one before German Shepard’s are extremely smart, so these people reasoned it’d be difficult for a first time dog owner Well, Jack was our lil baby He was perfectly trained, a great guard dog, and so lovable he never threatened us He was also kinda a himbo dog, not the brightest but he made up for it with his dopey cutenessbrbrIt’s almost like… despite a dogs breed, they each have unique personality traits that may go against the expectations of what you’d think they’d be likebrbrWell, my mom was very dedicated to his training Did a lot of research before, during and after he passed She loves dogs, German Shepard’s in particular I think someday I would love to have several dogs, and one of them would be an American Akita I take your warnings to heart, but it’s because of my willingness to listen and learn that I believe despite being a (kind of) first time dog owner, I would excel at raising an American Akita someday
Comment from : Honin Akecheta

The Way
There deff differences in the male and female I will say the female is easier in a lot of ways The males can be so loving and playful But they are huge an powerful I really do love these dogs I will never own another breed
Comment from : The Way

The Way
Oh they can be stubborn An after having many over the years I’ve learned as they get older like 8 or 9 years they can tend to be more stubborn An believe with this breed your the alpha however they need to be respected No heavy hand With just a strong voice they will work your command Build up a relationship and they will reward you
Comment from : The Way

mai atef
I got an akita and it was my 1st dog and with 2 small kids my akita dog was way more tolerant with my small kids than my corgi/Pomeranian mix dog 😍, he is way more sociable with people and dogs even cats more than my toy dog, but I did my homework and trained him by Myself with positive reinforcement, I go out and leave kids with my akita , no single accident happened except for minor scratches and mouthing during puppy hood, but I have to say he was very stubborn and it took me a while till he turned out to be my good handsome boy, I nvr saw him agress only when we get attacked,he is a big goofy boy , I take him out daily for 45 mins long walk , and 2 small walks as a pee break, I learned a lot from him ❤
Comment from : mai atef

Christophe Clugston
Could you remind us of your academic credentials?
Comment from : Christophe Clugston

Gillotine1 Beats,rhymes & life
On point 💯brWalk mine ever morning brThen run him on leash on my bike brThen no leash time in the middle of woods brContinue training 🥰 thank god I’m active
Comment from : Gillotine1 Beats,rhymes & life

Josie Fox
Can I just say that you should NEVER walk an Akita on an extender leash The dog is clever and will wait its time to have you off your feet ! Use a SHORT LEASH with a large dog With an Akita I would recommend a full body harness You can control the dog if needed by holding on to the harness at the back He is going to twist out of an ordinary collar
Comment from : Josie Fox

I have an Akita he was brought up with 3 cats he’s my best friend and a wonderful companion
Comment from : TASIAawful1

Isolde Garner
If you have children, please do one on becoming a parent that I can share with my high school students (Great video)
Comment from : Isolde Garner

brs rafal
from all the comments seems like they are super friendly and just like any other dogs good with kids friendly etc i wonder why the stereotype i dont think i ever saw akita sounds like a rott or pit would be a worse choice then akita
Comment from : brs rafal

Trish Paq
Bro are you serious with this video??? Anyone who understand pack dogs and respect them then they will be fine Yes the only thing I agree with is your novice point You socialize these dogs with other dogs and the owner has a good temperament they will be fine I had Cane Corso and loved him till he passed away
Comment from : Trish Paq

Uras Azimkar
Honestly mate this is one of the most informative videos I've ever seen on a topic Fast, accurately conveyed information and extremely well made points Thanks for making this
Comment from : Uras Azimkar

69 Sound
Akitas develop a very close relationship with the family Yes, they are very large and powerfull dogs who need a great ownerbrBefore getting one take into consideration that this breed is a guardian breed Their jobs were to protect castles and property in japan and throug centuries they were breeded to archieve samurai levels of devoteness and agressiveness They will most likely die before quiting a fight and it is for real They won't stop untill one of 3 things happen: they get killed, they kill their oponent (canine or human) or their master makes them to stop an attack They will respect your guide only if they truly respect you and look up to you for leadership, guidance and protection brSo, If you want an Akita only for looks or because you want a pet comanion look somewere else This dogs are guardians and they will make their job sooner or laterbrGet this dog as a guardian breed, socialize them frequently, but encourage them to attack people passing by (ofcourse behind the fence) This dogs know where their territory ends That eay you will get a very obidient dog that lets people in and out of your house when you invite them, but will never let anyone go inside if you are awaybrI have had 6 akitas though my life, my dad can make a number closer to a dozen akitas and some other breeds I'm talking from experience and knowledge in this breed If you want a devoted and loyal guardian get an Akita
Comment from : 69 Sound

Betim Abazi
God damn i love akitas
Comment from : Betim Abazi

The Captain
If you treat your Dog as ur child They will be best companion
Comment from : The Captain

My relative got an Akita shears couple years old, trained, and she doesn’t do anything she’s very friendly
Comment from : goti

Very good information Wow, very good communicater 👍
Comment from : greenscarab2

William Breeze
One day I'll have to get an Akita!
Comment from : William Breeze

you can watch this video without sound thanks to the sign language
Comment from : Asiosky211

Tim Burke
Great video but it needs some statistics to make it complete
Comment from : Tim Burke

My mother has a Brindle Akita English Mastiff mix He is the best dog ever Well behaved and a big meatball, but fiercely protective of my mom Knows to keep distance from strangers but has had a pack of my neighbors dogs backing up when they lunged at her through a fence just by barking and puffing up brbrHe has the fur and build of the Akita and the Docile nature, colors, and drool of the English Mastiff brbrPeople are usually terrified of the big sausage when they first come over becauss he is the size of a small horse but he is very well behaved and will just bark at you from the end of the foyer
Comment from : LinkLoverAG

pa houa Vang
Our six months Akita is amazing super intelligent Our whole family was on the same page when it comes to training her She’s not food aggressive, we had to constantly pet her while eating and drinking Lots of petting and hugs Please learn how to read your Akita behavior and their reactions when meeting ppl Respect them if they don’t want ppl approaching them They do have separation anxiety but they make such great loyal house pets if train properly
Comment from : pa houa Vang

Veronica Carneal
This a very valuable channel and service you are providing Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience
Comment from : Veronica Carneal

Susan Wilson
These dogs have pure bloodlines documenyed 3000 yearsbr Bted in Japan you couldn't get them out of the country until after WWII Bred to hunt bear and patrol large shogun territory You can not speak to them like a drill Sargentbr Otherwise they will turn on you I grew up in Japan and I love them
Comment from : Susan Wilson

John Glenn
I'm thinking you my friend should not own an Akita 😂, I've owned many
Comment from : John Glenn

Maurice Williams
My advice is to listen to this man speaking about Akitas!! I made the mistake of getting a puppy that grew into an extremely alpha male akita!! The dog as a puppy would push the other puppies away from the feeding dish and after eating would lay down in the bowl!! I thought that was awesome and cute at the time!! But, I quickly learned that turns into a loaded gun!! The dog absolutely guarded my wife and property very fiercely!! But after 2 years of age the dogs challenges on me escalated!! Then the dog started stalking people and hunting people I regret not listening to an experienced veterinarian with aggressive Akitas She warned me to euthanize the dog before he hurt someone
Comment from : Maurice Williams

Joanne Lewis
What is the best dog for a woman and child fleeing domestic violence
Comment from : Joanne Lewis

Tom Smith
You're an ahole! We had AN Akitashe was one of the best dog we ever had!!!!
Comment from : Tom Smith

Isaac Antonio
I have an American Akita he is the best dog I’ve ever had and I’ve had 23 other dogs
Comment from : Isaac Antonio

Tyrone Green
Im thinking to take on an American akita im a stocky 6"4 22 stone guy surcurity guard by trade 30s now but in my teens i rehomed a bull mastiff German shepherd pitbull rottweiler mix a friend in my area was no longer allowed to keep best companion i had for 8 years unfortunately my mother sold him in a spiteful argument we had when i was young witch i have never fully forgiven her for but ive moved on I then got given a staff pitbull female mix i grew to love but she was nothing like the 1st dog i owned nuttie his name was Most beautiful dog i have seen even tm until now as he litrally looked wild like a huge dingo cross wolf short tight coat but long furr tail beautiful dog ive always saw the akita as similar to him and i want back that connection
Comment from : Tyrone Green

Too much hands movement are they talking or doing deaf signals?
Comment from : zinny999

justin earhart
2 things ,#1I’m guessing you don’t own akita?#2I don’t agree with your post it’s very informational but you’re leaving out the best parts of the breed the only thing you need to know before buying one is do I have time to give this animal because it requires more than any other animalfood for thought I have two male akitas with both of them having there nuts, I got them both at eight weeks old one 2011 the other 2017 and it’s the best things that’s ever happen to me…!!! Now all need to understand they don’t leave my side !!!! ( not intended to disrespect) good day jt
Comment from : justin earhart

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