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What Is the Okinawa Diet? Foods, Longevity, and More.

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Information What Is the Okinawa Diet? Foods, Longevity, and More.

Title :  What Is the Okinawa Diet? Foods, Longevity, and More.
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Frames What Is the Okinawa Diet? Foods, Longevity, and More.

Description What Is the Okinawa Diet? Foods, Longevity, and More.

Comments What Is the Okinawa Diet? Foods, Longevity, and More.

Health Advice You Can Trust
Okinawa is the largest of the Ryukyu Islands located off the coast brOf Japan between the East China and Philippine Seas
Comment from : Health Advice You Can Trust

Ammu Me me
Nice video, but confused by the background video of obviously Western foods Would benefit from using pictures of real Okinawan meals
Comment from : Ammu Me me

Mark Moreno
Last time I was there (2019) among the older folks “Agu” was all the rage It is meat from a “wild”pig although I do not know the species and I believe that they are raised Most drink machines sell sugarless tea and often a naturally flavored lime drink made from Citrus depresa the “shikwasa” native lime Noodles are often made from buckwheat but are not eaten daily The purple sweet potato is quite good and I found 2 varieties Older folks are active and continue to move They eat less carbs and fewer calories than westerners Yes the military bases influence the offerings at restaurants significantly and is leading to a fast food addiction amongst the young I love dragon fruit but it has some sugar in it so I keep my intake low Gurukun is the local fish and a favorite of mine but since it is usually fried I only have it once while visiting You must try Goya or bitter melon while there It is supposed to help you cope with the hot summer weather Umi budo is a nice seaweed treat Eggs are eaten regularly too I did not see much bacon except in a dish called “Rafute” which is boiled It is perfect for people who have poor teeth because it is so soft Again it is not a daily thing Hechima aka Lufa sponge is eaten but it is a bit soft for me In general there are few crispy things to eat unless you like fish fins An old Okinawan saying is to always leave the table a little bit hungry
Comment from : Mark Moreno

TT Fan
Okinawa was annexed in 1879, ie Japan invaded and conquered thembrPrior to that, Okinawa was a tributary state of ChinabrOkinawans even have their own traditional languagebrKarate is NOT of Japanese origin, it was modified from Southern Shaolin Kung FubrbrbrChien-sheng Tsai br2 years ago brOkinawa was annexed by Japan, and is not really Japanese brIt was part of the independent Ryukus Kingdom influenced by both Chinese and Japanese culture The US occupied Okinawa and gave it to Japan rather then let it become independent
Comment from : TT Fan

Temeka Rollins
Unfortunately, in the States, our quality of food is awful
Comment from : Temeka Rollins

Moore Chess
this video is bullshit first off, 70 of calories easily come from sweet potatoes alone secondly, they did not (traditionally) consume orange sweet potato third, the video says to restrict most legumes other than soy, but earlier it said non-soy legumes are the third most consumed food behind whole grains and sweet potato (in fact, it said legumes are consumed more-so than soy) finally, the okinawan diet is not traditionally flexible, and claiming otherwise is contradictory since it also states that the diet is heavily restricted
Comment from : Moore Chess

I think they forgot the main vegetable of traditional Okinawa food the bitter melon my grandma ate that all the time
Comment from : Mylet

Derek Gabrys
Mr Miyagi's hometown too Lol
Comment from : Derek Gabrys

Vivi Sumi
I'm here after reading IKIGAI
Comment from : Vivi Sumi

Let's turn to God and put Jesus first Explains whole Bible God bless youtube/gd6zrrC-M0k
Comment from : Bill

Jack Sparrow
I think this should show the portions if you over eat it doesn’t matter what you eat
Comment from : Jack Sparrow

20 289 Sai Ganesh
Who's here after gowrish akki studio
Comment from : 20 289 Sai Ganesh

John Turner
What do Okinawans think of all the hype about their wonderful diet? Probably, What! eat like grandma?
Comment from : John Turner

hichem dz
So no need to be vegan It is amazing how some scientist base their random trials on the Okinawa diet and yet the Okinawa diet is not vegan 100 Why not just tell people to have meals with 1 meat instead of 0?
Comment from : hichem dz

Misa Ogura
Someone else also commented but I just heard on the news 5 minutes ago that Okinawan had the worst blood test results in Japan, out of 47 regions The news said it could be because of the lack of exercise and consumption of alcohol The traditional food is probably what older people eat
Comment from : Misa Ogura

Marduk Demigod
Okinawans eat "Organic" That's it It has nothing to do with eating less meat As long as organic GMO-free foods
Comment from : Marduk Demigod

Nathan John
They eat Mozuku plain and simple
Comment from : Nathan John

Adam-James Clark
Comment from : Adam-James Clark

Future Forage
I often hear about the Okinawan diet heavy in sweet potatoes, so I asked my two Japanese friends They looked at me confused, and said that Okinawa is known for its pork I looked up on multiple websites in Japanese the Okinawan cuisine, and sure enough, they list pork at the top They list a lot of vegetables like goya too, but no mention of sweet potatoes
Comment from : Future Forage

They ate sea food and pork for health
Comment from : Zachary

Ravishanker Shenoy
I eat everything , no diet brI don't know when I die
Comment from : Ravishanker Shenoy

Ikigai book vayich vannavarundo?
Comment from : 123yo

Jasmine Cotto
I was born on this island and know nothing about it
Comment from : Jasmine Cotto

Visn visn
This is not a real video Its automatic article reading
Comment from : Visn visn

Li lo
I wish someday we can visit okinawa 😊 very good island more on fish
Comment from : Li lo

Michael Cohen
I worked for Japanese companies for over 30 years I was all over Japan The Okinawan diet is the opposite of what is stated here It is high in seafood and pork The idea that the Okinawan diet and general Japanese diet are based on grains and vegetables is complete bullshit
Comment from : Michael Cohen

Will 90
The sweet potato diet is a total fraud, okinawan diet was based around a lot of fish and pork The myth was perpetuated by the USA govt to brainwash it's civilians, the reality was okinawans were living off the vegetable rations remaining after the war after all their meat stores expired The level of disease skyrocketed because of the forced transition to plant based
Comment from : Will 90

Wellbeing Promotor
Comment from : Wellbeing Promotor

This info is regarding the documented diet of centenarians This is not the modern day Okinawan diet
Comment from : mrbonzzai

So my question is, is it ok to eat sweet potatoes with every meal, would the vitamin A content get to high I’ve been vegan for six years and my main starch, which is my main food group is white rice Just wanted to swap my main food source out I was thinking about swapping to sweet potatoes I eat 4-5 cups of rice a day, and wondering if it would be ok to change it to sweet potatoes
Comment from : JAllen_Fit

David Crandall
Food to avoid: shows a hamburger
Comment from : David Crandall

David Crandall
They don't get much variety in that diet
Comment from : David Crandall

Raj ojha 556
Who else is watching this after reading ikigai??
Comment from : Raj ojha 556

Comment from : king

Comment from : Abhishek

Phoebe Vernier
Why is a robot talking! I hate that voice
Comment from : Phoebe Vernier

Greg Meissner
What's the point of a computerized narrator? We can just read on our own without listening to the "thank you for holding, your call is very important to us" voice Annoying
Comment from : Greg Meissner

Greg Meissner
stupid computerized voice
Comment from : Greg Meissner

I my me
Al malayali🤩
Comment from : I my me

Ruslan Yunusov
Yeah, low in fat and high in carbs, it emphasizes vegetables and soy product's alongside OCCASIONAL and SMALL amounts of NOODLES, RICE PORK AND FISH!? so what do they eat all day long? soy and algeas?🤣 This video is a joke seriously! You need either carbs or fat for energy and they eat a ton of rice/noodles/fish and good amounts of pork!
Comment from : Ruslan Yunusov

Free Ryukyu!
Comment from : 20nfx

Darsana Darsu
Am from kerala
Comment from : Darsana Darsu

228 ashique
Joseph annamkutty the great
Comment from : 228 ashique

Femina Fami
@joppan chettayi🥰
Comment from : Femina Fami

Hoooorayyyyyy for veggies:)
Comment from : zain

Unwavering Faith
@joseph annam kutty
Comment from : Unwavering Faith

I'm from Kerala My favourite writer Joseph Annamkutty Jose suggested this video for us
Comment from : JIJO VIJI THOMAS

Skv Thapasya
Comment from : Skv Thapasya

Mississippi to Africa!
This is not accurate
Comment from : Mississippi to Africa!

bOkinawa is not an example of plant-based eating despite being depicted as people who barely eat meat/b There are several sources to confirm this: br brFrom a USDA Foreign Agricultural Report we learn: “Annual average consumption of luncheon meat per person in the prefecture [of Okinawa] is about 14 cans (340 g per can)/year It is even more impressive when you learn that Okinawa, with only 11 percent of the total Japanese population, is responsible for over 90 percent of the total luncheon meat consumption in Japan The local menu using luncheon meat ranges widely from stir-fried vegetables to rice balls ‘SPAM omusubi’ is particularly popular” (SPAM is pork meat) br brthe Department of Community Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Japan published a paper which examined the relationship of nutritional status to further life expectancy and health status in the Japanese elderly It was based on three epidemiological studies In the first, nutrient intakes in ninety-four Japanese centenarians investigated between 1972 and 1973 showed a higher proportion of animal protein to total proteins than in contemporary average Japanese The second demonstrated that high intakes of milk(!) and fats and oils had favorable effects on ten-year survivorship in 422 urban residents aged sixty-nine to seventy-one The survivors revealed a longitudinal increase in intakes of animal foods such as eggs, milk, fish and meat over the ten years In the third study, nutrient intakes were compared between a sample from Okinawa Prefecture where life expectancies at birth and sixty-five were the longest in Japan, and a sample from Akita Prefecture where the life expectancies were much shorter It found that the proportion of energy from proteins and fats were significantly higher in the former than in the latter br brAccording to the paper, “The food intake pattern in Okinawa has been different from that in other regions of Japan The people there have never been influenced by Buddhism Hence, there has been no taboo regarding eating habits Eating meat was not stigmatized, and consumption of pork and goat was historically high The intake of meat was higher in Okinawa… On the other hand, the intake of fish was lower… Intake of NaCl was lower… Deep colored vegetables were taken more in Okinawa… These characteristics of dietary status are thought to be among the crucial factors which convey longevity and good health to the elderly in Okinawa Prefecture Unexpectedly, we did not find any vegetarians among the centenarians”' br brOkinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau states: brFor about 450 years from 1429, Okinawa was an independent kingdom known as the Ryukyu Kingdom Many royal events and ceremonies, such as banquets were held at the Shurijo Castle and other locations in the kingdom In these official gatherings, the cooks at the royal court introduced various types of dishes, cooking techniques, and methods, which, over time, developed into the court cuisine Later, the court cuisine spread among the upper-class families, and after the abolition of the Ryukyu Kingdom and establishment of Okinawa Prefecture, to commoners from the Meiji era onward (1912) At the same time, the cuisine developed further Such historical background makes it difficult to separate and classify court cuisine and commoners’ cuisine br brThe “Tundabun” is a significant part of serving classic court cuisine *The dishes included “Hana-ika” (flower-shaped squid), “Minudaru” (steamed pork in black sesame sauce), “Kamaboko” fishcake with mustard greens, “Gunbomachi” (burdock root wrapped in roasted pork), “Kutinpura” (small tempura), deep-fried “Tanmu” (Taimo potatoes), “Shishi Kamaboko” fishcake, “Hanbin” fishcake, “Urachiki Chinuku” (fishcake stuffed mushrooms), “Konbu Maki” (fish wrapped in kelp), “Suchiki” (salt-preserved pork), and “Biragaramachi” (fishcake with miso wrapped in green onion),* among others br wwwvisitokinawajp/about-okinawa/food-culture br brPork cuisine and the meat eating culture : brIn Okinawa, they have sayings such as, ‘Eat the entire pig and leave nothing, and ‘You can eat every part of a pig apart from its oink’ In other words, a feature of pork cuisine is the clever use of all the beast, including the pig’s legs and feet, ears, the skin of the face, heart, kidneys, lungs and other organs When Sasamori Gisuke, who was born in Aomori Prefecture, visited Okinawa in the twenty-sixth year of the Meiji era, he was full of praise, saying: br br‘They say one sort of pig is enough to produce dozens of different marvellous dishes The delicacy of the pork cuisine here would be enough to shame into silence Westerners who eat meat as their main dish’ br apjcnnhriorgtw/server/apjcn/10/2/159pdf
Comment from : HDloly

Skip to 2:24, read that list That's basically all you need to know No need to rattle off all that you shouldn't eat, when you already said what you should 10min video for 10sec info Just look up Blue Zones on Google, and you will find all you need to know Interestingly, Okinawa is loosing their top place in the Blue Zones thanks to the western American diet and Japanese city diet, both with lots of beef and pork and fried food The top location of the 5 Blue Zones currently, is actually Loma Linda, CA, USA with mostly 7th Day Adventists who are mostly vegan and most don't drink or smoke at all I'd still rather live in Ikaria or Sardinia though!
Comment from : KuroNeko

What nonsense, pork is about 40 seafood 20 beef 10 rice or noodels 20 seaweed soy vegetables 10 your talking about the pre war diet as many were poor and half starved
Comment from : Anthony

Elizabeth Charles
Our main starch is rice, noodles, some sweet potatoes but a lot of veggies We do not 2 cups of nuts!
Comment from : Elizabeth Charles

Holy shit I barely noticed this was text-to-speech Crazy realistic
Comment from : apalsnerg

Rene Fernandez
A document with American ideas is poison This is a bad documentary Western diet is pure crap
Comment from : Rene Fernandez

Something people forget about these centenarians is the fact the world they lived in is completely different from the world newer generations live in now Life was simpler back then Diet has little to do with it Not everyone can follow a plant based diet especially if legumes are emphasized Sorry but if I’m constantly bloated from beans I won’t be stress free
Comment from : Fuhgetabatit

ChaCha theGreat
Okinawa is considered a Blue Zone region Here are the five characteristics of a Blue Zone: brbrA strong sense of familybrLow smoking ratesbrA largely plant based diet including large quantities of legumesbrConsistent moderate physical activitybrA strong sense of community and engagement in the communitybrbrOnly one of those characteristics has anything to do with diet, and only one of the regions (the Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda, CA) are vegetarian None are veganbrbrI believe people should concentrate on those other four characteristics more, especially the ones pertaining to family, community, and connections Nutrition is confusing Do what works for you, there isn't one diet that works for everyone However, everyone can benefit from healthy connections and a sense of purpose
Comment from : ChaCha theGreat

They eat ZERO red meat Interesting
Comment from : Pleroma

Patty Miles
If the majority are living to be at least 100 years old with no dementia, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes- I’d say that whatever food groups that aren’t being included in their diet is wisdom at its supreme The restrictions have proven to be NOT necessary at all Their body has no need of them because their diet isn’t causing any damage at all like American diet does
Comment from : Patty Miles

Apple Story Club
Very nice
Comment from : Apple Story Club

Soy is considered healthy on this diet but in the western world we still try to demonise it
Comment from : CherryJuli

Mori Soba
I'm from Tokyo Okinawa used to have the healthy diet, but not anymore Okinawa was American territory between 1945 and 1972, and people in Okinawa were heavily influenced by American fast food culture like hamburger, delivery pizza and coca cola Young people of Okinawa today have the highest obesity, diabetes and heart attack rate in Japan
Comment from : Mori Soba

Food is the most powerful medicine! brMoving from the Japanese ideal of being thin equals beautiful to healthies’ beautiful brI think considering that everyone is a very different beauty, in terms of weight, in terms of size, look I’ve noticed that Japanese women are getting skinny thinner and thinner There’s also so much information about different diets, and overwhelming and confusing… Its good aware of a good diet is to inspire women to make changes to their diet and also their lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep based on hormone, health, longevity, beauty as well as skin in the future
Comment from : Sakura

Jake Duckworth
totally lost all credibility when you talk about Dairy as being healthy
Comment from : Jake Duckworth

Miranda Smith
Low Saturated fats is key And high vegies mostly raw?
Comment from : Miranda Smith

Hanna W
Its interesting to see how people live and eat in different areas and how it affects their health I live in Sweden My dad told me in his grandmas cooking book there was mainly organ brain dishes Literally all of them died of heart attacks My granddad had a stroke Both my grandmothers passed in cancer 69 and 74 Its crazy how it can differ so much
Comment from : Hanna W

fqn 3
This is copied word for word from healthline
Comment from : fqn 3

Elizabeth Charles
Not accurate Where you get this info?? I’m from Okinawa Born and raised there This is not even close info Sorry
Comment from : Elizabeth Charles

Chien-sheng Tsai
Okinawa was annexed by Japan, and is not really Japanese It was part of the independent Ryukus Kingdom influenced by both Chinese and Japanese culture The US occupied Okinawa and gave it to Japan rather then let it become independent
Comment from : Chien-sheng Tsai

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