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What Does It Mean To Be Japanese? | Deciphering Japan | Episode 4/4

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Information What Does It Mean To Be Japanese? | Deciphering Japan | Episode 4/4

Title :  What Does It Mean To Be Japanese? | Deciphering Japan | Episode 4/4
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Frames What Does It Mean To Be Japanese? | Deciphering Japan | Episode 4/4

Description What Does It Mean To Be Japanese? | Deciphering Japan | Episode 4/4

Comments What Does It Mean To Be Japanese? | Deciphering Japan | Episode 4/4

Rebecca Lim
Superb Thank you from Brisbane Australia
Comment from : Rebecca Lim

I live in Canada A country that largely has no defining race (yes I know the white population is in the majority) We have all kinds of folk come from every corner of the earth What is interesting is this when they come here, they want to become Canadian They want to follow our traditions and way of life I had the joy of watching a Canadian citizenship ceremony earlier this year People were wearing red, had a maple leaf pin on their jacket or had a red and white turban on One family actually were wearing Team Canada hockey jerseys and mittens with maple leaves on them If I was immigrating to Japan, I'd do the same I'd want to embrace the language, the culture and quite honestly Shinto Race does not define a country anymore Language & traditions do If people come to a country and want to make it better, but also preserve the culture, why would immigration be bad? Western society seems to love the Japanese culture anyway
Comment from : Peacewind

I have a better understanding about the Japanese, so I am glad I watched the series I conclude that we have more in common as human beings than what divides us We have the same universal need for God, emotional support, and physical support, which means that we can get along if we focus on our commonalities instead of division with God's help FYI- My young niece likes Hello Kitty and Animes
Comment from : MarkAJohnsonEDLD7431Fall2018

Interesting piece But “the nail that sticks out” isn’t necessarily what individualism is, no? Everyone finding his/her own personality is just a stick being its inherent, and different, self That personality as identified has not stuck its neck out above anyone else
Comment from : jeff6sc

Alyson onOahu
Whoever is poking helpless bears SUCK!!
Comment from : Alyson onOahu

So, the inner self of the Japanese culture has not changed, since the beginning Thats interesting Its not a bad thing They want to keep their Japanese ancestry
Comment from : Cat

Simeon Banner
I think Japan should control how many foreigners it has there Parts of Sweden, Belgium, UK are changed for the worse I live in Birmingham UK There are many areas of the city where you could be in Pakistan or Africa It's not just ordering a takeaway or eating Indian food but when Churches close down and pubs because the original community ages, dies or leaves you get mosques and Halal butchers Then the kids of the immigrants eventually get into politics and start demanding the country bends to their cultural requirements Dangerous situation I once met a Korean friend at the airport and we took the bus through Tottenham and South London her face was amazed, I think very shocked what she saw It wasn't the Britain you see in Hollywood films
Comment from : Simeon Banner

Arturo Garza
I hate this whole demonizing of people who want to preserve their ethnicity and their culture The dude has a point why should the entire country prioritize the minority of the minority in Japan over the majority? They want the same rights as everyone else, yeah that’s how it always starts out then they start asking for more and more That’s just how it is people who feel like they are at the bottom or are being outcasted are always going to reach for more than what they should, it’s human nature You give people an inch and they’ll take a mile
Comment from : Arturo Garza

Michael Chan
Being anti China is different than being anti Chinese That was a poor take insinuating that those Japanese protesters are racist
Comment from : Michael Chan

Jarrod Yuki
taking the kurils sakhalin and Vladivostok south korea will take north korea
Comment from : Jarrod Yuki

The counter protestor is a true Samurai I bow in respect to you good sir
Comment from : A W

Second episode I see and consider masterfully produced with a highly competent and emphatic presenter Will see all Greetings from Brazil !
Comment from : Flavio

Those girls are very very beautiful ❣️🌹
Comment from : SrtjAv

My friend's father works in Japan, and he's Chinese as well Countless years of blood, sweat and tears put into Japan and there are still people who think that minorities don't deserve to be there it's utterly disgusting what these nationalists are preaching And not only that, all the taxes he has paid don't grant him a pension just because he's a foreigner The older generation of Japan is a conservative society living in a modern world, sooner or later they'll have to change their ways or disappear from society Plus, I don't think Japan remembers what they did to the Chinese, wanting to go back to a nationalistic society shows that I hope the younger generation doesn't carry on these twisted ideals At least it seems like they're slowly heading to the right direction
Comment from : DJUNGELSKOG

IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】
I'll watch any future documentaries done by Yumi-san
Comment from : IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】

pps mgw
Japanese means one hundred percent Japanese blood
Comment from : pps mgw

a void
Very interesting documentary series! Yumi Araki is awesome!
Comment from : a void

rumi yoshida
I've always had this love and hate relationship with Japan I am gay, i am half and my sister is disabled I left Japan because it was too hard to be myself But I still have a strong Japanese pride But it's not recognised in Japan because all they see is the difference
Comment from : rumi yoshida

Armor Bearer
I would say Japan is making good progress at accepting other races I heard many stories from half-Japanese people at Nobita From Japan
Comment from : Armor Bearer

Joji Ryu Kasu
well made documentary has about 250,000 views Now if you make a documentary "Do Japanese Girls Like Western Men?" BOOM! you'd have at least 1 million views
Comment from : Joji Ryu Kasu

in Osaka you get those partys in vas going around with megaphones saying get rid of foreigners while you awkwardly walk by trying to hide
Comment from :

John Smith
Downvoted Too supportive of liberal ideals of inclusiveness, instead of maintaining a neutral stance
Comment from : John Smith

John Smith
100k membership is pathetic Hardly a threat
Comment from : John Smith

Was this documentary filmed on Sony or Panasonic camera's
Comment from : ruffdraft

Dan B
If Japan becomes a "melting pot" it waters down the Japanese look and robs them of their global uniqueness Let foreigners visit as tourists but live somewhere else
Comment from : Dan B

Xander Code
We have a lot of issues in the UK with similar issues in Its worldwide As someone from a "Pure" what ever the hell that is I have an English background, but I met a beautiful woman from a Pakistani background that I fell in love with She is means more to me than all the riches of the world We had to face problems with her family, mine were fine about it But when children come, which they did for us, you see people change We now have two amazing children, Jacob who's three and Hannah who is 6 months I'm proud very pound to be a father of children who are born because of the love of two people despite being from different ethnic backgrounds Love wins over all I am a Christian and so is Nina, my wife I will teach my children to love people for the greatness of who they are !! Great content very thought-provoking God bless
Comment from : Xander Code

She has an absolute hide to call herself a journalist it's disgraceful she is an activists clearly has an agenda she pushes through 4 episodes not a journalist
Comment from : ST

This documentary was so good, thank you so much
Comment from : Felix

cest moi
That family is stunningly gorgeous!! 😍😍😍 The parents and the two girls! Wow! And so full of life and love! Goooooo!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : cest moi

_Lumbel _
As a Japanese I'm so ashamed about these anti-foreigner parties
Comment from : _Lumbel _

James Rocket
32:43 Taro Yamamoto is also Noda, the brutal Japanese commander, from the Korean film My Way
Comment from : James Rocket

lienlien chan
a monk works in a bar , mixing cocktail drink? He must have miss one of the percept (s)
Comment from : lienlien chan

japan 1st party should commit hara-kiri for "pure japan" sake lead by example, moron!

koreans? chinese minority? black lives matter --- yea!

half half should try hara-kiri for experience--- full blooded japanese here!

black lives matter yea!

the host should try hara-kiri for experience

Lara Mooncroex
Simply put, racist people are ignorant people
Comment from : Lara Mooncroex

Nolo Queee
Yumi Araki 🌸 this was truly a great series Thank you 🙏🏾 from South Africa 💚🇿🇦
Comment from : Nolo Queee

A family that raises bunnies that comfy around people is alright in my book
Comment from : Vulpane

Danny Hughes
Excellent series
Comment from : Danny Hughes

I like how she said "It's adults that teach their children weird ideas" So so true
Comment from : BelleAfricaine

cetriyas Art n Comics Channel
wow, that nationlist japan first guy, doesn't want to be a minority because he doesn't want to be treated the way he wants to treat minorities well then
Comment from : cetriyas Art n Comics Channel

cetriyas Art n Comics Channel
The number of pure japanse aren't going down cause of immigration, its going down cause they over worked themselves and aren't breeding So stopping immigration now will just open up the country for others to just land grab since no one is there Plus it doesn't stop the japanese themselves from leaving the country in order to find work and life partners
Comment from : cetriyas Art n Comics Channel

Sukhpreet Singh
Now i think USA is playing japan and india as puppets agaist there neighbours
Comment from : Sukhpreet Singh

Sukhpreet Singh
Everythings on steriods except human bodys capability bcz thats yet not possible
Comment from : Sukhpreet Singh

Leslie Serrano
24:44 The fact that the protests in themselves are evident of the hafu hierarchy While Trump was praised, Xi was attacked
Comment from : Leslie Serrano

Rei Ny x
15:58 i have so much respect for that man
Comment from : Rei Ny x

Reno Raines the BH
Turns out, Japan government watches to much anime
Comment from : Reno Raines the BH

Alfred Christanto
Great photography
Comment from : Alfred Christanto

Good documentary!
Comment from : RoundenBrown

Pray your hopes are realizedand obstacles removed for Japan
Comment from : Ravi

blitz Payne
Yumi is beautiful!!!!
Comment from : blitz Payne

Abe Midoriya
Everybody wants a piece of japan Just japan alone lol If japanese do not want foreigners in their country, that is their right Plus, the more aliens live in japan, the more likely it is for their culture to be corrupted, so to speak I love Japan and it would be horrible to see their traditions forgotten and swapped for western pop culture trash
Comment from : Abe Midoriya

Tricia Hutchins
It's interesting that the man who wanted to get rid of all foreign influence in Japan was wearing a Western-style business suit
Comment from : Tricia Hutchins

Yet those same modals are living in Japan with everything they need and getting paid and still trying to blame , why can’t you just be happy with the way things are ? It’s not the west , where it’s used to this , it’s Japan , with hundreds to thousands of years of culture and has not experienced foreigners until recently in history , I’m surprised they don’t try to understand the Japanese mentality at all , If you know the culture is very conservative with its traditions then try to be happy to live in it and enjoy your experiences as much as possible , the Japanese people will slowly change with time and naturally accept others more openly , but forcing this future on them now will only make them more apprehensive It’s Patience , people in the west want instant gratification
Comment from : AR

Why is it a shame to lose Japanese history if the traditions and legacies were not carried on, but value to be true Japanese can be faded? I don't think Sakurai (conservative) was presented fairly compared to Yamamoto(democrats) on this show
Comment from : maja

Aisma Meijere-Cirša
Off topic ----- The bunnies look to live in horrible conditions 25:19
Comment from : Aisma Meijere-Cirša

Aisma Meijere-Cirša
Sooooooooooooooo that japan first dude basically said 'hafu' don't matter Also that they are a minority (i don't know how many half japanese there) so like any minority they aren't important - according to him + He himself doesn't want to be a ''minority'' so that he doesn't get the treatment he's showing to other minorities
Comment from : Aisma Meijere-Cirša

Aisma Meijere-Cirša
21:16 "So to keep badgering on about how they're Ainu or Ryukyu is a mistake" Sounds wrong to me Ainu and Ryukyu are groups of their own So lumping them together with Yamato seems wrong Wikipedia - Okinawa, though part of , is an island so distinct that it maintains an identity all its own, yet, in protecting its culture from outside influences, it's had little trouble It's been part of  for a “mere” 135 years, so it's  surprising that  are less attuned to the  customs of the north Also wikipedia -  also known as the Ezo (蝦夷) in historical Japanese texts, are an East Asian ethnic group indigenous to northern Japan, the original inhabitants of Hokkaido only fully incorporated into the  state in 1869 following the Meiji Restoration (1868), after which  settlers colonized the island beyond Wajinchi
Comment from : Aisma Meijere-Cirša

Phillip Rammego
Ah man, I´ve watched so many of you video I must say, this one I loved the most especially the Lamin and Sachiko one I would love a follow-up on this family and the Buddhist bar Gotta love this I would never give thump down for this Keep up the fantastic works
Comment from : Phillip Rammego

16:20 , this laugh will turn into gloom when the world will realize coronavirus was manmade and Xi Jinping really was at the helm of it all Of course this is no reason for racism, but hate for CCP is valid
Comment from : 007Anukul

Me as a hafu watching thisinteresting
Comment from : Miyashita

Andreas Merced
32:55 why is there a romanian falg lol
Comment from : Andreas Merced

Lex Cam
Daily or better yet 2x a day teeth brushing would be nice
Comment from : Lex Cam

Lucia Fiero
They aren't saying they are anti China They are saying they are anti-Chinese Communism A lot of ethnically Chinese people are also anti-Chinese communism and communism in general There are plenty of Chinese nationals who are critical of Xi and his administration Being anti-communist or anti Xi doesn't make people bigots, or "right wing," any more than opposing Trump makes someone "unAmerican" or "anti-white" There is a whole political spectrum between Marxist and right wing nationalist Binary thinking is not useful unless your intention is to silence and shame dissenters
Comment from : Lucia Fiero

Socom Nomed
This series is beyond merely interesting Excellently handled and put together to give real insights into Japanese culture Very fine effort Thank you!
Comment from : Socom Nomed

Elena Leon
I like the man who was against the anti-foreigner march, it is good to know that there are conscious people in Japan
Comment from : Elena Leon

Peter Garcia
Define idiocy, when you do something over and over, knowing it is what made the group or individual that way and successfully failed Rather be an idiot by myself, cause I can always change than be with a group that is hated and disrespected by many Purity isn't just in the bodyalso in the mind and spirit If you understand what I mean
Comment from : Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia
Even some priest drink a bit to clean the blood Nothing wrong with it Alcoholics go to meetings
Comment from : Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia
Ever seen a Buddhist serve alcohol, well now you haveEven the Gods drank He knows, a bit is just fine Anything too much is bad
Comment from : Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia
Note, the saying the nail that sticks out is the one that gets hammered He thinks Japan and the Japanese aren't proud to be Japanese The people who are the proudest Japanese are the ones that are sharing there culture Boosting the economy, idioticso dumb Mind of an intolerable child He thinks culture is gonna go awayhahahalol 😒😒😒🤔 Any waysspeaking to closed ears That's what you call weakness in your own true self
Comment from : Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia
Most full breeds don't include halfus in certain activities, reason for they don't want to offend others It is just certain activities
Comment from : Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia
She isn't use to it because she didn't have her childhood there She grew up in a more professional environment of diversity This is one thing diversity will always find weird childish and out of style It isn't seen as mature in a diverse culture When I were just an anime shirt people already find it weird
Comment from : Peter Garcia

Ian Mia
I've watched all episodes of this series so far and realized I had a lot of biases about Japan Knowing that these cosmopolitan and modern Japanese exist is very encouraging
Comment from : Ian Mia

Renato Alas Martins
Tomy I belive we danced Yosakoi together in Sapporo in 1992 or 1993 I had our picture together with our nice costume Our naruko was black and orange Do you remember?
Comment from : Renato Alas Martins

v K
Japan for the Japanese
Comment from : v K

Europe is also going woke and "culturally enriching" their countries How's that working out for them? lots of progress?? :D
Comment from : iφhi

6:34 yeah there's a term for that, "psychotic" you should seek out professional help ASAP
Comment from : iφhi

never nuke a country twice
Comment from : iφhi

Eduard Gherasim
Japan cannot have a lower press freedom than the US come on, the US rfight now is a total Stalinist Joke
Comment from : Eduard Gherasim

I thougty she is not a journalist shes sociologist Maybe because shes half thats why shes doing great being genuine at her intentions in asking question and providing insights after
Comment from : apayagamin

Have you noticed that xenophobes, racists and those who fight for wrong causes generally are ugly and miserable but positive, open people are beautiful, funny, strong and versatile? Just look at 18:04, these men look like they are going to die the next day and their souls seem so repellent
Comment from : selekcjaości

Based Horizons
They should've showed Billy Blanks and interviewed him He's married to a Japanese woman and his daughter is hafu They also have a place in Japan they go to regularly So so see if its effected his daughter and his wife when people find out she's married to a black man and has a hafu daughter
Comment from : Based Horizons

Based Horizons
Gotta admit, Japan is and has been pretty racist especially toward black people Its been like that and hopefully after 30 years, it will end
Comment from : Based Horizons

That one anti racist protestor dude, bless his heart, I was only listening to the audio not reading the subtitles at that point and it sounded to me like he was saying "Racist Okay, Racist Okay"lol, sorry buddy , keep up the good work brAlso Gwen Stefani popularised Japanese Kawaii culture to the US? if you say so I thought Anime and computer games already did that before her
Comment from : VI5H

Anthony Liang
Jimmy Hattori!
Comment from : Anthony Liang

“They probably want to prevent it but” sadly yes but you’re not winning anyone over with that logic I have many heroes in Japan but their treatment of gaijin or hafu really not cool one bit
Comment from : M R

It’s oddly comforting to know Japan is also confronting racism within their nation It’s gone nowhere, and it continues to negatively impact lives through no fault of their own Nobody chooses their racial identity, and this fact should bring humanity together We use it to tear us apart instead We kind of suck as a species, especially when the solution is only a shift in perspective on an individual level
Comment from : S D

Juci Shockwave
Try being disabled than come to me about inequality Despite my education and hard work ethics, no matter where I go I am "Autistic" not human or have the right like everyone else It doesn't matter what nation I go or what have you, if you are disable, you are automatically shut down Societies still don't value the disable, even if we have something worthwhile and interesting to offer Again, doesn't matter your skin color, hair color, nationality if you are disable you are treated less human than everyone else You are especially treated less human by your own kin and nationality 😣😥
Comment from : Juci Shockwave

Mary D
I been to Vowz Bar The monk is a lovely man I still have the gift he gave me, a drawing of the circle of life that he designed
Comment from : Mary D

Free Think
That man with the anti nazis sign What a rock star, no fucks given 😎😎😎
Comment from : Free Think

Free Think
I see that Japan has some MAGA freaks of their ownbrbrAnd those kids are cute as hell
Comment from : Free Think

Mars Mohr
Wonderful documentary Good work! Sugoi! Subarashi!
Comment from : Mars Mohr

Tak Nak Nak
Dark side of Kawaii 🤣 make me cringe
Comment from : Tak Nak Nak

Lady Green
Diversity is cancer if Japan does not get it out of it's culture it's culture and uniqueness will be gone and die just like the West is going Japan needs to follow what China is doing in order to preserve it's culture
Comment from : Lady Green

Trump Lost LOL
Stupid far right idiots are everywhere It is not safe any more even in the United States These idiots are threatening the peace and progress of civilized societies all around the world
Comment from : Trump Lost LOL

Andreea Bucur
The nationalist guy is wright As a white person I am not allowed to say I am proud to be white because is a racist statement Japanese people should not become a minority because their precious culture, cherished and proteczed by so many will be lost and this is not a loss only for Japanese people but for the entire world
Comment from : Andreea Bucur

Technology with Fun
A documentary cunningly foisting Chinese propaganda
Comment from : Technology with Fun

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