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How to read knitting patterns and follow written instructions [for beginners]

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Information How to read knitting patterns and follow written instructions [for beginners]

Title :  How to read knitting patterns and follow written instructions [for beginners]
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Frames How to read knitting patterns and follow written instructions [for beginners]

Description How to read knitting patterns and follow written instructions [for beginners]

Comments How to read knitting patterns and follow written instructions [for beginners]

🗒️ List of the patterns mentioned in this video: nimble-needlescom/patterns/10-easy-knitting-projects-for-beginners/ br☕️ Support my work and buy me a cup of coffee: wwwbuymeacoffeecom/nimbleneedlez br🧑‍🎓Free knitting school: nimble-needlescom/learn-to-knit-for-beginners/ br🧶 My knitting tools: nimble-needlescom/wool-and-tools/my-knitting-toolkit-essential-items-i-need-for-every-project/ br📸 Instagram: wwwinstagramcom/nimbleneedlez/
Comment from : NimbleNeedles

Angelica Frandsen
Where have you been all my life 😭😭😭
Comment from : Angelica Frandsen

Kenny and mama
hi , Please help me to understand the meaning of ( ine’d ) I am trying to make a socks thanks a lot
Comment from : Kenny and mama

Shirley Coonce
Thank you for all your valuable information on knitting I have been knitting awhile but still haven't tackled a graph brIt is on my bucket list😄 I always enjoy your videos
Comment from : Shirley Coonce

Jeannet Gijsbertsen
Thnx for your easy to follow instructions (I'm dutch)brBut i don't understand the following: in the pattern it says: cast on 92 (96,96, 100, 104) {104, 108, 108, 108) sts What does the part mean with the accolades?brThank you so very much for reading my question
Comment from : Jeannet Gijsbertsen

You’re the best!!! ❤️
Comment from : E T

Cassie Adams
Love your videos I am stuck on this For row 2, do I knit 14? Someone told me that it means 14 setsbrbrbrCast on 37 sts brRow 1 and all WS rows Knit brRow 2 K14, work (k1, yo, k1) in next st, k7, work (k1, yo, k1) in next st, k14 - 41 sts brMY DILEMMA br1 Are the (k1, yo, k1) worked in one stitch? I've tried "next stitch and ended with a total of 39 stitches I have a tendency to overthink when it comes to knitting br Am I supposed to end up with 41 stitches, when I complete this row? If that's the case, I end up with only 39 stitches What am I doing wrong?
Comment from : Cassie Adams

Alicia Iacovetta
Your videos are amazing! I'm new to the knitting world and just started a first project a month ago! I was afraid to try knitting, but your videos have made it so easy to get into and now I can't put my needles down! Thank you for your expertise and I look forward to seeing more videos to learn from!
Comment from : Alicia Iacovetta

This was incredibly helpful, thank you so much!
Comment from : agentswarley

what does it mean if a pattern says P 0 [1 0] or K 0 [0,1]? does it mean not to purl or knit? if you don't knit or purl, what happens? thank you for all your videos!
Comment from : SR949900

Hi Norman, I am making a racerback knitted tank and this will be my first time to knit something more substancial than a dishcloth ! the pattern starts from the bottom up and the first set of decreases that lead to the waist decreases 4 stitches every 6 rows Maybe its is my inexperience but was under the guise that these decreases were suppose to lean toward the center front/center back the decreases in my pattern are the opposite - leaning towards the side seams I am hesitant - does this sound like it would be correct or maybe it is a typo in the pattern and - if the lean should go the opposite way will it mess up my tank top to have these decreases leaning in the opposite directions? before I knit more I am just hopefully trying to get a more experienced opinion on it - Many Many thanks for your help Norman !
Comment from : IamAlic

Deisy Holguin
Let me start by saying I’ve never commented on a video much less liked one I went through at least four videos before I watched yours and it’s the only one that actually helped me Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video it was so helpful🥹
Comment from : Deisy Holguin

WOW!!!!! Thank you SO much for posting this, Norman!! So easy to understand, and great detailed informationand I love your accent/voice!! Keep up the great videos!!!! 🧶🧶🧶🧶🧶🧶🧶
Comment from : Cynthia

Vivienne Clarke
Ok NormanI hope you can help me with this!! I have no clue how to read a chart Annnnnd my 8 year old grand daughter wants me to knit her a specific sweater with a unicorn on it,done in intarsia(and I'm also new to knitting intarsia lol) So I bought the yarn(sparing no expense because nothings too good for her!),,I bought the pattern,,looked it over more closely and discovered that even tho it originally looked like it was written instructions,the unicorn part is only as a chart😯🤦‍♀️brFor me,reading a chart is as confusing as doing basic math My brain just doesn't grasp the concept! I'm left handed and 100 right brained!! brI'm counting on you Norman to get me thru this😂 And more importantly, my Beautiful grand daughter is counting on you!!😂brLol,I know,the pressures on,but if anybody can do it,YOU can!!brOk Nowon to watch the video🦄🤞🏻🙏🏻😄
Comment from : Vivienne Clarke

Patrick K
Thank you so much!! Could you also make one about fair isle and stranded knitting, please? ❤️
Comment from : Patrick K

Janet Dressing
Once again, Norman, you’ve explained it all Well worth watching to the end
Comment from : Janet Dressing

Jill Fischer
Thank you for making another wonderful video! You are an exceptional knitter and teacher I like to keep my place in patterns with highlighter tape It's repositionable with no residue, able to be written on and comes in different colors For me, it is a wonderful tool for keeping track of where I am in a pattern I find it on Amazon Thank you again for helping to make a world full of wonderful knitters
Comment from : Jill Fischer

everybody’ dad
i’ve been on and off for 4 years and consistently for about 2 and i’ve never been able to get the hang of written instructions- this translates to my learning style very much- but i see a lot of cute patterns i want to try to thank you for making this!!!
Comment from : everybody’ dad

Judy Symms
Comment from : Judy Symms

Simone Berreßem
Hallo, hast Du auch einen deutschsprachigen Kanal?! brEnglischsprachige gibt es doch schon wie "Sand am Meer"!!!
Comment from : Simone Berreßem

Dear Norman, you really care about your fellow knitters! This video is extremely helpful, thank you!
Comment from : M322233

Cindy Frye
Thank you for such a clear explanation of how to understand the new language of a knitting pattern When crocheting I do more following diagrams/charts so that section was most enlightening for me I will be watching this video a few times when I get ready to do an actual pattern I will recommend it to others in my FB groups
Comment from : Cindy Frye

Les clarke
Hi how do you change a size L knitting patterns into 5xL can you recommend a good book THANKYO
Comment from : Les clarke

Hi Norman, I've been knitting on and off for the past 10 or so years, but your videos have really helped me get so much better these past few months Do you know how to knit a flat circle? I've picked up crochet for the sole purpose of making a flat circle, but if there's a way to do it with knitting, I'd like to learn how!
Comment from : thoiwei

Hildurs Plants
Would looove the shorts in a pdf that one could print out for easier access 🥰 great video!
Comment from : Hildurs Plants

I know from an earlier comment you said you would be posting a tutorial on lace knitting this year I would like to request that you include how to use a life line in that tutorial as well Thank you much
Comment from : Cleta

Aya Bahgat
Thanks so much ♥️
Comment from : Aya Bahgat

Marthe S
Whoa, you always come up with just the right help Thank you so much You are by far the best helper
Comment from : Marthe S

Sherry Berry
What fantastic channels and website! I’m so glad I found you!
Comment from : Sherry Berry

Melissa Smith
You explains so well and can get nitty gritty with topics too! this channel is the only channel I need for techniques All others are for inspiration n patterns, sorry not sorry 😅
Comment from : Melissa Smith

Nicole Lafontaine
Great theme ! Your cable sweater looks perfect on you, did YOU knit it ? Thanks for your knitting glossary, it is quite useful to have all the abreviations together I really appreciated your explanation of the use of asterisk, parenthesis, brackets, italic in different circumstances, it is nice to know the standard use of these Personally I like to hightlight my size instruction on the pattern, rather than cross the other size instruction It helps if I knit the pattern again for someone else in another size, then I don't have to print the pattern again, I just highlight this new size with a different colorbrI loved your last comment about the stitch count at the end of a row being the RESULT of the knitted stitches in that row rather than the stitch count before knitting that row, so many people make that mistake !!! Thanks again for one more great instructional video !
Comment from : Nicole Lafontaine

Evelyn Oxner
You were mentioned in our local paper the other day in an article about yarns I’m in a medium sized town in the state of Arkansas in the US Thanks but another great video with loss of good info
Comment from : Evelyn Oxner

Farideh Farahdel
Thanks so much, your tutorial was great info
Comment from : Farideh Farahdel

Jared Joyce
thank you for sharing this cleared up some issues i have been having with bracket repeats!!!
Comment from : Jared Joyce

Crystal WarElk
Thank you for including the part about stitch counts! brI’ve ran into several patterns that in their instructions include the stitch connected to a M1 or Lifted increase as part of that instruction and it confused the heck out of people all the time! Especially beginners who have never seen it that way before brbrFor example if you had 4 stitches and they want you to add 2 stitches brsome write it as: brK1, M1, k2, M1, k1 (6)brBut others write it as brK1, M1, k1, M1 (6)brbrSo it’s very important to read through each line to figure out how that designer handles their increases I really wish more designers would stick with standard practices
Comment from : Crystal WarElk

Anna Parell
Very helpful I am a mediocre knitter everything I can learn helps
Comment from : Anna Parell

Congratulations on 50,000 subscribers!!!
Comment from : MelodieM

Ernestina Morales
Very very useful thank you so much 🙏🏻
Comment from : Ernestina Morales

3rd and 10
I know there are subtle differences in patterns, depending on where the pattern came from This is another reason to read the pattern thoroughly before startingbrbrAlso, as an experienced knitter, I don't knit as many swatches as I used to, but if I'm working with an unfamiliar yarn, it's essential For example, I'm a big fan of acrylic yarn made by a particular company, so I already know my gauge with it, depending on needle size If I'm using acrylic yarn from a different company, I will make a swatch using the suggested needle size, because I've learned the hard way that my gauge can be off by a lot once I begin
Comment from : 3rd and 10

Anna Saenz
How do I get a PDF copy of your knitting term shortcuts? PDF copy please!
Comment from : Anna Saenz

Larry G
Norman can you please do a video on yarn twisting and how to avoid it? I have a terrible time with twisting when making socks I love the more advanced knitting videos that you produce, thank you!!!!!!!
Comment from : Larry G

Thank you, Norman for another great video!! 👍
Comment from : roseandra1

The Funky Farm Hobby Homestead
Lovely! Hooray! Thank you
Comment from : The Funky Farm Hobby Homestead

Grimm’s So Called Life
You read my mind! Thank you so much for doing this video I was getting so confused with different projects You explain so well!
Comment from : Grimm’s So Called Life

This was so so helpful I must have missed the video on how to read charts but im going to find it right now Thank you!!!
Comment from : metragiany

Bev Jubenville
Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much Norman You shed so much light on how to read patterns…really the best tutorial
Comment from : Bev Jubenville

Gwendy Rose
As a crocheter who is now knitting, reading knit patterns is very similar to the way you read crochet patterns, which is VERY helpful! You just have to get used to the different "jargon" used :) However, charts are still a MAJOR issue for me no matter if they are crochet or knit! It's just WAY too easy for my eyes to skip rows on charts or to misunderstand the symbols used (So far, knit symbols seem a bit easier to read, but I'm not very experienced with those just yet) What I typically end up doing is taking the time to convert the charts into written patterns that I can follow Sometimes this helps, but sometimes it just complicates things However, after watching your explanations, I will trying again to use a chart in the future :) Thanks for the explanations and the encouragement Great video as always!
Comment from : Gwendy Rose

Rose Ferrara
Norman, what makes my head hurt is when a pattern states all these instructions then `work in pattern' Another on is `at the same time'🤪
Comment from : Rose Ferrara

Gale Em
Anything in brackets should be marked with stitch markers A lot of time, this is where shaping happens It also helps novice knitters keep track of stitches
Comment from : Gale Em

sandra Cardeiro
Norman, Your teaching ability is immaculate!! So easy to understand and so very thorough! 👍💯❤️
Comment from : sandra Cardeiro

Teresa Wrubel
Thank you, very helpful
Comment from : Teresa Wrubel

Peggy Traeg
Excellent instructions on how to follow a pattern
Comment from : Peggy Traeg

Norman, thank you so much for your videos I've been knitting for years but there are so many things that I've been afraid of trying You've made things so easy to understand and you're a great teacher!
Comment from : 1rnpink

Marcia Albaum
not video related but I am knitting tin can flax sweater for the first time sleeves say use waste yarn I have stitch holders can they be used? if so is there a benefit to waste yarn thanks
Comment from : Marcia Albaum

Marcia Albaum
thank you you are very informstive and clear
Comment from : Marcia Albaum

I_am_a freespirit
I know how to read easy patterns, but when the pattern isn't written in regular rows like in the entrelac patterns then i have problemsi also know most of the abbreviations for most patterns, if not I first read the abbreviations and glossariesbrNext row (finishing row): what happened to the rows between row 2 and the finishing row?brIn the entrelac pattern i see at least 5 (five) blocks, each block has at least 12 rowsthis is the stuff that confuses mewhy are they only mentioning two rows? brPlease help, i wished i could send a picture of what i have sofar done, and where i am stuck (On your entrelac video you show somehow you started that purple row from the right on the left side)brThat is the area i have trouble withstarting from the middle, so to speakthat is where i am lost Please help🤔
Comment from : I_am_a freespirit

Valerie Howden
Great video Norman Self taught myself how to read crochet patterns ages ago Now, thanks to you, I've got a short cut for knitting patterns You'll save me from many headaches + frogging experiences
Comment from : Valerie Howden

j D
This is SO good! Thank you Love your skills and presentation You are gifted! Your videos are a breath of fresh air
Comment from : j D

Gosia Mikolajczyk
Hi Norman, thank you for the video ! Very informative and much needed :-) I have a question, in a pattern I have some commands underlined For example: DS,m1L, sm, asa to m, sm , of which asa to m is underlined Could you explain this , please ?
Comment from : Gosia Mikolajczyk

Big Bunny
I've been binge watching your tutorials and have enjoyed them all immensely! I have a question, please In one of your videos, you mentioned your knitting journal Can you tell us a little more about that? I'd like to document my knitting journey, but am unsure quite how to organize it What have you done that you'd recommend a beginner like myself would benefit from, especially years from now after (hopefully) a long knitting journey? Thank you for your time and consideration!
Comment from : Big Bunny

Grazie!!! 👍🧶

Jean Nespechal
That pen is to die for! You don't see those much nowadays
Comment from : Jean Nespechal

wcw parts
Thank you :) Caroline
Comment from : wcw parts

Sarah Turck
I am learning a lot from your videos thankyou
Comment from : Sarah Turck

Marina Balsamo
Dear Norman, another wonderful tutorial of yours! Thank you! I have a question: what does a “bundle” mean? I’ve found this description in my pattern, but…is there another way to describe it?brOr is there a tutorial somewhere ? I just don’t get it! Here’s what the pattern says : brbundle: With yarn in back, slip 2 sts purlwise to right needle, bring yarn to the front and slip both sts back to left needle You will have 1 wrap 􏰂 repeat until you have 3, ending with the wrapped sts on the right needle Any help would be sooooo appreciated !
Comment from : Marina Balsamo

Bea GO
Hi Norman, brThank you so much for all your information in this video I finally finished knitting my boyfriend's bulky pullover sweater I started on 12/19/21 on 01/7/22 I'm so happy it's completed since it's a late Christmas present 😊brbrMy next project is a men's sweater with cable stiches I appreciate your YouTube channel so very much
Comment from : Bea GO

I have the absolute worst time understanding knitting chartsbrbrAlso I prefer no seams which means I have a hard time converting a “piece” pattern into a pattern with no seams
Comment from : Winnie

Kathy D
Awesome! Still have a lot to learn Been teaching myself since covid Have made many hats Now doing sweaters for my small dog Wish I had paid more attention to my mother’s knitting She made some beautiful, complicated things
Comment from : Kathy D

how does it feel to have single handedly improved my knitting by bounds in the last few weeks???
Comment from : S Y

Mark Tracy
Very helpful video for a beginner, especially the tip of keeping track where you are in a patter Thank you! For a side question, what is the pen you are using? I am a fountain pen nerd, and love that pen!
Comment from : Mark Tracy

Marilyn Alvarado
Great video love it
Comment from : Marilyn Alvarado

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan
Amazing! Thank you so much!
Comment from : Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

Judy B
Thank you for doing this!!! Perfect!
Comment from : Judy B

Thank you, thank you! I've been knitting for only a few months This tutorial is exactly what I needed and explained so many questions I didn't know I had
Comment from : stevensonsandra

Marilyn Alvarado
Hi Norman! I'm from Connecticut USA I start to knitting last year I love doing it,but theres a problem for me when I like a pattern and only comes in a chart pattern I do not understand nothing for more I read feel so frustrated,I'm trying to do a hat but it's become a headache but I don't give up,but I love watching your videos you take your time to teach I feel relaxed, hope you do more video I have see all your video in YouTubeloveWishing you a prosper 2022 in all your life ♥️
Comment from : Marilyn Alvarado

Bonnie Bozec
Another excellent podcast Norman I started knitting at a very young age I was innocent about needle size, type of wool and the resulting type of fabric I attempted to knit socks without this knowledge I was fearless in my ignorance The first sock I knit would’ve fit a giant! My grandmother then explained to me about needle size and weight of yarn My grandmother lived far away and wasn’t easily accessible when I had questions I would’ve been so happy as a young inexperienced knitter to have had access to a video such as yours Take care I hope you’re having a wonderful day
Comment from : Bonnie Bozec

R Shepherd
You're a master, Norman Thank you! I always learn something from your very thorough videos (And I like your gold fountain pen, too!)
Comment from : R Shepherd

Darlene Farmer
Hi Norman Great video! I have a question What should you do when a particular pattern request that a gauge swatch be knitted but the pattern does not provide gauge knitting style instructions? Thank so much for a great instructional video!
Comment from : Darlene Farmer

Len Araullo
Very clear Tutorial, very helpful for all beginners English/American vs German patterns have slight differences (noticed it as I switched from English to German sometimes) I usually read the pattern from beginning to end to have an idea Then I mark the size to make for me to make it easier before starting the project If any special stitches I check it out in You Tube You are correct, gauge is very important What I love in your channel
Comment from : Len Araullo

Gail Altschwager
Thank you for the review!
Comment from : Gail Altschwager

Penelope Beaumont
Happy New Year Norman! Great video - I’m just starting a new project so will be taking your advice on reading the whole pattern first I am doing my first stuffed toy!
Comment from : Penelope Beaumont

Thea Stewart
Great video Norman! Great tips for beginners! My favorite is reading the whole pattern through from start to finish I had to learn that one the hard way years ago It’s amazing what information is in the pattern that must be read before starting the pattern! Thanks for sharing!😊🤗
Comment from : Thea Stewart

Mercedes Orozco
I love your channel, I really love the videos!
Comment from : Mercedes Orozco

Pam Warren
Thank you for the tips!
Comment from : Pam Warren

Caz Dodsworth
I knitting myself corner to corner temperatures blanketI can't read pattern s
Comment from : Caz Dodsworth

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