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Akita Breeders: Where to Get an Akita Puppy | The Akita Life

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Information Akita Breeders: Where to Get an Akita Puppy | The Akita Life

Title :  Akita Breeders: Where to Get an Akita Puppy | The Akita Life
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Frames Akita Breeders: Where to Get an Akita Puppy | The Akita Life

Description Akita Breeders: Where to Get an Akita Puppy | The Akita Life

Comments Akita Breeders: Where to Get an Akita Puppy | The Akita Life

Skyline Akitas
Great video! I have a puppy from Alexis and I made the website for Paradise Akitas 😊
Comment from : Skyline Akitas

carson douglas
Both strains of "Akita" are originally from japan Hellen Keller brought over two examples of the akita that were gifts from prefecture I have a female with papers and she is very protective Its not for everybody They push their owners
Comment from : carson douglas

Hello the Akita life I was hoping you could help point me in the right direction on getting an Akita I live in Las Vegas NV, and I also had a question about pawrade and do you think that I should get an Akita from there?
Comment from : LoveDribblez

Patti Cerne
I had a purebred akita Best dog I've ever had Sheba lived to 17 years old and best dog I've ever had
Comment from : Patti Cerne

Loot Marsh
Been watching your channel for a while before I got my Grizzly He isn’t my first puppy but my first AKITA puppy And let me say it’s a huge difference between every other dog I’ve owned which were American Pitt bulls, Dobermans, German Shepherds and Rotts My Akita is like my own personal guard 🤣 he’s studies me like no other He stubborn as heck but listens after the 2nd or 3rd time 😆 but by far the most intelligent dog I’ve ever had And he’s only 7 months old Definitely not for beginners, These dogs hate hard or physical types of discipline They are very sensitive positive energy, encouragement and love is the only way to win an Akitas devotion 💯 and thank you for all your informational videos about this particular breed it helped me in many ways!!
Comment from : Loot Marsh

michael stine
I’m trying to get a breeder here in Indiana They are listed on the ACA but struggling to find any specific information Did you research any of the Indiana breeders?
Comment from : michael stine

•Happ• •Kirb•
I’ve been looking around for Japanese Akita breeders but from what I’ve seen they dwarf the amount of American Akita breeders I found one breeder who has a really high price ($3,500) that I’m willing to pay but she’s advertising two of her puppies, which you said if the breeder is good then they should have a long waiting list Not sure if she’s considered reputable
Comment from : •Happ• •Kirb•

Wow, we bought land in northern Idaho but sold it within the yeartoo many Californians moving in with their bank rolls driving the price and changing the landscape, so to speak I hope you aren't from Cali, lol
Comment from : Steve

lol, we spent so much money just trying to identify our Husky had e-colino problems with our Akita
Comment from : Steve

Our Akita breeder interviewed usshe has denied other folks even as late as them showing up She truly loves her dogs and will not take a chance with some ghetto @ss owner
Comment from : Steve

I was unfamiliar with backyard breeders and we ended up getting our siberian husky from onewhen we got there we were horrified We wanted to buy the remaining three puppies just to save them Our girl came with no papers and e-coli I now know better and would have reported the conditions to the county So, a year later we get our Akita and he is AKC registered and from a good breeder in the Appalachians
Comment from : Steve

Daithi Sammon
A lot of people sell these dogs and know notting about them and you more likely will not get a full bread You really got to look into it all
Comment from : Daithi Sammon

Tony Tenorio,
Great choice! They are an amazing breed I use to breed American Akitas but stopped breeding so to our pounds being full of dogs People just don’t know what they have and how to take care of a dog regardless of the breed People need to really think before buying or adopting a dog Breed before having to get one and giving up on them and dropping them off at the pound
Comment from : Tony Tenorio,

Jesus Bautista
Have you heard of Apex in New Jersey
Comment from : Jesus Bautista

karma **
I'm thinking about getting a akita But I'm not sure they will get along with goats and chickens
Comment from : karma **

scottpm 11
I found my Akita on Craigslist $500 She'll be 7 on New Years eve Zero health issues
Comment from : scottpm 11

Cory Henry
Your channel has been very helpful to me especially looking for breeders of akitas! I will be a first time akita owner, he will also become my service dog My question to you is it seems like the breeders stray away from applicants who live in apartments, is it because we don’t have a fenced in yard?
Comment from : Cory Henry

Lisa Haslam
Hi there, thank you for your channel, it’s very helpful for me a first time owner Our Akita is about 5-6 yrs old now, and still in puppy mode I like to think it’s because he’s so loved and happy Unfortunately he was not properly trained as a puppy So I need some tips on getting him to not have accidents in the house It’s gotten better as he’s gotten older, but personally I tend to think he’s stubborn and does it on purpose I will catch him and say “No” but he’ll look at me and do it anyway Please help
Comment from : Lisa Haslam

Great info on breeders! This guy does his homework and speaks the truth
Comment from : Andy

Hello I am from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, please direct to the right place to purchase an Akita puppy please
Comment from : LORDANDMASTER

Thankyou for your videos! I'm looking into getting an Akita and your channel has been so helpful 🙏🏽
Comment from : Summer

Butters Rose
I'm looking for a american akita any one know good breeders I'm looking a service dog and akita would be a great choice theycwould have a job to do and not be bored and have proper training
Comment from : Butters Rose

Robert Boren
Absolutely! Don't be afraid to ask questions! Aside from being a living, breathing member of your family, buying a dog from a breeder is an investment You're going to pay several thousand dollars and you're going to have this animal for potentially over a decade, which is longer than most people keep a vehicle these days Asking the right questions and knowing that you're getting a happy, healthy animal will make for a more rewarding experience, and will pay for itself in the future when you don't have to accrue thousands of dollars worth of additional vet bills only to watch your friend suffer debilitating pain for the last half of its life My friend went through a good breeder to get his Akita He asked a lot of questions, as this was his first dog, and the breeder was happy to oblige him with several long phone and email correspondences in which he not only provided proof of physical health for a couple generations, but also talked my friend through what he was looking for in terms of dominance and character He was able to match my friend with what we both agree was a perfect match, and Ronin has been a fantastic animal that has deeply enriched our lives in ways we can't really describe Akitas are wonderful! But you're going to pay about $3000 for one from a breeder, and that entitles you to ask some questions and protect your investment!
Comment from : Robert Boren

Oh by that way I may need the Maros Akita’s link only if you have time for that
Comment from : HarlowsNight

Ima have to keep this mind I had two Akita’s back when I was small
Comment from : HarlowsNight

My wife and I are moving to a house with a yard and are looking into getting an Akita This channel is super helpful Thank you!
Comment from : BirdMeta

Caroline Rheaa
You have some beautiful dogs I really like Akitas Some of the information you are disseminating about good vs bad breeders is not true Good breeders do ask for a deposit on an upcoming litter I watch Rachel from Senza Tempo Cane Corso who has a huge following on You Tube and produces excellent dogs and she does ask for a deposit She also requires an application but not as extensive as the breeder you got your dog from Another excellent breeder is Cape Fear Cane Corso who has done business with Senza and she also requires a deposit Watchman German Shepard produces top of the line German Shepard and he requires a deposit on upcoming litters While all these breeders I have mentioned require you to fill out an application it isn't like your applying for a government jobThey ask very basic but important information And the cost of the puppy is based on first, second or third pick Also whether you are looking for a companion vs a show dog Most breeders also will not allow breeding rights They will not allow you to give away the dog or place it in a shelter for any reason Reputable breeders are willing to take back the dog if you can't keep it Most reputable breeders require you to feed raw or a brand of food that they want for their dogs to eat Senza requires you feed Farmina Cape Fear requires raw food and supplements They also provide an extensive health guarantee and will extend the guarantee as long as you feed the food they recommend I have never heard of a good breeder flying all over the country to prospective buyers homes unless they are checking on co-owned dogs in which the person has breeding rights and most buyers don't get breeding rights You also have to take the puppy to the vet within 72 hours of purchase So all breeders have different expectations but it does not necessitate a red flag because another breeder does not do what your breeder does This YT video seemed more like an infomercial for your breeder than helping buyers finding a quality breeder Breeding of dogs is a business so money is important to every breeder including the breeder you got your puppy from
Comment from : Caroline Rheaa

I keep hearing how the akita isn't good for a beginner dog owner Well how do you experienced enough to have an akita?
Comment from : EquusHeart

Super cute
Comment from : MostExpensiveThing

Skip Duncan
Great advise
Comment from : Skip Duncan

Tommy Baker
Tony,brbrI’m absolutely loving your videos about American Akitas —it’s a bit hard to find great and updated content about thembrbrI’ve been wanting an Akita for a few years and made a mistake to send $500 to a BYB and have realized there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors —and choosing to be careful For example, one breeder that I was going to move forward with from Wisconsin is registered with the Akita Club of America, but has several bad reviews with proof of emails and other paper trails shown by real peoplebrbrAnyhow, I know we will find the right Akita, at the right time, from a reputable breederbrbrKeep making great videos!brbrPS We want to see more of Haga :)
Comment from : Tommy Baker

Mag Viz
Great and very helpful video I’m an Akita owner (2nd time around), both times I rescued them My 2nd one came down with sebatious adenitis It took over a year to diagnose it She has been on cyclosporine for about 3 years now, she is a lot better now but not completely well
Comment from : Mag Viz

Do not get a puppy from an on line source The internet is full of criminals and con artists You most likely will never get a puppy or see your money again Send no deposit!
Comment from : TheSagerider

Samantha Britt
My mom raised, bred and showed American Akitas Still one of my faves as far as breed Arguably, the CUTEST puppies on the planet Once I have the time and I'm ready, I would like to get an Akita They are not a golden retriever They think very differently For now, I will raise my sweet mutts
Comment from : Samantha Britt

The Way
Got my Akita from diff breeders There a great breeder name Royal Akitas That have many top show dogs and the temperament is spot on Pls only get from top breeders There’s like 8 to 10 breeders in America Trust me you want to get a well balanced dog
Comment from : The Way

Daniela Biscaro
We got our akita at Extreeme Akitas in Bear, Delaware Actually she choosed us $3500 well spent The breeder Holly Zane has become a friend We met another puppy from one of his litters and he was a beauty The character is the major point His dogs are awesome His wife was teaching the puppies basic behaviour since they were one month old Incredibly gentle people My girl is my heartThe best dog ever! Kind, gentle, we interact a lot, she is rhe sweetest dog ever!
Comment from : Daniela Biscaro

monday riter
Xtreme Akitas - absolutely the best Akita breeders, because we're local, they offer complete follow up services and they will buy back any Akita if you find that you're not suited for the best dog in the world
Comment from : monday riter

Gh0st Gh0st
Does anyone know a Akita breeder in Georgia
Comment from : Gh0st Gh0st

Thanks a lot this was helpful
Comment from : E U

Thanks a lot this was helpful
Comment from : E U

Thank you for your videos I owned 3 rottweiller in pass and looking at an Akita do they drool at all thx pretty baby
Comment from : LiBabyGurl

Bonita Coco
Thankyou so much for the info!!!
Comment from : Bonita Coco

CJ Bowen
Great Video, I just got my Akita two weeks ago! Denali Akitas in Rush Center, KS
Comment from : CJ Bowen

Edwin Geo
I miss my shogun I had an Akita for about 12 years GREAT DOG Looking to introduce a new addition to the family Hope to find one near Maryland
Comment from : Edwin Geo

Breezy Showtime
Super helpful 💯💯
Comment from : Breezy Showtime

I def wanna get a akita in the future; here in Canada where I'm at, Akitas are hella rare But once in ready I'm def gonna do my research
Comment from : Mūn

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