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IU - You u0026 I MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

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Information IU - You u0026 I MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Title :  IU - You u0026 I MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD
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Frames IU - You u0026 I MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Description IU - You u0026 I MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Comments IU - You u0026 I MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Damn the newest comment is 7 years back?
Comment from : Sahithya

who's the guy ??
Comment from : SORA

what korean drama is this from
Comment from : TJ

Ami ke
she is the prettiest korean female i know bi_/i/b
Comment from : Ami ke

Desirae Vaccaro
I like her better as an actress than a singer She is so adorable though
Comment from : Desirae Vaccaro

pretty IU,great MV
Comment from : Clumsyjoonie

Nighty Sky
lee hyunwoo is so cute!
Comment from : Nighty Sky

How is she not scared of all these flying animals like how? Oo
Comment from : cutie1847

Comment from : PVI

Comment from : raiton93

Kristi C
Man, he's 20 :c He looks soooo young
Comment from : Kristi C

Alex Y
lol that time mashine looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who , only the Tardis was bigger on the inside !
Comment from : Alex Y

mari sasaki
Hyun woo is so handsome ! :)
Comment from : mari sasaki

iu you can do better there are alot hotter guys out there you don't need to go to such lengths
Comment from : kyuoao

same name :)
Comment from : Emily

3:55 did anyone else hear that grunt?lol
Comment from : Czenniejhyvvn

love iu
Comment from : tiapinur90

I cried when i first heard this I cried even more because of the english subs
Comment from : JINYOUNG TRASH

Mae Bee
i think Hyun-Woo and IU would make an adorable couple <3 and they are the same age, so it isn't so bad ;D
Comment from : Mae Bee

Mae Bee
Comment from : Mae Bee

I like the music video more than I like the song :P
Comment from : kei

serene ang
Great mv!! :)
Comment from : serene ang

Sarafina Effendy
Who is still creeped out at the first part? Me
Comment from : Sarafina Effendy

piuw piuw
Comment from : piuw piuw

Yeah lol Love this song
Comment from : SelenaClaudia

Mylene Bacon
so love lee hyunwooo He's so cute and adorable IU and he would made a great couple Even though i'm a Milky Couple die-hard fan i think they also suit each other
Comment from : Mylene Bacon

Mylene Bacon
love iu so much For me, she's the greatest solo artist in Korea love her high yet soft kinda voice
Comment from : Mylene Bacon

Its like so sad
Comment from : SelenaClaudia

Timothy Vang
awe so sad!! the duck became plastic!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Comment from : Timothy Vang

I dont really understand this mv but every time I see it I feel like crying
Comment from : SelenaClaudia

Vu Huong
Her pet was cute :) luv this song soo much, i've listen this like every afternoon <3
Comment from : Vu Huong

I almost cried ;w;''
Comment from : chentlemenfirst

Emmy Rivera
Yes!! He is in To The Beautiful You drama! Knew he looked familiar
Comment from : Emmy Rivera

Mae Bee
OMG YOU GAVE ME SOMETHING ELSE TO LOVE HIM FOR!!! and no wonder he looked familiar oo
Comment from : Mae Bee

omg when I first saw this, I thought he looked like him then I scrolled down to see your comment Hahah I knew it was him!
Comment from : Galilea

Ichimura Tetsu
OMG!! x_x
Comment from : Ichimura Tetsu

they finally united
Comment from : Farah

Mandy Thor
All of her songs sound kinda the same unless you listen to them a lot My favorite is Mia though, so unique!! Go listen to it! I think it suits her much better than what she's doing now
Comment from : Mandy Thor

so cute Hyunwoo oppa!!!
Comment from : nbatrisyia123s

Hyun woo talked a little bit about this MV in Strong Heart :D
Comment from : cianwen

Anyone else think of the TARDIS?
Comment from : IDKwiz

aishah ghani
i thought she wears nothing on her leg!!
Comment from : aishah ghani

Kaye Durias
I was the opposite I always thought the guy from this video was cute, but didn't know who it was After I fell in love with "To the beautiful you", I watched strong heart ep143(?) with the "ttby" cast and his confession thing was that he hugged IU and that led me to the music video after that I was forever *mindblown*-ed hahahaha
Comment from : Kaye Durias

Lina Serna
IU + messy hair = cute Me + messy hair = crazy T-T
Comment from : Lina Serna

shes so smalli love her
Comment from : MsBananniezz

The duck have a scarfso cute!
Comment from : wwhn1002

미은 Emily
i watched "To the beautiful you" then i saw lee hyunwoo i thought he was cute then i googled him and it said that he's in " You&I" by IU i was like REALLY??!! then i watch this and said, " no wonder i never notice him, he was sleeping the whole time!!"
Comment from : 미은 Emily

Comment from : Brkzit

This is about IU liking a oppa but cant be with him right now she see their future and wants their time to be faster so she make a time machine going to the future while hoping he will remember her which he does and when she is traveling he wakes up
Comment from : busbins

Alex LA
does that mean the duck got older too since it was in the time machine with her
Comment from : Alex LA

It is the 21st century, and guys are shy now Roles have totally reversed Do what IU does, you do it ;)
Comment from : blank

its wood, you can't stuff your duck in a wood carving of it
Comment from : noc7

can I just say Hyun woo looks beautiful in this mv
Comment from : 962706AW

I think he is in a really deep sleep, and IU saw somehow, that in the future, they will be together But since he is not waking up, she decides to built a time machine to travel to the future The moment she leaves, he wakes up,so one could think they don't get together because IU changed the future Years later(I guess, they look different), they meet again, and recognize eachother This is probably more than you asked,but people have been asking for the whole story a lot
Comment from : Tofu

Duy thelele
Comment from : Duy thelele

fadhila fathina
lee hyun wooooo
Comment from : fadhila fathina

One of his back dancers take his job really serious
Comment from : angeruizo94

it kinda reminds me of sunny hill
Comment from : noea11

An Phan
Cute Has it happened?
Comment from : An Phan

William Denny
Damn you YouTube!!! I want to watch this video!! But it keeps MOVING stupid player!! it shifts to the side no matter how many times I reload the page==" Sony Video are great If I could see the whole thing XD
Comment from : William Denny

Kristine Tomanan
yep, he is lee hyun woo :)
Comment from : Kristine Tomanan

ow I see it xD stupid blond dumb me (A) hihi sorry
Comment from : michi3dayoVlogs

yoongis property
who is that guy??so cute!!
Comment from : yoongis property

@IceNicole12 Yeah at first I was like 'gasp! Is this song for Hugo ?' then I thought it was just coincidence that I just watched Hugo teaser before I watched this :p
Comment from : Aidan

ikr i totally thought that at first but just because of the time concept
Comment from : IceNicole12

i juz wacth this mv cuz lee hyun woo only,,,<3
Comment from : joonie994

Lol I don't think that's what she means xD
Comment from : cutie1847

Yuanita Izzah
is he the same guy in the god of study ?
Comment from : Yuanita Izzah

Cotton UwU
Oh, the story is soo SAD :<
Comment from : Cotton UwU

shes so pretty :3
Comment from : janinpala

lol ducky! :D
Comment from : AhaTralala

Lee Hyunwoo and IU! <3 Hyunwoo looks very grown up here, unlike God of Study
Comment from : heyitsmee1127

@IceNicole12 Totally !!
Comment from : Aidan

amy benyamin
i think IU is the most beautiful girl in south korea
Comment from : amy benyamin

abby gail
iu and hyun woo <3 CUTE :)
Comment from : abby gail

abby gail
soo CUTE!!!
Comment from : abby gail

this song would have been perfect for hugo
Comment from : IceNicole12

Jinee Kim
Bring the goose!!!
Comment from : Jinee Kim

Bad Blood
i love you iu
Comment from : Bad Blood

okay I love the song I love iu she's so damn cute! but I don't really get it either she went to the future or the past? is the boy sick?
Comment from : nyamukdbd

ronellie fernandez
i love iu i really like this song
Comment from : ronellie fernandez

Nurul Asyiqin
Comment from : Nurul Asyiqin

I think musicVideo ;o or something like that :')
Comment from : michi3dayoVlogs

Natalie Wong
I dont get What this mv means ??
Comment from : Natalie Wong

Dr Who!? Wouldn't have been easier to simply borrow the Delorean from Dr Emmit Brown? Either way pretty creative the people working with IU
Comment from : angelzr

She needs a Tardis, she does :)
Comment from : CosplayMirai

Poor goose died D:
Comment from : ThePepero

eunice kay
her voice sounds like the disney princesses'
Comment from : eunice kay

Kai Lyn Tee
Chan Doo from GOS!!! <333
Comment from : Kai Lyn Tee

Joey Lee
IU and Lee Hyun-Woo <3
Comment from : Joey Lee

Victoria Lee
OMGwat happened to the goose?! gr8 she left her present and left the young, handsome good boy behinddang
Comment from : Victoria Lee

LOL when she holds on the duck with her legs IT'S SO CUTE!
Comment from : otchiiii

Fay Aiemma
I think that guy is lee hyun wooHe is cute same goes too IU
Comment from : Fay Aiemma

Syaza Najiha
wow ! so nice and fantastic :)
Comment from : Syaza Najiha

That guy looks a bit like Sungyeol from Infinite<3
Comment from : jwslee

I can't find the download link on the site please tell me were i can download this??
Comment from : jwslee

I love this mvIt will be turned out great movie something like casper and other horror/old hollywood movie
Comment from : HyukHawa

pannia xiong
I love this song! (-_-)
Comment from : pannia xiong

i still couldn't understand this mv please tell me btw,IU is cuteeeeeee
Comment from : fromuses9

Comment from : Ana

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