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Title :  How to read pattern charts
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jjj jjj
It will be wonderful if you can teach each symbol by demonstrating it with real yarn and needles
Comment from : jjj jjj

DEB Damico
What do you do with the NO Stitch
Comment from : DEB Damico

Rebecca Earnest
Thank you for explaining so throughly!
Comment from : Rebecca Earnest

Angel Cross
It is easy for you, Nancy, bc your mind has grasped what actually needs to be done To those of us still trapped in "deer in the headlights" mode, could you maybe use a chart and show us as you knit and explain the stitches? I know your video is 7 years old so you might think, "Emmmthat would be NO" Fair enough I totally get it But do you know anyone else, maybe, you could recommend if you aren't able to do it? Please? My Memere taught me how to knit 45 years ago but life, then motherhood, stepped in, then working to retirement took all my time And now I finally have the time to really learn and make something My much loved Memere is long gone and I don't know anyone who knows how to knit I don't want this beautiful art to be lost forever I want to learn it so I can teach my daughters when their lives slow down a bit I can knit and I've made some gorgeous blankets But I have no clue how to read a chart even after your very patient explanation I can envision the knits and the purls, and some of the other ones But the immediate bind offs and such have my brain shutting down And the "no stitch" is a whattheflip moment I can't even try to envision a no stitch although I really have tried Anyway, I hope I haven't put you off altogether Thank you for trying for those of us who truly want to learn but so far can't "get it" just yet
Comment from : Angel Cross

Michelle Shank
Thank you so much!
Comment from : Michelle Shank

Garden Glory
NO explanation for NO STITCH confusing
Comment from : Garden Glory

Igo Bymanynames
Hi, thank you for your video Unfortunately because I’m dyslexic knitting charts are both hard to see and incredibly confusing Many dyslexics have short term memory problems so you have to keep returning to the legend and it becomes exhausting and overwhelming after a while For me, a perfect tutorial would be a visual demonstration of working from the chart So, you would show how to work from the chart by actually knitting Many learners need a visual demonstration instead of just “talk and chalk” I’m not saying there is anything wrong with your video, and I thank you for your guidance, sadly it hasn’t eased any of the horrors of knitting charts The best knitting patterns for me personally are written instructions that tell you at the end of each line how many stitches on the needle It’s so frustrating, I would love to be able to knit something more interesting than a rectangle I did find wonderful instructions in a pattern once on ravelry for knitted leaves that included quite complicated stitches and short rows, the instructions were so well written that I could do it Unfortunately most patterns aren’t written so clearly or are just these confounded charts, which have brought me very close to giving up knitting 😔
Comment from : Igo Bymanynames

Lyndal Hancock
Thankyou Nancy for your video, I am in my mid 60's and have been knitting for more than 50 years but have only ever used written patterns I have recently received some knitting books (with absolutely gorgeous patterns) that work with charts It was doing my head in, but having watched your tutorial, I think I may actually feel confident enough to attempt a relatively uncomplicated pattern now Wish me luck :)
Comment from : Lyndal Hancock

Kendra O
This was very helpful! Thank you!!! :)
Comment from : Kendra O

Michelle Ybarra
what is done on the blank square
Comment from : Michelle Ybarra

I was very intimidated at first but then tried it and it was much easier to follow a chart
Comment from : H1X2N4

Ann Nowak
no stitch, it says not to knit them, but if i dont do anything with them they drop and ruin my knitting how do you do a no stitch, i just dont get it and there are no videos to show me and i truly dont understand the instructions i have knitted a long time but not done lace or charts im confused, can anyone help me and dont tell me to "just ignore the stitch" they have to go someplace
Comment from : Ann Nowak

figen figen
It's almost like reading a new language
Comment from : figen figen

AMAZING! So helpful Thank you!
Comment from : Chriztopher440

Kim Silverman
i cant find how to slip marker can you explain?
Comment from : Kim Silverman

sandy fo
can you please tell me how to read a pattern I have for a fairisle hat done in the round I am ok till i get to the top & then it gradually forms a v shape of no stitches to shape the top I am confused with thisbrThanks
Comment from : sandy fo

maria sanchez
What does "no stitch" mean?
Comment from : maria sanchez

maria sanchez
What dies "no stitch" mean?brThanks
Comment from : maria sanchez

Trish Pawlowski
When there is only a chart to knit from with no written instructions, how do you know how many to cast on?
Comment from : Trish Pawlowski

Bjarb J
The problem I am having is that my work is in the round but it has a faux seam on each side So I start with the first two knit stitches, then I do the repeat stitches several times, then do I end with the stitches outside the repeat, or do I end with the repeat, then do the faux seam? I guess my question is, do I do those 'ending' stitches outside of the repeat twice (at the end of each side), or once at the end of the pattern?
Comment from : Bjarb J

Handmade Stitch By Stitch
How would you read this same pattern if knitting in the round?
Comment from : Handmade Stitch By Stitch

Thank you, this clears it up 😃
Comment from : woollychats

Hi: I am lost at the beginningso stitch 1 =knit, stitch 2 = knit, then bind off (I have 1 stitch left) Then I knit one again, bind off I still have one stitch left, correct? How come when I get to box 3 and 4 (which means "no stitch" according to the legend), I have two stitches on my needle? Thanks in advance!
Comment from : KisstheBunny

Kiss Knit
I  would love to see another chart tutorial from you so it gets me up to speed on this chart  I love the charts and I do believe that I will be looking more to the charts than the pattern codes because the layout is like a house print and I can follow that much better  I would love to see another tutorial on the charting  Thank you
Comment from : Kiss Knit

Billy Bennett
Thank you very much Nancy  I too am using knit picks yarn for the pattern  I'll see if I can contact the designer  This is my first lace project  I always enjoy a new challenge  This is certainly proving to be a challenge  I wish I knew an experienced knitter  Unfortunately I am the only one I know LOL  Thanks for your response
Comment from : Billy Bennett

Billy Bennett
Hi Nancy, I'm not new to charts  When it comes to Aran knitting, I'm very experienced  However, I'm doing my first knitted shawl, the Gardner shawl by Joyce Fassbender  It's a square lace shawl knitted from the center out  I'm working the A panel now but starting at the B panel, there are red box repeats  I'm confused  Here's an example : (Work rows 1-24 twice  296 Sts at end of section)  (Move markers between stitch pattern repeats one stitch marker to the right on rows 7,15,23  Work boxed repeat pattern 3 times and 7 times for the second)  I'm still trying to wrap my head around this  Do you have any advice?
Comment from : Billy Bennett

yes, that helps a lot thank you  didn't know Know I know:) cool 
Comment from : tytbody

I don't understand why your chart symbols are different than the ones that are in the chart that I have Mine is a newer Vogue pattern and should not be different
Comment from : SheromeFarm

I don't see why you don't tell us how many times you repeat what is in the purple box  how do you know how many repeats? how do you keep tract of the repeats
Comment from : tytbody

Dana Wouster
i got a little confused when you explained the empty boxes got knit stitch but the left hand chart shows no stitch for empty box idk maybe i can figure this out, thanks
Comment from : Dana Wouster

Nancy Wynn
I'm sorry you did not care for my video Hopefully you will find one more to your liking on YouTube Good Luck ; - )
Comment from : Nancy Wynn

Valerie bellecats
The video was okay Yet I think the chart could surely use one symbol for knit or purl? The odd and even rows are written out and would be a right or wrong side always? Why complicated the pattern so much with the same symbol meaning different things on different rows You never explain how to figure out how many stitches to cast on our that the numbers on the side are row numbers
Comment from : Valerie bellecats

Ranbir Kaur
@elenshina: The 'no stitch' is the representation for stitches not yet there This is a triangular pattern, so you start with a few stitches and increase, then you have to figure out when to start repeating the pattern in the blue box, because there will be too many stitches to fit the original pattern
Comment from : Ranbir Kaur

Hi, thank you for your video I still find it a little hard to understand though, for instance where it says 'no stitch' on the pattern/chart, the increases and repeats Could you explain this a little further please Thank you so very much :-)
Comment from : EShina

Nancy Wynn
You are welcome ; - )
Comment from : Nancy Wynn

Thank you
Comment from : lmrk5705

delo leed
Ok but I want how to make thank you
Comment from : delo leed

Nancy Wynn
And thank you for your commentI appreciate it As far as chart knitting goes, once you get the hang of it, you'll love it!
Comment from : Nancy Wynn

Jess W
Thank you so much for this!
Comment from : Jess W

Betty Burdick
I will watch a few more times It is still confusing but I really want to learn I don't think my brain is cooperating I just don't understand the repeat part I get the rest, the stitch blocks, rows, the right side & wrong side
Comment from : Betty Burdick

Seems likely! :)
Comment from : RandomnessAndStuffs

Nancy Wynn
I'm glad my video helped and trust me, once you understand chart reading, you'll love charted patterns
Comment from : Nancy Wynn

Thank you! This video made knitting charts seem much less threatening I appreciate your step-by-step explanations! :)
Comment from : RandomnessAndStuffs

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