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Japan earthquake magnitude 9.1 | Japan tsunami 2011 compilation

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Information Japan earthquake magnitude 9.1 | Japan tsunami 2011 compilation

Title :  Japan earthquake magnitude 9.1 | Japan tsunami 2011 compilation
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Frames Japan earthquake magnitude 9.1 | Japan tsunami 2011 compilation

Description Japan earthquake magnitude 9.1 | Japan tsunami 2011 compilation

Comments Japan earthquake magnitude 9.1 | Japan tsunami 2011 compilation

زايد بن الحجاف بن زيد النميري
Why don't they talk to the American base to bomb the waves and stop the destruction that fell on them This is the power of God destroys everything Neither America nor anyone else can stop the civil strife
Comment from : زايد بن الحجاف بن زيد النميري

Rohan M
It is in the Bible that is recorded first Tsunami It is written in Genesis Chapter seven "In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month—on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened" it happened more than 5000 years ago
Comment from : Rohan M

The end is near these things were prophesised in the gospel of Mathew
Comment from : Ndaphity_Tanzania

Evan Santiago
Imagine seeing these people in the video and wondering if they are still alive or one of the 20,000 casualties 😢
Comment from : Evan Santiago

I feel enough horror for just look at this video
Comment from : 麻吉

Блин, люди БЕГИТЕ!!! Спасайтесь !!!
Comment from : Сола

Material can go to waste , faith in God id whats important in life
Comment from : TruthOverFalsehood__

John Clark
Unfortunately it's a biblical one
Comment from : John Clark

Азамат Равшанович
бучи окала уруш бовотию ошанга сардор этти
Comment from : Азамат Равшанович

Baby lika
Божечки,вам всем терпения!!¡!!!!!!
Comment from : Baby lika

Esta fue una incursión mía junto con el ataque a las plantas nucleares jajaja
Comment from : FAY

Más terremotos más muerte sus ciudades quedarán desiertas y sin habitantes Ego devorador de naciones
Comment from : FAY

Ego exterminator: más tsunamis sobre Japón Ego Imperator
Comment from : FAY

Comment from : CONESA VENTAS

Mike Phillips
This one shifted some water aye… wow
Comment from : Mike Phillips

Comment from : Pessoa

The first scene is my hometown
Comment from : EW21St

That looks like fun 🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : OC

이게 자연이구나 자연앞에 인간은 작은존재정도가 아닛나 그 무엇도 할수가 없다
Comment from : 남자

İlknur Dilmen
4:08 ALLAH bu görüntüleri hiç bir kuluna göstermesin 😢 Dünya bizim evimiz değil Allah’ın evi biz misafirleriyiz Allah bize sonsuz misafirperverliğini göstersin amin 🙏
Comment from : İlknur Dilmen

Camilo Mejía
Just imagine how Valdivia 1960 earthquake was A 96 Mw earthquake produces about 3x the energy of a 91 Mw one
Comment from : Camilo Mejía

Brenda Tassiane Ferretti
misericórdia ótimo vídeo para vermos as movimentações da água, nem onda é gigante, mas ela é muita e chega com força
Comment from : Brenda Tassiane Ferretti

Pulang Kampung
Bencana Nuklir Buatan tidak ada apa-apanya di banding Nuklir Bencana Alami,Rasakanlah Azab yang kamu Tunggu(*_
Comment from : Pulang Kampung

Ivan Dolloso
Comment from : Ivan Dolloso

Ivan Dolloso
scientistsunami public broadcabroadcast 2004-2011-2018 Coruption prove socialinkey mediasian
Comment from : Ivan Dolloso

Им привыкать надо Две атомных бомбы от США Фукусима Цунами
Comment from : ПАЗЛ

GHB Konter
Despite how tragic and horrifying this wasit's amazing to live in a time where we can record and experience these events over the internet We get to witness one of the most powerful tsunamis in recorded history Never underestimate mother natureeven this isn't the worst of what she is capable of Hope those who had to go through this in person have managed to find peace in the aftermath and recovery
Comment from : GHB Konter

Comment from : DesertGirl🌙🌵

Kyle Rockhamptons
Imagine if this disaster occurred in another country that has no earthquake resistant buildings
Comment from : Kyle Rockhamptons

Mighty Meaty 1968
Is this true 91?🙄🙄🙄🙄
Comment from : Mighty Meaty 1968

My Japanese teacher was there when it happened, It amazes me how he saw it all and still survived
Comment from : Rin

Ronie Labajo
Masasabi mong katapusan na ng mundo pag naranasan mo ang hagupit ng kalikasan
Comment from : Ronie Labajo

Watch Geek
Noni Pude
Comment from : Watch Geek

Trouble clef
I live on the west coast of Vancouver Island, a literal minute from the ocean I’ve felt quakes before as we’re very prone to them but they don’t scare me like the idea of a tsunami does We have tsunami routes but you don’t know where you’ll be when a quake hits nor how long you have to get to high ground When Japan was hit by this tsunami it rattled me We had a lot of debris wash up here
Comment from : Trouble clef

Trouble clef
Does anyone know what city is in the second clip? I think it might be Kessenuma but I’m not positive
Comment from : Trouble clef

Sheela Marie M Vacal
Phenomenal similar to is brIt is a death persons and newborn babies
Comment from : Sheela Marie M Vacal

Sheela Marie M Vacal
Accord into Egyptian phenomenal periods is to reveal is going on around nationbrFor others is said is who is most powerful who owned everything is world we live into it said is Alien brWhich control of everything in world we are live into land and under water and fire agriculture and medecine
Comment from : Sheela Marie M Vacal

Sheela Marie M Vacal
Seem Miniature but is notbrIs how maybe is destruction of world we are live into if everyone do not want to live anymore?????
Comment from : Sheela Marie M Vacal

Sheela Marie M Vacal
Earthquake,, cars do not moving!!
Comment from : Sheela Marie M Vacal

Серега Александров
🥴 мндааа уж 🤦‍♂️ , нет слов
Comment from : Серега Александров

Серега Александров
Пипец 🧐
Comment from : Серега Александров

845 when the deluge of debris starts flowing Imagine the impact of that weight coupled with fast flowing water! Shame, no wonder the destruction!!
Comment from : Daisy

I’ve lived through a couple Cat 5 hurricanes, multiple Cat 4 hurricanes, and multiple Cat 3 Tornados All of them pale in comparison to what I just saw at 8:39this is by far the nastiest stuff Mother Nature has to offer Absolutely unreal
Comment from : Neelix

Stephanie Gee
The event was terrible enough… but to hear the people crying as well as the children trying to understand The cemetery of departed loved ones and ancestors overlooking the town as houses are moved around like chess pieces and Cars like tub toys Resilient people and determined I wish all a sense of peace and strength
Comment from : Stephanie Gee

사람을 재미로 죽였던 개새끼들입니다 저새끼들죽는것도 재미나게 봐야지요
Comment from : CBR650F레드스콜피온

너무좋은 영상
Comment from : CBR650F레드스콜피온

Comment from : Moimoi

manilyn BALOLOY
Malakas ang lindol na un Pero matibay ang mga building nila At malakas din ang loob ng hapon matapang cila Sana makaligtas po kayo lahat
Comment from : manilyn BALOLOY

دطدئ ھدھ
سبحان الله قادر على كل شيئ
Comment from : دطدئ ھدھ

That earthquake was bonkers 6 minutes of shaking at a 91 The amount of energy unleashed in that event is impossible to really quantify in a way that makes sense It's no wonder the tsunami that followed was as powerful as it was It was an unstoppable juggernaut of waterbrI remember footage of cracks in the ground where you could literally see the pieces of planet swaying back and forth past each other as things tried to settle That's terrifying
Comment from : mycroft16

와 영상만 보는데도 너무 무섭네
Comment from : 블러드이럽션

0:06 - Ironic sign outside a gambling casino: "Good Luck!" Japan was at this moment undergoing the start of some extraordinarily bad luck
Comment from : hebneh

Comment from : mrmortgage

Дмитрий С
Повезло тем кто оставил машину на втором этаже парковки
Comment from : Дмитрий С

4:35 sugoi LOL
Comment from : Danilococodrilo

Scott Duyser
This is why most Japenese cars are made in America now
Comment from : Scott Duyser

Petko Dimov
Това заметресение и ли цунами
Comment from : Petko Dimov

Sir Chicken Man
I was living in Tokyo at the time of the earthquake I was still very small and I don't remember everything too clearly, but one thing I do remember was how much the buildings were swaying It legit looked like they were going to topple, but thankfully Japanese architecture prevented that from happening I'm glad I was in a relatively safe area though, there was no flooding where I lived and the radiation from the Power plant wasn't too bad, although we still evacuated Tokyo for about a month or so because of that
Comment from : Sir Chicken Man

Comment from : 420likid

- hamma
Comment from : - hamma

Targor Hems
Gambatte Kudasai Japan is in my Heart
Comment from : Targor Hems

Ayse Aysegul
Genede sanslisiniz
Comment from : Ayse Aysegul

rrededf rfdec
kot farkı
Comment from : rrededf rfdec

British vlog
The karma of Nanking massacre
Comment from : British vlog

Станислав Дылдин
Comment from : Станислав Дылдин

casctikapkaiet hid uacotrogiconc
Comment from : casctikapkaiet hid uacotrogiconc

casctikapkaiet hid uacotrogiconc
Comment from : casctikapkaiet hid uacotrogiconc

Comment from : REINA

jose kenneth green
this is a 9 magnitude yet buildings and houses are intactjapan's standard in building code is being followed
Comment from : jose kenneth green

Sidney Lopez
Comment from : Sidney Lopez

Comment from : BJoood

Expat Qa
God's Power
Comment from : Expat Qa

Наталья Фетисова
И так в Японии бесконечные катаклизмы, а ещё надираются!!!
Comment from : Наталья Фетисова

Devin Chan
I really respect to their engineer's most of the building stands stable and quality
Comment from : Devin Chan

Comment from : JIWOO MESSI

ابراهيم عمر الموسى
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله حيل الله قوي
Comment from : ابراهيم عمر الموسى

Aliza Ismail fun life
God 😒😭
Comment from : Aliza Ismail fun life

yuman yang
Comment from : yuman yang

Hnin Ei Khaing
Comment from : Hnin Ei Khaing

Leecey Ah
This terrified me 🥺 every second it it moved I thought of how many lives were being washed away like nothing I'd die from distraught watching in person!
Comment from : Leecey Ah

Alistair Cooke
I remember this Fukushima earthquake It was 12 years ago and seems like yesterday
Comment from : Alistair Cooke

Anastassios doudoulakakis
I m devastated
Comment from : Anastassios doudoulakakis

tharun gowrappan
For the karma they done in the past
Comment from : tharun gowrappan

Ahmed Ahmed
سترك ياربي انك غفور رحيم
Comment from : Ahmed Ahmed

91'lik depreme bak çatıdaki tuğlalar falan yere düşüyor bir tek Bizde 78'lik depremle bir bölge tamamen yerle bir oldu Allah belanızı versin
Comment from : Ceren

mohamed sayed
لا عاصم اليوم من أمر الله إلا من رحم brفى الوقت ده ملهاش حل غير الدعاء
Comment from : mohamed sayed

Frédéric François Chopin
Comment from : Frédéric François Chopin

Aryee Meg
I salute all Japanese people You are incredibly strong and resilient people
Comment from : Aryee Meg

Kadzuki Lucifer
Кто знает хоть немного японский как я тот поймёт что они говорят и как им было страшно
Comment from : Kadzuki Lucifer

Александр Васькин
Неделю смотрел ваше Цунами Мне так жалко вас За один момент Ты потерял всё Это ужасно Это не просто ужасно Очень и очень ужасно
Comment from : Александр Васькин

Lakhwinder Singh
God do
Comment from : Lakhwinder Singh

Caldarar Victor
This because they Eat miu miu and ham ham
Comment from : Caldarar Victor

Para que Quieres saber
mina saru urusaii 🙉👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Comment from : Para que Quieres saber

Elnur Memmedov
Allahu Əkbər
Comment from : Elnur Memmedov

Србомбоница 🇷🇸
Брате нека мене у мојој сиромашној Србији ,не дај Боже ником ју
Comment from : Србомбоница 🇷🇸

Krypto Gameplay
Good play from USA
Comment from : Krypto Gameplay

Remedios García
Señor Jesucristo perdón por los que no creen ayúdale s André
Comment from : Remedios García

i feel for the pets trapped inside the houses and stray animals :(
Comment from : Luzitanium

Ayoub Dbd
سبحان الله و بحمده سبحان الله العظيم
Comment from : Ayoub Dbd

You would think with all of the houses the wave crashed, it might slow down the momentum but it doesn't care and continues to plow through everythingbrbrNature is scary It doesn't care about the law or your feelings
Comment from : Bestow3000

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