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Are Japanese Cars as good as German Cars?

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Information Are Japanese Cars as good as German Cars?

Title :  Are Japanese Cars as good as German Cars?
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Frames Are Japanese Cars as good as German Cars?

Description Are Japanese Cars as good as German Cars?

Comments Are Japanese Cars as good as German Cars?

6 out of 9brbrbrNice
Comment from : RazoE

bash mogd
this is so wack
Comment from : bash mogd

I will say yes, Japanese cars like Toyota and Lexus are always better than crappy bmw or Mercedes or Porsche cars, those are keeping up to a hundreds a thousands of miles but it’s boring , yep it’s boring and people getting rid of the Toyota and Lexus , but they are reliable and less expensive than German cars, German cars are sucks, cause it cost a lot of money to fix and one of the unfavorably is plastic parts are bmw and VW and Mercedes made, and it’s cost a lot of money to maintenance and repairs, and of course BMW = Broke My Wallet and Fiat = Fix It Again TonybrbrAnyway Japanese will ate the German cars up for reliability and adorable and longevity
Comment from : Majood

jx zzzz
Do korean cars next
Comment from : jx zzzz

2:24 😂
Comment from : NumbAZ

Feeling AFNAR
Japanese don't have cup holders and they attach the seat belt to the door Guess Japanese don't understand the importance of hydration and want everyone to fly out of their cars in a wreck
Comment from : Feeling AFNAR

Hi Five Ghost
German Luxury sells for $60,000 and in 2 years if it doesn’t already have mechanical issues, you still can’t get $15,000 for itbrbrMeanwhile 20 year old Toyota/ Honda still zipping aroundbrbrLexus/ Acura still zipping around and retaining their value unlike “Legendary gErMaN eNgInEeRiNg”brbrGerman cars aren’t well made anymore, they cater to status only, and know idiots will buy it just for that status symbol
Comment from : Hi Five Ghost

soufyen bouzakher
I own only japanese cars specially Toyota and Honda they're very reliable and easy to fix
Comment from : soufyen bouzakher

Nico Pillay
The pillars look like cigs
Comment from : Nico Pillay

Kavindu Gilshan
If you live in germany lot of Japanese used cars are going really cheap If you intelligent enough you can save lot of money with buying used japenese cars ;) brGerman physiology still respects the german cars
Comment from : Kavindu Gilshan

"Everything in Germany is the best! Except our history"
Comment from : Karan

Dragos Cutian
Japanishe motor werke
Comment from : Dragos Cutian

I would reframe the question are German cars as good as Japanese? I’d say a definite no I think a better comparison are German cars as good as American cars?
Comment from : TrueToYou97

does it reek insufferably of crayons?
Comment from : Jacksirrom

Karsten Lund
German cars first Everysingletime
Comment from : Karsten Lund

The Caynuck
It's quite funny how the 3 WWII allies: Germany, Japan and Italy are all well known for their cars
Comment from : The Caynuck

7 out of 25 was hilarious 😂😂😂
Comment from : Karthik THODETI

Luca s Work tv
They are much better!
Comment from : Luca s Work tv

Lmao can't imagine going to Aldi Süd All my homies only go to Aldi Nord
Comment from : CTGX

Alexander V
German cars are trash 😂
Comment from : Alexander V

Ryoko Honda
Why is he shouting when talking? Or maybe I just misunderstood how he talks
Comment from : Ryoko Honda

the speed meter is the cable if you replace it it will be better
Comment from : 8alakai8

Magnus Malmer
Sehr gut
Comment from : Magnus Malmer

Somewhere Near
No no no not only you have the best cars in the world but also you should br proud of your history and culture
Comment from : Somewhere Near

The car in demonstration is one of the most under power Japanese car 4 cylinders Honda CIVIC type R can go faster than many 4 cylinders German cars
Comment from : FeelFree3

Tatanka Hanska
Umm No Japanese cars are better in all aspects
Comment from : Tatanka Hanska

Chris F
If it was based on judging engineering quality and reliability then Japanese cars are better than German cars Quality isn't about which car has the most chrome or is the most expensive to buy/maintain or who has the most gadgets that you hardly ever use br brThe "German engineering" statement is a myth that used to be true in the 70s and early 80s You can see it from the statistics on reliability & customer satisfaction surveys German cars have a poor reputation in this regards
Comment from : Chris F

So true! lol
Comment from : LALOMAN

Ed Ed
Wadewa no chin chin
Comment from : Ed Ed

karlons karlson
german science is the best in the world, RIP stroheim
Comment from : karlons karlson

Matt Kasicki
When it comes to speed skyline even gtr willdestroy every german car out there brBmw has more plastic under the hood than honda inside 🤣🤣🤣 german cars thing of past
Comment from : Matt Kasicki

Nilavan Sinnathamby
I mean in my opinion obviously I am not gonna judge anyone that has a german car its their choice,but why i say japanese cars are better is mainly because in the long run it will last ur a long time, for example my dad bought this 1995 toyota camry sport car and he has been using that ever since in mint condition besides on japanese cars parts are easily available to get compared to german cars, the only thing I would say about german cars is that the looks of it is really beautiful and the interior however when comes to the important parts like the engine, interior components they are not as good and will definetly not even exceed over 300000 miles because my dads toyota is 450000 miles so it shows how reliable it is but on a german car some people think its fir the rich but they usually fool people cos they pretend to make good engines and internal components and then the seat and outer shape is beautiful inside they make the dashboard look like wood but actually its plastic so people are always fooled by that yet they gonna regret it in the long run so thats my point which is much fair than saying "Germany always wins"
Comment from : Nilavan Sinnathamby

Doesn't have a Bratwursthalter great dislike

German cars are comfortable safe strong well designed advanced they have less cabin noise Japanese cars are cheap reliable easy to maintain long life cars
Comment from : akonkar

Honda Logo, mein erstwagen 😍😄
Comment from : S A

JDM forever
Comment from : Arcticz

Gaggik Martirosyan
was denken Sie über Amerikan auto vs Deutsche auto?
Comment from : Gaggik Martirosyan

Yeah but awesome engineering history
Comment from : Alex

Mal im ernst Japanische Autos sind nicht schlecht Immerhin sind wird für einige Japaner ein Vorbild :-)
Comment from : Timon

Kamal __
no they are far better than German cars
Comment from : Kamal __

Любомир Д
German cars are trash
Comment from : Любомир Д

we all know Japanese cars are better lmaoooo
Comment from : viola

Stijn Matheussen
I always wonder which song is playing in the background
Comment from : Stijn Matheussen

Hr H
Dude I have seen Aldi workers driving VW Arteon
Comment from : Hr H

W Android
Comment from : W Android

1 1
lmfao please, Japanese cars are better and reliable (specifically Toyota and Honda) Youre a sucker if you fall for that "German Engineering" marketing ploy
Comment from : 1 1

A German Simon Quinlank
Comment from : TheDarkInstall

Jurgen Freiberger
Comment from : Jurgen Freiberger

There ze dog gets crazy in ze pan!!!
Comment from : Seeker

chad nationalist
Deutsche qualität
Comment from : chad nationalist

Crazy_killer 1112
Comment from : Crazy_killer 1112

Joshua Budiarto
Imagine someone being in that parking lot and hearing the screaming
Comment from : Joshua Budiarto

Joshua Budiarto
One of the funniest channels ever
Comment from : Joshua Budiarto

Chukali Chezzerz 5 4321
Ich bin ein maus
Comment from : Chukali Chezzerz 5 4321

I'm fisting my head
Comment from : Yan

Nexus 104
I like thht honda Logo ii facelift
Comment from : Nexus 104

Gunter Prien
Toyota: hold my beer
Comment from : Gunter Prien

Alex Evans
"Germany always wins" xD
Comment from : Alex Evans

German cars are stronger and have better engine However its very expensive and once something is broken you might as well throw it away Japanese car are lighter and cheaper and last very long Finally in conclusion, if you are rich and want a fancy car and you don't mind throwing money of your wallet than German But if you're on a tight budget and want to save money then Japanese is the way to go
Comment from : vietnamemperor123461

My friend German cars very really good 7 till 2000,but now they are plastic shitboxesThey are not good enough to compare with Japanese cars

Tyler Newlin
Japanese cars are certainly the better value for money and tend to be more reliable German exports are sadly and exclusively upper-middle class and upper-class luxury cars nowbrI just want a Mk1 GTI or Honda CR-X 😔
Comment from : Tyler Newlin

Wait you live on the Lake of Constance???
Comment from : Cryp

Panzer VIII
0:56 Actually I love the German history , it is my favourite
Comment from : Panzer VIII

Charlene Robinson
Speedometer I can do this with my p haha
Comment from : Charlene Robinson

Jorge FPV and More
ito answer the title/i No They're better
Comment from : Jorge FPV and More

Orange Cat Music
what about reviewing a type R ?
Comment from : Orange Cat Music

Anna De
ich will to look away but ich kann nicht stop watching
Comment from : Anna De

Comment from : ThatUkrainianGerman

Comment from : meshworx

Gaurav Vashishta
Angela merkel'zes love handles
Comment from : Gaurav Vashishta

Atmosphäre in Klingelständer
Senn ei rimemba: ACH JAA!!! EWRISING IN TSCHÖRMENIE IS SE BEST!!!!brbrbrbr:D
Comment from : Atmosphäre in Klingelständer

adnan wafai
3:42 don’t panic it’s still me but now I’m sitting in the back of the car 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : adnan wafai

Bananenmüsli 27
Sis is very lustig, näh
Comment from : Bananenmüsli 27

Roy Smith
Except if it's recent football Then they never win ;)
Comment from : Roy Smith

George Petkov
"Look I am fiZting my head"br😂brI think the angry german doesn't know what that means
Comment from : George Petkov

7 out 25
Comment from : Fliker

Comment from : Leoo

Don’t forget se Parkuhr on se Aldi Parkplatz
Comment from : Gamma2210

Du ju rillie wörk ätt de Aldi???
Comment from : faxxx

Give this guy an Eisenkreuz
Comment from : nordthernlights

new gamer00
Are you German or Something else
Comment from : new gamer00

maarten yzer
Comment from : maarten yzer

Work in ALDI ? mığağağağa
Comment from : muc_de

Rob Schmitt
This car is great for Berlin
Comment from : Rob Schmitt

Look! I’m fisting my head!
Comment from : KingBela

Japanische Autos sind viel besser als Deutsche Autos ;)
Comment from : 666kev999

Link Knight
Germany always wins because it costs $5000 TO FIX THE VW that has oil POURING DOWN THE BLOCK and only 80 thousand kilometers on it PURE JUNK China makes better stuff
Comment from : Link Knight

I Cant believe that idiots like this, they walk around the globe
Comment from : AeroFlow

iakah Drake
Comment from : iakah Drake

Our history is great except for some years maybe
Comment from : BattleBooms

Ragnar Łostbrok
This is what happens when you try to abolish patriotism in a country for too long
Comment from : Ragnar Łostbrok

Amazing Blyatman
I love cars like the mk4 supra or skyline, and my dream is to own a supra some day and tune it up a little bit But over all, german cars are just the best
Comment from : Amazing Blyatman

Nej Vilde
Hmmm that's personal brBut Swedish cars are better :)
Comment from : Nej Vilde

Mihai Gradin
He’s “German” and angry, but owns a Japanese car Das ist pathetic
Comment from : Mihai Gradin

Grease Monkey
If german engieneering italian design American Quality and japanese technology met up brWhat whould we get
Comment from : Grease Monkey

Comment from : ThatUkrainianGerman

Nikola Nikola
Japanese cars are BETTER than German cars!
Comment from : Nikola Nikola

2:19 we need a moped review So Schnell Wie Möglich
Comment from : Sebastiaan

Older swede your English is really hammer hard, I break together haha
Comment from : Babbedeggel

Paul M
Du you wohnen at se bodesee
Comment from : Paul M

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