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Princes of the Yen (Japanese History Documentary) | Timeline

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Information Princes of the Yen (Japanese History Documentary) | Timeline

Title :  Princes of the Yen (Japanese History Documentary) | Timeline
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Frames Princes of the Yen (Japanese History Documentary) | Timeline

Description Princes of the Yen (Japanese History Documentary) | Timeline

Comments Princes of the Yen (Japanese History Documentary) | Timeline

Iamlamet Jeslyn
Banks need to loan money to be able to serve the purpose of the feds issuing the money to them in the first place that creates money
Comment from : Iamlamet Jeslyn

Lucien Vandegaart
Hope you convict these scumbags good and change the direction of your country Drugs are ruining the world so the more of them get it in a prison cell the better the world becomes Greed will wipe itself out
Comment from : Lucien Vandegaart

Ryan Gibson
Wow, the IMF is a cartel! Somehow I feel like it will take quite a bit of violence to take back control
Comment from : Ryan Gibson

Jarrod Yuki
japan needs to retake the kurils sakhalin and vladivostok south korea will take north korea
Comment from : Jarrod Yuki

Jarrod Yuki
central banks are flies in a world of ants
Comment from : Jarrod Yuki

Ads every 6 minutes ruined this doco
Comment from : Addict-2-this

Li maildvd
Comment from : Li maildvd

Ravinder Talwar
Almighty God 🙏 is One And Loves Everyone
Comment from : Ravinder Talwar

So their system was kinda too successful for actual citizens there but not very lucrative for shareholders Meaning you needed to work to have a fullfilling life and not be a lazy speculator Interesting My opinion is the lazy rich that don't want to produce anything saw their days being numbered by this system and shut it down to return to speculative boom/bust systems they can manipulate and control
Comment from : CaseysLastGram

I wonder how crypto may impact central banks’ level of power in the future Net positive or negative impact for Main Street / general public?
Comment from : Woolf

Mark Freeman
21:32brThis is really important
Comment from : Mark Freeman

Mark Freeman
It is worth noting, that it is easier to rise, when you have a model or pro-forma to work within Whoever is #1 global power, has no such model
Comment from : Mark Freeman

Mark Freeman
Funny how every nation used to think they were the "master race"
Comment from : Mark Freeman

Very informativebrBut what's up with the random images of animals?
Comment from : adzplus1

Aidan Moon
Ew British
Comment from : Aidan Moon

🌟Polaris; just do the Work 💚
Just wow
Comment from : 🌟Polaris; just do the Work 💚

peter fu
japan emerged from Second World war by one way to export, but also by people well educated before the war
Comment from : peter fu

It is very interesting now to see how Americans viewed Japanese elite and took their lands These are communist moves and supported by Americans But if that happened in America, it would be a communist crime and throw the country into crisis like it is now Such historical hypocrisy
Comment from : Ana

سیّدمحمّد زعفرانچی
Comment from : سیّدمحمّد زعفرانچی

This is very tentative and not well supported by sources in the documentary The whole thing is really based on the opinions of one, somewhat troubled, German economist Practically no other corroborating sources are providedbrbrThere are many critics of the IMF Major ones, like Joe Stiglitz But they tend to argue incompetence instead of conspiracy brbrAnyway, correct or not, it's poor practice by the doc to rely so much on one source
Comment from : Inconvenientx

Mac and Cheese
Comment from : Mac and Cheese

I’m big on long term investing and the economic state always leads us to the answers we’ll need something told me to check this out 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🎯💵💵
Comment from : Kevo🦅🦅🦅

Geo MS
Many confuse the strictly and robotic lifestyle of the Japanese with civilization, hence the good image that Japan has in other parts of the world
Comment from : Geo MS

Marylou Leeman
Advertiser Gundry is a quack Ignorant of human nutrition realities Red face white hair equals giveaway for alcoholism Spare us!!
Comment from : Marylou Leeman

Drake London
Why is their skin so yellow?
Comment from : Drake London

"Months of speculative attacks" - to this day we still fear mentioning his name - George Soros
Comment from : G V

Greasy Pete
This is why China and Russia won’t blindly open their market to free market forces It never works There’s no successful example of it Ours system works because it’s based on debt, created from interest, generated from printed money, that’s not backed by anything
Comment from : Greasy Pete

John McEntegart
This is what the Ukrainians have to look forward to
Comment from : John McEntegart

Ra9im & رقيم
Paper money is the biggest scam in modern history
Comment from : Ra9im & رقيم

Muhammad Farhan
Comment from : Muhammad Farhan

Boughatii Lovren
Now they are best buds
Comment from : Boughatii Lovren

bank of Englandbrbank of Francebrbank of Germanybrectbrectbrectbrbank of Rothschild
Comment from : andrew

Fractional Debt is Fraud
At least the Japanese central bank is/was "local" to Japan The US Dollar on the other hand is a de facto global currency, with many commodities deemed necessary to be priced in US Dollars - Oil, Copper, Wheat, Soya, Gold, coffee, etc The US Fed controls this "global" currency If that fails? If you didn't know already, you now know why they have such a large military and why the US likes to throw its weight about on a global scale to any preceived threat to the Dollar Be it political, economic, military Thankfully Americans are cool headedoh wait
Comment from : Fractional Debt is Fraud

What's up with the beavers popping up? Either way, nice documentary
Comment from : Azteca

Wow I did not know that the US enforced Socialist ideals on Japan Seems very odd
Comment from : Ian

I doubt the Japanese Government wanted peace They pulled the US into the war with Pearl Harbour The US was pretty much staying out of it until then
Comment from : Ian

So what
It is very powerful documentary , it is my third time watching!
Comment from : So what

Never forget that the Japanese mentality was and is focused on self honor, civil stability and sobriety
Comment from : M A

Koffy PR
Wow brOne of the best documentary This should be in classrooms
Comment from : Koffy PR

Zerox Prime
A thousand trillion dollars! How much does an American Senator cost? How much is a Congessman, Governor, or Sectetary of State The world, including its population, the herd, is owned by mega rich families In a manner, we do live in a matrix, but there is no pill for escape
Comment from : Zerox Prime

CTO Information
So Japan basically did not use any Western capitalist market model to achieve industrialization, and it was very successful Even after Japan completed its industrialization, it wore an American-style institutional coat, but it was actually only a superficial interpretation of the phenomenon China's current operating model is the same as Japan's, or it can be said that Japan's ideas are learned from Chinese history, and they only communicate with the West at the technical level, but their culture and ideas are Sinicized East Asian countries can achieve stable and long-term development without needing the system of Western election games
Comment from : CTO Information

Reality Matters
This makes me wonder what would have happend in the USSR if they had taken their war time economy and switched it to consumer goodsbrThe free market fanboys must be in tears if they ever make it through this doc
Comment from : Reality Matters

Marie Jules
Amazing documentary thank you for sharing espectacular market investment in real-estate
Comment from : Marie Jules

Marie Jules
This is a great opportunity real estate market 👌 👍 🙌 😀
Comment from : Marie Jules

Marie Jules
Sources agreat beautiful cities thanks to view history of Japan documentary 😀 👍 🙌
Comment from : Marie Jules

Marie Jules
Hello everyone thanks for having me it's my pleasure to meeting you guys 😊
Comment from : Marie Jules

It is interesting to see that the US re-distributed productive land in Japan from the capitalists to the tennants
Comment from : MrAnperm

You should do a video about post WWII West Germany economy, even though the country was almost entirely destroyed by the British and the Allies after the defeat the economy rise up
Comment from : Ramal

Gabriel Alvarado
Seems eerily similar to what we’re living now
Comment from : Gabriel Alvarado

Yep, they let all the fake realtors borrow a million dollars, bubble burst, they didn't have to pay it back & got to keep all the houses they were selling, yep, that's our local government too
Comment from : Jeannie

I saw one video dated 1997 After seeing this, I looked up info on him Richard Werner including how to get in touch with him, if it's even allowed Also,Credit Creation (very informative), ECB and Maastricht Treaty Knowing they can take our money (including precious metals etc)out of Banks at the drop of a hat, I'm researching possible safe places, like the Rich do to protect mine as well 1/19/2022
Comment from : D

Dope audio and camera shots

Armani Nguon
To this day, the market is still slowly recovering after over 30 years
Comment from : Armani Nguon

Jeremiah Leslie
Comment from : Jeremiah Leslie

danny walters
These are the merchants of the world who cry over But not help Babylon when she falls They give and receive power to kneel before earth's last human government they have been marked by their God
Comment from : danny walters

danny walters
This money system is corrupt and can never stand up to real scrutiny The truth is that working class will stand up to real scrutiny They are the only ones who pay for what they have Economists are either hands tiedor stupid Or corrupt Easy to see 1st 2 nd 3rd who of these are the ones that rule
Comment from : danny walters

The video has the right title for the first 1/2 of the video, the 2nd part should be called "21st century colonization - America's imposing 'free economy' to the world by colonizing them economically, through self printed monies"
Comment from : leonardleonunu

ECB is hot garbage 🔥🤷‍♂️
Comment from : CautionCU

Пётр Проценко
Great scene of american troops re-entry And no comment of any sort that occupation and colonization is not all バラ色の未来 Double standards: our faithfull boys dispatched across the ocean, but God forbid Russia would send troops to calm separatism somwhere like in the midst of the country itself!
Comment from : Пётр Проценко

Marc Metivier
Don't confuse "state brcapitalism" with free brenterprise These two brparadigms are mutually brexclusive in that state brcapitalism promotes brcollectivism, but free brenterprise promotes brindividualism br🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷br"The strongest argumentbrfor free enterprise is thatbrit prevents anybody from brhaving too much power"br[Milton Friedman] br🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷br🇺🇸 Marc J Metivier 🇺🇸
Comment from : Marc Metivier

paul ivans
37:32 1:10:34 this vid is attenboroish
Comment from : paul ivans

USA did their"miracle" again!!
Comment from : CONSTANTINE D

Rick T
Japan is a success story of post war
Comment from : Rick T

Rick T
let me guess you people would be ok if it was communist goverment ?
Comment from : Rick T

The Real Tea
If u so good at making your reverse twisty videos u won't need my money & cars
Comment from : The Real Tea

MonMon Fiasco
How come Japanese Over take Our Country after the War we are the second power house in Asia and yet after 60s we drop down to bottom
Comment from : MonMon Fiasco

In more enlightened times, the deliberate debasing of the US dollar, to justify tyrannical authoritarian legislation, would be prosecuted with guillotines
Comment from : daltanionwaves

Kelley Vanroy
With these documentary, it's clear the financial system needs to be transformed
Comment from : Kelley Vanroy

Matthew Roberts
I find this documentary extremely opaque If anyone has actually understood what point(s) it is trying to get across, please let me know what it means Seventeenth-Century tracts on Samurai Strategies? What? Giant Bubbles? What? The whole thing makes no sense at all But perhaps I am just a neophyte at esoteric international finance So sorry I give up I am unsubscribing Si Yo Nara
Comment from : Matthew Roberts

Panji Wicaksono
I wouldnt say that all Central Banks (CB) are bad But, its mystery, secrecy, and vested interests in many walks of life needs to shift to that of the public And not that of the several fewbrbrAbsolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Comment from : Panji Wicaksono

Faida Yves Moses
Comment from : Faida Yves Moses

Derrick Bridges
Comment from : Derrick Bridges

Lucian Vervega
Who's the narrator?
Comment from : Lucian Vervega

Very interesting… as a video producer, I find the very small font choice (CG) very poor and in many cases, white letters over white background is a poor choice It’s a detractor to the post production product…
Comment from : AVICommunications

Wes Takahashi
Sounds like the 2008 crash in America with the loans
Comment from : Wes Takahashi

John Doe
Bubble economics 😃😃😃😃😃
Comment from : John Doe

AGina Love
Akiko ocean side school of Japanese language, and ink by silk road
Comment from : AGina Love

AGina Love
Who was acting ministry of finance???
Comment from : AGina Love

AGina Love
1986 where my mother first left her home Philippines then 1987 the president of Philippines Marcos force out and now rule for the people powernational beucratic machinery whom help build aircraft by using coke cola (sugar cane, abaca money made , or opium in relation to AfghanistanJapan took to build the capital of manila from the invasion of the city covered under the little America 600 miles cover from Clark air base to capital of manila unless that!! border line in front of our home are just plained cruelty
Comment from : AGina Love

wow i learnt a lot great documentary
Comment from : COLDSUN

This is what happens when banks are in control of the world Everyone knows who runs the banks right? This is what WW2 was ACTUALLY about…bankers controlling the world But victors wrote the history books and the entire world was finessed by bankers to believe otherwise It’s happening again as well
Comment from : Dasmusix

John G
So far - they neglect the US policy of buying everything Japan could make… a primary cause of the collapse in the 80s 90s was the ending of that policy But I’m not even half way through the film so - we’ll see!
Comment from : John G

Simcity 2000
The most peculiar thing and I'm surprised nobody is mentioning this is the obvious deliberate mass traumatization of an entire country by the hands of a few extremely powerful interests namely the country that is occupying the said target country It's not a conspiracy I'm literally just seeing step by step what has happened to Japan The fact is that they played the capitalist game better than America and were punished for itbrbrAnother interesting factor is that the key people behind the propaganda end up somehow setting up a modern education (brainwashing) for rest of Asia that still persists I wonder if public universities and public schools in general are largely to control and limit the borders of our minds
Comment from : Simcity 2000

Cvxsvrixn Xsu
Wow Crisis
Comment from : Cvxsvrixn Xsu

Man, YouTube compression ruined this video’s quality
Comment from : LegozForDayz

John Paul
Interesting documentary It wouldn't surprise me if this happened, elites are evil usually One question, why do they only use that one reporter as there source all the time?
Comment from : John Paul

susan ray
A worthy historical presentation of how Central Banks (The Fed) manipulate entire economies and place into effect disastrous deregulations, neoliberal policies, and "free market" capitalism All of which sounds good at the time but will produce excessive wealth for the top 001 while destroying a middle class, and producing an even larger poorer class with ever-growing poverty among the masses
Comment from : susan ray

Lawrence Sayles
It is not that I am against advertisements, but the number of advertisements and the length of the advertisements is just tech extortion Might as well call this AD TubeSo at this point I am going to uninstall You Tube
Comment from : Lawrence Sayles

why did the bank of japan force the bubble on to the japanese people? Or in other words who did benefit from these anticipated economic policy changes? The result is low growth for decades, debt accumulation, bankruptcies and higher wealth inequality This is scandalous and unbelievable
Comment from : Kenny

Munir Yassin
Is their a similar documentation on the period following WW2 in Germany ?
Comment from : Munir Yassin

Hilman Sudirman
Central Banks must be independent they said, but not from the Fed and IMF And what happen in Japan is the sandbox for what will happen to the entire world in 1997 And only USA that still intact
Comment from : Hilman Sudirman

Japan is a country stuck in a condition like 1919 USA the Great depression erabrNever came out of it
Comment from : Sam LSD

Uwant Tono
This is an absolutely fantastic documentary on the abuses by central banks of their powers so as to enhance their own authority over the lives of their peoples! And why? The ultimate goal here is to preserve US hegemony of the world financial order by maintaining its status as the world's only reserve currency It demonstrates that (US or any) power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!! A big lesson for the PBOC (中国人民银行 ) - and the 2008 Great Recession showed this - is that under NO circumstances should the PRC deregulate their capital account that would otherwise put them at the whims of the IMF, World Bank and US Treasury!! Why would any government allow their citizens to borrow in a foreign currency whose interest and exchange rates they cannot directly influence, especially if they have a large trade surplus and are not a reserve currency? China does not need to change the structure of its economy to appease US capitalists and ultra free marketers!
Comment from : Uwant Tono

Temijin Kahn
The Emperor was a war criminal and should have been hanged He was kept in place to control the people
Comment from : Temijin Kahn

Jason Bourne
Keynesian Modern Monetary Theory has proven to be a failure Recession is a necessary pill to swallow Fractional Reserve Banking should be abolished altogether
Comment from : Jason Bourne

Mwangi Gethiga
This sounds kid of familiar
Comment from : Mwangi Gethiga

Adam Reggie
I m surprise some educated population that they mess big time Japanese economy
Comment from : Adam Reggie

So who is behind Bank of Japan ? Private entity or government elected officials ?
Comment from : MrPhunkydude

“Oh my gooooooooooood!” - Rich Evans
Comment from : promessa_ex

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