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100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide

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Information 100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide

Title :  100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide
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Frames 100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide

Description 100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide

Comments 100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide

scott Knox
Is it recommended to learn Japanese before you go??? Or is it ok to rely on Google translate??
Comment from : scott Knox

blue diamond
Japan, is always my dream country to visit I Love everything about Japan and I believe that one day and I will be there When I watch videos about the Japanese people and about the country in general, I felt regret why did I came from Nigeria in the first place!!!!!!!!
Comment from : blue diamond

kılıç mert
kızı görüp atlayan ben
Comment from : kılıç mert

James Bochnik
8:13 now this is the cafe Bugs Bunny should go to
Comment from : James Bochnik

is it recommended to book a personal guide in Japan? we do not speak Japanese and have never been to japan before We will stay for almost 3 weeks and plan to spend a few days in Tokio and the travel the country with the Shinkansen
Comment from : murat2209

Comment from : FAMAS _

Comment from : Incepcja

Comment from : KBT VLOG

Francis Lambert
Very Cool Peace :_
Comment from : Francis Lambert

Blue Hawaii
Comment from : Blue Hawaii

Comment from : 鳕鳕123

Ed Reed
Wow!… such a very thorough snap shot of Tokyo attractions I loved the guided tour I hope to visit this summer 🙂✈️
Comment from : Ed Reed

edward lewandowski
Comment from : edward lewandowski

Christopher Paul
I want to go to Studio Ghibli museum! I love Miyazaki's movies! I'm surprised it's not on the list
Comment from : Christopher Paul

Christopher Paul
Why is the store called Don Quixote? haha! So random
Comment from : Christopher Paul

Christopher Paul
Starbucks? haha I'm not flying all the way to Tokyo from California to go to Starbucks There are 90 in San Francisco alone if I wanted to go I'm excited to visit some unique Japanese cafés!!
Comment from : Christopher Paul

Comment from : Blurryst4rs

Its like there is nothing you can do without in or on of these concert things anymore hehe
Comment from : Shitcumpiss

Clashzers Zone
All love Japan and want to explore every corner and experience every vibe coming out from therebrHow days much money it will take☺️☺️brAs I am a Teenager and have no money so first I'll earn then travel,brDo Japanese accept Indians???
Comment from : Clashzers Zone

Janie K Carney
Excellent video Thank you
Comment from : Janie K Carney

Marco Lu
so wahts the cost lol ,
Comment from : Marco Lu

Saddiq Saddiq
Gekoshokai O once gai shemas
Comment from : Saddiq Saddiq

Saddiq Saddiq
Genki deska
Comment from : Saddiq Saddiq

Saddiq Saddiq
Kon'nichi wa
Comment from : Saddiq Saddiq

Paul Yun
Japanese American owned and operate Sushi restaurant in Southern California is par with Japan or even better Best Ramen I've ever had in my life was actually not from Japan but from Fullerton California Asian Cuisines in California is no joke, good ones are really par with the origin country Not sure about other states or other non Asian nations I am Korean American and I don't missed a thing from foods of S Korea, most of the Korean dishes are available here in So-Cal and some of them are actually better than what I had in back in Seoul Korea Same with Vietnamese, Malaysian, Sichuan, Thai and Cantonese cuisines in So-Cal, they are all very good
Comment from : Paul Yun

An expansion of Number 11 Try and visit every Tokyo Subway station in a single day
Comment from : reptongeek

Kelly chuchu21
You know my dreem to go in tokyo japan because is very pretty
Comment from : Kelly chuchu21

anyone could tell me how a nijigen should spend his tokyo tour
Comment from : 匿名制冲浪

❤️ from 🇵🇰 Pakistan
Comment from : QASIM JAMIL

Sehrish Hussain
Thank you soooo much for this video it’s sooo helpful ♥️
Comment from : Sehrish Hussain

Or koi country ka ladkiya alone aakela hai wh tb bhej dena wh single women
Comment from : NADEEM KHAN

Alone aakela women wh new Delhi pr china japan ka hoga sath me Russia single women new Delhi pr tha ndtv wh
Comment from : NADEEM KHAN

Max M
first look is very very better also Germany
Comment from : Max M

Max M
It is WOW😮 It is my dream to trevel to Japan
Comment from : Max M

Amelie van Tongeren
can someone put the timestamps here?
Comment from : Amelie van Tongeren

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VIDEO i am planning a trip with freinds this video was extremely helpful
Comment from : GundaManBatan

Samson Leung
Great video! Thank you for putting this together! You put so many different things to do not seen in other YouTube channels! Definitely going to visit the hedgehog Cafe after the Meiji Shrine Where do you recommend a tourist stay in Tokyo while visiting Japan?
Comment from : Samson Leung

Lawrence M
This is extremely helpeful, and this video was 4 years ago, just imagine what new devopments have occurred I'm going in May for 2 weeks with a lifelong plan to travel every 4-6 months (Side Note: I found 80 of the 100 things very interesting for me to visit/experience So this was very helpful for my planning)
Comment from : Lawrence M

Chrissy Stewart
I'm from Baltimore Maryland I always wanted to come to Tokyo because I never been around 🇯🇵 people in my childhood I want 🇯🇵 friends , I'm Disney fan excited there's Disneyland in Tokyo I'm an Sailor Moon fan so Tokyo count me in
Comment from : Chrissy Stewart

at 18:14 I thought for a moment she said "you can buy them as snacks" and I was like noooooo
Comment from : Arimel

After watching this video, i made a list places i want to go to!
Comment from : Bharathi

kuttig jasmin
name of the song at 15 some min plssss
Comment from : kuttig jasmin

Thank you so much ❤️
Comment from : miladsadeghiin

MHM vlogs
WOW beautiful ❤❤
Comment from : MHM vlogs

Playful Plushies
Which month would be the best month to go to Japan?
Comment from : Playful Plushies

Playful Plushies
Would you say Japan is expensive for a holiday? If I went there I would definitely go there for the shopping side of things because I like lots of the little toys, trinkets and souvenirs
Comment from : Playful Plushies

Oedo Onsen is now closed permanentlybrYou should not miss driving a go-kart through the city Akihabara or ShinjukubrDon't miss going to the Robot Cafe in ShinjukubrCatch your own fish at a Fishing restaurant
Comment from : myself

Isabella Iggyfeather
I think an extremely awesome place to visit in Yokohama is the marine walk, or Red Brick Warehouse, located near Cosmo World There are some really good restaurants and shops there, a mall, and boat cruises on the river Its also extremely dog friendly and you will frequently see pooches there!
Comment from : Isabella Iggyfeather

Lifestyle Hustlers - Brent & Molly
Wow very helpful, we head to tokyo in a few weeks, thankyou so much this was very helpful
Comment from : Lifestyle Hustlers - Brent & Molly

Wolfie Draws
not me waiting for Gracery Hotel in Shinjuku
Comment from : Wolfie Draws

Benson Giang
Bruh what
Comment from : Benson Giang

Currently thinking of doing a trip to Tokyo in 2024 This is a very helpful list to use for planning!
Comment from : EnzoDragon1

Lenny Momanyi
Short and Sweet Good to see you alright there
Comment from : Lenny Momanyi

Is there any open stage karaoke in Tokyo, or is all they have private room karaoke The private room is only good with large groups But stage karaoke is good overall for singles or couples wanting to share their talents with other people
Comment from : borg386

Comfy Capybara
it looks like a consumers trip mixed with tourist traps bruh
Comment from : Comfy Capybara

Sunan Jati Dusun Brunei
Comment from : Sunan Jati Dusun Brunei

diglioo360 VR Contents
We look forward to seeing you in Osaka
Comment from : diglioo360 VR Contents

character travels
Take me with you
Comment from : character travels

Brylle justin Reforma
in the meantimebrWhat do u expect?
Comment from : Brylle justin Reforma

Steven Mai
Let’s do some travel America videos and I’ll join you for this, Kim Awesome videos you have
Comment from : Steven Mai

Texor Videos
Thank you for the info Nice brTexor Videos brfrom the Philippines
Comment from : Texor Videos

Figureign - Unboxing Figures with Entertainment!
100 things to do in Tokyo: shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop and more shopping
Comment from : Figureign - Unboxing Figures with Entertainment!

Moving Shots
Nice place
Comment from : Moving Shots

Dilan Ross
This video helped me add 19 items to my itinerary for my trip next month This has been the most helpful video I’ve watched on Tokyo!
Comment from : Dilan Ross

Nathalie Smyth
Going in April so excited !!
Comment from : Nathalie Smyth

Lauren Miles
This has been so helpful, thank you! We're currently planning our Honeymoon travelling Japan for March 2023 and really looking forward to it It's been a long time comingThanks COVID!!!
Comment from : Lauren Miles

The Life Of Brandon Cooney
12:05 best part
Comment from : The Life Of Brandon Cooney

absdefg a
milky way cafe so cool
Comment from : absdefg a

angelina tellez
omg im going next summer
Comment from : angelina tellez

Enjoy, thumb up and save
Comment from : Vincent

Lovin it
Comment from : Vincent

Ken Rogers
i would love to do everything awesome
Comment from : Ken Rogers

Gomez Addams (ゴメス・アダムス)
I'll Be Interesting Japanese Culture In Japan Trip For The Future In 2024 I Spoke Fluently Japanese And I'm Speak English I Am From Sydney, Nice Video Kimdao We Hope U To See U At Tokyo In 2024brGomez Addams Xoxoxo br🤺💃🇯🇵🗼👘😀
Comment from : Gomez Addams (ゴメス・アダムス)

Shaun Pierce
2:52 that was too much for me 🤣 I have a thing for bare shoulders, had no idea you were going to appear like that
Comment from : Shaun Pierce

amazing, a must place to visit, hopefully soon
Comment from : POWER WALK TOUR

Theo Eguia
18:54brWow the woman in the orange sweater!!!!❤️🔥🌹❤️💗❤️🔥❤️❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️brbrbrbrI'm going to Japan!
Comment from : Theo Eguia

s m
Thank you so much for your hard work in compiling this comprehensive, very interesting & informative list! 🤗
Comment from : s m

Ric Fermi
Every thing is clean and amazing but there's a big downside: the Japanese people!brNo thanks Keep it all to you!
Comment from : Ric Fermi

I would recommend to try the Kobe beaf , it’s amazing
Comment from : Mohammed

What a great video! Thanks for making it!
Comment from : luquito90

Michael Rufo
Venus Fort looks just like the mall in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, that's super cool We're going to Japan for our honeymoon in 2023 so I can't wait to check out some of these places when we're there
Comment from : Michael Rufo

Great video! Very informative and it was fun to watch your girlfriend dates all over Tokyo I’m traveling to Japan in a month with my husband and I’ve added the Hedgehog cafe and the tax free store to our travel plans!
Comment from : M W

I wish you had a tour guide service because me and my friends are planning a trip there in July to August It is so many things to choose from and it is hard to decide I know for myself I love electronics so anything like video games and new and old electronics I must see and love good food
Comment from : clemonscg

Hans Löwe
😂 in Tokyo? Why would i stay in that shithole place?
Comment from : Hans Löwe

Tan Stanley
Hi goodday can share where is the place you stay in Osaka , I hope to have valued added n not expensive one
Comment from : Tan Stanley

Zarif Khan
Comment from : Zarif Khan

Hiiii I already know all these things because I’m Japanese
Comment from : pacellia

Pham Tu
😮 This is such a helpful knowledge brThank you so much for thatbrBy the way I’m currently doing realtor here in Japan 🎉 would love to help anyone here need to find one NOW or future😎
Comment from : Pham Tu

Now that the borders are open again i cant wait to visit Tokyo, but i also wanna go the north in a hot spring spa
Comment from : Morpheus

Spark _
I always buy candies as souvenirs everywhere I visit & their supermarket 's eco bags ,cheapest souvenirs which everyone appreciate & use,or eat & won't take too much ,or no space at all in my suitcases !! Visiting a hair salon in Tokyo will be a refreshing / amazing experience, too !! Full of great ideas !! To prevent issues ,when visiting a hair salon ,stick to something like a head spa treatment ,or a bang trim ,or a blow dry only !! Avoid perms ,hair cutting or coloring Unless you don't mind if any goes wrong ! Lol Avoid those before an event where you'll be taking photos or others will be doing so ! Lol💜🥁🐉🎤🎶💞
Comment from : Spark _

Valdis Savickis
when you sead drugstore i was freaking out
Comment from : Valdis Savickis

How much income do you need to live a comfortable life in Japan? I looked up my profession and around 150000Y doesnt look that great :o
Comment from : LorenzoJ

No 2 on my lists
Comment from : MaiWurld

Olliveiro McAllister
100 Things To Do In WELCOME TO THE TOKYO JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide
Comment from : Olliveiro McAllister

Hatuba Chanel
Hallo iam Rachmat from indonesiai wont come to tokyo at 14 oktfor the first timecan i meet you in tokyo ?thanks
Comment from : Hatuba Chanel

BRAVO, thank you, this is brilliant!
Comment from : MeekaInc

กิตติศักดิ์ แก้ววินิจ
Comment from : กิตติศักดิ์ แก้ววินิจ

Tokyo Capsule Collection
Japan has decided to ease entry restrictions Japan welcomes more tourists than ever before This video is very helpful for visiting Japan Thank you for introducing us to Japan
Comment from : Tokyo Capsule Collection

I'm such an idiot, I should have watched this before I was in Tokyo for a whole month I did a lot, but this would have helped significantly!
Comment from : MurkedStat

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