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The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

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Information The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Title :  The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima | The Daily 360 | The New York Times
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Frames The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Description The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Comments The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Woooooah this was the vid was trippy! I didn't know that could be done like that Super cool
Comment from : Lucas

Remember Nanking and Pearl Harbor
Comment from : P L

Jonathan Fisher
Japan got fkd
Comment from : Jonathan Fisher

This video depicted a city, when Hiroshima at the time was just a big town
Comment from : Michael

Shame on the usa!!brusa dropped a nuclear bomb on peaceful Nagasaki on Agust 9th 1945
Comment from : Alan

Chris Coppolo
Of course the NYT says they were given no warning and then a small 7 second correction in writing at the end saying leaflets were dropped They were indeed warned and footage of the Emperor denying any sort of surrender is here on YouTube Nuclear war is horrible, but imagine being the president and choosing the lives of tens of thousands of your own men to go die or to drop one bomb And then having to drop ANOTHER one because the Emperor still wouldn't give up Not to mention the fact that they had already bombed Osaka with thousands of bombs doing nearly the same amount of damage and yet no surrender from the Emperor This is the result when a sociopath rules a country and has no remorse for the lives of their people and only cares about ruling land and expanding his empire Tired of people blaming America when the real blame is on the Emperor of Japan (not the Japanese people) RIP to all those who died because of the Emperors selfish ego
Comment from : Chris Coppolo

And america lectures third world countries on humanity Lol
Comment from : AKHIL SHARMA

Roblox Boy
Comment from : Roblox Boy

I just got a candy crush ad for this
Comment from : Des

Ivy Mike
“Killing 80k people INSTANTLY” ?? That number sounds a bit high
Comment from : Ivy Mike

US: hey boyz lets drop an atomic bomb on a city and laugh hard about italso US: "oh russians are attacking civilians that are being used as a meat shield of ukraine soldiers how dare them" ----- US: "hey lets attack another country for fun im pretty sure theyre building atomic bombs" also US: "oh russia is invading ukraine wich is being spoonfed with our weapons and military training for years directly next to their country how dare them this is illegal lets cry all over tv about how cruel they are"
Comment from : LiveforFun

That's what campers get
Comment from : Shotz

American guy
We should have nuked those covid-19 loving commie scum China due to they killed more people than anyone else did with a virus
Comment from : American guy

Ivaylo Parvanov
And NY times is proud of this 🧐
Comment from : Ivaylo Parvanov

Sub if youre against Communism
No warning? They dropped plenty of pamphlets warning the citizens But what could you expect from the NYT?
Comment from : Sub if youre against Communism

Comment from : 清純女子

Comment from : 清純女子

Jose Santos
Man drop it on the cops I would
Comment from : Jose Santos

Jose Santos
I got it
Comment from : Jose Santos

Jenica Olayer
As a chemist, I am so sad
Comment from : Jenica Olayer

Lone Star
It's so sad that humans had to resort to such destruction If Japan never sided with the Nazis maybe it could have been prevented Maybe in a different UniversebrThe fact this was only a mere 80years ago shows some humans still today don't learn their lessons Not only human life was obliterated but many forms of Life What's for? Land and control? brbrHopefully it's just a phase of awakening for humans Who knows what the future will bring for humankind Let's live for love and peace today ☮️🙏🌎
Comment from : Lone Star

Fire Boss
Of coarse this one of the cowardly ways of fighting America used like the cold war against Russia
Comment from : Fire Boss

unfathomable evil
Comment from : TF H

Peter Davidson
People overlook the extreme CRUELTY the Japanese soldiers applied to captured prisoners and the public with beheadings/strangulations and beatings until the victims were dead HAVE NO PITY FOR THE JAPANESE WHATSOEVER
Comment from : Peter Davidson

Phil Stephens
No warning? America warned Japan surrender or else That’s a warning
Comment from : Phil Stephens

the new japan experience is lookin great!
Comment from : Vpusta

Смотрите японцы, убийцы ваших соотечественников ещё и фильмы снимают про ваше горе, и показывают всему миру От самурайского духа ни осталось ничего Вы ещё одни американские прихвостни
Comment from : Мучо

Burger Mister
I'm so sorry for lives
Comment from : Burger Mister

Call me Shaggy
Being close doesn't matter except for grenades & nukes
Comment from : Call me Shaggy

S Brown
This is fake Japanese political propaganda video Japan wasn't bombed by the atomic bomb, the Japanese spent a lot of money to make a great movie that was perfect
Comment from : S Brown

This firework is beautiful
Comment from : 一个化学家的爱情高分子化学

Dinder Mufflin
Really cool how they were able to capture the bomb that up close as it fell like that Truly astonishing
Comment from : Dinder Mufflin

freedom freiheit
The japanese have seen how america is so criminal
Comment from : freedom freiheit

Venkatesh S
The US must pay for this, Russia should declare war on US
Comment from : Venkatesh S

Raed Raed
America have taught the world how cheap humans are
Comment from : Raed Raed

The little boy
Comment from : CHOPPINGFOOD

Melissa Ericks
this says there was not waring given but there was the day before
Comment from : Melissa Ericks

Charisse Cabangon
Blah blahblah
Comment from : Charisse Cabangon

kevin carr
Comment from : kevin carr

Gershom Israel
This is disrespectful this is like watching the slave trade live
Comment from : Gershom Israel

People saying that this was necessary are sick af and need help
Comment from : BrokenSnake

Paul Gentile
this atomic bomb is a firecracker compared to what they have nowadays
Comment from : Paul Gentile

No warning? I guess the New York Times hasn’t heard of the Lemay leaflets Great fact checking everyone
Comment from : RealLifeDoctor

Cameron Park
日本の貪欲な天王、軍部によって悲劇的な太平洋戦争が始まり、数百万のアジア人が死んだ。 日本は数十万の南京大虐殺、731部隊の恐ろしい人体生体実験が行われた。 幸い、米国が原子爆弾を爆発させ、数十万の日本人が苦痛を受けて死に、恐ろしい被害を与えて降伏してしまう。 今からでもドイツのナチスがユダヤ人大虐殺を反省するように、日本の天王は痛烈に反省しなければならない。
Comment from : Cameron Park

National Law Firm
It's unlike act noted at the World elsewhere peoples think about it criminal mafia's global warning for peaceful World, So that now we should take action & reforms about that's criminal conspiracy !!
Comment from : National Law Firm

That is the reason i hate America America
Comment from : DO YOU KNOW ????

Japan 1945: "Tennoheika Banzai" brJapan 21st century: Sugoi oniiichaaan , yammete kudasaii
Comment from : Clark

Jenna MarblesZ
World us about love not money
Comment from : Jenna MarblesZ

Jenna MarblesZ
Andi did to save all of you now it's me Lizzy and the Salem witches vs universe
Comment from : Jenna MarblesZ

Jenna MarblesZ
Comment from : Jenna MarblesZ

Jenna MarblesZ
Read Tokyo ghoul asap
Comment from : Jenna MarblesZ

caroline black
Oh look another soon close to my house but the real sun is right ther- bdied/b
Comment from : caroline black

Atom bomb baby little atom bomb!
Comment from : Ubeeo

Kamil Trzoch
Wood Hiroshima isn't brick/concret modern Hiroshima Modern Japaneses is masters of building a anti-destruction materials
Comment from : Kamil Trzoch

Vishal Mukhiya
Imagine a child being just born brExperiencing existence and non existence br Birth and Deathbr At the same time 👶🏻💀
Comment from : Vishal Mukhiya

NCR Veteran Ranger
I understand there was a war going on but I feel like there was another way to end this war like they had to bomb cities they couldn’t have bombed anything else just something with less people
Comment from : NCR Veteran Ranger

Shrirang Moghe
Comment from : Shrirang Moghe

miracle milagro
Comment from : miracle milagro

Калоян Христов
Amazing video keep doing this kind of videos
Comment from : Калоян Христов

I'm not really sure if im rightI think like demansion have seven they wars seam happens in certain demansion and they people who share same numeric numbers alphabet around the world will participate with the warsthey call it world wars thinking about wars why not every person involve in warssome maybe cause they like maditate or do some kind purification rituals I think so their enter to warsand in another's sides why some people seam like face the wars every in their likeit seam like Nurato movies come to alive and people can watch it on screenfor those who never think about it, they maybe live like in MTV all they timeit maybe cause by culture influence and lead to ocean of reality form itfor those who master it can carry othersit pretty much like a new dawn for him and him followersbr-:so it like we have different massager major will be 25 that can offers different ocean of reality if you obsessed with itI thinknot mantion evil and angels reality toono wonder go to daily work can have a same deed like you go to warsthey have heroes supporters enemies and etc
Comment from : fusemalaysia

Nikola Razmoski
bravos na amerikanskite varvari i najgenocidni satani i tirani vo istorijata
Comment from : Nikola Razmoski

7 Ward Platinum God
Only a Devil would create an unleash something like this upon the earth
Comment from : 7 Ward Platinum God

Şahlar Mehdi
USA is an international criminal country
Comment from : Şahlar Mehdi

I hate the United States
Comment from : Dorky_stories_random

Zaidan Ahnaf
If the Arabs go and make a 360 video about 9/11 would you want that?
Comment from : Zaidan Ahnaf

Polo Rico
I thought the radius will be bigger than that That was nothing Not even 25 can destroy the planet Did y’all seen how small that thing was? In the last clip, nuclear’s barely do anything
Comment from : Polo Rico

please go atomic bomb museum at hiroshima and nagasakiI am japanese ,and i see it as the cruelest in the history of the world Americans may not see it that wayWar sucks It is the consensus of the Japanese peoplei think
Comment from : foioioo

Daniel Rogador Koh
My birthday is August 6th
Comment from : Daniel Rogador Koh

Kirk Bell
Now we have more powerful weapons that would end the world which we dint need
Comment from : Kirk Bell

xanadu Xanadu
Genocide is a genocide There is no justification for killing hundreds of thousands civilians America never has been judged for this
Comment from : xanadu Xanadu

Mason Jordan
I bet ya they won’t bomb Charleston again😂
Comment from : Mason Jordan

Michael Clarence Carroll
Passenger br youtube/TQKGe3TDLOw
Comment from : Michael Clarence Carroll

Pernicious Pete
0:49 That's a lie The Japanese were given a warning to surrender or face a rain of fire from the sky like the world had never seen {Truman's words) The Japanese weren't specifically told what city (to keep them from moving the POW's there) or what the weapon would be, but they were warned The Japanese chose to ignore the warning They were certainly warned after the first bomb, but they still refused to surrender It took another bomb before the Japanese finally came to their sensesbrWe gave the Japanese MUCH more warning than they gave us at Pearl HarborbrIf the Japanese had had the atomic bomb, they would have used it on the US and been proud to do it
Comment from : Pernicious Pete

There is a falsehood here The target cities had been warned
Comment from : rjdube

Soul 💀
One day the land of Zionist will also be nuked
Comment from : Soul 💀

And to think this is literally a tiny one , ( still gargantuan) yet so destructive! brI do hope that one day we can understand the power without exploding each other into tiny winey pieces!brYou do realise that , that actually happens from the sky right?!?brI wish people would actually look up or at least think about this weird realm we call homebrIt's absurd if you actually step back and think about it
Comment from : Stubeedoobie

Anunaki Atlantis
Waiting to drop all Nuclear from Russia, China,Iran, Pakistan to Japass, americun, and nato , to eleminate human garbage from this planet
Comment from : Anunaki Atlantis

Александр Гуськов
American fascists!
Comment from : Александр Гуськов

Long live Pakistan
USA is the responsible for all these destructive weapons and killings of innocent peoples, shame on usa
Comment from : Long live Pakistan

Frank Salazar
Lame Need better narration and footage
Comment from : Frank Salazar

Americans casually killing thousands to flex new bombs to USSR
Comment from : Mr YGT

I still think eren is in the right
Comment from : superrad6

Rolling Thunder
The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bomb test The two atomic bombs were found in Germany after the war and the US government wanted to test them them At the time of the dropping of the bombs Japan had already surrendered
Comment from : Rolling Thunder

Anthony Hughie
We're we morally right with the two bombs dropped on japan killing well over 100,000 civillians
Comment from : Anthony Hughie

Shakila C
Comment from : Shakila C

“Little boy”brThat didn’t age well
Comment from : KittyUZutty🇺🇦

Anyone who hasn't seen it, watch Stanley Kubrick's 1964 film Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Masterpiece
Comment from : detroitMC313

Cinema For Everyone
Wow, Americans talk about it so proudly
Comment from : Cinema For Everyone

Diego reyes
Game changer
Comment from : Diego reyes

Alexandar Alexandrov
A terroristic warcrime Too bad world is sleeping
Comment from : Alexandar Alexandrov

Billy Broom
Ukraine needs it Drops on Them That will end World War On Russia Long Live Z Long Live Russia
Comment from : Billy Broom

Deka Pwt
Comment from : Deka Pwt

Martina Owl tiger wolf Martinovic
Comment from : Martina Owl tiger wolf Martinovic

Hassan Faisal
Imagine telling your crime to other people how you did it!!!!🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Hassan Faisal

Đức Vũ
Usa is much more evil than Russia
Comment from : Đức Vũ

Eddie Venuto
The United States is kind of dirty for dropping a bomb on Japan All the women and children that weren't doing anything and minding their own business there was a lot of them that got killed But the United States don't care I think it's wrong the United States dropped the bomb on Japan All the radiation the cancer everything those people had to endure because the United States wanted to get even
Comment from : Eddie Venuto

James Barrett
Let's not overlook the MILLIONS of Chinese, Filipinos and other civilians that the Japanese murdered during the war
Comment from : James Barrett

larry robinson
Sayonara losers!!!!!
Comment from : larry robinson

GDK genç düşünürler kanalı
There is no difference between al qaida between these murderersal qaida killed thousandsthese murderers killed hundreds of thousands
Comment from : GDK genç düşünürler kanalı

Mahtab Hussain
Imagine if it will burst on America Americans plz think what would ur reactions What about their children, people of Japan what was their mistake Feel shame america😭😞what about their families
Comment from : Mahtab Hussain

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