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The Netherlands Is The Worst Country in Europe. Here's Why

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Information The Netherlands Is The Worst Country in Europe. Here's Why

Title :  The Netherlands Is The Worst Country in Europe. Here's Why
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Frames The Netherlands Is The Worst Country in Europe. Here's Why

Description The Netherlands Is The Worst Country in Europe. Here's Why

Comments The Netherlands Is The Worst Country in Europe. Here's Why

Frank Theussen
Ik word depressief als ik zie hoe je de wereld om je heen bekijkt Dat negatieve zit in je koppie karin En als je dan een keer nederland wil zien,ga dan 1 dag naar Amsterdam en trek dan lekker verder het land in Maar jou Google komt waarschijnlijk niet verder dan dat The Netherlands! State capitool of Amsterdam 🤣 go back to fb whit youre depressed head HALLOOOO!!!!!!!
Comment from : Frank Theussen

Xavier Ignatious
I was there for a month in 2012 Enjoyed the stay People were kind helpful I like to visit in near future And I don't agree with your short sight statements
Comment from : Xavier Ignatious

I think the issue is with you and noit the country or the people You did not like the canals in Amsterdand so suffered and got depressed Wow brWhat a pathetic video this is
Comment from : themek2307

The eyes Chico They never lie
Amsterdam is Manhattan of Europe offcourse Its expensive
Comment from : The eyes Chico They never lie

I clicked expecting a shitpost I rather realized it was all unironic and encountered a Karen
Comment from : epalegmail

I hope she is sarcastic
Comment from : DJKieft

Ju La
Netherlands a car-free country? Are you joking????brAlso: Amsterdam is NOT the entire NetherlandsbrGood luck complaining through the rest of your life 😂😂😂
Comment from : Ju La

I visited the Netherlands 4 years ago, went to many cities like Amsterdam, the Haig and Rotterdam, we loved it and it’s peopleAmsterdam in my opinion is the most beautiful city in Europe
Comment from : Abdulla

Slowboy Whiteboard
"If you're homeless, you can't even exist there"brBook my ticket 😂
Comment from : Slowboy Whiteboard

Doggy Mozart
Comment from : Doggy Mozart

Right, Dutch is hard? thats why you have IA talking English in your place ?brThe Netherlands is beautifull, lovely people and a lot of beautifull placesbrMaybe, just maybe I'm just thinking out loud but if you hated it so much why did you go in the first place ? I see a lt of thing from around the world on the internet, doesn't meen I have to go brThere are cheap places in Amsterdam, I call your bullshit lag of research, some drugs are legal in The Netherlands and there are a lot of cheap options for food in Amsterdam, yet again, lag of researchbralso, you get paid more the longer you work there and your imput in the company grows geting paid more the older you get LOL brbrSo next time instead of complaining, do some research, save some cash and book a flight after you know everythingbrOR don't just stay home and make videos about your hard life A lot of people want to travel but can't and its not because travling is so expansieve its because they have to pay bills, taking care of family or maybe just themselves brFrom now on I'll be saying Hello just to make people move, way better then excuse me, pardon me, saves a wordbrThe Netherlands and Belgium are known for there hospitallity, The Netherlands even more then Belgium so I don't know what you're talking about brI love my neigbor Country, I love the poeple and the way they speak and thinkbrI know that a lot of people in the comments think the same way, so please just stay home, save yourself some money and leave us alonebrbroke that being said, bye KarenbrMuch love (NOT) from Belgium
Comment from : CakeFromAbove

Eric Vandenberg
Wow! I was waiting for the "April Fools" ending I am Dutch There are so many incorrect and uninformed statements, I don't know where to start
Comment from : Eric Vandenberg

En dit is, mijn beste landgenoten, waarom we een zichtbare dislike button op youtube nodig hebben
Comment from : Vigilante

Kim van der Linden
Is this for real???!!! 😂🙈
Comment from : Kim van der Linden

I moved to Greenland and what happened shocked me! I got frostbite on the first day! Worst vacay ever
Comment from : Jrwarriors

Ryan Blaauw
you didnt like it because there are attractive people of which you aren' t one of
Comment from : Ryan Blaauw

werner hettinga
Amsterdam is the not " the Netherlands " in the north of the country life is much cheaper and way more comfortable than the city Just check out Friesland if you want to see the Netherlands
Comment from : werner hettinga

George Florin Tauscher
It’s nice that they keep homeless off the road
Comment from : George Florin Tauscher

George Florin Tauscher
Good video! I’m moving here anyway but yeah, I get your points!
Comment from : George Florin Tauscher

Oh so this karen is talking trash about dutch huh?
Comment from : Smoll_pop_cat

Bert Staal
Clown 🤡
Comment from : Bert Staal

snow is rare in the netherlands bri can say that toobrbr''i got to the usa i'ts the worst country ever cause when i came there there was a hurricane and there where no cars around
Comment from : VAOS

Tukan Kibar
You have no idea what you are talking about As a migrant who is hopefully going to become Dutch one day; this country has been nothing but a bliss It is an extremely lovely country, with an insane amount of tolerance and respect to individuality that not expressing gratitude for that blows my mindbrbrAlso, if you think people of a country shouldn’t speak their bloody native language you are out of your damn mind Boils my blood!brbrYou are right about one thing though - Dutchies are absolutely gorgeous; the most beautiful one of them all for me being my fiancée ❤️
Comment from : Tukan Kibar

So you went to a country and we're basically surprised that it's not America🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Thomas

Thijs Kuiken
I think it's difficult for her to have a good conversation with anyone if her actual voice is being dubbed all the time :-p brAt the airport they probably realized they had to dumb things down to short phrases like : me friend good person help you
Comment from : Thijs Kuiken

So funny this video 🤣🤣
Comment from : StarZu

Ysbrand 111
Pov you are looking for an comment who supports this Karen
Comment from : Ysbrand 111

Wessel Op de Beek
Why do you go to amsterdam then Of course the head city is expensive
Comment from : Wessel Op de Beek

Naveen Senanayake
Are you serious? Are you from another planet? 😳 Netherlands is best country to live And people are very kind This woman is lieing Well am from Sri Lanka I lived there like 10 years And i will say this is the best country to livebrNetherlands is not worst country You are worstbr🇱🇰 ❤ 🇳🇱
Comment from : Naveen Senanayake

Astaroth Totes
Belgium, you wanna take this "saaie doos" for the team🤣
Comment from : Astaroth Totes

Broodleider [Z]
Bro this videos is all lies
Comment from : Broodleider [Z]

snel opflikkeren dan! tjoooo
Comment from : Ernum1892

hahaha next time use your own perfect speaking english voice hahaha good thing for you, you dont have to think about breathing
Comment from : jeroenvdhoeven

erwin meester
This is an hilarious skit! I love the obvious sarcasm and cheek in tongue brbrThis is genius!
Comment from : erwin meester

H Russell
Lady, you really don’t understand what it means to travel One travels to another country to appreciate what is different and try to understand those differences, not to knock the differences and to complain about what you find offensive or you don’t like If that is the case, then you have to examine yourself and find out why you are having such difficulty with new experiences and cultures Otherwise, stay home
Comment from : H Russell

Geratioerd !
Comment from : osez111

Ik wil jou niet eens in Nederland!
Comment from : Ajaxstrijder

Jerome Johnson
So you come here to live without doing any research? Thats kinda stupid
Comment from : Jerome Johnson

Slim Charles
Some people shouldn’t travel, they should stay home , you’re one of them
Comment from : Slim Charles

Jay C
Ayo what the fuck is this Hahha
Comment from : Jay C

Derek Wiers
The Algo strikes again! This video makes me want to go to Amsterdam to see just how wrong she is I already know that Dutch is the easiest language for English speakers to learn as the languages are related (I'm learning it now); I know that I personally would not mind attractive people saying Hallo to me; and canals and rivers make the city more interesting and picturesque And I can tell that even as an outsider - I'm half Dutch by descent, but all of my family has been American for generations Imagine what I'd learn if I were to visit!
Comment from : Derek Wiers

Hans Zorba
Never heard so much nonsense stay away stupid
Comment from : Hans Zorba

Kast Bolder
Comment from : Kast Bolder

Dear lady, it sounds like you came to the Netherlands as a tourist and expected to be a citizen Did you arrange a visa that allows you to work and live in the country? I guess not So basically you came to the country and tried to do something illegal… and now you’re bashing it because it didn’t work out I guess you’re back in the USA, the best country in the world?
Comment from : tubecrazytube

What a Gremlin
Comment from : D K

Cory Brown
Your parents must be really tall for you to have been dropped as hard as you were when you were a baby
Comment from : Cory Brown

Gwen van Gessel
En it is not True brNL niet waar je beledigt ons 😣😖
Comment from : Gwen van Gessel

Worst vlogger I've ever seen
Comment from : →ALTERR0K←

Don't talk about my country old bitch
Comment from : →ALTERR0K←

Brendan Smith
Is this video a parody? Very hard to tell The person making this video doesn't even appear to speak English
Comment from : Brendan Smith

Stephanie Sesay
You are a a liar Dutch food is good get disliked LOL bikes are good
Comment from : Stephanie Sesay

Gary G
Another attention seeking, high maintenance Karen with many issues with extreme weather, prostitution, drug use, cost of living, lack of English, etc, You'd think she'd should have least have felt at home in the good ole USA Maybe the Dutch people should have provided her with a free bicycle, even an exercise one Just saying Kin' ell
Comment from : Gary G

What a previleged broad
Comment from : SophiasHeir

I am Australian Chinese and I love Amsterdam
Comment from : MARKINAU8

Peter Rozen
Lots of triggered Dutchies here, add big toes to the list 🤣
Comment from : Peter Rozen

This has to be a troll
Comment from : Thoompie-14

D Koc
It’s truly true, it’s hard to live in the Netherlands as foreign Thank you for clearly true words
Comment from : D Koc

Hilarious :D
Comment from : zynius

Is this satire?
Comment from : J0hannVonS

Blaza laughs
Comment from : Blaza laughs

Blaza laughs
Comment from : Blaza laughs

jim van der meij
You should close your channel fucking old hag Talking all this shit for a lot of people and groups Generalizing them as you did
Comment from : jim van der meij

Sharon Pusz
I spent three years traveling through Europe and visited Holland more than a dozen times What you described was nothing like I saw People were courteous, friendly, and spoke English quite well The cost of living was reasonable
Comment from : Sharon Pusz

Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft
Comment from : Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft

Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft
Comment from : Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft

Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft
Comment from : Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft

Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft
Comment from : Ninja_Eshaan Minecraft

Nas Kutak
America is shit bs Netherlands
Comment from : Nas Kutak

As a Dutch woman, I am very offended by this video You describe things that are just plain wrong You went to Amsterdam That does NOT represent the Netherlands It is our Capital so yes very expensive Almost everyone speaks very good English Yes we ride bikes, but also (a lot of) cars No not so much in the heart of Amsterdam, because of the canals, but everywhere else we drive! Do your research before you go to a country Make sure you make plans for work and accommodations before you come That's called common sense What did you expect, you just come here without any plans and we welcome you with open arms? Go live in the real world lady!!! Oh, and if you want to live in a foreign country, maybe learn a little bit of the language You are the one who needs to adjust, not us We already live here
Comment from : fruupke79

Guys i was in the netherlands, and the people spoke DUTCH!1!1!111!!11! Very weird 😡😡😡😡
Comment from : Sub2SapphireVR

British Waffle Productions
Bro, the Dutch speak Dutch which I can’t speak, but they make an effort to speak English but not to the level I can, they maintain their health and reduce pollution with bikes and trams, they maintain their geographical beauty by not getting rid of their canals or rivers, it’s expensive to live in the capital city (literally every country), they pay their older workers more because it’s more difficult for them to work, a bunch of racist generalizations , I can’t go on big shopping sprees, they don’t have a lot of fast food, and the worst thing to say, “there’s nothing for us Americans in Amsterdam”
Comment from : British Waffle Productions

Patrick Rossèl
Are we speaking Dutch now?
Comment from : Patrick Rossèl

mystery owl
My brother live there and also they are not cold brAlso they are friendly people and they are not greedy u are greedybrUr a karenbrAlso wtf u
Comment from : mystery owl

I am dutch and also dislike my country but not due to the reasons you mentioned,there are far too many cars and racism? Naahnot really, more cars per Capita than in the US, racism? and it shouldn't be too difficult to communicate with the dutch, they usually do speak basic English and a lot better than in a lot of other countries and if Holland is not organizedwhich country is?yes, cold people, arrogant and a horrible political system with people that expect the state to solve everything without taking any accountability for their own actionsbrThe entitlement is what really makes me sickpeople expect to buy a house before 30, drive a Tesla and go on holidays twice a year as a minimum generalizing this is ofcourse, the pandemic, the war and the "save the planet" Idiocracy has made me aware that I just don't belong or fit in this country anymore
Comment from : THELONGHOSEcom

Annie Hope
She's just being provocative for the views and comments, and we're all falling for it She pinned the video on top of her account It's her moneymaker
Comment from : Annie Hope

Levi Lourinho da Silva
And what she said that’s not true the Nederlands make WiFi so
Comment from : Levi Lourinho da Silva

johan de Witt
You speak about Holland, the west part of the Netherlands The Moron part of the Netherlands
Comment from : johan de Witt

johan de Witt
A backwards country!
Comment from : johan de Witt

johan de Witt
Agree whit you
Comment from : johan de Witt

𝐌𝐚𝐞 𝐘𝐚𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞
I am not dutch but i have lived here for 4 yearsIts nothing this cheap karen says it is brand the dutch are very welcomingThank you for everything netherlands
Comment from : 𝐌𝐚𝐞 𝐘𝐚𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞

Mees Heijmans
Amsterdam is the worst
Comment from : Mees Heijmans

Europe itself its the worst place in the world LMAO
Comment from : HEISENMEME

As a dutch men, I can tell you Amsterdam is not the place to visit for a holliday, I would suggest better go to Utrecht, or Eindhoven or somewere else then Amsterdam During the summer its really nice Yes we do use cars, we got different ubers and stuff but its expensive Rather take or rent a bike at the nearest station as an optionbrEindhoven has way less canals and is really nice too A museum, Strijp-S all nice places too visitbrWorking is different yeah, Im struggling too with my girlfriend We even got to marry so she can actually work here brBut I guess you went on a 'holliday' instead of going with a work permit?brI personally won't give any money to strangers, why?? because the most of them spend it on drugs or anything else And life is just as expensive for you as for any other Dutch person in the Netherlands But I do agree, if anyone asks for 1 euro Give them that euro But barely anyone has change nowadays we all using cards (I-Deal or Visa's)brbrIn my opinion saying the Netherlands is the worst place is not really true too me Yes the food is meh and its expensive But you went to the wrong place and thats the most known place I recommand you to visit the Netherlands once again but then go outside of Amsterdam instead and see what real Dutch culture is like brOlder people and English don't go hand in hand but the younger generation will speak to youbrIf we speak bad English go to France and try it there 😂 they won't bother talking EnglishbrbrYou've probably went to the wrong place at the wrong timebrGood luck! And happy traveling!
Comment from : Brovideolol

Is this satire? I can confirm Amsterdam is expensive, there are a lot of bicycles and people speak Dutch all the time I am not so sure about everything else 🤣
Comment from : Creequ

Boggie Man
If you say that their English is broken, please tell me why you are lip syncing to the audio
Comment from : Boggie Man

Boggie Man
Bikes and snow everywhere, that’s Goos
Comment from : Boggie Man

Mister Mister
Now that I know this woman will never be there, I am ready to go there
Comment from : Mister Mister

M Ct
"In Amsterdam, there are not really places to sit" Madam, please be honest, you have never been to the Amsterdam
Comment from : M Ct

Lucas Resno
Hey b**h yes the Netherlands has problems, there is no perfect place, but you make it sound like a sh**hole, while it is not at all You not liking the dutch language doesn't mean it sucks There are issues in NL just like there are issues in the US or Russia, but there are also wonderful things and people in all countries
Comment from : Lucas Resno

Ron Westerduin
Please stay away! way too crowded already!
Comment from : Ron Westerduin

Her: reasons you should not move to HollandbrbrUs: reasons you should not watch the video
Comment from : Kameelsmily

John C
👇Like if you dislike this video
Comment from : John C

No effort in this video brThe thumbnail includes the luxembourg flag😂
Comment from : MihY

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