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Why Was Russia So Ineffective Against Japan in the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905)?

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Information Why Was Russia So Ineffective Against Japan in the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905)?

Title :  Why Was Russia So Ineffective Against Japan in the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905)?
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Frames Why Was Russia So Ineffective Against Japan in the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905)?

Description Why Was Russia So Ineffective Against Japan in the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905)?

Comments Why Was Russia So Ineffective Against Japan in the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905)?

History Hustle
Check out the playlist of REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA:br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=KZ-7CKeBMhk&list=PL_bcNuRxKtpHU_1zyN5Mf1lluyJ1okewt
Comment from : History Hustle

Jacques LeFave
There were supply issues for the Russians, the trans-Siberian railroad was a causus bellum for the Japanese, but it cost the Russian government so much, corners were cut to save money, sometimes iron rather than steel rails were used, and wooden cross ties were stretched out too much, leading to failures and later weight limits which constricted supply Also, there was a supply officer before the war started or was considered a possibility, and had his position from a family connection to the Romanov's, that supplied black volcanic sand instead of black cannon powder, that led to some combat artillery failures Some rotten meat was also supplied at times, but that may have been poor handling rather than corruption A not so funny comedy of errors
Comment from : Jacques LeFave

Ali Mazandarani
Do you smoke weed?
Comment from : Ali Mazandarani

Suprise attack jup the japanese dont change
Comment from : niedersacksen

Adam Radziwill
1885 was THE best year for all Moscow´s European colonies from Finland to Belarus !
Comment from : Adam Radziwill

Alberto Perez
The Russian commanders was just pathetic I think that's the country that lost more Wars than any other country in the world
Comment from : Alberto Perez

Russia lost because it did not have intelligence and espionage structures, unlike the Japanese, who were assisted by the Americans, British, French, Germans and Chinese Well, they also lost because they underestimated the Japanese
Comment from : ZDETS SHOW

Mcronnie Freshfries
well done, sir
Comment from : Mcronnie Freshfries

Teddy Pup
Wow, I had no idea Gen Milley was alive and worked for the Russians in 1905
Comment from : Teddy Pup

Comment from : DrDeeja

fried rice
The Tsar was advised he had logistic problems Bullets and arms were manufactured in Tula, western Russia, and there was just one train track leading to eastern Russia 7000 milesbrbrБоже, Царя храни!
Comment from : fried rice

One empire in decline trying to save itself by pushing around another empire in decline (Russia v China)
Comment from : Avnrulz

Andrew Egan
Won and lost with armaments and ships built in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and sold to both sides
Comment from : Andrew Egan

Mariyana Dobreva
I would like to propose an interesting clip to illustrate this very informative video:br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=Tsh3xtFeprAbrbrThe music is a waltz (On the hills of Manchuria), composed in memory of the Battle of Mukden, and extremely popular in Russia ever since
Comment from : Mariyana Dobreva

Mariyana Dobreva
Thank you for this important information In a book by a Russian historian, I read interviews of Soviet soldiers about the campaign in Manchuria in 1945 I was surprised to see how deeply they were affected by the defeat in 1905 and resented it Many of them had lost a grandfather in this war and were eager to fight against Japan despite the long and exhausting war in Europe against Germany For sure, the Russo-Japanese war was a final blow to the already shattered authority of the Tsar who underestimated the Japanese Army In their turn, the Japanese underestimated the USSR and had a very nasty surprise in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol, in 1939
Comment from : Mariyana Dobreva

tj johnson
Another good vid Thank-you i have a old book called''A Photographic Record of The Russo-Japanese War'' has about 150-200 black and white photos Interresting, thank-you
Comment from : tj johnson

Your English is better than my Dutch Prejudices ( vooroordeelen )
Comment from : norjop

Chris Zenko
The Russian fleet was already defeated before they arrived they had many blunders on their 7 month voyage
Comment from : Chris Zenko

Danté Diemont
Interessante video maat ! Groetjes uit Hengelo Overijssel
Comment from : Danté Diemont

Man, your English is pretty good to be from the Netherlands :)
Comment from : rsocor01

i love the maps you have in the background, and books, nice video, very interesting
Comment from : Hermes

Adam GTrapper
With cost of “black gold” at 15-23 dollars per barrel, the USSR economy collapsed, and the sovok itself collapsed, and the "golden" horde (Muscovy) budget can only be fulfilled only with oil price at $ 424 and higher
Comment from : Adam GTrapper

Caleb Churchill
Comment from : Caleb Churchill

This was also the first time the attacker to defenders ratio went up from 3:1 to 5:1, (because of machine guns and barbed wire)brbrIt's a classic case of a larger underperfoming army getting out worked by a smaller overperforming armybr You see this dynamic happen in sports sometimes!
Comment from : Vaught

Marlon Beekhuijzen
Zou je misschien een video kunnen maken over de fokker gevechts vliegtuigen? Dit lijkt mij een hele interesante onderwerp
Comment from : Marlon Beekhuijzen

can you make a video about italian volunteers in the eastern front and italian puppe state 1943-1945?brbrgood job BTW
Comment from : Manolas

What's with the the fist on the preview? Looks like on of those cringey blm symbols
Comment from : Алексей

Arizona 4891
The US saved Japan's ass by negotiating the Treaty of Portsmouth and they were totally ungrateful going forward Japan was near the absolute end of its strength when the war ended, and they had no way to extricate themselves (sort of like their ever-escalating war against China in the 1930s) Had the war dragged on for another year or two, Russia's massive manpower advantage would have eventually won
Comment from : Arizona 4891

Tom Frazier
Japan claimed the US double dealt them and cheated them of a more comprehensive victory at Portsmouth They racialized this a a caucasian conspiracy against an Asian victor, an excuse for their 1941 attack on the US They did not fool anyone, Asian or Caucasian by their conduct Very few African Americans were involved As civilians they were interned, and a few others were military and naval prisoners I would be interested in African American memoirs of the Asia/Pacific theater of WWII
Comment from : Tom Frazier

David Blaskie
Lenin called the Revolution of 1905 "A dress rehearsal for the revolution of 1917"
Comment from : David Blaskie

Dan OConnell
Good stuffeasily accessible history Adds so much to lifethank you!
Comment from : Dan OConnell

Mark12 Strang
At the end of the war Japan was heavily in debt and riots broke out in Japan because the country didnt receive any war reparations from Russia I consider Japanese victory a Pyrrhic victory
Comment from : Mark12 Strang

ареф нар
The research put into this video was probably more than the research put into the Japanese situation by the Russian chief of staff
Comment from : ареф нар

Imagine being in the russian navy and have to sail all the way around africa and up through the indian ocean just to get your ship shot up by the japanese, must have sucked to say the least
Comment from : draug79

This channel is so underrated! Thanks for the video!
Comment from : CH H

Ryan Maria
Could you do the1940 invasion of Denmark
Comment from : Ryan Maria

Great video History Hustle Keep up the good work, please!
Comment from : Krabbenbaum

when you cant choose between vodka and noodles
Comment from : CGT

Pieter van der Avoort
Did you say you are history teacher from Netherlands?brKom ik nu pas achter 😁
Comment from : Pieter van der Avoort

Nice Video! brOne point, it was not just Japanese desire for more, also the Czar tried to push into Korea - which was supposed to be in Japanese Sphere puppet - although that failed So as far as I can see, both sides pushed into the war - only the Japanese attacked first - and that was inspired by the British attack on the Danish fleet in Copenhagen by Nelson during the Napolianic wars
Comment from : tommy14

Angloノノ Warrior
U are such an good YouTuber ❤❤❤
Comment from : Angloノノ Warrior

Surin Farmwest
I knew there was this war but never knew why Thank you
Comment from : Surin Farmwest

Henksters Macro-World
You forgot that there is another side to this story, enwikipediaorg/wiki/Jacob_Schiff
Comment from : Henksters Macro-World

Stephan is possibly one of the greatest WW2//General history creators on the platform!! Who else covers topics like the Germans foreign fighters as well as conflicts as well as him and as consistently?!?
Comment from : Xycomm

Rob Endert
Thank you for this compact overview of this tragic conflict It underlined 4 common errors that in any combination lays the foundation for defeat br1 Underestimating the enemy br2 Overestimating yourself br3 Overestimating the enemy br4 Underestimating yourself brSo obvious that it might sound a bit corny brGroeten uit het Jura-gebergte!
Comment from : Rob Endert

Nice way to end a Friday evening with an informative History Hustle presentation Definitely enjoyed this one!
Comment from : RickJZ1973

AllWheel ModelToys
I think the Russians were lack of food, since the Japanese ruled the water
Comment from : AllWheel ModelToys

Gibralter Steamboat Co
Even if 25 months were spent languishing on Nosy Be, a 7 month voyage on a luxuriously appointed Russian navy ship of the time would have had even the best of men talkng to Baba Yaga on a regular basis
Comment from : Gibralter Steamboat Co

Johnno Dordrecht
Great episode of the hustle , keep on coming !
Comment from : Johnno Dordrecht

Japan defeated Russia with 20 century Technology, 100 years later Azerbaijan defeated Armenia with 21st century technologybrbrI've always loved the Japanese artwork from this conflict Great use of it Stephan
Comment from : mikhailv67

Mabel Oko
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Comment from : Mabel Oko

Its astonishing that japan defeated russia
Comment from : Hitesh

interesting life
Love your content
Comment from : interesting life

Bajan Englishman
this channel is so god tier underrated
Comment from : Bajan Englishman

Good info and great research 👍
Comment from : X VSJ

Dean Stuart
I think that the writing was on the wall for the Russian fleet when they fired on "Japanese" boats in the North Sea These turned out to be British fishing boats brbrHowever it was not as mad as it sounds Virtually the entire Russian and Japanese fleets had actually been built on the shipyards of the Wear (pronounced "wee a") and Tyne in the north east of England Perhaps the Russians thought that Japanese crews were in England collecting new ships?
Comment from : Dean Stuart

Tilly Tilford
The British ships that you mentioned that were fired on were fishing boats in the North Sea The Russian Baltic Fleet believed they may have been Japanese Navy vessels! Quite a conclusion but demonstrates the competence of the Russians at the time
Comment from : Tilly Tilford

John Sm
Thank you, that was great and it showed me a piece of history I know very little about
Comment from : John Sm

Good video on a subject I would like to know more about Btw like your tie
Comment from : glhmedic

Sending a fleet that had little experience in fighting (let alone traveling) across the world to face a modernized naval powerbrbrbWhat can go wrong?/b
Comment from : BHuang92

Sean Mcmullen
thanks for making this video there really isnt very much of this topic on youtube
Comment from : Sean Mcmullen

Mike Hydropneumatic
Now the Russians watch History Hustle too
Comment from : Mike Hydropneumatic

Russian went full racist never go full racist against Japan
Comment from : Actonman

Great video as always! Also I like your type 30 bayonet in the background
Comment from : SurplusShepherd

Cas Linden
Mooie video man👍🇳🇱
Comment from : Cas Linden

Russia the battle you WIN but the war is notbr34 years laterbrUssr guess who's Back Back againbrJapan CONFUSED scream
Comment from : Orange

george jones
Neutral country 🌅✌️brbrbJapan has entered the chat/b 🎌⚔️💣
Comment from : george jones

One can see why "Europe" was fucked, the Kaiser Willem, the other russian kaiser Nicholas II and British King George V were all related Think about it, virtually the whole of Europe as we know it and some more, was controled by 3 cousins
Comment from : 66kbm

9:20 Small correction: the British didn't deny the Russian fleet access to the Suez canal - in fact, about half of the Russian fleet did go by that route (marked in red on your map)
Comment from : bnipmnaa

Varma Krapula
I think you got one of the years wrong in the description I don't think the first sino-japanese war lasted until 1985
Comment from : Varma Krapula

Artur M
Fun fact: in the summer of 1904 one of the leaders of the Polish Socialist Party, Józef Piłsudski arrived in Tokyo, to offer his services to the Japanese government and try to convince them to create Polish Legions (with Poles conscripted to the Russian army and taken captive as the main source of recruits) It didn't work out but it would be an amazing material for one of the episodes about military formations if it didbrbrDue to unrelated reasons, there are descendants of Bronisław Piłsudski (Józef's older brother) living in Japan but that is a whole another story
Comment from : Artur M

These Russians, quality is the most important thingbrbrAlso a very good video
Comment from : Piilx

Frank Berkemeier
Good stuff again As I understood it, this victory over the Russians gave the Japanese such a boost, that it gave them confidence to execute the attack at Pearl Harbour in 1941
Comment from : Frank Berkemeier

Jan Herbu Rodo
I wonder why Japanese attitude towards POW's changed so drastically in such a relatively short period
Comment from : Jan Herbu Rodo

prejudeces i can't even spell it english is pain
Comment from : JJ C

Great early weekend surprise😇 Russia really shot themselves in the foot with their racial prejudice leading them to underestimate the Japanese Nice touch with the artworks 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Comment from : Mammuchan

Włodzimierz Cieciura
Great episode on one of the most important conflicts of the modern era It's worth remembering that during the Napoleonic wars Russia stretched from Central Europe not only to East Asia but to North America It was that huge
Comment from : Włodzimierz Cieciura

Luxembourgish Empire
I thought you were posting this tomorrow? brEdit: This was a great video! Very interesting Maybe a video also on the Sino Japanese war of 1895?
Comment from : Luxembourgish Empire

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