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anneshirley duncan
Comment from : anneshirley duncan

catherine melnyk
I am knitting the Georgiana Shawlette It's done on circular needles only to accomodate the number of stitches I've finished the first 6 rows, mainly purl rows with a row in the middle of k2, yo, k2 etc to the end to create a row of eyelets Well, I've done the first patterned row, then a row of purl So now I'm on row 3 of Lower Border A I ignored the first (no stitch) and knit 17 stitches, then I'm supposed to do an ssk, but I only have 2 stitches on this first of many multiple repeats How should I read this? I've never followed a pattern before that has NO STITCHES in itconfused
Comment from : catherine melnyk

Susan Orfila
Thank you so much for your instruction Love the visuals!
Comment from : Susan Orfila

Melina Licharowicz
I needed to learn to knit colorwork for a project I want to start and your videos have been so helpful! Anytime I need to learn a new stich or technique I scroll around to see if you made a video on it yet =)
Comment from : Melina Licharowicz

Katie Bartels
Just dropping a comment to say thank you! Your videos are usually my go-to as a new knitter whenever I have questions because they're always so concise and clear
Comment from : Katie Bartels

Sharon King
I am praying you will still get this and can understand what I am asking I have tried to contact the designer with no response The chart pattern is an upside down triangle shaped shawl so the bottom or first line of the chart is more narrow than on the top of the chart due to increases in the pattern The top row of the chart finishes out with 51 stitches There is a 12 st repeat outlined in red with stitches on either side of the red box that was used in the initial pattern Pattern says to repeat rows 1-24 a multiple of 7 times When I do the repeat, do I knit the stitches at the front of the red box row 1, knit the repeat, knit the repeat, and then do the stitches on the other side of the red box? If this is correct that would only give me 41 stitches and if I do another repeat there are too many stitches for the row count Do I knit an incomplete repeat and finish out with the stitches on the outside of the red box? Thanks so much for your help
Comment from : Sharon King

Thank you! Now I know why my bicycle motif was facing the wrong way!
Comment from : Pur9leRain

Brittany Disher
Do double knitting charts follow these 'rules' as well?
Comment from : Brittany Disher

Kim B
Thanks for that what happens if you are left handed & knit left handed like I do: would you read the charts from left to right?
Comment from : Kim B

Hi Pink, Deb C here I had asked what to do with the black blocks indicating "NO STITCH", I did contact several people who have made this pattern, with no response I took the picture of this sock and increased it to 400 These black blocks are deffinitely Slips And it works
Comment from : deb

Help!? I'm knitting a pattern with a lot of black blocks within each row the instructions say there is NOT any stitches in the black blocks The next row, and the next, and the next also has black blocks in the same places more or less Am I slipping those stitches or carrying the thread on the back side until I get back to the stitched blocks It is a single color, sock pattern, IN the Round, a lacy type pattern on the top of the foot Seems like carrying the thread 7 or more stitch spaces is going to be a potential toe catcher If you want to SEE what I mean, It is the Woodland Walk pattern free on Ravelry I have tried to contact the designer but the email comes back undeliverable
Comment from : deb

I am looking at a pattern and I noticed blacked out means no stitches how do get to the next stitches in lets say three blacked out to the next purl or knit? I hope I am saying this right
Comment from : Terry

Tasha Hudson
Can you also do a video on reading a knitting pattern?
Comment from : Tasha Hudson

Linda Hansen
Thank you very much I'm learning to double knit and didn't understand that you read a chart from right to left and then left to right with double points!!!
Comment from : Linda Hansen

Ashley Maree
I have a quick question if a pattern does not specify what to do on the WS (neither written nor charted), would I assume that they are all purled rows? brI'm knitting a pattern called "twisted cables" and it did not specify anything about the WS, so I did all purl rows well the pattern has turned out quite different from what it's supposed to be Almost as if it's only knitting half of the cable 😕 Any help would be appreciated, thanks! 😆
Comment from : Ashley Maree

Darlene Winther
I have 3 charts in an Aran square Charts A & B has 24 rows, repeat 3x Chart C has only 16 rows When I reach the end of chart C at row 16, do I start back on row 1, which would be row 17 of Charts A & B? Or just plain knit in Chart C until I reach then end of row 24 ?
Comment from : Darlene Winther

Jeni Britto
Question! I have a color chart, knitting flat, but it has a A & B diagram So I would knit the RS starting from R to L with M2A then finish with M2B Here is my question; When knitting the WS do I start with M2B then go to M2A If it helps the pattern is Baby drops 19-1 Thanks!
Comment from : Jeni Britto

Katherine Riley
concise, but clear thanks!
Comment from : Katherine Riley

Mykenzie Johnson
The chart i'm reading has no information other than a color yarn key and the actual color chart (it has no row numbers etc) The chart is made for a smaller piece so how do I alter the chart so I can make it for a larger piece (ie blanket) would I just multiply each square evenly?
Comment from : Mykenzie Johnson

Mykenzie Johnson
I LOVE your videos! I learned to knit and crochet from my grandmother when I was a little tot (only way she could get me to sit still) but she is left handed and I am right handed so i've had to relearn and basically start over with right handed knitting and crocheting Your videos have really helped me improve my knitting for both my left and right side since you explain things beyond hand dominance It's really helped me step up my knitting game and even teach my grandma a thing or two! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, you have a gift
Comment from : Mykenzie Johnson

A pattern I want to make has a chart with blank areas with no grid , I don't get how to read it I believe it to be an advanced knitting chart The pattern is Sweet Dreams by Drops Design I'd love to see a tutorial on a chart similar to this so I can make it, maybe It looks too scary confusing
Comment from : StephanieArtsIs

Tammy A
How do I do a chart for letters in circular knitting and have the word come out correctly and not back wards I stopped at this point I'm ready to do the letters Seahawks on my hat
Comment from : Tammy A

Keoki Cook
This chart is for an argyle repeat what would you say is the best technique for this? I have only ever attempted this colorwork type once and used a method of carrying to do it
Comment from : Keoki Cook

Thank you so much for clarifying right side and wrong side for flat pieces I couldn't find this info in any other video I've seen Excited to try fair isle Very beautiful!
Comment from : TheAlwaysJennifer

thank you so much! your videos have been a lot of help to me - I am about to start my first charted pattern!!! :D
Comment from : hapicheri

Can't wait to start a pattern with a chart now!
Comment from : Britnee

Robin Gilmore
Ah ha! I just found this Ignore the request for chartingon the counting knit stitches or reading knit stitches I'm still learning this Youtube stuff Thanks :)
Comment from : Robin Gilmore

VeryPink Knits
Yes - there is software out there to help you design charts I don't know the names of them, but I've seen them advertised on Ravelry I personally find that Microsoft Excel does a fine job of helping me create charts (If you're asking about software to help you with general pattern design, not charts, sorry, I don't know of any software that does that) Hope that helps!
Comment from : VeryPink Knits

Rosario Mata
is there a software you know off to design patterns of our own?
Comment from : Rosario Mata

Ivy S Ross
YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! just to let you know ^-^
Comment from : Ivy S Ross

VeryPink Knits
Oh, I can see the frustration! :) Patterns do that to give you more options for modification If they say "multiple of 12 stitches +1", they are allowing you to make the item as wide or narrow as you like by making the number of stitches in the pattern repeat clear Hope that helps!
Comment from : VeryPink Knits

VeryPink Knits
You need to work every row of a chart, regardless of whether you're knitting a flat piece, or working in-the-round If you're knitting a flat piece, you read right side rows from right to left, and wrong side rows from left to right If you're working in-the-round, you work every row from right to left Don't skip any rows!
Comment from : VeryPink Knits

Nina Bernier
thank you for doing this video! I was unsure how to read charts and this made it easier to read them
Comment from : Nina Bernier

Tea Kai
Thank you, thank you - I was always iffy about how it worked, but never took the time to sit down and figure it out and so have avoided using charts You're a love! :)
Comment from : Tea Kai

Fontrella Cole
Thank you! I understand this
Comment from : Fontrella Cole

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