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Can You Pronounce These Tricky Danish Words? | Babbel

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Information Can You Pronounce These Tricky Danish Words? | Babbel

Title :  Can You Pronounce These Tricky Danish Words? | Babbel
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Frames Can You Pronounce These Tricky Danish Words? | Babbel

Description Can You Pronounce These Tricky Danish Words? | Babbel

Comments Can You Pronounce These Tricky Danish Words? | Babbel

Super Suppen
bdyslexic panic/b
Comment from : Super Suppen

isabella dahl-olsen
This is so fun as a danish soeaking person i love how they try to pronounce words that i would consider simple/easy🤣🤣
Comment from : isabella dahl-olsen

old acc
I’m an American learning Danish and at first I was so confident, now it’s hell😂
Comment from : old acc

Pronouncing them the Norwegian way is way easier lol
Comment from : Phos4us

non-danish here, seems like the rules for pronouncing danish are:br1 you can just say the first half of the word, and then kind of give up as you get toward the endbr2 when in doubt, you can replace any syllable with "ørlðl"
Comment from : Sagamore

Vilfred Neve
im danish and this is hella funnybrbrsjoveste jeg har set i lang tid
Comment from : Vilfred Neve

The Last Viking
As an American growing up in Denmark, I was lucky enough to learn the danish language before being back in the US My danish accent never left me
Comment from : The Last Viking

Tobias Petersson
Bro københavn is garbage frederikshavn ftw
Comment from : Tobias Petersson

Oliver Lindhard
Good video until a person says that copenhagen is the best city in the world haha, screw London, lisbon, Paris, los Angeles, Cannes and all the other shitholes, because we Got copenhagen, hahaha so cringe
Comment from : Oliver Lindhard

km th
Forrawr rawr 😂
Comment from : km th

Emil Nielsen
I am danish
Comment from : Emil Nielsen

Oliver Christiansen
I’m Danish, and to be honest, I was actually confused when the first word showed up, until I realized that it was just 37 in DanishbrWe never spell numbers higher than ten and sometimes twelve (if we’re talking about the time/clock)
Comment from : Oliver Christiansen

Robert James Taylor
danish sounds gay af
Comment from : Robert James Taylor

Jotham Asumbrado
I'm Danish and I got all of then correct but they are SOOOOOOOO funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Comment from : Jotham Asumbrado

1:46 found the Swede
Comment from : Yaxley

morten ottosen
Aarhus is the best city in denmark ^^
Comment from : morten ottosen

this was so funny for me a danish speaker hej med jer
Comment from : DimensionClash

Travis Terrell
These people are really dumb I mean, they didn't even TRY to sound out the words in English brbr3 year old video--hopefully they've gotten better at these by now This should have at least at least continually displayed the words on the screen, and pronouncing the words more than a single time would've been helpful (Side-note, I really wish I could see what the dislike ratio was on this Stupid YouTube)
Comment from : Travis Terrell

Magnus Bille
Noget med os danskere er at vi elsker at se videoer omkring os
Comment from : Magnus Bille

Nanna Ella Raun-Jørgensen
I’m danish This is so funny!
Comment from : Nanna Ella Raun-Jørgensen

As a Japanese speaker, I have no problem with these words Very similar
Comment from : Steve

The columbian guy actually got it pretty close most of the time
Comment from : KongKyllan

Patrick Vin
copenhagen is not the best city thats a fact
Comment from : Patrick Vin

jeg kunne godt fråde en gulerodskage tho
Comment from : Psykosen

It’s so funny watching this as a danish person 😂
Comment from : Redhead•_•

Martin Sørensen
We are weird and we embrace it! Licorice, beer and cookies
Comment from : Martin Sørensen

Dina Eyes
Alejandro from Colombia did really well!
Comment from : Dina Eyes

"København the best city in the world"brOkay kælling så er der fandme dømt slågskamp! Hovedstaden er god til lokke udlændinge og dumme bonder tilbrEllers er den ikke printsværten værd
Comment from : Georelic35

Fall-Day DK
vid: can you pronounce these tricky danish words?brbrMe whos danish: …no no i dont think so actually…
Comment from : Fall-Day DK

First one was not fair Nobody spells out numbers
Comment from : Tony

Johan Kjeldahlhow to pronounce it correctly?
Comment from : NA JAEMIN

And it’s no problem for the Ppl that actully speak danish
Comment from : High-lights

I like how it’s hard for someone that dont speak danish
Comment from : High-lights

Holly labradoodle
Im danish and that relly fun
Comment from : Holly labradoodle

May I add: "Simsalabim bamba saladu saladim!"
Comment from : EyeoftheU

How can you pronounce thesebrI kinda want to learn Danish now just to see if it's hard to learn
Comment from : Mothies

Camilla Jensen
Carrotcake = gulerod kage
Comment from : Camilla Jensen

Comment from : MUHAMMAD SAQAIB

rainbowphoenix 6
Well, I got Forår right lol
Comment from : rainbowphoenix 6

This is so fun to see wen you are danish🤣
Comment from : 🍄YourOficialNenFan🍄

Mikkel Dalsgaard
sÅ eR DEr åE gRilLpØLs
Comment from : Mikkel Dalsgaard

Klaus Ole Kristiansen
How can anybody say that the Danish soft d is like an l? It is nothing like an l I don't get it
Comment from : Klaus Ole Kristiansen

Sebastian Axdal Østergaard
I am danish
Comment from : Sebastian Axdal Østergaard

Bad one,these are a combination of words
Comment from : Murlock2000

I am Danish
Comment from : Hansi

Sara Dee
Visste inte att morotskaka var gul- och rödkaka
Comment from : Sara Dee

Jeg taler dansk
Comment from : photovibe

Herr Bönk
I'm from Stockholm, but I can actually say these Danish words
Comment from : Herr Bönk

Nicolai Bernes
lol nemt
Comment from : Nicolai Bernes

Chantelle: "What about the extra letters?"brbrMeanwhile in her native Australia 🌏:brNo = "nigh-err-ooh"brbrDanes: "What's up with the extra sOuNdS?!" 🤔
Comment from : neosapiens

The Guy with glasses was so good at gulerodskage (im danish myself)
Comment from : VoigtTwo

Bad language for bad people
Comment from : berty

Ilona Liu
No need to list those tricky words, I can't even pronounce "brød" 😂 Although I almost nailed it the first time I saw gulerodskage in this vid 😆
Comment from : Ilona Liu

Little Failure
røde grøde med det fløde ja det ville være et rim hvis det ikke var rød grød med flød og mad
Comment from : Little Failure

Kc Mad Max
Not easy to master that's for sure
Comment from : Kc Mad Max

Theodor Nielsen
We have rødgrød med fløde
Comment from : Theodor Nielsen

Esben Kirkebak
Wow! Vores sprog er enlig meget sværere for andre i verden end man enlig skulle tro
Comment from : Esben Kirkebak

jean Nordstrøm
some good tryes
Comment from : jean Nordstrøm

Høje højrehåndede rødhårede hanner havde havregrynbrbrTall right-handed red-haired males had oatmeal
Comment from : AH96

Agent Pasta
Fem flade flødeboller på et flat flødebolde fad
Comment from : Agent Pasta

1:22 Well, done It was just the wrong language
Comment from : peronkop

Me Being danish be like:👁👄👁
Comment from : Nida_does_bass

Erwin Rommel
Having some Danish blood I really wish I knew how to speak the language Only thing to do is try I guess, wish me luck!
Comment from : Erwin Rommel

Even anybody from america?
Comment from : mikkel

Speciallægepraksisplanlægningsstabiliseringsperiode, er vi enige? lol
Comment from : MineGrawl

Denmark Aegean
its the same :))))
Comment from : Denmark Aegean

How many here is danish?
Comment from : Hr_Gingerkat

Ingrid Tudorache
Me: waching this Because im DanishbrbrYou Are wathing because:br(write in the chat)
Comment from : Ingrid Tudorache

Erica Marasigan
I enjoy it too HAHAHA maybe because i love danish language and the prince HAHAHA jk
Comment from : Erica Marasigan

As a dane this is the funiest shit i have ever sen
Comment from : Monkey

Aubert Direct
This proves English speaker is stupid enough that didn’t take any foreign language class
Comment from : Aubert Direct

Gregor benedikt Manfred Liedtke
But these foreign people didn't spent some time in DK?brI mean they didn't had any idea at all how to pronounce KBH
Comment from : Gregor benedikt Manfred Liedtke

The Asian Polyglot
2:31 was so CUTE haha!
Comment from : The Asian Polyglot

Krukow Studios
Comment from : Krukow Studios

Александр Иринцеев
Like why sweds dont understand dans Now I see the pattern
Comment from : Александр Иринцеев

Roddegrode medd floedde
Comment from : SightForMemories

I gave up on Danish after hearing how they pronounce brød 😂
Comment from : FF THECRAFTER

Alfredo López
Wow this is so hard to pronunce
Comment from : Alfredo López

Try to count and then explain the number :)
Comment from : rogsoll

Mohamed Abdulkadir
Jeg er fra Danmark men kæft det her var sjovt haha gætter på de fleste der så denne videoer er danskere, ikke? 🇩🇰
Comment from : Mohamed Abdulkadir

ok, they all speak English
Comment from : xyz

Danés Simple
Jaja! Qué divertido
Comment from : Danés Simple

Im aso from denmark se selv
Comment from : Speedhunter

Vegan Makeup DiaryⓋ
"What about the extra letters? "brbrThe struggle is reaaaal
Comment from : Vegan Makeup DiaryⓋ

Rasmus Nielsen
The funny thing is, to me, english people trying to say danish words make them sound like Sylvester Stallone speaking swedish or norwegian!
Comment from : Rasmus Nielsen

Gulderodkage is not that Hard to say Come on jeg er dansker
Comment from : suppe

Christian Pedersen
Jeg er dansk/I am danish
Comment from : Christian Pedersen

det går jo godt på nogle punkter andre knap så gode
Comment from : Zequil

Daniel Mata
They should listen first and than pronounce the language the Scandinavian languages are not that difficult Danish is a interesting language though
Comment from : Daniel Mata

"What about the extra letters?"brDanes: Yes
Comment from : ITX God

How is Cnut pronounced correctly? I heard the C was silent
Comment from : JLB

Victoria Christensen
i love how you can see them trying so hard to pronounce the words correctly! as a native speaker you never realize how your language looks and sounds to outsiders, so this was quite entertaining :)
Comment from : Victoria Christensen

Carsten Larsen
try this one:brrøget ørred på rugbrødbrsmoked salmon on ryebread
Comment from : Carsten Larsen

Aqua Juwel
I’m Norwegian and understand danish completely, but not for the love of God can I speak it It’s super hard I have tried so many times, but just can’t
Comment from : Aqua Juwel

Thomas Nøhr
Cyril is from "Prince"?
Comment from : Thomas Nøhr

It's so funny to watch them trying to pronounce those words Hahaa / Det er så sjovt at se dem prøve at oversætte de ord Hahaa
Comment from : Catmullah

Lucy Morgan
My video is much better youtube/QgZoAhwEJUo
Comment from : Lucy Morgan

Butik Kik
Hi! We are a group of blind people managing business in Taastrup We are selling appliances and aids specially made for blind people We've been in this industry since 1995 and we recently started our youtube account Kindly like and follow us Thank you!brbr youtube/5SUXl9vBKe4
Comment from : Butik Kik

Im no Doughnut
Rødgrød med fløde
Comment from : Im no Doughnut

For anybody Who is not danish she said good luck 0:07
Comment from : NARUTO UZUMAKI

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