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Matt vs Japan
Get behind-the-scenes footage with embarrassing fail interactions here: wwwmattvsjapancom/outtakesbrbrThis video was filmed in July 2021, during the short period of time right after most people were first vaccinated where mask mandates were revoked and most people had stopped wearing masks
Comment from : Matt vs Japan

Wow I understood 90 of the japanese spoken but I think in that situation I don't think I would be able to piece together a single sentence lol
Comment from : E Y

Robert Stroud
I tuned in to check out Matt vs Japan, and found Matt vs Beaverton Wonderful video Thank you
Comment from : Robert Stroud

I've had some pretty bad moments doing this when I was living in LA Asked a few koreans if they spoke Japanese and it woulda gone worse had I not said sorry in Korean lol
Comment from : kebindesu

Steel Cyclone
Nvm I answered my own question this IS the beaverton uwaji LOL
Comment from : Steel Cyclone

Jefferson Fernandes
The very first Japanese woman got so disappointed her husband didn’t know Japanese like you guys LOL!!!!
Comment from : Jefferson Fernandes

Bro needs to do more
Comment from : David

Floriaan van Bemmelen
The title is so accurate LOL
Comment from : Floriaan van Bemmelen

Vill Ram
How long did you study Japanese?
Comment from : Vill Ram

Comment from : OTS D-

Neto Porto
When you talk to a man in your language, the words go through his headbrWhen you talk to a man in his language, the words go through his heart
Comment from : Neto Porto

What I’ve learned today- Whenever a Japanese person tells you that your Japanese speaking is good, you must always deny it 😂😂😂
Comment from : KingKoba

I want to see you collab with Oriental Pearl doing these!!!
Comment from : TheJesusNerd40

Norwegian Done Easy
Sounded like a baby was on the way until 9:34 lmao
Comment from : Norwegian Done Easy

At 7:20, the woman isn't commenting on how fluent Matt is, she's just making a comment on how the amount that he's studied - I'm not fluent or anything but I found that pretty obvious This is either an oversight by whoever TLed this or an instance of "creative liberties" One could also argue that "it's what the woman meant by what she said," but we as the viewer don't have that context, so it's best to assume that she was purely commenting on how much/how long he's studied
Comment from : 日本語没入用チャンネル

Shame on your narcissistic selfie
Comment from : Ignacio・イグナシオ

Stupid Gaijin trying to speak Japanese means your shamed for life Speaking in English pretty much the same lol brbrListen guys no one blames the effort if it's genuine However unless you really really know WTF your talking about brbrIt's best just to use a translator You will know your Japanese is good when people stop saying your Japanese is good brbrJust talk to people who have lived there for 20+ years or are ethnic Japanese They get the same s*** so don't take it personally as just ask the Okwanians lol 😪
Comment from : BlazinNSoul

homey mad shy, more of these videos will probably transform his social skills too
Comment from : Caydo

The eyelashes tho 😂
Comment from : Ojisan

Ojani Lalogafau
Any tips on learning Japanese please 😢💯
Comment from : Ojani Lalogafau

Is this Oregon? I heard bend
Comment from : DrakeFruit

8:19 why were you standing like that 😂😂
Comment from : HOLLOW WOLLOH

Comment from : スゲスガオ

what an interesting day
Comment from : Acid

Sea Glass
"No he didn't try to learn" she threw him right under Bus-kun There was zero hesitation on her part Je-sus
Comment from : Sea Glass

may the spirit of Laoshu505000 bless this channel
Comment from : lazyPawdy

Matt: your Japanese is good!brJapanese woman: because I’m Japanese…br🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️
Comment from : LadyBug

Henry Rahe
Bend?? MAX? Are you from pdx?
Comment from : Henry Rahe

I would never speak with strangers in the supermarket because they are strangers Greetz from Germany
Comment from : デリたん

Takumi Usui
I like the kind of sampling the "maid-sama" BGM just in the well yeah background haha
Comment from : Takumi Usui

Ruben Rivera
When the Americans tell the Japanese lady no wonder why she speak good Japanese 😂 “We’ll yeah, that’s because I’m Japanese” 🤣🤣
Comment from : Ruben Rivera

Ken Cannon that's like the ultimate Max Power
Comment from : omma911

5:19 "once a week とか twice a week とか" did she just forget how to say 一週間に一二回?
Comment from : rm5

That woman flamed her husband so hard for not learning Japanese lmfao
Comment from : Im XD

Yooo special appearance by tamashii nice 👍🏼
Comment from : Kamenogi

just a human with a mask
Taking up Moses' bator
Comment from : just a human with a mask

This Ken dude's accent and pitch is nuts I lived in Japan for several years, and my wife is Japanese, and I am nowhere near that good in terms of accent and pitch This kind of blows me away You are great too Matt, but being honest Ken's accent is next level I would probably think he was Japanese on the phone
Comment from : SnydyPdiddy

lady at 7:20 is hot
Comment from : --

Comment from : そうめん

Strange Guy
the music in background is "Tiny Little Adiantum" by Shibayan Records
Comment from : Strange Guy

The Devils Foundry
Most readable captions ever! It's a crime that so few use shadow boxes Nice
Comment from : The Devils Foundry

🌸𝘚𝘢𝘬𝘶𝘳𝘢 🌸(VIPigeon)
Wait a second what? This channel is underrated for sure- deserves no less than at least half a million subs, but I think it deserves a millionbrbrCome on guys, let's help him out! xD
Comment from : 🌸𝘚𝘢𝘬𝘶𝘳𝘢 🌸(VIPigeon)

Am B Mist
They won't tell you, but these guys were Japanese in a recent past life -- for sure
Comment from : Am B Mist

Superelectra Superheroe
Matt is such an introvert lol He's so articulate in his videos, but in real life, feels like a cute toddler hahahaa I find it cute Ken is really a good conversationalist
Comment from : Superelectra Superheroe

Chris in Tokyo
Where is this matttttt
Comment from : Chris in Tokyo

Chris in Tokyo
Most Japanese restaurant in US is owned by chinese
Comment from : Chris in Tokyo

Million Gorbachev
Love the awkwardness It makes it unique and entertaining 😀
Comment from : Million Gorbachev

mike dean
That's Uwajimaya! That's the grocery store I go to every week!
Comment from : mike dean

Tinyas Trails
I'm rather impressed what a huge Japanese Superstore you have there in America! I wish we had something like that in the UK 😢
Comment from : Tinyas Trails

a pestilent fellow
10:48 assuming there are going to be a lot of Japanese people just because it's a Japanese super? How dare you? That is sooo racist!br:D:D:D
Comment from : a pestilent fellow

Uwajimaya?! I didn't know you were from the Portland area
Comment from : クリス

Matteo Leone
Matt is the Zyzz of language learning
Comment from : Matteo Leone

Isabelle Aff
Where is this filmed? I live near Portland and would love to check out the area as I am trying to leave Japanese
Comment from : Isabelle Aff

is this really the japanese endgame?
Comment from : gu4t4f4c

「会長はメイド様!」のサントラ 懐かしくなるよ😭💖
Comment from : Vaida

Wow, never knew you lived in Oregon as well I've been to this Uwajimaya so many times, I used to actually tutor at the Japanese cram school in the back Shoutout to fellow Oregonian!
Comment from : schmambuman

If you’re from the US you’re not a foreigner
Comment from : scuzz

Wait, but the "fail" video is not so bad though ! I was expecting it to be way more embarrassing :')
Comment from : Cécile

Shiro Tonbo
I love you Matt, you are so handsome and smart
Comment from : Shiro Tonbo

Telugu Superhumans
Comment from : Telugu Superhumans

townsend broad
wait was this the uwajimiya in SW portland?? it looks like it, I go there all the time! if so that's so cool
Comment from : townsend broad

maru neko
Comment from : maru neko

“That was so fucking embarrassing, I want to kill myself” For some reason it’s way funnier if someone swears in Japanese 😂
Comment from : Tiaan

Comment from : T RICE

Comment from : くがい

a g
8:35 at least he's self aware! 😭😭😭
Comment from : a g

USUI TAKUMI THEME??????? hahahah
Comment from : OrFrisbee

Kevin Hanson
Entertaining video for sure Were you at the Uwajimaya in Beaverton? I only know of the Ramen Ryoma at that store down the street
Comment from : Kevin Hanson

Matthew Morrison
Matt is human??! 😱😱
Comment from : Matthew Morrison

Comment from : 三角和義

Stew Fire
Do you have no plans to live in Japan? Making these videos would be 100 easier there
Comment from : Stew Fire

Donovan Delport
Cool yeah, cool yeah, cool yeah 😂😂😭
Comment from : Donovan Delport

Omg Uwajimaya
Comment from : ニックちゃんねる

John Cabacoy
Im looking forward to your content men Love from Philippines
Comment from : John Cabacoy

I really enjoy going to Uwajimaya here, all the staff are super helpful and nice Fun video!
Comment from : EllieFors

why can't you go to japan man? did you get a 10 year ban? xD
Comment from : jinjurbreadman

Justin Arledge
Awesome I'm from South Carolina That was insane
Comment from : Justin Arledge

Ricardo Menin
Fyi Tamashii/Tamago speaks Japanese lol
Comment from : Ricardo Menin

Thanks for this kind of content Matt !
Comment from : Zénó

Irun Mon
Ken hasn't updated his YouTube in so long now
Comment from : Irun Mon

Cadey LaBonte
waaaaaaaaaaait I think I've been to this uwajimaia specifically! I don't want to name the town specifically in case there's creepers about, but it's real cool to know we're close!
Comment from : Cadey LaBonte

personally as a brit, the idea of walking up to strangers and starting a conversation with them is horrifying to the point that i essentially want to jump in a deep hole at the thought of the interaction It is something which i am hoping to change tho, i hear that the america are generally very friendly and stuff, so maybe a year in america might help
Comment from : DACRACKING

Whoa I didn't expect to see Tamashii Hiroka here lmao
Comment from : HyperLuigi

Dycedargs Elder Brother
Japanese Bea Arthur was a good sport
Comment from : Dycedargs Elder Brother

Sean Leathem
That poor monstera behind the couch -- its light deprived, and on a path to death
Comment from : Sean Leathem

Where is this?
Comment from : koãga

wtf i just realized i live near this dude
Comment from : UneatenPluto

Ooo! Looking forward to next week! So excited Keep up the great information, please ^^
Comment from : SquaredCircle

Ayo… was this shot near Portland Oregon?? Swear I’ve been in this wajimiya 😅
Comment from : Ian

You should definitely do more videos like this
Comment from : Romeodeecruz

Mark C
DO MORE OF THESE!! Seriously dude
Comment from : Mark C

Parsa Mahmoodi
I like the people's impression and their faces when their passing by and they look like WTF is happening here?! XD
Comment from : Parsa Mahmoodi

Hi Matt, do know of any Cantonese immersion community? Thanks
Comment from : jrwxtx

theninjasacacura x D
Hi Matt, I'm a Mexican and I'm learning Japanese from Mexico Of course, I'm using the massive immersion method to learn it Yo have been a real inspiration for me, thanks for that I really love Japanese culture but is not only for that reason that I'm learning Japanese; there is a test (JLPT, N3) coming up this june, if I happen to pass it, I'll be able to get a very good salary here in Mexico as an interpreter that could literally change my life for good I'm really grateful to you because of that, because you thaught me the way This new project that you have, I want to be part of it THANKS MATT
Comment from : theninjasacacura x D

Rique Rez
Any chance we get an "MIA interview" with Ken? Would love watching it
Comment from : Rique Rez

Uwajimaya, man that was my old spot for all the best japanese food in portland!
Comment from : E T

matt looks so awkward and nervous i love it i cna relate lmaooo
Comment from : bob

love u ur a great inspiration
Comment from : bob

Respect my dudes
Comment from : thealmightyz

2:11 so that lady just pretending to listen to the headphones?
Comment from : clip012

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