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Japanese Pop Culture is Saving the Countryside | The HELLO KITTY Plan ★ ONLY in JAPAN

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Information Japanese Pop Culture is Saving the Countryside | The HELLO KITTY Plan ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Title :  Japanese Pop Culture is Saving the Countryside | The HELLO KITTY Plan ★ ONLY in JAPAN
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Frames Japanese Pop Culture is Saving the Countryside | The HELLO KITTY Plan ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Description Japanese Pop Culture is Saving the Countryside | The HELLO KITTY Plan ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Comments Japanese Pop Culture is Saving the Countryside | The HELLO KITTY Plan ★ ONLY in JAPAN

What do you think about this plan to revitalize the countryside here? Will it bring in international tourists and give locals a reason to return home to start a business? Grow the economy WHAT'S YOUR IDEA? THOUGHTS? Please leave me a comment below and I'll pin the best one and reply in the morning THANK YOU for watching -John
Comment from : WAO RYU!ONLY in JAPAN

On The Go Vegan
Definitely on my bucket list if I ever get the opportunity to visit Japan, great video
Comment from : On The Go Vegan

A few months ago this video inspired me to visit! It was very beautiful and not far from where I was living, the people are kind, and a few even offered me tea! There's a grandmother named Hirata and she told me stories of when the village and surrounding areas used to be thriving and I ended up staying an entire week helping to spread their message You'll be happy to know, they are recovering slowly but surely
Comment from : 茶狐

still nice
Comment from : still nice

4:46 subtitle,those things are long gone
Comment from : narpan123

I just watched the history of Hello Kitty and man what a history!!! This was great to watch and to see Japan wanting to revitalize the countryside!
Comment from : SilkyC

Wai Yan Bo
With the views of seascapes and mountains the last location should be a hotel or a resort rather than a restaurant
Comment from : Wai Yan Bo

Definitely would visit Plus I love hello Kitty 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙
Comment from : Kikyo

3:20 forcing vegan food on every visitor yeah seems like a smart move brif you want to bankrupt the place brwhat a joke
Comment from : Crushonius

The Power Station
It's great that Japan 🇯🇵 is revitalising the rural areas 🙏 😊
Comment from : The Power Station

kanae the wifey?
Comment from : TheKeithvidz

Kanae is cute I am happy that she joins you ! You guys are perfect together!
Comment from : m

Zabrine Sabrina
Sanrio Characters are internationally well-known The Hello Kitty-themed attractions that they've constructed and designed are wonderful (as expected of Japan) but I think that this whole plan belong to a Niche Market I hope that more local and international tourists would add this place to their Itinerary And, I also hope that the Management would synchronize sustainability (green practices) upon the growth of their economy
Comment from : Zabrine Sabrina

Hello Kitty 🐱
Comment from : HyperBlissMilker

Veca Arrieta
Hello Kitty fan here! Now i have reason to visit Japan!🥰😍
Comment from : Veca Arrieta

im going to this place, that's for sure :)
Comment from : kaoruu

Comment from : DProces

Tacoma FAN
Americans cant eat that food! pizza and burgers only !
Comment from : Tacoma FAN

Devotional journey with Adv Raj Agrawal
Best YouTube Channel 🙏😃
Comment from : Devotional journey with Adv Raj Agrawal

Marcus OConner
This channel is so NHK
Comment from : Marcus OConner

William Ríos
A really nice place with a great message
Comment from : William Ríos

Beautiful place looks peaceful and happy
Comment from : cc

Liz Alfaro
I would love to take my kids here Definetly gotta save for a trip to this beautiful country and i know both my kids will love it Naruto for my boy and hello kitty for my girl So perfect 💕
Comment from : Liz Alfaro

person 1: ok, we HAVE to revitalize the population, any ideas?brbrperson 2: hello kitty brbrperson: perfect, write that down nijimura
Comment from : nana

I went to awaji long ago to visit the water temple and this hotel that is next to this huge stone garden, can’t remember the name of the hotel
Comment from : PT GL

Mr Atari 2600
3:45 Are those Marijuana leaves?
Comment from : Mr Atari 2600

You and Kanae are awesome together!! and we all know who enjoyed that park most John ;))) haha loved it!
Comment from : 0dyss3uS

Claude Fortin
Incredible place but the food seem’s great!
Comment from : Claude Fortin

Hridoye Bangladesh, from Bangladesh
Comment from : Hridoye Bangladesh, from Bangladesh

Jonathan Dieter
There is nobody there
Comment from : Jonathan Dieter

Its that ur wife?
Comment from : TsirVince

Ross Humphrey
Snazzy Tastic!
Comment from : Ross Humphrey

Kamarul kanisan
Are the foods HALAL? Wish you could include places with HALAL foods service in your channel in the future as wellbrBy the way, I do love your content Keel it up
Comment from : Kamarul kanisan

DeMarie Jones
I would totally go!
Comment from : DeMarie Jones

Ayeee threw a lil hemp in the mix
Comment from : DJYELLATAPE

Josefina Tso-Guillen
Cool idea and like the vegan menu at the first Hello Kitty spot
Comment from : Josefina Tso-Guillen

AWAJI is famous with AWAJI beef and AWAJI onioni often go to enjoy it and beautiful scenery
Comment from : tomo

I'm a Japanese, and some of my friends live in this island They all hate this invasion by Pasona group This video is just showing how beautifully Foreign owned Pasona group is destroying countryside nature + culture
Comment from : araiguma

Really thought you would of done a RWC special kinda first time in history for Japan to hold it and make it to the quarter finals oh well this was cute too lol
Comment from : SirVetaa

Lauren Koyama
We went there but getting there is really hard if you don't have car It is also not foreigner friendly Since most instructions in getting there is Japanese
Comment from : Lauren Koyama

3:47 what is the name of that leaf? (heck, both the green and white?)
Comment from : Krohnos

Hello Kitty is so cute 💖
Comment from : Krohnos

Eddie L
are you the brother of Ralph Macchio?
Comment from : Eddie L

I think I found a perfect destination for my friend who doesn't like Hello Kitty 😁😁😁
Comment from : Marée

Fernando Quezada
Even though I’m not Japanese I love their comforting and amazing culture with their foods entertainment and people! It looks like a wonderful world and one I want to go to
Comment from : Fernando Quezada

Bruh he has aged since I first saw him damn years go fast
Comment from : Mokoe

Nathan McSparin
This reminds me of the Anime Sakura Quest Especially the when they said they turned the school into a shopping mall Hello Kitty is definitely better than a chupacabra that's for sure :)
Comment from : Nathan McSparin

Chelsboy Devil man
Anime already promoting countryside by showing cultural festival and fireworks that look Soo cool to watch
Comment from : Chelsboy Devil man

Exo inspires me to be a better person
3:40 is that weed leaves? 😂
Comment from : Exo inspires me to be a better person

I would go there to get a picture of the Hokage Rock 😁
Comment from : tidus1ph

Woah you got old my man
Comment from : JoJo

Amber Richey
Its urban legend but hello kitty has a tragic back story 😢sorry kids
Comment from : Amber Richey

I'm glad you got Kanae into one of the main channel videos!
Comment from : 2randomcrap3

It would work for sure They must bring a lot of shops/retail and other small restaurants though so people can have options when they get there Very 👍🏼 nice I would love to visit one day
Comment from : R C

This is like real life Sakura Quest
Comment from : PatrickStarfist

Bill Jones
I hope you are safe!
Comment from : Bill Jones

I really love this show I hope you can continue doing this
Comment from : BlackRose

Alberto Albertoni
Actually, you're right "only in Japan" !!!!
Comment from : Alberto Albertoni

Comment from : Flankymanga

Bad English Recs
Is there coming more videos from Awaji?
Comment from : Bad English Recs

Hello Kitty Showbox is impressive brI think I'll love it if I go with my children brThank you
Comment from : KOREA TRAVEL

jason Hwang
It is very nice to see Kanae in your ONLY IN JAPAN video:)
Comment from : jason Hwang

7:12, stupid question but does anybody know what are those "+" shaped things in the sea? I saw them a few times in Japan and sometimes I feel they were ruining the beautiful landscape ahah
Comment from : GoodbyeRubyTu3sday

Cloud Nein
Daniel LaRusso!
Comment from : Cloud Nein

noreal name
Which drone are you using?
Comment from : noreal name

Dragon Energy
Stay safe man - that typhoon Hagibis looks like a beast Will you be doing a livestream this weekend?
Comment from : Dragon Energy

Randy D Rosario
looks so peaceful there
Comment from : Randy D Rosario

His voice sounds like the Wii Sports announcerbrbr"Nice shot!"
Comment from : Shifty

gabriel mendes
Can you do a video about gundam base, gundam café and all gundam related Tokyo places? That would be amazing
Comment from : gabriel mendes

Michael Baker
I think that is a great idea Trying something different usually pays off
Comment from : Michael Baker

Ian McIntosh
I really dig the Starfox 64esqe music
Comment from : Ian McIntosh

Comment from : kon

Susan Wang
I'd take my mom She's a massive HK fan and a vegetarian
Comment from : Susan Wang

Boxer Blake
As soon as vegan came up, I decided not to stop there in April
Comment from : Boxer Blake

Nice idea I would visit
Comment from : Ross

Randy Olander
I enjoy the community spirit where so many come together to take on the task of revitalization Sometimes I think the world needs the motivation to take on this spirit
Comment from : Randy Olander

Inam Junejo
Man another video and another japanese girl You are killing me John 😃
Comment from : Inam Junejo

Mostly Travel
Cool Video! I could definitely see myself visiting the second attraction, Hello Kitty Smile, if I ever make it to that part of the world!
Comment from : Mostly Travel

Since I live in Kobe I go to Awaji a lot In the holiday season, it's hard to get a hotel (Onsen Ryokan) But on normal days I don't think that people go there brEven I go to Awaji a lot I did not know about this 2 Hello Kitty area and Naruto area so they need to promote more about it and get people to come to Awaji I bet that there is so many people does not know anything about these areas brAwaji really has a great Onsen Hotel, you can do camping, small but great amusement park, etc It is a small island but there is a lot of things you can do so I love Awaji and want people to visit Awaji once
Comment from : HIROS TV Japan

Francisco Robert
Larusso, is that you?
Comment from : Francisco Robert

That Integra Type R though
Comment from : DrZark

Gil Goldshlager
Looks great! :) will love to visit there
Comment from : Gil Goldshlager

3:45 looks like Marijuana leaf
Comment from : quetzalcueyatl

Why i did not visit awaji? Not covered by JR Pass
Comment from : AGX

yuvraj sharma
Would love to visit as it awesome and not too crowded
Comment from : yuvraj sharma

Did you go a bit early? Because everything looks kind of empty Also 5:46 Hopefully they built a new school and moved the kids, and it's not because they ran out of kids Japan needs to incentivize births yesterday
Comment from : Di RECs

Theresa Pepanio
Wow what a beautiful place to visit 😻 huge thanks for bringing us to this one of the most stunning place in Japan
Comment from : Theresa Pepanio

Awesome! Would totally visit next trip Also, loved seeing Kanae in this video! She was great too! :D
Comment from : RedVexeD

Anna Sahlstrom
I really love the idea and I really want to visit, but I have no money to travel
Comment from : Anna Sahlstrom

Arif Gunawan
time to go there ASAP
Comment from : Arif Gunawan

ernesto rivera
I wish them the best with their plans The countryside is the soul and spirit of any place, lose this and risk losing your essence
Comment from : ernesto rivera

I think this could easily make a day trip destination, and since you might be visiting one of the big places nearby might make a good stop I hope they succeed and encourage other places to make interesting places a bit out of the way
Comment from : Chimaera

I've outgrown Hello Kitty If I'm in the country side, I prefer to be in nature
Comment from : A L

Mama Gina ni Xiaxia Kunieda
I want to be there 🇯🇵
Comment from : Mama Gina ni Xiaxia Kunieda

Backpacking Villager
She changed her surname to yours? That's quiet unusual move for Japanese Anyway,brbrThere should be big MAP (Manga Anime Park) in four sides of Japan No need for Disneyland actually Japan should make use of their own to show and protect it's creativity
Comment from : Backpacking Villager

Hello John and Kenai, Love from Malaysian to you and your beautiful wife,KenaiActualy,why don't you use a car ,so you can be easy go anywhere to make Only in Japan vlog in Japan
Comment from : JAMAL OMAR

Aliens: Aight let's go
Comment from : Hjonk

Mr Saephan
Shout out to the person driving the Honda Integra Typr R
Comment from : Mr Saephan

Was suprised to see it there in that location!!! Great drone shots!!!
Comment from : astroboy3507

Dianytra Ok
Just like in anime sakura quest
Comment from : Dianytra Ok

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