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How to say "My Japanese is bad" / 上手 下手 vs 得意 苦手

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Information How to say "My Japanese is bad" / 上手 下手 vs 得意 苦手

Title :  How to say "My Japanese is bad" / 上手 下手 vs 得意 苦手
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Frames How to say "My Japanese is bad" / 上手 下手 vs 得意 苦手

Description How to say "My Japanese is bad" / 上手 下手 vs 得意 苦手

Comments How to say "My Japanese is bad" / 上手 下手 vs 得意 苦手

dic dabs
you're still so young in this video!
Comment from : dic dabs

I used to say '私の日本語はクソです’ and people became x2 more friendly lmao
Comment from : mangoluvvr

Maxman Sullivan
Thank you so much!
Comment from : Maxman Sullivan

K Lovemore
Nihongo ga heta desu
Comment from : K Lovemore

sharmels notes
Comment from : sharmels notes

Its Fine
Funny thing is that I was so obsessed with correct pronounciations down to the pitch accents that during my trip to Japan whenever I would get to say one of the ten phrases I knew, people started chatting me up and asking how long I've been living in Japan which resulted in broken and embarrassing explanations that I really don't speak Japanese Lesson learned I'm gonna go with sumimaxcuse me and gomen no sorry next time
Comment from : Its Fine

13:00 difference of how much I'm confident
Comment from : ProfessionalSeaOfTeaSwimmer

Fun Guy
I can't believe you've been making videos since 2016!!! How am I just now finding this channel?! Super Rad! 👌🙏
Comment from : Fun Guy

Misu sensei like peeling the onion, jozu and tokai!
Comment from : pjdilip

Comment from : パンダファン

日本語がへたです。I was wondering, before saying this, would you maybe say some form of "sorry"? For example, if someone said something to you in Japanese, and you didn't understand and wanted to say "Sorry, my japanese isn't very good" ”すみません” げんきです?
Comment from : prey

Eval Facts
Aarigato gojaimasu
Comment from : Eval Facts

Comment from : FairyKid64

Diego Vegas
Comment from : Diego Vegas

Ashlyn Currie
I come back to this video a lot It's really helpful, thank you :3
Comment from : Ashlyn Currie

Stormtrooper Elite
日本語が上手じゃないですでもがんばります did this make any sense?
Comment from : Stormtrooper Elite

Mira Simpson
Comment from : Mira Simpson

Luis Fernando Silva
Another great video
Comment from : Luis Fernando Silva

Human Bean
11:44 : Tokui desu brim leaving this as a bookmark for myself to come to, please excuse me my friends
Comment from : Human Bean

Human Bean
aww 5 years ago misa is so cute, her english has improved as wellbrshe's still cute now, this misa just looks less youtubey, like a humble beginnings
Comment from : Human Bean

Alexandra Shevchuck
Thank you
Comment from : Alexandra Shevchuck

Alexis Ortuya
Best explanation! Thank you very much ❤️
Comment from : Alexis Ortuya

DJ Laundry List
わたしのわるいのにほんごは下手ですbrIs that correct?
Comment from : DJ Laundry List

What if i want to say “Im not confident at speaking japanese?“
Comment from : ⊹SATURNAUT⊹

Comment from : thesauce

Comment from : WonderInNonsense

chipotle _
can someone just tell me how to say my japanese is bad please i don't understand
Comment from : chipotle _

Misa was so shy and cute back then!
Comment from : Queue

Comment from : Damn

Simon Berryman
13:40 Sorry to correct you, but if you'd drowned before you wouldn't be saying anything ;-)
Comment from : Simon Berryman

Woah this video seriously helped me a lot
Comment from : Shion

Max Noreg
Best Japanese teacher ever :) I finally know the difference between jozu and tokui, thanks to you!
Comment from : Max Noreg

I’m gonna use thisbrSince I’m still learning and it’s really bad
Comment from : SlyHikari03

Comment from : Aysha

Jaime Jr Badajos
Hi can you teach us n3 ?? Please sensie Because of your teaching i passed n4 jlpt You are good at teaching
Comment from : Jaime Jr Badajos

Mark Anthony Valino
I see I've been using 苦手 instead if 下手 for a while
Comment from : Mark Anthony Valino

But what is when somebody ask me in what i am good? Because when japanese people don't say that they are good at something what should i answer???
Comment from : DeliciousWatermelonGames

changjun yu
You are beautiful,i like you
Comment from : changjun yu

Magma Dragoon
mizu ga jouzu desu Can we use this in a fantasy scenario? Like "My water power is strong"
Comment from : Magma Dragoon

None of your business
My EsSeNnTiAl PhRaSe!!!!!!!
Comment from : None of your business

Stressful Prick
As a person who’s been watching a lot of your videos, may I suggest you something? First i just wanted to say that I really love the way you teach, it’s very nice and Kawaii but may I give you an advice? Maybe you can speak a little faster 😅 because lots of people (also my friends) clicked on your videos to get to know the sentences or words they wanted to know about( from the title of your videos), but they ( also me ) have to sit through a little long video to get to the point we really wanted to know and I’m sorry but you kind of speak very slow and it makes the learners feel a little bit sleepy
Comment from : Stressful Prick

How about if you're in a situation where someone asks you if you are skilled at something or you need to sell yourself, eg a job interview? How would you say "I am skilled in languages/computers/etc"?
Comment from : jaydashnine

Shiyaroku Basil
日本語が下手です。 br数学と料理が苦手です。 brドイツ語が得意です。
Comment from : Shiyaroku Basil

Do you watch anime?
Comment from : Grenfrog

Comment from : Luutoo

White Rabbit
will you marry me?
Comment from : White Rabbit

Olivier Legat
Thanks Misa! Great video :-) one question, I've seen the word できる used to say that someone can "do something" / "is good at something" What's the difference with できる and 上手?
Comment from : Olivier Legat

My Japanese friend has gained a lot of sarcasm skills since spending time with me 笑笑
Comment from : 540マンモス

I am subbed to you and am going to watch all of your videos! I am going to Japan this April 2nd to the 10th! Will be in Tokyo and excited to be there I used to live in Japan for 3 years and so I know a little Japanese, but not much I am dedicated to learning it from here on out though even if I only visit Japan every few years!
Comment from : Narxfang

How do I say I'm "CONFIDENT that I'm BAD at japanese" xD hahahahbrbr"Nihongo wa Heta ga Tokui Desu"brbrWould that work?
Comment from : Narxfang

15:41 gonna be needing that one
Comment from : dred

Paul Himsel
I watched this 2 years ago I always learn more by watching them again ありがとうございますミサ先生😉
Comment from : Paul Himsel

how do you say "I am learning how to speak Japanese " in Japanese ?
Comment from : ysobelle

Victor Chen
Comment from : Victor Chen

Guillaume Lémont
Comment from : Guillaume Lémont

Jude Santos
Can you use romaji on your subtitles? Please
Comment from : Jude Santos

Cicero Ramon
Comment from : Cicero Ramon

All your videos are packed with information It is wonderful I wish I had a bigger brain Many thanks
Comment from : JoachimderZweite

Victor Chen
Comment from : Victor Chen

Comment from : From02Hero

Антон Кузнецов
"don't use sarcasm in Japan"brMisa-sensei, 2016
Comment from : Антон Кузнецов

ChiMade Nick G
This is to confusing I quit
Comment from : ChiMade Nick G

Çiğdem Kanburoğlu
Misa Sensei wa Nihongo o oshieru no ga jouzu desu, nee
Comment from : Çiğdem Kanburoğlu

Christian Lund
lol, how good is your British accent!
Comment from : Christian Lund

Christian Lund
5:29 "And also we don't get sarcasm" Yeap, I learnt this the hard way
Comment from : Christian Lund

Eugeni N
Comment from : Eugeni N

I can hear the clock in your room, can you stop it lol, Anato no nanaji ga hetai des
Comment from : ugowoundo

Kasey Fujioka
日本語 が 下手 です :-(
Comment from : Kasey Fujioka

Flávio Soares
Thank you very much, Misa sensei!
Comment from : Flávio Soares

Hi Misa san! I'm learning Japanese using Duolingo, and I'm really enjoying it! I just wanted to say, thanks for teaching me about 'da ne', I didn't know it was an informal way of saying 'desu ne' May I just say, it sounds like you learned English in the UK, because your accent is quite British :) どうもありがとうございます!
Comment from : Lozzy

The audio quality on your older videos is a little fuzzy It's hard to understand some of the things you say when i don't know what sound the symbols make Maybe you could make a new version of this video?
Comment from : Goldilocks

Antonio Escobar
Hai Teacher you teach it very good Congratulations !!! Regards from Paraguay
Comment from : Antonio Escobar

Ana Midori
Comment from : Ana Midori

Bird H
So would 「私の日本語があまりじょうじゃないです。」be right?
Comment from : Bird H

Vincent B
Thank you, it's been a while i was wondering how to say "my japanese is not good" i only knew jozu for positive
Comment from : Vincent B

Misa-sensei, thank you for being born!
Comment from : ChiiMallorca

Anne R
Comment from : Anne R

Tich Mbiri
Your explanations help a lot
Comment from : Tich Mbiri

Great lesson It's fantastic how difficult it is to say I don't speak japanese very well in japanese, it speaks tones about japanese culture I think Arigato gozaimasu
Comment from : †omdeArgentinA

Otaku No Shitpost
I notice that a lot of these end in "ne" Does this mean that these are feminine phrases? If so, how would they be retooled to be masculine?
Comment from : Otaku No Shitpost

Kristina Liston
If I can't eat eggs should I say "私はたまごがへたです" or is there a better way to say I can't eat eggs? Also what is the most polite way to ask for no egg on my ramen order? Thank you for the help! love your videos!
Comment from : Kristina Liston

10:08 is that the case for every verb you normally use with する ? For example i always read to study as 勉強する So would i say 勉強が上手です。? Is that correct?
Comment from : Kurax

So useful ! Japanese is really easy with you ! ありがとうござい
Comment from : martine

Adam S
Well, I can't help but wonder: how do job interviews in Japan look like considering the "humble culture"? How to be humble in a situation when you have to literally praise yourself and your skills?
Comment from : Adam S

The BookGuru
Comment from : The BookGuru

I literally survived Japan by giggling nervously whilst spluttering 「私の日本語はよくないです」。Seemed to go down quite well in 大阪
Comment from : NEMusic

Ana Castaneda
I really appreciate those little cultural tips you give Learning a language is not enough, you need to know the mentality of the people who speak it as well, so that you don't end up insulting someone Thank you!
Comment from : Ana Castaneda

Maya Cold
Oof no sarcasm in Japan? That's gonna be tough My life depends on sarcasm
Comment from : Maya Cold

The Many
>when you're trying to learn a new language but you have to watch a 20 minute video just to explain that you don't speak the language
Comment from : The Many

Ertur Temirbaev
I mean your lessons
Comment from : Ertur Temirbaev

Ertur Temirbaev
hi I like your classes
Comment from : Ertur Temirbaev

Oh horror, this explains the confused looks at my 「ごめんなさい、私の日本語はよないです。」 which means "I'm sorry, my Japanese isn't good" though self-constructed and apparently harder to understand for them!br日本語が得意ではありません, 日本語が得意ではありません, 日本語が得意ではありません, 日本語が得意ではありません It shall be my evening mantra until I get good at Japanese!brBut honestly, thank you for your thorough explanations, breaking sentences down and so forth! Truly, thank you!brbrAlso, small question: isn't using ね a lot somewhat feminine, though?brAt least that's what I've heard, and it concerns me a little to use it as a male ^_^'
Comment from : RamenDutchman

I think a good translation of nigate would be "not keen on"
Comment from : doger944

Fabian Caicedo
How to say "i don't want to live anymore", great videos tho, very academic and illustrative
Comment from : Fabian Caicedo

haha I already knew "heta" from Hetalia! its my favourite anime; you probably love it, Misa-sensei
Comment from : PanTran

日本語が上手じゃないです( ^∀^)
Comment from : SerotoninChannel

Jiřina Kroulová
Can i say:私の日本語が下手です? (Watashi no nihongo ga heta desu)
Comment from : Jiřina Kroulová

Wow she's pretty
Comment from : demon6937

I have only watched a couple of your clips thus far and I was wondering why is your English accent sound a bit like an Aussie or a Kiwi (New Zealand) It is not a bad thing at all, was simply wondering
Comment from : Noiconnotag

Val T
As a Chinese speaking - I can differentiate it easily even by just reading the kanji words brThere’s a def a difference even by just looking at those four kanji words brbrThank you for explaining in the Japanese terms Have a good day
Comment from : Val T

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