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Top 10 Biggest Cities in Japan 2020

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Information Top 10 Biggest Cities in Japan 2020

Title :  Top 10 Biggest Cities in Japan 2020
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Description Top 10 Biggest Cities in Japan 2020

Comments Top 10 Biggest Cities in Japan 2020

qais dababneh
Music name please because I forgot it
Comment from : qais dababneh

Farrel Kalandra
always wanna to go JapanI love ur animes & ur culture
Comment from : Farrel Kalandra

A Tyy
Comment from : A Tyy

Nadeem Husain idrisi
i am from 🇮🇳 and i love 🇯🇵
Comment from : Nadeem Husain idrisi

Aaron Zelenskyy
Abit simliar to US cities which is also admirable
Comment from : Aaron Zelenskyy

Indian cities look like big slums compared to Japan 😍
Comment from : A B

Comment from : 勝又亮耶

jabari 348
Osaka brKoyasan brNara brKyoto brKanazawa brTakayama brTokyobrYokohamabr NagoyabrSapporobrHiroshimabrNagasagibrKobebrKukoukabrKawasakibrSaitama
Comment from : jabari 348

Ward Hatten, jr
Comment from : Ward Hatten, jr

Ward Hatten, jr
🙏 bless you all 📖 read St John 5 : 24 ampersand Relations chapter 21 🙏
Comment from : Ward Hatten, jr

miracle milagro
Comment from : miracle milagro

Alex cassanova
Which one is the friendliest?
Comment from : Alex cassanova

Mr WhitewolfYT
2:32 was beautiful pic
Comment from : Mr WhitewolfYT

I wanna know how to take movies
Comment from : トンカツラーメン

Comment from : ちょっちです。

Common Sense
Comment from : Common Sense

The images of Saitama is not correct Poor Saitama, she is always misunderstood
Comment from : GeorgeProspector

As a East Asian from Taiwan, China, I am so proud Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, people from Hong Kong, Singapore all look futuristic All prodigies of Confucius
Comment from : Truthseeker

Comment from : peter

0:55 1:15 This is Osaka Castle and Nagoya Castle Built in the Warring States period (restored) It was built about 400 years agobrA great man lived here
Comment from : にょき

In Hokkaido instead of Sapporo?
Comment from : にょき

You know what I find interesting about Japanese cities? They’re all so clean and futuristic, and the people from each of them is culturally ambiguous but extremely polite Seriously, this is not the case in other countries Someone from Berlin would behave differently from someone from Hamburg or Frankfurt, and American wise, someone from Miami or Dallas would behave differently to someone from San Francisco or New YorkbrbrI’ve visited both Tokyo and Osaka, and the people there are indistinguishable from each other So really, is there any cultural differences between Japanese people from different cities?
Comment from : DMH1405

khusbir singh
Japan nuclear missiles attack this time they gone sink japan country in water so many missile nuclear
Comment from : khusbir singh

Kevin Prudente
Comment from : Kevin Prudente

Parash setimahar
I really said Japan is One of the beautiful country of the world, there are a lot of beautiful city and beautiful nature,I love Japan a lot of and like I'm from Nepal
Comment from : Parash setimahar

Tokyo looks great From Turkey 🇹🇷🇯🇵
Comment from : Turgineer

NFE HourMusic
The second largest city in Japan is Osaka The third largest city is Nagoya This is the common sense of Japanese peoplebrAlso, the first video of Kawasaki is the video of OsakabrI want you to investigate a little more and make a video Otherwise it will be misleading
Comment from : NFE HourMusic

Comment from : nonnon

Comment from : ビーダマ

Ashutosh Kar
Thats the right one
Comment from : Ashutosh Kar

Ashutosh Kar
Comment from : Ashutosh Kar

Ashutosh Kar
But your list is wrong
Comment from : Ashutosh Kar

I love Japan ❤🇯🇵❤🇱🇰❤
Comment from : モウ゛ィント゛

I am happy poor people happy
good city Japan is wonderful
Comment from : I am happy poor people happy

Flying potatos
2:22 These images are not Saitama but Shizuoka
Comment from : Flying potatos

David Sassoon
Comment from : David Sassoon

Khaleefa Pyramids
Comment from : Khaleefa Pyramids

Ju 04
What is the song ?
Comment from : Ju 04

Rabbit Man
Japan is a country that I don't care about at all
Comment from : Rabbit Man

Yamaguchi's photos are mixed in Fukuoka
Comment from : とっとろ

jason zhang
Japan must pay what they do to Chinese people in world war two
Comment from : jason zhang

Muhammed Mifthah
Great example of sustainable developedment 👏🏻
Comment from : Muhammed Mifthah

Tactical AF
Finland kinda seems tiny now
Comment from : Tactical AF

Aaa 、
Japan doesn’t have only beautiful cities but also beautiful naturebrThat’s why I love Japan 🇯🇵
Comment from : Aaa 、

WhatsApp ⊕④⑧⑤⓪⑥④⑦⑤②③③
Truly said, but I believe most people see it as a ponzi scheme of some sortMost without proper knowledge of it With such mindset a lot fail to take advantage of the situation and make money, I mean that's how the rich keeps soaring
Comment from : WhatsApp ⊕④⑧⑤⓪⑥④⑦⑤②③③

Ronelyn Kiwas
Love japan from philiphines😘
Comment from : Ronelyn Kiwas

East asian so very cool and very wow I love jaan china anf korea
Comment from : MING TONG

Love japan from Philippines
Comment from : MING TONG

Samikshya Aryal
What's the music name?? I love this
Comment from : Samikshya Aryal

Clevent Lee
Comment from : Clevent Lee

ruel espanol
TokyobrYokohamabrOsaka brNagoyabrSapporobrKobebrFukuoka brKyotobrKawasaki brSaitama
Comment from : ruel espanol

Kailashpati Rai
Japan have very very very low fertility rate so it's very very very easy to keep here peaceful environment and to do development
Comment from : Kailashpati Rai

the mixture motivation
गंगा करोड़ दत्त लड्डुओं कल्लो डिब्बे खबर-संसार
Comment from : the mixture motivation

Allen Rocks
This is my dream country love from 🇮🇳
Comment from : Allen Rocks

my way
I'm jealous wish the USA was this clean and well run and had low crime rates too
Comment from : my way

Comment from : 萨克麦迪克

Japan is truly awesome
Comment from : Dev

Yorqin Togo
Japan is very beautiful cauntry
Comment from : Yorqin Togo

Sandy g
Damn Japan is beautiful as hell
Comment from : Sandy g

Comment from : カシスパイス

Japan is my favorite county ever!!
Comment from : VJ: ITS TIME TO KICK IT!

RwBuckman Buckman
Holy crap japan cram em entheres city dweller lol tghurt roomys urlabTopz on more privates area's ya
Comment from : RwBuckman Buckman

Ikbal Mi song nice
I love country from bangladesh
Comment from : Ikbal Mi song nice

Hello How
2:09 なんかバックで走ってる達人だらけで草
Comment from : Hello How

Miss BiBi
OMG scenery from garden of words
Comment from : Miss BiBi

The City Builder
Mt Fuji can be seen from 4 cities
Comment from : The City Builder

pritam negi
Love japan 🇯🇵, and Japanese people are very hard working, always admire there work ethics and routine Love from India 🇮🇳 ❣️❣️❣️❣️
Comment from : pritam negi

Love Japan from India
Comment from : RAJU KUMAR

rinerv shakya
Is the video of fukuoka true??? Wind terminal
Comment from : rinerv shakya

Elizabeth Sullca boza
Comentario en español :)
Comment from : Elizabeth Sullca boza

Abolo Gentle
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Comment from : Abolo Gentle

Matheus L
Saitama looks so cool
Comment from : Matheus L

kayako Saeki
Comment from : kayako Saeki

An gus
Comment from : An gus

Comment from : saadeddine

Aamir Sobor
Wow brI love JapanbrLove from India 🇮🇳
Comment from : Aamir Sobor

Tobiano Gaming
I love Japan! From your lovely neighbor Indonesia🇮🇩❤🙂
Comment from : Tobiano Gaming

Mike Muponda
what a beautiful video and perfect track to go with it!
Comment from : Mike Muponda

Comment from : ああ

y a
Comment from : y a

Jesus Christ
Shree Laxmi Temple construction fundition donation fees RS 10000000 only Vijay Kumar j niranakaran Rahul motor hillapur road hallikhed btghumsnabad district bidar pincode 585414 mobile 7892954355 state Karnataka
Comment from : Jesus Christ

富士山はさいたま市民の所有物😏 byさいたま市民
Comment from : のび太のおばあちゃん

draw Anime
What's the name of the music plz 🙏
Comment from : draw Anime

Really Japan is a very hard working country, inspite of so many obstacles they have still emerged as the world power Love from India and I wish that such spirit of hard work to be there in India too as both are very hard working people and diverse culture After all no country has the potential to be Japan
Comment from : Scythe

I love Japan ❤️❤️🥰
Comment from : ディビエンドゥカヤル

Larry Mandaville
Can’t wait to travel the world one day I need a break from Florida it’s beautiful state but I need different scenery
Comment from : Larry Mandaville

Kobe No1!
Comment from : むじゃき

Adam Chow Chow
Comment from : Adam Chow Chow

Alisha Gill
So beautiful love from Pakistan
Comment from : Alisha Gill

静岡県の富士芝桜まつりがさいたま市に笑 山梨の富士五湖もbrさいたまに限らず色々おかしいけど景色は良い笑
Comment from : taka1993kotodama

Le roi
Japan is and will always be a better Country I love and respect Japan and its polite people from Africa
Comment from : Le roi

Tanbir Nr
always wanna to go JapanI love ur animes & ur culture
Comment from : Tanbir Nr

I love Japan always
Comment from : BHEEM Raj Singh RAWAT

I love ❤️ japan 🇯🇵
Comment from : LE MECHASO

Tokyo is more like los Angeles
Comment from : Your

shun shun
Comment from : shun shun

なんか札幌は北海道全域だし川崎は大阪だし埼玉とか富士山じゃんw むちゃくちゃすぎて笑った
Comment from : 気分アゲアゲタヶ

Comment from : 大雅

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