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10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Japan (Watch Before You Go!)

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Information 10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Japan (Watch Before You Go!)

Title :  10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Japan (Watch Before You Go!)
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Frames 10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Japan (Watch Before You Go!)

Description 10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Japan (Watch Before You Go!)

Comments 10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Japan (Watch Before You Go!)

Russell Johnson
I was stationed o Okinawa In 1969 1971, I unloaded cargo ships at the port of Naha and at Tengan Pier and at White Beach US Army, 412 Trans Co
Comment from : Russell Johnson

Great Video! Thanks
Comment from : laura

Russell Johnson
I was stationed there in "69 '70
Comment from : Russell Johnson

Joan Denard
Cant wait to go in may 2023
Comment from : Joan Denard

Whoa Where is this museum in yachimun? What's the address?
Comment from : tillybumbilly

I Lived there from 1967 to 1970 I was in the USAF at the time and enjoyed the place I eat the local food even when I was told that I coul get bad food doing that again I enjoyed Okinawa
Comment from : James

Hakuna Matata
This video was great yall did an awesome job narrating this, I will be living in Okinawa for a few years and this video gave me some awesome ideas!! Thank you!!
Comment from : Hakuna Matata

Japan Travel Vlog
Your Okinawa video is the best 👍👍👍brI also went to Okinawa with my family 💓💓💓br youtube/DnhxMpb9Q1g
Comment from : Japan Travel Vlog

Dr Jacqueline Quyen Thu Ha Le Pham
Thank you for sharing Miss Okinawa so much Miss this placeI love Okinawa so much
Comment from : Dr Jacqueline Quyen Thu Ha Le Pham

Caralyn Eclarino
What seaside cafe is that restaurant called specifically??
Comment from : Caralyn Eclarino

Comment from : あいうえお

Peace Museumas a remembrance of those that perished during the invasion of Okinawa A must see🙏
Comment from : D

Carlos Consorcio Castellano Pérez
Yo my brother is stationed there i hope to visit one day
Comment from : Carlos Consorcio Castellano Pérez

Joseph Charbonneau
It was soooo nice watching your video what an awesome job you have done making it! I was in Okinawa from 1976 through 1978 and I loved your island so much I’ve been thinking of retiring there! The Okinawan people are so very polite and welcoming I didn’t want to leave! Thank you for motivating me once again to at the very least plan a long term stay on the island again! I’ll see you guys at the market I hope! J 🌞
Comment from : Joseph Charbonneau

Kouri Island could have been in the list, and for the beach emerald beach is highly recommended not to mention tourist should try snorkeling and diving if possible
Comment from : leme317

Just got here, can’t wait to be done with RoM and explore
Comment from : skywalkier

I used to drive out to Manzamou on a dirt road surrounded by sugar cane fields and no one was there But, that was over 40 years ago and so much has changed since
Comment from : Fishguts

I want to visit Okinawa and Hokkaido 🥰
Comment from : NANN

Jonathan Novak
I was stationed there in 1994 in the US Marines Such a beautiful place The people are so friendly I want to go back and take my wife and son
Comment from : Jonathan Novak

Elena Miyagi
One of my favorite place in Okinawa is the cave
Comment from : Elena Miyagi

Alexandra Toledo
I loved this video I just moved to Okinawa yesterday and I’m excited to visit all these places
Comment from : Alexandra Toledo

Kathy Galloway
Okinawa has changed alot since the early 80s when I lived there Love your videos
Comment from : Kathy Galloway

The Global Citizenship
Thank you so much for sharing your take of Okinawa I have a project given to me via Rakuten Travel and Okinawa Tourism Bureau to create a guide and so watching creative content like yours gives me an understanding of what people would usually do and inspires me to target things from a different anglebrbrI am glad to see content creators get around and still flourish despite the circumstances that be, albeit, done safely! Keep doing you!
Comment from : The Global Citizenship

Wesley Hunter
I was stationed there from 1987 - 89 I would recommend the dragon boat races, the aquarium, Suicide cliffs, Mongolian Barbecue (if its still open)
Comment from : Wesley Hunter

Love your channel! Very helpful and informative 💙
Comment from : Gwyneth

bryant whitis
Awesome video guys I think Okinawa Japan is one of the most awesome places to visit
Comment from : bryant whitis

Graça Dantas
A minha primeira ida ao Okinawa, só durou algumas horas! Não foi uma boa viagem 🧳😡 para mim😡
Comment from : Graça Dantas

Okinawan food is the best I really wish Okinawan cuisine was more widely known and accepted
Comment from : leavemealoneplease

COOL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : ATIPAT 1212

Happy Surfing Okinawa
Learn to surf!! Best in Japan!! ;)
Comment from : Happy Surfing Okinawa

Tereza Ueti
De Brasil Sao Paulo Peruibe
Comment from : Tereza Ueti

Tereza Ueti
Ja fui para Okinawa e muito lindo!!!
Comment from : Tereza Ueti

Comment from : euphoricsunkin

Mark Moreno
Nihei Debiru Depending on the time of year, you may want to see the Haari resu or the Sabani resu finish Both are exciting competitions If you get a chance see an Eisa dance with drummers There is a cave complex in the south called Gyokusendo so if you go in summer it is a cool place to escape the heat Nearby is the "Cave Cafe" Shuri Castle was partially burned down but Shureido mon is still standing So go to Nakajin castle instead It is north of Motobu peninsula I love the northern Yanbaru jungle/forest but be careful if you hike since there are snakes If you go soon, on your way back stop by the Orion beer factory or see Henoko and Aura bay before it is ruined by the US military
Comment from : Mark Moreno

Leap Across The World
Great video! I also made a similar video wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=NdwZngMw4dU&feature=youtube
Comment from : Leap Across The World

nigga isn’t it Shuri Castle?
Comment from : Leoki

11 pop some C’s 12 drink some bron at the sea wall
Comment from : Leoki

An actual almond joy
I was there for four years before leaving
Comment from : An actual almond joy

Oh Oh
Tokashiki is also amazing
Comment from : Oh Oh

Soothing Chill Lounge
Great clip, thanks Love OKINAWA! We're just starting out on Youtube, and would love to be friends :) br😃
Comment from : Soothing Chill Lounge

JDM Pinoy Travelers
Okinawa is a very awesome and serene place! Living here for 3 years now!
Comment from : JDM Pinoy Travelers

Great video thank you!
Comment from : Andriana

Cường Marine
I was in the USMC stationed near Naha 1985 I did not go out enough to see all the places I hope to go back
Comment from : Cường Marine

MiraMore ⭐
Nice to see Yakuza already spoiled Okinawa for me :D
Comment from : MiraMore ⭐

The Southeast Botanical Gardens and the Aquarium I used to like ONO KAU KAU but I hear it's closed A taste of Hawaii in Okinawa
Comment from : firedawg980225

The aquarium and the American village was always one of my favorite places to go ♥️
Comment from : A H

◆武漢コロナ騒動の中、お粗末)失火・全焼の首里城再建がbr 原因不明のまま、公金投入・推進が決まりました。br⇒沖縄逆差別『政治・マスコミ全体が無責任❢ 』brbr①美ら島財団/デニー県政の原因隠蔽が悪い。br  管理者責任を忘却か?❢br②原因隠蔽に加担する政府・自民党は、更に悪い。br  国)沖縄事務所の恥さらし。brbr原因不明⇒電気火災です。/延長コード。br 沖縄の声(動画)2/103/24/1失敗学 コメントbr杜撰電気工事x杜撰管理x消防妨害(三重苦、犯罪)brbr⇒鹿児島)鶴丸城御桜門 再建では、電気配線の保護強化のbr 見直しを実施のニュースがあり、一安心♬。(3/31)br 首里城は、保護無しで、通路/バックヤード 置き。~延長コード。
Comment from : 失敗学次郎

Mando Viajero
Comment from : Mando Viajero

I don't know why the aloha shirt is in stores cuz that's not the one in the Okinawan culture but in Hawai'i
Comment from : 比嘉やいびーん。

Iman Rudi Kataji
hei hei hei you are GAY
Comment from : Iman Rudi Kataji

Love always Jasmine
Is June a good time to visit Okinawa?
Comment from : Love always Jasmine

Brian F
Taco rice and cheese!
Comment from : Brian F

Thomas Gargano
You guys made me home sick, I was born in Okinawa,but live in USA My mother and father are both buried in OkinawaSomeday I would like to go back to the island to visit with my family😇😇😇😇
Comment from : Thomas Gargano

Shinja Okinawa
Mensolay, Thanks for the Trip Down Memory Lane
Comment from : Shinja Okinawa

Eric Hermes
I spent about 3 years on Okinawa, in the early 1990sbrI used to go eat in a restaurant that, in my opinion, had the best yakisoba brThe restaurant was on the bottom floor of this orange building, called "Hotel Mt Blanc"brAccording to Google Maps, it's still therebr1 Chome-27-15 Central, Okinawa, 904-0004, Japanbr mapsappgoogl/j6RorgWcvfdrjtrH7
Comment from : Eric Hermes

Shuri castle has had an extensive fire and is now closed until renovations can be completed Quite sad I would like to see this while in Naha, however there is much more to see Come to the aquarium one day, they have whale sharks that have been raised in captivity A rather impressive feat
Comment from : spackermen

Mingo Norton
I was stationed in Okinawa from 1993-1995 I loved it there I visited Zakimie castle and several other places I fell in love with Okinawa and it's people
Comment from : Mingo Norton

Itachi Uchiha
Feeling sad after watching Shuri castlehope a quick recovery
Comment from : Itachi Uchiha

Jack Phua
Where is churaumi aquarium?
Comment from : Jack Phua

RIP Shuri Castle
Comment from : Ebi

Glynis Lailann
Thanks for the tips Am going with my Kibujutzu Karate Club to attend a seminar there mid November this year The last time i was in Japan was in 2010 & our seminar took place in Chiba
Comment from : Glynis Lailann

Thanks for the video I was in Okinawa just a view days ago Maybe I retiring there
Comment from : Tanuki

Chickenlegs 28porkchops
Going on our honeymoon can’t wait, this is a great video thank you, my fiancé’s grandma is from there so this was a good way to trace her roots
Comment from : Chickenlegs 28porkchops

Lone wolf sim
When i join the Air Force i want to get station at kadeana
Comment from : Lone wolf sim

Yen Kwok
1 pinapple park
Comment from : Yen Kwok

James Moore
I loved the Okinawan castles, Expo Park, Hedo , and Okinawa in general Drive all over, Route 58 and 329
Comment from : James Moore

Arnold Ceja
Crazy question but I do not speak Japanese at all do most people there speak English at the restaurants/resorts areas?
Comment from : Arnold Ceja

Okinawa is a great place to live especially if you have small kids lots and lots of playgrounds i miss this place i remember going to Hiji Falls National Park, Nago Pineapple Park, Kokusai Street, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (first time is saw a whale shark and up close), etc etc used to live across the street from Mihama American Village
Comment from : BTaeSlays

kyoungsu jeon
Okinawa is a Japanese colony, hasn't it been independent yet?
Comment from : kyoungsu jeon

Okinawa Ocean Safety
Love the content You've hit a few great spots here! Next time your here hit us up!
Comment from : Okinawa Ocean Safety

How accessible are these places via public transport?
Comment from : 夾雞饅頭

Kap Gun
super doco i'm going to Okinawa on September ill visit all of them if time permits
Comment from : Kap Gun

Thomson Sanusi
where did you guys stay in okinawa?
Comment from : Thomson Sanusi

Overconfident Noobs
Do most people speak English?? I’m going in about a year and I’ll be there for 2 months, and I don’t know Japanese😩
Comment from : Overconfident Noobs

Overconfident Noobs
I’m gonna go next summer for 2 months to visit my dad!!! He’s in the US Marine Corps and had been living there for like 4 years! I’ve been so excited to go and now we finally have he dates and plane tickets!
Comment from : Overconfident Noobs

V Vendetta
I’m stationed in Okinawa
Comment from : V Vendetta

Nour M
Thank you for the useful information! I love your videos 😍brI live in Kobe, planning to go to okinawa this August😌currently looking for a travel buddy🤔 but I might end up traveling solo!
Comment from : Nour M

dk videos
11 try to go to round one on the big island
Comment from : dk videos

R Berth
Liked your video, it brought back some memories I was stationed at a US Marine base on Oki from 1999-2000 What about the yakisoba? It was delicious, I wish I could get it in the states How about Hedo Point? I took a week of leave and bicycled around the northern coast, camping on the beaches and snorkeling in the oceans & seas Hedo Point was the middle of the trip It was the week of my life and I still dream if it from time to time
Comment from : R Berth

You speack english but you are really japanese, beginning by shopping The first thing I want to do in the islands is going to the beach :) I expected you recommend good and beautiful beaches and islands and also places, live houses where we can dance and listen to Okinawa music !!
Comment from : Y W

thanks for this vid bro, my family and I are going just in time for summer
Comment from : nezaku


Andrew Martinez
awesome staying in Okinawa for 75 days so have a few more things to do
Comment from : Andrew Martinez

Jamie Mcmahan
One of these days, I’ll get there Isshin ryu karate began there and I’ve always wanted to go after studying it for so long At least I get a small bite of it with these videos I love themI’m going to buy bento box foods when I get paid again It all looks soooooo good Beautiful Please keep up the wonderful videos! ❤️💕
Comment from : Jamie Mcmahan

martin guan
I can tell that Okinawa more similar to taiwan than japan itself
Comment from : martin guan

M Moochy
I also wrote this article,br allelezcom/how-to-enjoy-okinawa-on-budget-places-to-go-things-to-do-and-memories-to-collect/
Comment from : M Moochy

Back when I lived there, we used to go to the pineapple farms up north, the aquarium, and the childrens park (near nakagusuku village) You made the most important point though, local cuisine! Whatever you have, try it with an Orion! :)
Comment from : gfreely

C NoLuv4u
Why have I missed this vid? I must go over what was missed a couple years ago
Comment from : C NoLuv4u

Brent Petry • 9 months ago
Moon beach and Monza beach was great
Comment from : Brent Petry • 9 months ago

Kamikazi Tsunami
My great grandfather came from Okinawa and he was from a poorer farming family My great grandmother was a physician from a wealthy family in Tokyo Her parents would not allow her to marry an Okinawan so they ran away to marry 😍 Most of the people in my family bucked the system I am so proud of them It's the reason I became an activist
Comment from : Kamikazi Tsunami

Can't wait to go😊
Comment from : YEE YEE

I'm going this summer wish me & Kaede luck
Comment from : CrunchyShadow

Mountain Man
thanks cool vid
Comment from : Mountain Man

Kendra Hofler
I just moved here and these are sooo fun everyone needs to go to glass beach (you can look it up in google maps) it’s so fun!
Comment from : Kendra Hofler

Marc H
population density is low so you will need a car and parking is $10 USDbrif you book a hotel, only book one in NAHA, if you are single! brChatan and Naha are the only really interesting places in my opinion brOkinawa has a marine base, so you will see a lot of foreigners naturally they bring their drunken ignorance with them
Comment from : Marc H

Ralph Politano Jr
Great video I appreciate your excellent english
Comment from : Ralph Politano Jr

Professor Neila
thank you guys!!!
Comment from : Professor Neila

What kind of flowers are these hanging in the tree in the last Scene?
Comment from : Witty1

Thank you so much ! Plan to visit soon !
Comment from : CC

Chew Yong Seng
Hi My Name is John Chew from Singapore I enjoy watching your show at Okinawa I am keen to visit Okinawa Can you tell which is hotel where is convenience to me and  I intend to rent a car where is the good place
Comment from : Chew Yong Seng

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