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FedEx Flight 80 Accident At Narita Airport

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Information FedEx Flight 80 Accident At Narita Airport

Title :  FedEx Flight 80 Accident At Narita Airport
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Frames FedEx Flight 80 Accident At Narita Airport

Description FedEx Flight 80 Accident At Narita Airport

Comments FedEx Flight 80 Accident At Narita Airport

Infinity Aviation
Imagine eating in one of the terminals, and looking outside to see that
Comment from : Infinity Aviation

I had a package on that flight I never got my package
Comment from : BUCKS_EDITZ

Day in the life…
Comment from : grandepho1

James Clarke
What was the face of the guy recording this
Comment from : James Clarke

Melissa Vest
If I were you I would not drive a FedEx plane again
Comment from : Melissa Vest

Lakshay Thakur
Speed was very slow i guess that's why it happen
Comment from : Lakshay Thakur

RIP DC-10 this generation of planes are going fast😭😭🥺😔😞😢😢😢😢😩
Comment from : Abdullah_gaming

Полина Шавлова
Ну Кваку
Comment from : Полина Шавлова

Annoying Boi Likes Potatoes
Bro is this what they be doing to my packages?!
Comment from : Annoying Boi Likes Potatoes

Rest in peace to the pilots who died that day
Comment from : RSK

Bro the pilot nose dive the planewth
Comment from : YourNeighborTimmy

Renzo Alves
Why my package did not come
Comment from : Renzo Alves

The fact it's so quiet makes it all the more unsettling
Comment from : PotatoSnail

Thank god there wasnt anyone else on the plane
Comment from : SuperMarieoDerek

Comment from : PEAR

The RC kid
Were there any survivors?
Comment from : The RC kid

I wonder where my package is hmmm😢
Comment from : D4RKS0U15

Sultan Tokobaev
Fata*s 80 you crashed
Comment from : Sultan Tokobaev

Jenny MC
I like it
Comment from : Jenny MC

Christopher Ducat
Absolutely shocking :( just saw the Mayday episode and it's just a terrible sight to see, from a botched landing to instant death Airplanes are terribly finicky things compared to ground transport
Comment from : Christopher Ducat

comments disabled 😥
Comment from : Heisenballs

Because these guys prioritised this short and temporary Earth life, instead of Life after Death, brbrThe actual test, actual result, actual prize is on the day of judgementbrbrThese guys whole life pleassed others, humans and before their death they expressed their Despression, their Mistake to please Others instead of Pleasing their Almighty Creator AllahbrbrbrbrWe Humans here in this Earth is to worship Allah the Almighty Creator and by earning his mercy we secure our please in the Heaven for EternitybrbrbrBut what we do? brbrWe party, music, illegal s*x, and what not, brbrAnd when we see our death before our eyes its too late, THERE is no coming back now, the Books have been closed, the Deeds are sealed,brbrNow wait for the day of JudgementbrbrbrThis life is a Test, Short test, how you lead this life is what gives you Eternal Pradise or Eternal HellfirebrbrbrYou dont worship anyone Except the One and Only ALMIGHTY CREATOR, ALLAH brWho created us and gave us a blessed and free lifebrbrAnd ever after all of that, what we do? brbrWe say A Human / Prophet named Jesus(PBUH) is God, a Statue is God, A Cow A Monkey is God, a Half Naked Human is God, a Tree is God, Dead Ancestors is God brbr(Astagfirullah) ( God Forbid)brbrHow dare we do this blasphemy? brbrDont we have 1 iq to even realise what we doing with Almighty Creator's right? brbrHe created us, gave us everything and yet we giving his own rights, his worshipping to some creations? To some animals? brTo some humans or dead humans? brbrbrbrbrWhen will it stop blasphemy? brbrbrbrWe dont have 10 mins of our time for seeking knowledge? brbrOr to know about Truth? brOr to how to lead this life? What is the divine commandments that our Creator sent us? brbrOr to Read The Quraan in our Whole life? brbrOr to Know about the Islam? brbrbrMay Allah the Almighty Creator give us guidance, Amin
Comment from : riddikulus

Robby Robinson
I have not read the NTSB report Yet I have a theory, that stems from the aircraft's initial bounce (of the equipment's initial touch with the tarmac) before becoming inverted and ultimately crashingbrIf anyone familiar with the NTSB and FAA reports or a commercial air crew, please weigh in Could the cause be pilot error? I am aware that pilots are often on the yoke with one hand (with the other hand on the throttles)brMy thoughts are when flying with one hand, is it plausible that the Captain's hand slipped from the yoke which would result in a sudden nose down configuration? Being so close to the tarmac, the equipment slammed into the runway bouncing with so much force that the aircraft bounced high enough for the left wing to sweep over and thus inverting the aircraft, killing both pilots?brbrThoughts?
Comment from : Robby Robinson

陈纬壕 Tan Wei Hao
Rayanair reee btw rip pilots
Comment from : 陈纬壕 Tan Wei Hao

Comment from : Starwarsfan997

Tyler Durden
Weird how this flight is never covered in all the "air disaster" documentaries
Comment from : Tyler Durden

RIP pilotsbrRIP crewbrRIP cargo
Comment from : BENHUR GAMES

rip_specialforces Gaming
it's the same as 1:09 turboprop flight sim collision
Comment from : rip_specialforces Gaming

Kau liat di mana
Comment from : YT ALIF

I saw this from inside the airport, I couldn't believe it
Comment from : Fizzy_Jpg

videogamer 9678
Comment from : videogamer 9678

Zein Mets
I remember watching this video as a young kid just days after the accident May the Lord bless the families who were affected by this
Comment from : Zein Mets

Comment from : Taffy

John Benjie Barnuevo
so sad
Comment from : John Benjie Barnuevo

The first officer pushed the nose down and made it even worse, atleast they tried their best, Rest in piece 😭
Comment from : T-34Thunder

Flipped over similar to United Airlines 232
Comment from : Adamohm

Sana Shams
Ryanair : finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendarybrJust a joke don’t take it seriously
Comment from : Sana Shams

Isitme Channel
so scary i don't think its very terrible :(
Comment from : Isitme Channel

Comment from : 457op661

I was born on the same day this happend
Comment from : BlobBoi

MD11 is garbage
Comment from : TWA747100

That is why, I didn't received my package from FedEx Damn I need a refund
Comment from : Sunil

Comment from : vauze

God bless their families and may they rest in peace
Comment from : genesis

Eden K
Fedex should have made their family pay for the aircraft and the goods
Comment from : Eden K

Eden K
Imagine your life being taken away by just one person, be it a shitty pilot or a mechanic
Comment from : Eden K

Non of them survived
Comment from : OHIO

Imagine this as a passenger plane, though
Comment from : Jznsnb

This was on the news, I was in Arkansas at this time, I was 10 months old when this happened I didn't know about this until I saw on the news I was extremely scared at this time
Comment from : Jznsnb

Not So Cool Dude
Crashes like these are so sad It’s technically pilot error but there were so many other factors involved that it wasn’t really their fault At least we know the industry is now safer
Comment from : Not So Cool Dude

Guy Random
RIP 🙏🏼
Comment from : Guy Random

Fedex flight 80 like malasia airlies 80
Comment from : Minecraft5784cousin

Lucky Me
The pilots will never fly a passenger airliner Things worked out well I guess 😁
Comment from : Lucky Me

What is a woman
Those MD-11's can fit several single-story houses I'm always in awe when I get to unload one
Comment from : What is a woman

P51 lover
Rip to the pilots who lost there lives on that fatal landing
Comment from : P51 lover

TomassNguyen VN
Oh, this video was uploaded 1 month before I was born (I was born in 2009)
Comment from : TomassNguyen VN

slime sloogo
I was literally in the airport watching that crash
Comment from : slime sloogo

Homstar wars aka herobrine Hernandez
Rip flight crew and boxes and pilot and copilot rip
Comment from : Homstar wars aka herobrine Hernandez

Silk Way
Omg that was damn landing brHow could them touchdown with nose gear?brAnd that touchdown was damn too
Comment from : Silk Way

5StepCloser シ
OUCHH Nose landing
Comment from : 5StepCloser シ

Hadley Thompson
imagine waiting in the terminal for your flight and seeing this
Comment from : Hadley Thompson

Man that looked terrifying
Comment from : DreqXz

Just a friendly guy
I wonder my package is broken?
Comment from : Just a friendly guy

Rico Camporedondo
That are 😔
Comment from : Rico Camporedondo

I worked at Indy fed ex hub when this happened I remember seeing the plane 2 days before the accident
Comment from : ChevelleHoyt44

A-6 Intruder
Imagine if your in boarding gate and u see this in front of your eyes
Comment from : A-6 Intruder

어머 어머 어머ㅡ
Comment from : 윤혜원

The last thing you want to see when boarding a plane…
Comment from : Intercity_Trainspotting

Emma Lundy
Finally old enough to watch this but my uncle was the co pilot on this flight Very sad to now see what killed him and the other pilot but I'm glad I get to understand what happened
Comment from : Emma Lundy

Mr D
Fundamental unsafe aircraft in my view No aircraft should be able to bite like this
Comment from : Mr D

Edward Marcus Gibson
AIRBOYD: comments disabled out of respectbrMe:
Comment from : Edward Marcus Gibson

Comment from : Eeboxz

What were the engineers thinking when they made MD-11?
Comment from : Zhalfir

oh;;; holy
Comment from : 고정문

Bay State Fire Videos
Rip my package
Comment from : Bay State Fire Videos

0:04 hang on, hang on! :/ hasn't that copied the 360° turn of Asiana flight 214?
Comment from : æ

If they were alive Ryanair would want to hire lol rip pilots
Comment from : nokiemans

Irfan Qureshi
Pilot is noob
Comment from : Irfan Qureshi

What the? It is 11y old, not that different with me I'm 13 now!!
Comment from : 한채윤

흐아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ 명복을 빕니다
Comment from : 한채윤

What da heck what happened?
Comment from : AviationExpert23

RIP to the 2 pilots who lost their lives! :(
Comment from : 7033giorgio

Buried in a matchbox probably
Comment from : KENNY C

man thats is just horrible,why didnt they slow down during landing,they should be at 180 kts,not 380kts
Comment from : normal

Arabic boi
This happened so fast
Comment from : Arabic boi

That must of been fucking terrifieing
Comment from : Electric

Andy Longfellow
I remember this day well - I was on a BA jet just one hour out of NRT from LHR The pilot told us we were diverting to HND “due to a fire at NRT” Lots of other diverted planes at HND all on remote stands Even parked we could feel very high winds affecting the airframe NRT was subsequently close for 24 hours I think
Comment from : Andy Longfellow

It's accident because co pilot practice landing not as much It's not okay If pilots' survived Pilots will get fired if I owner my airlines
Comment from : TORPEDOZ I

Peter Pham
thats why my flashlight never came
Comment from : Peter Pham

In a heavy wide body jet, never try to continue a bounced landing
Comment from : SenorCrazylegs

Linker Loader
Ребята - это жесть !!! Как так можно сажать самолёт ?!! RIP !!!
Comment from : Linker Loader

Just a normal Ryanair landing
Comment from : snoekduiker

DeeJay Waliams
the pilots are the first ever fedex pilots ro die on duty
Comment from : DeeJay Waliams

You can always go around if it don't look good coming down
Comment from : Ketsis

Kevin Clark
flight 14 and flight 80 my god
Comment from : Kevin Clark

Charons Ferry
Me landing in War Thunder
Comment from : Charons Ferry

Sswwaaggyy Zadar
Pilot Error- Altitude
Comment from : Sswwaaggyy Zadar

The Mexican
Out of respect to the flight crew who lost their lives in this accident, FedEx brought them home with honor and respect Both pilots returned back to Memphis on an MD-11 committed with just their remains, they stopped in OAK with full honors, lined up with employees and a shower to the parking spot, total salute to show heart and pride The flight continued to Memphis with the same respect to return home
Comment from : The Mexican

Sebas Quiaro
Damn thats a lot of damage
Comment from : Sebas Quiaro

Dan Wang
Butter butter butter wee slap
Comment from : Dan Wang

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