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Alphaville - Big In Japan (Symphonic Version 2022) [official video]

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Information Alphaville - Big In Japan (Symphonic Version 2022) [official video]

Title :  Alphaville - Big In Japan (Symphonic Version 2022) [official video]
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Frames Alphaville - Big In Japan (Symphonic Version 2022) [official video]

Description Alphaville - Big In Japan (Symphonic Version 2022) [official video]

Comments Alphaville - Big In Japan (Symphonic Version 2022) [official video]

Zoltan the HUN
🤩Probably 1986, '87 at the most I was a little kid, about 10 or 11 years old, when I first heard Forever Young on a system that was very serious in Hungary, and I stood there, feeling the goosebumps and looking at the ceiling in one corner of the room, because that's where the sound was coming from It was an old stereo system, and it was not set up right, BUT I WAS TOTALLY IN LOVE with the song and the way it sounded and played it's still in my ears to this day, the dynamic effects! Fades, amplification, analogue and digital, very special sounds that I heard for the first time then br brSince then, I have never managed to replicate a setting, on a system that deserves to hear Forever Young again with full bass, not forgotten treble and vocals, on a professional instrument, so that every trombone and every instrument can sound! br brThat's what I want to feel someday! 🥲
Comment from : Zoltan the HUN

diane lobes
Comment from : diane lobes

Tanya van Deventer
Epic in so many ways! Thank you! 👏
Comment from : Tanya van Deventer

Zang Cheye
I took my wife and nephew to see you at the Salt Lake City fairgrounds about 15 years ago Best concert ever! It was awesome being that close to some of my musical heroes Great show! I still have the shirt!
Comment from : Zang Cheye

Love you Marian
Comment from : DarkGirl

camillo di pasquale
Comment from : camillo di pasquale

Ellmanuell Scene
Music titan 🍷
Comment from : Ellmanuell Scene

Clarke M
God DAMN, what a voice
Comment from : Clarke M

alphaville jerusalem
Now Marian to be Japanese🤭🤭🤭🤭
Comment from : alphaville jerusalem

Çemberin Dışında
Çok güzel Tebrik ederim Harika olmuş Çok beğendim 💜💚💙
Comment from : Çemberin Dışında

Sounds great! And the comparison to earlier days is good Strong, very masculine voice and appearance, just great
Comment from : Mic7

Lilien Calvel
That man has got a great voice!!
Comment from : Lilien Calvel

Wester JapMann
try big in japan again lol lol
Comment from : Wester JapMann

Paul Franco
Comment from : Paul Franco

Brunet Michaël
J'étais enfant aujourd'hui, du haut de mes 45 ans je suis toujours aussi fan !!
Comment from : Brunet Michaël

Aleks Plot
Comment from : Aleks Plot

Eduardo Carrilho Vital
Comment from : Eduardo Carrilho Vital

Fatma Melike Şahin
Comment from : Fatma Melike Şahin

Almost 40 years Later and Million people are watching
Comment from : Sandro

César Dutra
Essa música me acompanha a vida toda ! Que maravilha !!
Comment from : César Dutra

Jesus!!! This is a masterpiece!!!
Comment from : MajestyJ

alphaville jerusalem
Comment from : alphaville jerusalem

Gillian Ward
Brilliant update on what is already a masterpiece A timeless song
Comment from : Gillian Ward

Sophía Ponce
te amo con todo el corazón, gracias por tremendo tema carajo!
Comment from : Sophía Ponce

The music of my life!!! brLove from Argentina
Comment from : Eva

Miez Katz
Aphaville, ich bin durch Euch Musiker geworden! Danke
Comment from : Miez Katz

Светлана Ерох
Суперррррр!!!!! Какое было классное время и песни… Как жаль, что нельзя вернуть те года… слезы потекли по лицу😢😢
Comment from : Светлана Ерох

Веселина Стоянова
On this special date I came here just to say that I love you, you are so unique and lovely! Wish you health and happiness, my eternal love!
Comment from : Веселина Стоянова

Die Nordfriesin
Beste Band ever
Comment from : Die Nordfriesin

Веселина Стоянова
The scenes from the official video footage, you are so cute and innocent there Now that Prince of Charm is already a King You are an amazing person You have stolen so many hearts, including mine You have my eternal love and respect
Comment from : Веселина Стоянова

Ichbin Bluna
Ich habe jetzt bei drei neu arrangierten Liedern jedesmal Tränen der Freude in den Augen Das sagt mir: Da ist was Grosses, das ich hören darf brIch verneige mich vor Marian und allen Beteiligten Danke
Comment from : Ichbin Bluna


Sonia Rodriguez
13 años, cuando 😊❤ Descubrí Alphaville … Cierro los ojos y vuelvo … Aquellos maravillosos años ❤ … Cuanto me gustaría veros en Directo … Venir a España 🇪🇸 Forever fans
Comment from : Sonia Rodriguez

Katarzyna Brzycka
Ponadczasowe Chylę czoła MISTRZU !!!!
Comment from : Katarzyna Brzycka

Pablo platner
very nice I liked it a lot
Comment from : Pablo platner

Everytime they release a new version I'm happier
Comment from : ErzaWolf

Still a Major Icon after all these years
Comment from : Allan

Iki Gomez
Sério, tô sem palavras! Marian, tu conseguiu transformar o que já era INCRÍVEL numa coisa ainda melhor! Essa versão sinfônica ficou excelente! Tô sem palavras abraços de Brasil!
Comment from : Iki Gomez

João Martins Cardoso
Music wonderful sucesso👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : João Martins Cardoso

Milene Regina Ezequiel
Comment from : Milene Regina Ezequiel

Stop Poverty
Comment from : Stop Poverty

melih ışık
time going peoples change but dont change music dont change feelings
Comment from : melih ışık

Agnieszka Runowska-Fiszer
Omg 🙂👌🎼
Comment from : Agnieszka Runowska-Fiszer

miguel sebastian
Recordar es vivir 👏👏
Comment from : miguel sebastian

Helia Kloth
Wenn ich in Japan bin, werde ich diesen Titel hören und mitsingen
Comment from : Helia Kloth

Hassan Irufaan
Back when actual singers existed, no fucking auto tune or any other bullshit, just pure talent
Comment from : Hassan Irufaan

willy vaca
woooohhh, quede impresionado, bravo!!!!!!
Comment from : willy vaca

Кирилл Воронов
Now he has really become Big))
Comment from : Кирилл Воронов

Great, Marian!
Comment from : shonebeing

Alex und Biggi on Tour - FAT
Immer noch - MEEEGA GUT! Dankeschön 👍
Comment from : Alex und Biggi on Tour - FAT

wow, Marian has a fantastic voice, way more powerful now than back then fucking fantastic
Comment from : Skynet666official

Nicht nur BIG IN JAPAN sondern auch BIG SONG 👍🥰😀
Comment from : Irene

Gustav Focar
Alphaville forever 🤎🤎👍👍
Comment from : Gustav Focar

Legends I wonder how many songs written today will be listen to after so many years Not many But Alphaville will still be there
Comment from : OpelzCzyzkowka

Tais Cristina Moreira
I love you ❤️
Comment from : Tais Cristina Moreira

Веселина Стоянова
I'm sorry in advance for my question I see some extra scenes from the original video are included in the symphonic version Is it possible these extra scenes and/or some behind the scenes clips to be shared with us the fans?
Comment from : Веселина Стоянова

Blue Guitar
Voice is amazing still very good
Comment from : Blue Guitar

Jack Poulin
Pure magic Marian's voice seems to get better as he age Goosbumps all over
Comment from : Jack Poulin

Bloody hell - he’s certainly never lost his mojo! #secretcrush
Comment from : Karenbowey

Without a doubt, this is one of the best music projects of recent years I'm very happy that my favorite band came up with such a great idea :)
Comment from : icevega1

Le peno
Old good times ❤️🍷🗿
Comment from : Le peno

marya milagros
Comment from : marya milagros

juanddh crg
Es espectacular Esa voz sigue siendo poderosa y magnífica Excelente versión, saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴
Comment from : juanddh crg

Ana Maria Pascual Hernandez
Muero de amor 💖💖💖
Comment from : Ana Maria Pascual Hernandez

Christian Marais
Comment from : Christian Marais

Lissette Breton
Maravilloso 🙌
Comment from : Lissette Breton

Luis Acuña
Excelente expectacular
Comment from : Luis Acuña

Lucie Soukupová
Je to Mega návrat mezi dosavadní žijící a pamatujici hudební fajnšmekry této skupiny Tahle verze mě dost dostala 38 let je rozdíl mezi tou první verzi a touhle Tahlemeoslovila víc Super
Comment from : Lucie Soukupová

sunniboi1000 zuni
Spitze hier zeigt er das er immer noch singen kann und sich die stimme nicht verändert hat Klasse! Top Video von Dir
Comment from : sunniboi1000 zuni

Japan not so big these days, 30 years after the Plaza Accords when the US ordered a stop it's growth I wonder what Japan could've been like to day but for that Now it's Germany's turn
Comment from : magnaviator

karim allouch
One of the best song of the decade ♥♥
Comment from : karim allouch

Kostantinos Ts
I was so not ready for this! His voice is outstanding
Comment from : Kostantinos Ts

Frederick G
This Song is only Great Memories
Comment from : Frederick G

Alphaville não tem idade e sim história demais
Comment from : LINDOS FILMES

he looks great, hes got that matt berry voice on him now though :) still epic though, utterly epic
Comment from : zeetroyman

Darmadi Darmawangsa
Damned, felt like 1984 Powerful, I will never forget this song Thank you Marian Gold
Comment from : Darmadi Darmawangsa

De las que están en el playlist sin duda,you're great Marian
Comment from : ALEJANDRO VIDAL

should be the next boss in gamorrah :)
Comment from : zeetroyman

Martín Aguilar
Dude he's 68 sixty eight What a figure
Comment from : Martín Aguilar

Wow,wow,wow !!!!!!
Comment from : arrobasolar

Наталья Науменко
До комка в горле Сколько незабываемых моментов и эмоций через край Вы дарите многим! Спасибо за Вашу душу ♥♥♥
Comment from : Наталья Науменко

Je suis pas d'accord Pourquoi il n'a pas un seul poils gris? C'est pas normal
Comment from : Gérald

Io Io
Oh my God !!! Great !!! ❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏💯💯💯Love you for ever !!!❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Io Io

Rosangela flores Bornia
Melhor banda adoro eterna 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤
Comment from : Rosangela flores Bornia

The Rupertson
Amo escuchar esto 😍❤
Comment from : The Rupertson

samy luna
Ohj Dios!!!! Esta versión e hermosa y Marian que si voz sigue intacta como disfruto !!
Comment from : samy luna

Jim M 75
A bit misty eyed watching this, thank you Marian, we all age im now 47 but the sound is more beautiful than ever Love from England
Comment from : Jim M 75

C Jazzgap
Just amazing Love, love, love
Comment from : C Jazzgap

Incredible, your Big Everywhere!!brThank you!!!!
Comment from : cx7800

Sandra Colin
Comment from : Sandra Colin


Patrick H
Marian Gold is a real national treasure
Comment from : Patrick H


Comment from : 0buratino

Екатерина Солдатенкова
Наложение старого клипа на новый! Очень классно придумано) Спасибо за новую версию ♥️
Comment from : Екатерина Солдатенкова

Manuel Aparisi
Fantastic versionbrSo different from original, but fantastic
Comment from : Manuel Aparisi

Jordi Totoro
Amazing 😍
Comment from : Jordi Totoro

joss greg
Comment from : joss greg

Jack Mehoff
Marion still has it
Comment from : Jack Mehoff

Our Adventures NZ
Just brillant
Comment from : Our Adventures NZ

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