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Title :  Language Translation Device
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Comments Language Translation Device

Dude in taxi: "Ok, cool"brbPulls phone/bbr"Hey John, do you have a boat I can borrow? Crazy ass girl asked me to take her from Tokyo to LA"
Comment from : Giritto

OneHandedNed Ned
2 way conversation??
Comment from : OneHandedNed Ned

How much is this
Comment from : army

Dark Nemessis
These guys must have skipped the english classes
Comment from : Dark Nemessis

Dark Nemessis
When the locals are too incompetent to learn english so you have to use a device like this in order to talk to them🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Dark Nemessis

Kodari Radhakrishna
What is the device name
Comment from : Kodari Radhakrishna

Some Person
It's a wonderful tool If you use one, write down what the translator says Then, try to remember or memorize what you wrote down If you do that, you won't need the translator in order to say that I wonder how many of these people are paying attention to what the translation device is saying How many people say, "Excuse me" to the translation device without remembering or memorizing what the translation device says?
Comment from : Some Person

Some Person
I would crack up if they were talking with someone who knew how to speak English and the person said in English, "Your translation device works well"
Comment from : Some Person

Ronley Yew Chor Sien
Where can we buy that it’s so amazing and can be quite handy later at japan trip
Comment from : Ronley Yew Chor Sien

Dexter Surya
Doraemon device
Comment from : Dexter Surya

Devadathan K Santharam
ili Wearable Translator
Comment from : Devadathan K Santharam

N Balaji
Wait did you just say Los angeles??,In japan there is no Los Angeles , But the device got me❤️
Comment from : N Balaji

Really los Angeles 🙃
Comment from : Antonyms:-)

Oh My God I don't want to learn any language because I m lazy and not Interested also But This gadget Stole my heart❤️ Incredible device
Comment from : Cocian

Hey dude, say stop it brother 😭💀🤣
Comment from : denkmicx1yy

Weebs finding link 🥷🤌✨
Comment from : denkmicx1yy

It'd be more comfortable to use the translator app instead of this 🤔
Comment from : briank

If that device battery go off 🤣💔rip
Comment from : Khathwi

Where to buy it?
Comment from : Mareks

Is this better than just using google translate on my phone?
Comment from : LaserMurderingGang

Christian Suarez
Where to buy this device????
Comment from : Christian Suarez

pancasetia setia
I want to have it where can I buy the tool?
Comment from : pancasetia setia

Allahu Akbar
Comment from : Allahu Akbar

young useless b*tch
I was looking for this video 😂 but I couldn't find it but thanks for posting this ❤️
Comment from : young useless b*tch

I loved that voice of the translator It's so cute
Comment from : GLORY OF INDIA 🇮🇳

I know we have Google Translate, but c’moooon! This is very cute! :3
Comment from : KeB3i

Felicia McGlory
bI like the design of the /bbBesttDigital/bb translator , and charging case It is little bit heavy The application is easy to use, but there are things to be improved For example, I knew the earbud are connected to the phone, but I didn’t know I need to reconfirm it again, so I would be able to use “Speaker mode” I took sometime to find it though/b
Comment from : Felicia McGlory

How can one taxi driver can take that girl to los angels

The grammar was actually correct 👍🏻brbrEdit: I have read their page (the device is called "ili" btw) The communication is only one-way English to Japanese And they said they ment for it to be built that waythey wanted to remove the back and forth chit chat Huh??, like why the F?brSo how would you, the English speaker, understand the answer for the question you have just asked?
Comment from : 猫ニャ___猫ニャ

I Want To Travel To
Nice I watched 20 videos this morning trying to answer if these things worked and finally a video that shows it Thanks!
Comment from : I Want To Travel To

Hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of Internet
Comment from : Gnarkill2007

Does it translate what they say back to you in English though??
Comment from : GoGetter

James Cheung
What about vice versa?
Comment from : James Cheung

Dr Harold Shipman
Is there any app like this
Comment from : Dr Harold Shipman

Jonathan Labastille
What small device is it called when the people use to translate language in this video?
Comment from : Jonathan Labastille

Danny Butler
But there for free with apps
Comment from : Danny Butler

How to change languages
Comment from : John117

It’s very helpful
Comment from : STAR • KANN

idk but I loved this video
Comment from : Moonchild

Universal Humour
Dose it support conversation translator, translator means , when the person replies it will translate for me? Offline!
Comment from : Universal Humour

Mohammed Saeed
Awesome 👍
Comment from : Mohammed Saeed

FBI agent ack
I need this
Comment from : FBI agent ack

from the future how is this thing coming along? is it out yet?
Comment from : Benz2533

Bishal Das
How much this gadget worth and how I can buy it
Comment from : Bishal Das

Oh! I didn’t know you are kiwi! I’m a kiwi!
Comment from : 🌍Akito🌍

I want to stay in a room with a nice view!brThen go find one like bruh
Comment from : SleepyBoi

Girl:Take me to LAbrTaxi man:The hellbrMe:Lady do you think thats a flyingbrCar??
Comment from : SleepyBoi

Huong Linhthilan
What name is
Comment from : Huong Linhthilan

Name of this device???
Comment from : MAHAWANIZA _GAMING__

a translating app used this video as their ad when it doesnt even work the same as this device 😭
Comment from : xi

daniel lucia
I need this to talk to my grandparents it’s better than using Siri
Comment from : daniel lucia

Cavine Evo Santos
Them: advanced speech translation brbrMe: going at google translator and pressing sound
Comment from : Cavine Evo Santos

Long Nhật Trần
Everyone know Google translate is free and it can translate voice to voice
Comment from : Long Nhật Trần

SM69 Animations
This is one of the most entertaining ads
Comment from : SM69 Animations

“Do you know any karaoke near here?”brAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Comment from : TheKarterDee

Somebody used this in as ad, did you give them permission?
Comment from : Cloudii

i think this video is really wholesome 😭😭
Comment from : berk

Some translator app actually used this as their ad
Comment from : Marc

gw dari tiktof
Comment from : fikymevv

sagiri kun
beli dimana yang kek gituan?
Comment from : sagiri kun

At time one o one
Comment from : At time one o one

Måneskin Collection
the name of the song in the video?
Comment from : Måneskin Collection

what is the name of the item?
Comment from : Aqmaddin_crystal

Long Decline Is Over
Comment from : Long Decline Is Over

Whe she said Los Angeles brMe:🗿
Comment from : FiqXuan

Translator app bsteals a project from a guy/b
Comment from : GlitchOhio

Nabin Tamrakar
So cool
Comment from : Nabin Tamrakar

Comment from : Vyomic

Ads created by General factors
Comment from : 💛-Fluttershy-💛

Eduardo Eo
Im here from ads mobile it not game
Comment from : Eduardo Eo

how mush is that?
Comment from : ジェライ

Edmond Casenas
This device so useful because not all foreigners know to speak english especially non-speaking english country like Russia, China, Japanese, Germany because learning english to them is not mandatory in school Students need to attend special class for foreign language
Comment from : Edmond Casenas

George Ralph
I used this in China last week to order room service and found a goat in my bathroom with slippers on when I got back
Comment from : George Ralph

Suryansh Singh
"Whe-- Whe-- Where the subtiltles!!???"brbrbrbrThis problem cannot be solv-
Comment from : Suryansh Singh

pune bobblehead
Comment from : pune bobblehead

I'm waiting for the Yandere version 😈✨
Comment from : moo-kun

jp jp
Comment from : jp jp

Aj Skyborn
Japan is the most developed in technology and these ppl are like "OMG WTH IS THAT THING"
Comment from : Aj Skyborn

Esteban G
Me: asks something brDevice: translates brJapanese person : replies in japanese brMe: -_- Completely clueless
Comment from : Esteban G

Irfan Bilal
Is Urdu the Pakistani language in this translation?
Comment from : Irfan Bilal

MongGo Letto
มาจากคลิปนี้ AI: ทำไมหุ่นยนต์จะฆ่าเราตายหมด! (ft #beartai​)
Comment from : MongGo Letto

Bo Peep
The cringe acting though!
Comment from : Bo Peep

Pertti Laamanen 🇫🇮
Only Japanese and English I won’t believe this device unless they made this device for my native language 😂😂
Comment from : Pertti Laamanen 🇫🇮

Jose Tul
Great device could be a world changer, but everybodies just roasting the video
Comment from : Jose Tul

Nicole Patrimonio
It is Wearable translator🤗
Comment from : Nicole Patrimonio

Shout out to Takuro
Comment from : CreeperEditz

sam shah
its interstering and all I just rather talk to people without a device this way lazy for learning a lagunage not because you know what I mean in future if I go back
Comment from : sam shah

Gradimir Lazarevic
that's amazing
Comment from : Gradimir Lazarevic

Comment from : Villager

Maier Stacks
Bro the girls reactions are so cute
Comment from : Maier Stacks

HaMbUrGeR AnD SpRiTe
Where can i buy this?
Comment from : HaMbUrGeR AnD SpRiTe

Mathematics solutions
How much cost of this device
Comment from : Mathematics solutions

truno cheah
Scumbag sellers Guys don't be an over paid Victim Everything this scammer selling are made in China Marking way up the price by few hundreds You can find all the items at Lazada, Wish or Shoppe To the seller you deserved to Rot in Hell Scumbag
Comment from : truno cheah

Lazy Chard ✔️
I want that but I don't have money to travel for flexing to my friend only
Comment from : Lazy Chard ✔️

Ellie Attfield
Wellthats me out of a job
Comment from : Ellie Attfield

Ashis Naral
Yeah, but does it translate back to English?
Comment from : Ashis Naral

0:29 "is there a karaoke near here"brshe sounded like a robot already
Comment from : pramodshetty001

Person: Excuse mebrTranslator: すみません?brEveryone there: OOOHHHH
Comment from : Bulderme

Ivy Tran
Can it translate more then just Japanese?
Comment from : Ivy Tran

open it up to see the worlds tiniest human who speaks several languages with a "loudspeaker"
Comment from : xcLuSiVe_sHoT

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