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Is Japan Average Salary Better than Yours

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Information Is Japan Average Salary Better than Yours

Title :  Is Japan Average Salary Better than Yours
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Paolo fromTOKYO
wwwyoutubecom/TokyoZebra - Catch more of Maiko and I on the 2nd YouTube Channel - Tokyo Zebra br wwwtokyozebracom/merch - Get the Toe-kyo Merch AND br paolofromtokyo/discord Join my Paolo fromTOKYO Discord community to get Answers about Japan
Comment from : Paolo fromTOKYO

Freddy Munoz
You need to slow down your presentationtaking to fast
Comment from : Freddy Munoz

I like your videos but this one is really giving false information I worked in Korea, Japan (as a salary man for 5 years), all across Europe and in the US, and apart from Korea, Japan was the worst : crazy long and unproductive working hours, overtime not paid and reported, most of the people taking no vacations, half of the staff temporary contractors (especially women) Worst of it, salaries are far from spectacular To me the best working environments are definitely in Europe My conclusion is if you are from a developed country, do not go to Japan for work, you will get very disappointed unless you get a golden package
Comment from : kontan2504

J Potato
What do police and jail workers make in Japan annually im curious
Comment from : J Potato

Hero Hour
Excellent info However, before people start salivating, remember that Tokyo is up there with NYC, Beijing, London, Paris, etc All the employees are the best of the best and the strongest of the strong Think "The Devil Wears Prada" So, if you want to get the "salary", you need to get the HARD WORK done Good luck, new recruits Love, from Tokyo
Comment from : Hero Hour

Mustafa Ghanim
Wait what? Programmers get paid less than high school teachers?
Comment from : Mustafa Ghanim

We have ten days paid off annually but it doesn’t mean we can get thembrWe have national holidays but it does not mean all companies follow the calendar
Comment from : lovemusic

Morbi und ich
10 Days I have 30 Days paid leave and also Church Holidays
Comment from : Morbi und ich

Some dude 55
Comment from : Some dude 55

Average salary is about 3 times mine and im a senior NCO in my countries Military
Comment from : RW

Rachel lundquest
The minimum wage in Florida is 1100 an hour That chart is now outdated
Comment from : Rachel lundquest

If I compare working in Slovenia vs Japan, Japanese working hours are much, much longer In Japan you work 8+1h, which is actually 9h In Slovenia you work for 8h Next, in Japan you don't get payed sick leave You also don't get payed lunch!!! And the salary in Japan is smaller You have less life, you are forced to stay in the company and they don't even give you food Of course, payed leave is a joke in Japan 10 days per year? I had as a beginner 21 days in Slovenia
Comment from : jernejj5

Sctsce Duwn
I should've known sooner to have grocery store cashier in another country as a dream job
Comment from : Sctsce Duwn

Tellerbeller Junker
Anime is the biggest success
Comment from : Tellerbeller Junker

Drone Shorts
how much does a dj foreigner make in tokyo?
Comment from : Drone Shorts

Atheist Since 12
Sure - it’s all fine in theory for the Japanese men and women that actually have jobs but what about the millions of hikomori who said fuck the bullying fuck the pressure cooker and fuck the human beehive and dropped out of the rat 🐀 race altogether? More power to them I say they played thier poker hand and many realized the socioeconomic decks were stacked against them 🇯🇵🌊
Comment from : Atheist Since 12

Adeline Simmons
My salary is a lot higher than that With Japanese Yen plummeting it’s a lot worse now
Comment from : Adeline Simmons

Adeline Simmons
Some millennials just work when they feel like it
Comment from : Adeline Simmons

Adeline Simmons
Wow it’s so low given the amount of hours they put in
Comment from : Adeline Simmons

James C
but in another video you also said most japanese people dont take vacatation i think that needs to be factored in
Comment from : James C

## LOGIC ##
Does Japan have taxes ? And of so how much per check is taken out for a single male ?
Comment from : ## LOGIC ##

arvind thangavel
Where's the most important of em all - the anime artists (i mean the animators)?
Comment from : arvind thangavel

Ellie’s Kitchen
Comment from : Ellie’s Kitchen

Empress 25
Are you sure regarding the software engineers salary??? If so, you need to pack some thousands and deliver them ASAP to Israel, here they will have an higher almost x3 within 5 yrs of experience The average salary of physicians are exactly the same in Israel, but the average salary of a teacher in Japan, is the average salary of teachers with over 20 years of experience only The drivers have so high salary, because of their age in average?
Comment from : Empress 25

Sleep Deprived
One of my favorite youtubers from Japan Just subscribed
Comment from : Sleep Deprived

Tom Fury
Too much BS, get to the point!
Comment from : Tom Fury

Andrea Hoehmann
Here in Germany, we are really, really lazy, compared to the Japanese but we make an average of 50 more money
Comment from : Andrea Hoehmann

Sam Coss
Terrible, too much ads and announcements
Comment from : Sam Coss

Kazi Razia Hasan
How much can earn per hour in Tokyo???
Comment from : Kazi Razia Hasan

Al Joseph
God bless America 🙌
Comment from : Al Joseph

Comment from : ミス・モノクローム

Lynn Leigha
I feel almost dirty watching this, salary is something that is never discussed in USA
Comment from : Lynn Leigha

bSaw Japanese's average people got 761 USD for hourlys wage and 17-1900 work time/Years/bbrbSee myself got only 341 USD hourlys wage and over 2200 work time/ years/bbrbCry in the corner/b
Comment from : Feelmysoul

Maige Matthews
Great video!brCan you make an updated video about:brWhat would be the best way for an American to learn Japanese?brFrom a Japanese person’s perspective, if you could guide an American to learn Japanese, then what would be the most efficient tools/resources that you would recommend?brWhat tools/resources have your American friends used that was very successful?brWhat schools, books, online classes, apps would be the most valuable for an American to learn Japanese?brThank you so much!
Comment from : Maige Matthews

Statistics will show you a different pictures brother Japan is definitely an overworked nation and it comes from zangyou or extra work hours People work for 3 to 4 hours extra everyday
Comment from : AMAN MALLICK

Aakash Kumar R Shukla
Hiii bro you belong to which country other than japan
Comment from : Aakash Kumar R Shukla

Amr Altayeb
The average salary in egypt is 117USD per month that is why i find it weird when i see some foreigner working here no matter his country i dont think the 117usd per month is worth working for btw that is my avg salary in egypt as a doctor !!
Comment from : Amr Altayeb

Jason Sanders
Australia supermarket cashiers about 23 Dollars per hour For a 37 hour week If you work Saturday you get time and a half for the first 4 hours and the rest double time Sunday double time all day If you work a public holiday you get paid double time and a half all day You do the math Don't get me started on building labours /construction workers
Comment from : Jason Sanders

Hmmm… guess I’m really cheap I live in a mini apartment which I rent, with just a table and chair and I sleep on the floor But my annual income is 110 more than an average Japanese 😂
Comment from : ジェイソンJason

The JapanarchoCommunist
Holidays in Japan don't necessarily mean you have a lot of time off It depends entirely on the industry you're in If you're working at an eikiwa, holidays are meaningless because with the exception of New Years Eve/Day you're working every holiday
Comment from : The JapanarchoCommunist

22 ASHA KUMARI [20 - 22]
Average salary of teachers in japan is more than iitians
Comment from : 22 ASHA KUMARI [20 - 22]

Frik Smith
Much better than south Africa pay 👏 I only get R1000000 per year in south Africa also our living expenses are extremely high a one bedroom here costs R4500pm the still water and electricity on top
Comment from : Frik Smith

These are net avarage salary or Gross salary?
Comment from : Samuel

Jacob Hernandez
the pay "discrepancy" is due to chosen field Take the median salary for both men and woman for each field
Comment from : Jacob Hernandez

Karolina Wi
In Poland we have 13 days of public holidays and 26 days on paid leave, which seems to be fair👌🏻 btw paid maternity leave is 1 year 😊 brHowever salaries are lower but cost of leaving are way much lower
Comment from : Karolina Wi

Philippines has 107 annual holidays 😂
Comment from : RL

I make $50k a year as a junior aircraft mechanic in the USA and get 10 days of paid time off Pay increases hugely with experience After 7 years my salary will be $115k with 25 days of paid time off Cost of living in my city (Atlanta) is similar to Tokyo
Comment from : Deetz

60k is very little for a teacher in japan Should be closer to a doctor
Comment from : rockstar

Mehdy 3Dee
I make 10k $ a year and 0 days off and i work as a 3D artist, something that actually needs some kind of "skills"brSad
Comment from : Mehdy 3Dee

Poblado Francisco Paz
Reading the comments and europeans are making me jealous, specially germans and nordic countries! Due to their health and public school systems
Comment from : Poblado Francisco Paz

David C
Wow, kind of puts it in perspective I live in a fairly rural part of Virginia and make $80k as a transportation planning specialist only work 40 hours a week (almost never work overtime and if I do I'm expected to flex my time at the end of the week and leave early) full healthcare coverage with dental and eye care 19 paid vacation days off, 14 paid state and national holidays off, and 9 paid sick days of which I use all if I could have all that in Japan I'd move there in a heartbeat, but something tells me when a job is advertised as 40 hours a week in Japan it really means you'll be working like 50 more than that I'm also an artist and world traveler so I need a healthy work-life balance!
Comment from : David C

days off list is fault Sweden have 25 days as long i have worked about 7 years and i work for municipal job
Comment from : Pholie

Corey Becraft
Woman are most likely paid less, because they leave the work force to have babies
Comment from : Corey Becraft

Corey Becraft
I'd say a lot of these jobs are similar, some stuff is moved around but very comparable to the United States, cost of living would be the deciding factor
Comment from : Corey Becraft

Allen Dean
salary about the same as Canada
Comment from : Allen Dean

Allen Dean
Love your videos really good
Comment from : Allen Dean

Gerhard 5
Did you account for taxes, health care, pension, other random payments
Comment from : Gerhard 5

Gerhard 5
Public holidays aren't as good as they sound If everyone takes the same day off it makes vacations more expensive/crowded
Comment from : Gerhard 5

Genji Mccorkle
Most people get paid $15 an hour minimum wage in the most populated states in the US $7 maybe if you live in Alabama
Comment from : Genji Mccorkle

Sir Winston
The pay discrepancy is due to women not choosing the same jobs as men They actively participate in the 86 difference
Comment from : Sir Winston

Jan Tschierschky
Income is actually pretty low, also believe that official data regarding work is not correct, I am sure there is a lot of off the books work happening Also the social requirement to have drinks etc should be considered
Comment from : Jan Tschierschky

I like Trains
america is such a shit tier country if america was a person it would be a homeless crack addict with a gucci belt thinking they fab
Comment from : I like Trains

Mardy Willy
I remember thinking to myself as a teenager, "When can I buy myself a mansion ?" Little did I know, my father had already covered the cost of my inheritance When he's was no more , thanks dad The best thing I've done so far is double his wealth by investing in company stock, forex trading, and real estate I'm happy to say that when I'm gone, all my kids will be able to buy mansions, cars, and other items without having to work I'm teaching them how to be productive rather than extravagant so happy and grateful for our lives
Comment from : Mardy Willy

cece nakamora
Comment from : cece nakamora

Samuel Rhymer
Day in the life of a electric provider
Comment from : Samuel Rhymer

Clinton Lindsey
The construction worker pay is only 35k? That's low What about skilled trades? Are there strong labor unions that fight for higher wages?
Comment from : Clinton Lindsey

Mae Alcantara
I'm working at the wrong country
Comment from : Mae Alcantara

Im moving to Japan
Comment from : R G

Are these numbers bruto or netto? I only look at my netto salary
Comment from : ghourmi

andrew williams
He really had to point that out that Black companies don't report their hours I really found that offensivei thought he was cool
Comment from : andrew williams

joe stewart
why did you rush thru the different salaries? you spend 1 second on each, whats the rush? you gave squarespace plenty of time
Comment from : joe stewart

Tony Stang
That list is wrong Canada's minimum hourly wage is $15 Canadian with is like 14ish usd n it's been like that since about 2015/2016ish so we are actually at the top of the list
Comment from : Tony Stang

First world salary for a teacher: about 60 000$ per yearbrThird world salary for a tecaher: enough to buy yourself a coke and a sándwich 😐
Comment from : Lynn

Mr WhitewolfYT
Actually indians give office leave for months kek with work at home pay 😅
Comment from : Mr WhitewolfYT

karunanithi nramachandran
Statistics don't show the true working hours as Japanese companies expect their employees to work additional hours to complete work on a given schedule brAnd you fail to explain why the average wage is higher in Tokyo Tokyo is one of costliest cities to live in based on what they have to pay on homes and rentals and most of that extra wages goes towards paying for this
Comment from : karunanithi nramachandran

Love Emilia
Compare to Chinese salary, Japanese is much better much higher and even Chinese employed pay lower than Japanese, Chinese work time instead higher
Comment from : Love Emilia

Tora Dora
Im curious how much a HVAC Technician makes in Japan In California (Southern CA) a HVAC Tech who is a Union member, makes about $56 an hour (108k annually with no overtime) brbrSo im wondering if its about the same or not
Comment from : Tora Dora

Ankan Sen
It is the best
Comment from : Ankan Sen

its higher in india
Comment from : Akshay

nurses in the US make north of 90,000 a yr, without OT With OT I have seen 120+
Comment from : TheOutdoorGuy

Croatia (total cost of salary - before tax and mandatory pension health insurance, deduct around 40 for bring home amount):brAmounts in US$ / mobrbrDoctor (intern) - 2100brDoctor (spec + phd) - 4000brGovernment / public job unskilled labor - 800 (minimum wage, cleaning crew)brGovernment / public job highschool level - 1000 (nurses, office desk job, secretaries)brGovernment / public job college degree - 1300 (teachers) to 2700 (advisors, engineers)brDevelopers / devops - 2000 (intern) to 7000, average around 4500brPrime minister: 5200brPresident of the republic: 5500
Comment from : 123batina

Bat Guano
How about a video on how citizens, immigrants and foreign workers figure out taxes in Japan and compare to other countries tax systems?
Comment from : Bat Guano

Anime Weeb Sensei
3 minutes into the video and I realized that my country is severely lacking 😂😂😂😂brJapan is so much better
Comment from : Anime Weeb Sensei

“is japn average salary better than yours?”brbroh well of course, i’m unemployed
Comment from : SplashNormous

Mahesh Aravindh
Hi this is mahesh from india I have completed my graduation if any jobs available in there let me know
Comment from : Mahesh Aravindh

Cochata Rodriguez
We get paid more in usa the average for a regular worker is 50 to 65 thousand or more this salary is in Texas California or New York they have more high salary 70 to 100 a year because the life is more expensive
Comment from : Cochata Rodriguez

my country has average salary like 150usd / month
Comment from : LemonSauceXD

Average annual salary in Brazil is around 6K dollars, and the things aint cheap, with the minimun wage here you barely can live for yourself
Comment from : Sanmiittai

Prabesh Pokharel
Nepal have 89 holidays per year
Comment from : Prabesh Pokharel

Natalie Itliong Fechter
I'll go visit not work in japan
Comment from : Natalie Itliong Fechter

its better than the uk, but we need to consider taxes and other consumables
Comment from : LokiFiv5e

Amber Kamerbeek
Me who works pretty much almost overtime everyday cuz work gets too loaded and it has to be finished by the end of the day Of course, we can shove some work for tomorrow, but I feel bad I work now almost 5 years for this companybrbrIf I had a driver liscence and a car I would start at 5 AM onstead of 7 (usually everyone at my workplace starts at 8 and leave at 4:30, I choice to start at 7 AM sometimes 6:30 AM and leave at 4:30 Sometimes I stay longer, depends)
Comment from : Amber Kamerbeek

Magda Manduhai
Was that combed that way your hair?
Comment from : Magda Manduhai

Comment from : さわやん

Having worked in Japan and the US as an engineer, I would say that engineers in Japan are significantly underpaid In most companies they are paid the same as the non-technical staff But in the US, engineer pay can rival that of company executives, doctors and lawyers Even low performing engineers can earn $100k a year with high performing ones earning north of $500k
Comment from : kesayo

Dang, salary are good there
Comment from : DAVID

Most Japanese women quit theyr jobs when they get a child
Comment from : KRyPTeX G N

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