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They love living in Southeast Alaska!
Comment from : Seawitch907

A former friend of mine used one of these as a ciggy He said it actually tasted good
Comment from : Spingebill

Lauz Thorbzarella
I have this in my back garden, there's loads Thanks for the video I will be trying it out
Comment from : Lauz Thorbzarella

Michelle Helen Labagnara
They flower very late in the summer
Comment from : Michelle Helen Labagnara

Katharine James
I take this regularly, as needed (not daily by any means) for Lyme symptoms
Comment from : Katharine James

Harlan Havig
Thank you
Comment from : Harlan Havig

Peaceful Scrimp
great video 👍
Comment from : Peaceful Scrimp

Graeme Devine
Incredible information thanks
Comment from : Graeme Devine

Twopersons Walksalone
That weed grows everywhere in Maine When is the best time to harvest!
Comment from : Twopersons Walksalone

Pam Sawyer
Can u use veniger instead of alcohol?
Comment from : Pam Sawyer

beastmode25 bestman999
Great presentation 💯✌
Comment from : beastmode25 bestman999

The Nooby Gardener
I’m glad I stumbled across your video! I’ve recently taken up a hobby of learning about different types of plants I stumbled across this plant while walking, but everything I’ve read or watched about it says to remove it immediately I found some in my yard today near my garden and went into war mode😂 Something told me just to check one more time before I try to be eradicate it Now I realize I have quite a bit more research to do before I go to battle haha I think I’ll remove most and contain some for now until I can find out how to grow it in a more controlled setting
Comment from : The Nooby Gardener

Wouldnt eat them here, every plant gets injected with glyphosate ;)
Comment from : RJ

I dug up these thing not thinking what they were I planted flowers on top, they died Kept getting these buds and a week later they’re back Digging found a root that looked like Yuca so we thought it was… scanned the plant with an app and voila! Japanese knotweed it is… just great
Comment from : Gitanagurl

Healing Ecosystems
Thanks for the video To clarify, knotweed cannot break through concrete It won't even break through landscaping fabric It will however use any cracks in material to poke its shoots through
Comment from : Healing Ecosystems

Amazing !! I have these pesky plants in my yard I've been getting a control on them because they can get out of hand and kill off any other Native plants, they do make a great privacy fence though lol I try and keep them out of my wonderful Green lawn that I take care of and enjoy looking at lol so I just let them grow on the property line only  brbrIve pretty much gone down a rabbit hole on this plant and its really amazing what this plant offers to us!! I love natural medicine ! I new the good lord put certain plants here for a reason 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thanks for sharing my friend! have a Rad day! 🤙🏽
Comment from : Chasingwaves

Zulma Matos
I have an entire backyard of japanese knotweed
Comment from : Zulma Matos

David Hissey
Thank you Mr Yarrow for sharing this extremely vital knowlege to help people take more of their health into their own hands, by the grace of our benevolent Creator who put them here for us to stay healthy Om Hari bol!!
Comment from : David Hissey

Neeko Z
Now, I found near me(nyc) some Chinese knotweed… would it also have resveratrol?
Comment from : Neeko Z

twentysix linx
Thank you, great job!!
Comment from : twentysix linx

Johannes Näsman
Quite closely related to rhubarb actually Buckwheat family
Comment from : Johannes Näsman

Marita Riese
Kallas Parkslide, på svenska
Comment from : Marita Riese

Lindsay Schnittger
Can I use the leaves for tea?
Comment from : Lindsay Schnittger

lucyna halina
I love your video of such a healing plant🦖
Comment from : lucyna halina

Brittney M
My mom has lyme disease and my research pointed me to japanese knotweed and cat's claw to help her heal
Comment from : Brittney M

Steves Mixed Bag
Take a 60 cc syringe and large bore 10 gauge needle Inject Roundup directly into the base of the stalk
Comment from : Steves Mixed Bag

leonie Gray
Wow reverse it all Amazing research Thank you
Comment from : leonie Gray

David Laliberte
Hi ! Very interesting sightI wonder is there a good use for skunk cabbage? Thanks
Comment from : David Laliberte

Love it! Thank you!
Comment from : Notadonna

Lily Ashley
what time of year is the best time to harvest?
Comment from : Lily Ashley

Jonathans Garden
I bought a property last month and now realize my property is COVERED in a forest of this stuff
Comment from : Jonathans Garden

Sabby Jones
Just watched your video about knotweed i am japanes and my mother and i look forward every spring to harvesting this in Oregon but i have eaten this stem the bamboo looking part raw with salt yet you say you shouldn't have i been hurting myself by doing this?
Comment from : Sabby Jones

do you sell this in your store? i can't seem to find it there
Comment from : stephmd97

Brigid B,A,C
I admire your knowledge Plants are a blessing and everyone has a purpose for us I am glad you explained about this one (I live in South Florida and never noticed around here, but will keep my eyes opened for it) Thanks
Comment from : Brigid B,A,C

Peter Heyes
Hi, can we use the leaves as a herbal tea?
Comment from : Peter Heyes

Shalane Baker
Do you have videos on tincturing this root? We have so much of this where I am in NE Pa And I have family that deals with Lymes I'd love to try it as medicine for fighting inflammation that comes along with
Comment from : Shalane Baker

Colleen Mac
You look like a Satyr
Comment from : Colleen Mac

Bill Henry
Finding a source is donating, any suggestions
Comment from : Bill Henry

Laura B
Yarrow, I was wondering if you could tell me more about consuming the stalks I recently acquired a large amount of Japanese Knotweed stalks, tall fibrous ones, and I'd like to use them to make tea Is there any problem with doing this - ie do the larger stalks contain oxalic acid, or something like that? I know the small, tender shoots are the best to consume but these large ones are what I have and I hate to waste so much valuable medicine if they are good for that Thank you
Comment from : Laura B

nina sciandivasci
I just bought a home over the winter and as soon as spring hit, the entire yard sprouted, with what I later came to find out was Japanese knotweed I of course panicked when i read of how damaging it is😟 Then here you go popping up in my feed telling me of all the benefits ☺️☺️ I have health issues that would absolutely benefit from the medicinal values of this plant 🪴 Thank you so much! Now all i need is a good step by step recipe 😝
Comment from : nina sciandivasci

Cynthia Donahey
I was given this years ago, except it has silver pink flowers, the prettiest of the everlastings along with lunaria it is at the periphery of the parking lot and it only moves towards the alley
Comment from : Cynthia Donahey

Marian Treber
People , you should not "start "any invasive plants, or allow friends to Some are impossible to get rid of (Like nandina)
Comment from : Marian Treber

seawolf then and now
that grows wild all over my area, how do i prepair it
Comment from : seawolf then and now

I fight this cursed plant daily in my herb and vegetable garden I'm going to reserve furious judgement until the end of this video 🤔 I'm backed up to a railroad in Central Illinois Not temperate area at all Sever winters and hot summersbrOk Finished the video I don't think I'll change my mind much I am trying to get my herb garden going good but this plant just wants to destroy all my efforts I may try digging up some of the root, enough to last a good while then back to destroying it!!!
Comment from : ka7712-Marsha

I'm sure these people can find a "medicinal use" for bluebottles
Comment from : Persimon

Research Bear
thank you for this that's really what the FDA is about to stop these medicines from growing and replacing the pharma mafia
Comment from : Research Bear

Gerry Keefe
A great time to harvest it is when it grows through your living room brfloor and starts to undermine your foundation, but no later than when bryou realize that your most valuable asset, your home, is worth nothing brbecause you property is full of knot weed Just call your bank, lender bror local real estate agent so they can tell you the horrible news You brcan listen to this "beneficial nonsense" all you want, but this is an brextremely dangerous, invasive plant that grows out of control and is brdestroying peoples lives and our eco system Maybe know something brBEFORE you sell people the Kool Aid, huh ? Or are their other medicinals that you know which need very strong herbicides and vast areas of excavation to eradication them ? Try harvesting 10 acres of this stuff that is 10 feet high Maybe your next video can be about the benefits of Porcelain Berry Just wait, with Climate Change it won't be long before these species are far and away the blight of the natural world in this Country
Comment from : Gerry Keefe

Nathaniel Merrill
You can actually eat these raw It tastes great, tart and juicy
Comment from : Nathaniel Merrill

Ron Greene
I don't know your parent's but I know you have made their souls happy
Comment from : Ron Greene

Dennis Trainor
Very informative as always Jedi! Thanks! Looking forward to all you have to share with us this Spring!! :)
Comment from : Dennis Trainor

We don't live on a PLANET ! More satanic LIES ! On the subject of satanic - i highly suspect that is the REAL reason this plant has been 'demonised' ! Especially by the fake aleopathic scumbags ( modern so called medcine )
Comment from : colliecandle

Fascinating ! Our property is over run with Knotweed I am going to dig up some roots and make a tincture
Comment from : sisterdiggins

Awesome, you always have such interesting information 😁
Comment from : Skippy

Bryce Douglas
thumbnail had me thinking it was crabmeat
Comment from : Bryce Douglas

lud low
Thanks for the vid Yarrow! I watched your vid & bought a lb of organic japanese knotweed It clearly appears to be from the root It's been sliced pretty thin and dried I know some people eat it so one question is, does our saliva or digestion release the trans-resveratrol? As in chewing it like jerkey or eating it? Can I boil it in this form to make tea and would that release the resveratrol? If so, boil for how long? Or boil/tea/then eat? Any idea of how many mg trans-resveratrol is released by say, 3 oz of sliced & dried? Can I make the tincture from the sliced/dried root? Thanks Yarrow!
Comment from : lud low

Pamela Johnson
I live on a river and literally only one small beach is left after Knott Weed has taken over It can only be destroyed by digging them out and keeping them mowed down Since there seems to be no way to curb its growth by seeming the root growth A significant work needs to be done to keep it contained
Comment from : Pamela Johnson

amy mallardi
Will you be making a video to demonstrate making the tincture?
Comment from : amy mallardi

ionut banu
I live in the UK and it is illegal to sell it so is really hard to find because they try to eradicate it here However, it can be grown responsibly if you grow it in pots and dry the roots before you discard it
Comment from : ionut banu

Subliminal Art
Brilliant 🥰
Comment from : Subliminal Art

Hi, Yarrow! I am looking to buy or trade for some Japanese Knotweed Thank you for that great video about Knotweed! I found some and was trying it out with fantastic results It's bitter as heck, but works easily on the body Sad to say the county owns the land where I found it, and before the Autumn, before I could make a big harvest of it, they sprayed it China sells it, but it's diluted They also sell Fo-ti, but it's not as good Do you know a company or seller or trader for Japanese Knotweed?brI so admire all the great work you are doing! brSara
Comment from : Sara

yehia ismail
hello I apreciate the contant of you show I would like to see coverage on fennelflower seeds please and which tipe is the most potent thank you
Comment from : yehia ismail

Dan the Man
As soon as something is useful it has a value, the more value the more it will be harvested, so once people understand the usefulness of Japanese knotweed it might help to get the plant under control What he did not mention is that harvesting the dry stems in the middle of winter gives you more than 10 tons of dry matter per hectare which could be shreddered and pressed to briquettes and is perfect for your wood stove Once people start doing that you might have problems to find much any more
Comment from : Dan the Man

Puddleglum Marshwiggle
Your store is gone!
Comment from : Puddleglum Marshwiggle

Anže Kotar
Great information will try to do some tincture as you described
Comment from : Anže Kotar

kat russell
This plant grows in my backyard I make a "rhubarb" crisp with it in the spring Yum Now I may try a tincture I have given roots to friends who have lyme and some find it helpful Not all
Comment from : kat russell

Who still believes we live on a planet?
Comment from : M H

Linda Tisue
Borellia is the bacteria and the European name of Lyme disease
Comment from : Linda Tisue

Interesting to learn how beneficial this invasive species is If anyone has any good trusted links for more details on this, I'd be so appreciativebrWould like to learn how to identify it as well as how to harvest and then how to consume in a way that best retains it's nutritional value Simple is best for me, as I have Chronic Lyme and little energy left for much of anything these days and struggle to learn new things nowbrAre there dangerous lookalikes? brGosh, I hope it grows around here!brTHANK YOU you may have just saved my life, as I can not afford the treatment needed to combat this horrible disease, and my Dr just got in major trouble for healing someone using non conventional methods, so she can no longer treat me ❤
Comment from : Bomber

The Farmacy Seeds Network
My bees LOVE this plant! So do I! wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=HwUDqPtWan8 Yes, SHB is an excellent author! Another interesting thing about resveratrol is that it can be used as a foliar feed to boost plant health and growth
Comment from : The Farmacy Seeds Network

Ruth Regalado
Thank you for sharing all this info
Comment from : Ruth Regalado

Andrew Leitzke
Maybe one of the reasons this plant is such a survivor is because of the high levels of resveratrol?
Comment from : Andrew Leitzke

Melanda Schmid-Ochieng
Hi Yarrow, I'll be visiting my papa on Hornby Island in April/May 2021 and will be sure to pop by Harmonic Arts in Cumberland while in the area As I've been following your channel it occurred to me that you'd probably love to follow the channel called Artist as Family (out of Australia): wwwyoutubecom/channel/UC90Jv6gBc7mf4dyfTyWj4tQbrbrSharing in case it helps you or any of the others following you, much synergy to be had from all your wisdoms
Comment from : Melanda Schmid-Ochieng

buddy letendre
I was wondering if you flowers could be used for anything? They remind me a bit of elderflower for some reason, although much sweeter Could you make a cordial from the flowers?
Comment from : buddy letendre

I was cutting back bushes in My yard and found a few of these growing in My yard It's growing extensively in My neighbors yard I thought it was Bamboo until I touched it Then I Google investigated it, most reports were it's invasive and so on brThen more research yielded it's edible and healthy for the body My thing is to try eating it and getting over the fact I did not grow up with eating this
Comment from : MemoGrafix

Maggie Mizrachi
Thank you very much for sharing thisextremely informative!
Comment from : Maggie Mizrachi

Miyuko Oh
My great grandmother is close to 100 years old, and this is her favourite salade
Comment from : Miyuko Oh

Comment from : petalmage

Tom Ritter
Stage 4 Lyme's here it's knocked me off my feet over last 3 yrs I need to learn this plant
Comment from : Tom Ritter

Nicole Roy
I need to look into lyme disease a bit moreand see a practitionerbrAs alwaysvery informative and entertaining Thanks Yarrow!
Comment from : Nicole Roy

Northern Lights
I have a stand of Japanese Knotweed however it blooms in September It looks exactly like the ones in this video with this one exception I'm in Ontario Canada
Comment from : Northern Lights

Jennifer Wolke
can you make the tincture or another use form without the alcohol??
Comment from : Jennifer Wolke

Keith Newton
In the UK your house us condemned if its found in your garden your becomes worthless it canmot be sold you have to quarantine the area Then it has to be destroyed
Comment from : Keith Newton

Great video If you have JKW please just spray the shit out of it Stop promoting this plant It is JAPENESE KNOTWEED It belongs in Japan There is no natural control in the states Do not plant this species It will literally destroy your home foundation Teasle????? Stop Teasle is a horrible invasive that takes over roadsides Cool that they are edible, but none belong ON THIS CONTINENT Please stop promoting invasive species
Comment from : tsuga1987

Brother Gene
Do you have a patron acct
Comment from : Brother Gene

Hosoi Archives
If you compost them will they spread through the compost?
Comment from : Hosoi Archives

Cate Reynolds
Is this the same compound they are testing for use with covid-19? Interesting But I hope people don’t just start gobbling it down!
Comment from : Cate Reynolds

Darci Ford
Outside my front door, 5m high
Comment from : Darci Ford

We have loads of it A neighbor called it mountain laurel I have been trying to get rid of it except that the deer really like it I just don't want it taking over my yard I think I will try to dig some out and eat it It does burn really well too Maybe I will just cut it for kindling :-) after I make the tincture
Comment from : JeweledYou

Kathy Semrau
Thank you for your curiosity and understanding of plants It amazes me how much plants are linked to our health💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙🥳🌹💙
Comment from : Kathy Semrau

Beautiful Dreamer
Do you use the adult knotweed leaves for anything? brFlowers/seeds?brI'm not finding any info on it But I just feel there has to be some medicinal qualities to them as well
Comment from : Beautiful Dreamer

Allergic to alcohol, how else may it be ingested? Great video, recently subscribed
Comment from : vza423

Okay, how do you get rid of it I bought a house a year ago, I have this in my back yard, no river, lake or any water around I tried everything, next would be having a company dig it all up and that's a big area in my yard If I knew about this weed I wouldn't have bought my house
Comment from : Jesse

Tapanga Soul
How do you clean the roots? I want to make dried root capsules and tincture Thank you :)
Comment from : Tapanga Soul

Thank you so much for this video I just discovered a massive patch, (think hundreds of plants) across the road from my home Having been battling the effects of Lyme disease for 11-years now, I could not just gore the potential of what is literally in front of me I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to formulate this into a tincture and am grateful you put me on the path Thank you again!
Comment from : Mark

kat russell
I used to make "rhubarb" crisp with these Yum Just don't eat too much and get a bit of diarrhea
Comment from : kat russell

Ted Kidd
8:00 how to use this
Comment from : Ted Kidd

Happy Gilmore
The shoots look like Asparagus
Comment from : Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore
Have you tried smoking it or using the fibre for products
Comment from : Happy Gilmore

Mike Lance
When do you harvest the roots?
Comment from : Mike Lance

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