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Victoria Lindgren
While this was helpful, I am still confused The chart you used for your demo had a red square around part of the pattern and you said that was a repeat Where would it state in the chart how many times to repeat that section? I hope this makes sense
Comment from : Victoria Lindgren

Chandi! Help!! I’m reading the written latter and it says cast on 54 sts and then row 1 says k80??? When do you increase the 80 sts? Please help my sons birthday is coming up and is his present Thanks!
Comment from : ASanti

Laura Shelton
LOVE LOVE LOVE the bloopers! TY so very much for including them!!! Dear lady you are the bomb
Comment from : Laura Shelton

Janice MacDougall
This is very helpful, thank you :) I talk with my hands too!! LOL
Comment from : Janice MacDougall

Yes to continental knitting! Double yes to your hilarious outtakes Triple yes for demystifying the new world of charts Written instructions are tough enough for this beginning knitter, but I didn't know the left-to-right then right-to-left chart reading sequence until today What gets me is RS and WS, since it seems the first row would always be RS, but maybe there's some knitting magic spell I haven't learned yetbrbrLove your videos, love your yarn, and I love your patterns Thank you for you!
Comment from : S G

Thanks chandi
Comment from : Kim

Kim Kingham
you look very tired I hope youre not working too hard Take care of yourself
Comment from : Kim Kingham

Jane Holden
I’m trying so hard I’ve spent weeks trying out your easy patterns but end up unpicking them every time The tension is too loose at the beginning and gets tighter I’m still practicing, but feel so upset some times I really want a beautiful shawl to give a gift to a friend, I watch you regularly to cheer me up and to keep going I won’t give up, but 2 months in I’m still trying You are an inspiration, I won’t give up Amazing lady, you are a gem
Comment from : Jane Holden

Cathryn Campbell
That smart pig, "Albert Ein-swine," joke made my day! Thank you for a clear explanation of charts I've knitted for years, but they've always intimidated me Which is odd, as I have written charts for crochet
Comment from : Cathryn Campbell

Me Me KatDoo65
awesome video love it
Comment from : Me Me KatDoo65

Jackie Fawcett
Thanks for explaining this for usbrYou look tired ,hope you have a little rest after filming, it must frustrating to get it just rightbrTake care💐
Comment from : Jackie Fawcett

Daniel Sonntag
My kit for this arrived today!!
Comment from : Daniel Sonntag

Debby Ferguson
I am going to try this pattern!🤗
Comment from : Debby Ferguson

Lara 2323
I just want to say I love you Chandi you are amazing and I love your personality and silly behavior lol ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Lara 2323

Lena Lossev
I've been knitting since childhood (in school in Sweden everyone learns sewing, knitting, weavingas well as working wood and metal) but I still enjoy watching tutorials as good as this one to get inspiration and learn new things! Thanks for sharing 🤗🌻🦋
Comment from : Lena Lossev

Louise J
Thank you for the video Very helpful I have learned so much from your videos
Comment from : Louise J

Sylvia Sanchez-Freitas
Thank you 😊
Comment from : Sylvia Sanchez-Freitas

Catherine Cunningham
I love this video! Thank you, Chandi!!! ❤️
Comment from : Catherine Cunningham

Becky Bramlett
I have to ask ( even tho I don’t knit ) do you do the same pattern even if you knit left handed ? I crochet and I usually have to read the pattern tern right to left and crochet left to right ( if that makes sense)
Comment from : Becky Bramlett

Margaret Metcalfe
Always so enjoyable and informative
Comment from : Margaret Metcalfe

Toc Toc Trax
💜💜💜 I really like your content! Hope to see more soon! 💜💜💜
Comment from : Toc Toc Trax

Millie O
Thank you Chandi🤗🥰
Comment from : Millie O

ML Boone
I learned to use charts using knit companion it’s really easy when you use the app
Comment from : ML Boone

Christine Lowery
I had no idea you put so much into these videos 😊 thanks for the outtakes
Comment from : Christine Lowery

patti golden
Love charts!brSometimes it's just easierbrSo many patterns, so little time
Comment from : patti golden

Deborah Latham
Great video loved the bloopers
Comment from : Deborah Latham

Phyllis Webb
Thank you for explaining charts
Comment from : Phyllis Webb

Ra Pa
I just can't do it With dyslexia, it's just too difficult to visualize for me I love crochet diagrams over written patterns though so I definitely see the appeal
Comment from : Ra Pa

Christian RELAX
Beautiful Knit pattern!! I love knitting so much that I brhaven’t crocheted in a LONG time Obsessed with the lovely, subtle and refined stitches in knit MUCH better
Comment from : Christian RELAX

Hazel Browne
Thank you this is so helpful! xx😍
Comment from : Hazel Browne

Gina Mason
HAHAHAAAAA!!! The Mysa does have a chart!!! I HAVE to make this shawl I don't need a reason to make this shawl, I love so much!!! By the way, how many shawls, scarves, wraps do you have? Do you have enough yet? I doubt it!
Comment from : Gina Mason

J Rich
Just gimme that Vellum yak fiber yarn 🤪🤪🤪!!!
Comment from : J Rich

Charts are so much easier & quicker, both in knitting & crochet Love them Thank you for including them Have a great weekend
Comment from : Treebeardshome

Dina Pabon
Very gooood explanation thank you 🙏
Comment from : Dina Pabon

Thank you so very much!!
Comment from : T L

m cruz
Very good and simple explanation I wish I had this video when I was trying my first knit chart Thanks for the pattern 😍
Comment from : m cruz

Stacy Anziano
I've been knitting for only a month and I love it!! I wish I would have learned earlier in life Thank you for the inspiration 😊
Comment from : Stacy Anziano

A Yarn Addict with Karen
I crochet but I love having a chart to go by I do better with a chart so if it's a written pattern I always like for them to include some charts just to make sure I understand what they are saying Thanks for this video Love and hugs to you ❣️🤗
Comment from : A Yarn Addict with Karen

Your positive energy always shines through 🌸
Comment from : Smile

Sandi Michaels
Thank you for the instructions
Comment from : Sandi Michaels

Thea Stewart
Hi Chandi! Great video! I love charts! Once I got the hang of reading them years ago I find them so helpful Whether it’s knit or crochet I can refer to both the written instructions and the chart as you so aptly stated I find the knitting charts a great exercise for my brain Thanks for another great tutorial! Albert Einswine!! I love it! I laughed right out loud! Have a lovely weekend!🌸🌺
Comment from : Thea Stewart

ada davis
Love learn to read pattern from you thanks
Comment from : ada davis

Annette VanderLinde
Chandi, loved this! Can you please do this for crochet as well???
Comment from : Annette VanderLinde

Mia Saxour
I'm gonna try this one! Its beautiful!
Comment from : Mia Saxour

Angie Koukouvanis
Thanks for the video I wait every week to see them Have a great weekend and laved the cape you showed today it was beautiful
Comment from : Angie Koukouvanis

Linda Scroggins
I really don't mean to be rude or meanbut I really wish you would tone done the hand gestures It very distracting
Comment from : Linda Scroggins

I love the thumbnail! 💖💖💖
Comment from : someone

Christine Ewing
Good morning Chandi! I hope your day is beautiful and that you are doing well! This is such a birthday treat for me today to see a beautiful pattern but also how to read charts Now I can get out of that comfort zone! You are awesome! Have a beautiful weekend my friend ❤❤❤
Comment from : Christine Ewing

Cheryl Crawford, Ski
Your so beautiful ❤️, Thank you again for a fantastic uplifting videobrYour a wonderful teacher! 💖
Comment from : Cheryl Crawford, Ski

Funny I can read a knit chart but can’t read a crochet chart I have been crocheting for over 55 years but just started knitting Lol
Comment from : candynkeith

merry martgrita
Gorgeous pattern as usual, but I have to be patient until I can do knitting
Comment from : merry martgrita

Good Day
Knowing how to read diagrams is the best! How often I’ve come across errors in a written pattern but when I referred to the diagram it straightened everything out! 👌🏾👍👍
Comment from : Good Day

Sue Meeks
I do filet crochet so this made sense to me for knitting
Comment from : Sue Meeks

Sara P
Always glad to learn new things Thank you 😊
Comment from : Sara P

Lisa Anderson
Thank you for this instructional video! I am a visual learner myself When I was learning how to read patterns, charts were so helpful! My mom taught me how to knit and read patterns when I was about 8 years old Now I use washi tape or my Knit Picks magnetic pattern holder with strips that underline each row I prefer charts when a pattern contains cables or other types of repeats Your explanation will help a lot of new knitters ❤️❤️
Comment from : Lisa Anderson

learn in nature
Love you mam, beautiful ❤️ u and ur lessons
Comment from : learn in nature

Flower Falls
This is a great reference video and thank you for making this video I do not have a lot of experience with dreading charts and this is helpfulbrbrI do prefer written instructions and will try a chart on a projectbrbrThanks again for making this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Flower Falls

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