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[4K] 100 KYOTO GARDENS 京都の日本庭園 100

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Information [4K] 100 KYOTO GARDENS 京都の日本庭園 100

Title :  [4K] 100 KYOTO GARDENS 京都の日本庭園 100
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Frames [4K] 100 KYOTO GARDENS 京都の日本庭園 100

Description [4K] 100 KYOTO GARDENS 京都の日本庭園 100

Comments [4K] 100 KYOTO GARDENS 京都の日本庭園 100

Love is giving whatever someone or something else needs to live the best life possible This is a very good example
Comment from : StBernardLife

Rajnesh Domalpalli
Hello, Thank you for this beautiful film Could you please tell us which Camera / Lenses you use, and also if you shot RAW video? Best wishes and Thanks again
Comment from : Rajnesh Domalpalli

Галина Швайдецкая
Дякую сподобалось❤
Comment from : Галина Швайдецкая

Graham George
This has been such a beautiful experience from beginning to end I had artist's block for inspiration but this has broken it, and set me off on a new journey for my paintings Thank you so much 🙏
Comment from : Graham George

a mie
What makes me feel existentially at home in those gardens, although I come from a completely different culture?
Comment from : a mie

a mie
Death loses its it's horror This is the place,where I would like to spend my last days
Comment from : a mie

Joni Mitchell
Beautiful tranquility blooming thankyou for the peaceful ❤views and resonating rivulet😊
Comment from : Joni Mitchell

I am so, so very happy and grateful to have found your channel today, as this is exactly what I needed to experience Your work is very appreciated!
Comment from : DixtunBabyAngel

Edu Campos
So beautiful! Such a great idea and so well executed! Excellent photography! brI'm just sorry to say that I didn't like the music I feel that the sounds of the birds, the leafs, the rain, the water would be enough brThanks anyway! What a good surprise and lesson!
Comment from : Edu Campos

Chantal Astorgkobe
Vraiment superbe Une vision de paradis vertMerci
Comment from : Chantal Astorgkobe

cristian tedaldi
Tutto fantastico che paesaggi Naturali
Comment from : cristian tedaldi

Spent 5 days in Kyoto! The gardens were breathtaking! It drizzled everyday, but could not dampen the beauty and serenity of these gardens ❤
Comment from : Sushi

Daniel Guerlus
Le monde pourrait ressembler à ça si l'être humain n'était pas si avide de pouvoir ! La nature nous montre l'exemple et nous en voulons pas, l'homme cherche toujours à s'extraire de cette nature peu être pour refuser d'admettre sa supériorité
Comment from : Daniel Guerlus

นาย ณรงค์ ภิญโญ
โอ๊ต อยากมีบ้านแบบนี้ที่ประเทศญี่ปุ่น กับ ประเทศไทย ครับ
Comment from : นาย ณรงค์ ภิญโญ

MC Lo-fi
I will build a zen garden like one of these one day
Comment from : MC Lo-fi

C Raven
Thank you for this magical video I've been to a few Japanese style gardens in North America (one at the Montreal Botanical Gardens, and one in San Franciso), and have always been fascinated by them and wanted to visit some in JapanbrbrThis video's fine balance of imagery and sound creates a wonderful sense of tranquil awe, and showcases the gardens exceptionallu wellwell done!
Comment from : C Raven

Thanks you so much for sharing May be one day in the future I will visit them Just at seing these beautiful gardens, we can feel harmony and serenity Pure 💎 🙏🤲💖💖💖 🙂🌞
Comment from : Valérie RIDEREAU

Forest Connect
Thankyou for the calm photographic style & occasional peaceful melody As Japanese Garden has negative spaces so too does this video have the same
Comment from : Forest Connect

Matthew Zhou
I find it truly healing and calming while watching this video, both the garden view and the music is so beautiful, tranquil yet empowering I found the inner peace in it and the peace from my soul Thank you sharing this and I really look forward to my next trip to Japan, even after the last 5 or so that I took in the past
Comment from : Matthew Zhou

Larie Tournelle
Magnifique ✨✨
Comment from : Larie Tournelle

Ich habe noch nie so etwas schönes gesehen🙏Einzigartig, hier kann man wirklich zur Ruhe kommenDanke für diese tolle Reise in eine unglaubliche Natur 🌿🌳🍀☘️🌿🌱🎋🍃Greetings from Germany 🙋‍♀️🇩🇪💝
Comment from : Karin

Jay Dee
I’m a white American yet I readily admit Japanese carpentry and gardening is the worlds best and it’s not even really close The Japanese people take such pride and care in whatever their hands find to do They study it, the put their soul into it and somehow find a way to become one with it I find their work so inspiring and have the utmost respect for how the tackle endeavors Truly an amazing group of people I hope to visit Japan someday Great video
Comment from : Jay Dee

Chau Hoang
Thank you so much for featuring such peaceful and beautiful gardens
Comment from : Chau Hoang

Maria Welling
Absolutely gorgeous 😊
Comment from : Maria Welling

Domo arigato goizaimasu !
Comment from : rotfai45mm

¡Los vi todos! ¡Qué trabajo!
Comment from : Patricia

Pablo Ruiz
At 25:15 Oooh, this Unryu-in garden is gorgeous, and quite innovative It uses the shoji screens as "paintings" of different views of the garden Then it opens up to reveal the rest of the garden, with the "painting" openings lining up so well I have another great idea for that Japanese teahouse that could happen in the future for me ;)
Comment from : Pablo Ruiz

Pablo Ruiz
I live in NYC New England is remarkably similar to Japan in terms of weather--especially with the spectacular fall colors Houses are cheapish up by Vermont/upstate NY/eastern CT Maybe I should buy a small rural house and then learn to build a cute little Japan-style teahouse Nothing large, just tiny and rustic, with paper-screen doors that I could buy somewhere on the internet and a thatch roof Then begin on a long journey of building a garden just like Enko-ji (4:32), Hokyo-in (10:43) or Entsu-ji (17:21) I'm far from rich, but I'd be able buy rocks, gravel, shrubbery of this sort I can't imagine it'd break the bank Butyeahmaybe a plan is starting to form in my head for the next decade of my life :D
Comment from : Pablo Ruiz

Comment from : Lily

Hamid Natsuru
My dream and goal is going to live on that mansion just like that Japan kyoto is very very beautiful and piecefull that why i really love japan
Comment from : Hamid Natsuru

Honestly, I’d like to visit these gardens to sit and have a good cry Truly beautiful scenery and wonderful video 💚
Comment from : Atlas

¡Cuánto tiene que aprender Occidente! El silencio por ejemplo
Comment from : Patricia

Thanks for posting ,br— Also for not using color grading !
Comment from : chuan_l

cot a
Comment from : cot a

yu i
Comment from : yu i

Edgar Zelinskyi
rly, filming in 21:9 and then adding black stripes? whats wrong with you guys btw nice shots
Comment from : Edgar Zelinskyi

Wonderful, will inspire my soul to visit Kyoto for sure to observe with reality of eyes
Comment from : Nkoy

Angela Em
Thank you so much for this serene and beautiful video I could never imagine Kyoto has such amazing gardens They all looked like time is still in between nature and the passing of the seasons🙏🌿💚🙇‍♀brこの穏やかで美しいビデオをどうもありがとう。 京都にこんなに素晴らしい庭園があるとは想像もできませんでした。 それらはすべて、自然と季節の移り変わりの間にまだ時間が残っているように見えましたbr🙏🌿💚🙇‍♀
Comment from : Angela Em

Will Goins
Just wonderful
Comment from : Will Goins

da Costa Sikka
Comment from : da Costa Sikka

I visited Kiyomizu dera If possible, I want know all the names in Japanese or Chinese character
Comment from : 유택주

Thank you
Comment from : A M SHIVRAJ

Jack Strubbe
Splendid exquisite compilation and perfect sound track
Comment from : Jack Strubbe

Ga H
Comment from : Ga H

Japanese Virtual
Comment from : Japanese Virtual

Ekaterina Davydovskaya

Comment from : Ekaterina Davydovskaya

Geff Boucher
Absolutely stunning beyond belief,,,,peace and happiness to you
Comment from : Geff Boucher

purple a
Comment from : purple a

daniel freitas
Comment from : daniel freitas

sihyung lee
japanese art
Comment from : sihyung lee

HiBros Ambience 자연 힐링
Calm and peaceful garden
Comment from : HiBros Ambience 자연 힐링

h e l l o w o r l d
Comment from : h e l l o w o r l d

José Pérez
Zen garden
Comment from : José Pérez

catherine bonanno
Very Beautifully done and soothing brJust too bad there’s lack of blue skies and variety of colors
Comment from : catherine bonanno

King Of Relax
This is beautiful
Comment from : King Of Relax

Comment from : SPANDA YOGA

silvia mileto
Comment from : silvia mileto

jean philippe Thebault
Totemo kirei, arigato gozaimashita
Comment from : jean philippe Thebault

Edgard Juarez
How long the video lasted was irrelevant to me I wished there was more I was not ready for it to end That's why I'm following this channel now so I can see more Thank you so much!
Comment from : Edgard Juarez

Of all the incredibly beautiful and relaxing videos on yt, this is truly my favorite Just perfect
Comment from : lolomcspanky

1 sự hòa hợp tuyệt đối giữa kiến trúc, nghệ thuật làm vườn và thiên nhiên Văn hóa Nhật Bản rất sâu sắc về giá trị
Comment from : Tr

Rubyismycat Man
Looks like a glimpse of heaven to me thankyou so much
Comment from : Rubyismycat Man

Ozkan Altuner
I wish there was a version without music
Comment from : Ozkan Altuner

nguyen hung
Comment from : nguyen hung

amazing, it gave me such a feeling of peace and contentment Something that I have not felt for a long time The framed views of the gardens were especially beautiful Thank you for the video!
Comment from : I W

María Alejandra Pérez
Una pompa de Jabón ingrávida en el tiempo al estallar salpica lágrimas de dolor
Comment from : María Alejandra Pérez

Minimal music, maximal beauty Great Job YS
Comment from : 7making

Tjio Ayuthia
I love how you often presented the garden from inside of tatami room or tea room Looking out from the shade gives a calming effect for me The garden becomes a painting framed by round window or sliding door I can see what Junichiro Tanizaki meant in his book In Praise of Shadow
Comment from : Tjio Ayuthia

Ive a driveway needs weeding if the lads fancy dropping round?
Comment from : phirtes1

Elizabeth P Kanizin
Interesting houses that incorporate nature! But, is it "vastu"?!
Comment from : Elizabeth P Kanizin

Barbara Robinson
thank you for showing me these wonderful gardens of yours!! hopefully one day i could see them in person!!
Comment from : Barbara Robinson

Barbara Robinson
it would be so nice to be able to do this here in the U S A!! ild love it!! so peaceful!!
Comment from : Barbara Robinson

Barbara Robinson
i maybe would of put swans or ducks in there!! yes??!!
Comment from : Barbara Robinson

Batuira NovaTerra
Comment from : Batuira NovaTerra

Catherine Engle
I can't get enough of watching this I have watched so many times The tranquility and peace of this video is my way of relaxing my mind to sleep I wish you would make more long videos like this one So very beautiful God bless 😊
Comment from : Catherine Engle

a shadow of Tang
Comment from : Xiao

This is paradise on Earth !! No less
Comment from : quietflowstheriver

Yuli Herlina
Love this 😍
Comment from : Yuli Herlina

Lomo ambience of Nature
I love your video, your garden footages and the music are really amazing and so peaceful I love it Thank you very much
Comment from : Lomo ambience of Nature

春靖 吳
Comment from : 春靖 吳

Comment from : 平安至上主義者

Arland Ó Deóradháin
mate, great video! It would be even better if there were not one advert cut after another every 8 minutes You turned your masterpiece into a torture machine: Well done!
Comment from : Arland Ó Deóradháin

Black Saga
Comment from : Black Saga

Jack Mari
Is the footage original?
Comment from : Jack Mari

Jack Mari
is the footage original?
Comment from : Jack Mari

Geraldo Fabiano Artes
Lindo demais parabens Grande abraço Brasil
Comment from : Geraldo Fabiano Artes

Melyssa Demma
I’m spellbound in my humble California Bohemia
Comment from : Melyssa Demma

Comment from : けつもと1号(仮)

Mao rong nonno Sheng
Comment from : Mao rong nonno Sheng

Cristian Hugo Muñoz Campos
Comment from : Cristian Hugo Muñoz Campos

I have never cried before, when just looking at gardens - I did today! The beauty, the tranquility, the sense of inner silence - all qualities which were overwhelming Thank you so much for posting this 🙏
Comment from : Neil

Fatima Zahra Hassan
The Japanese aesthetics are soulful
Comment from : Fatima Zahra Hassan

DaYe Wild
Thank u so much!
Comment from : DaYe Wild

Татьяна Николаевна
Спасибо за интересное видео Успехов в творчестве и всего самого доброго😊🌲
Comment from : Татьяна Николаевна

carlos alcino peralta
Comment from : carlos alcino peralta

รัชต์วดี สามารถ
Comment from : รัชต์วดี สามารถ

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