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The Most Disturbing Thing Ever Found In VC Tunnels During Vietnam War (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

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Information The Most Disturbing Thing Ever Found In VC Tunnels During Vietnam War (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

Title :  The Most Disturbing Thing Ever Found In VC Tunnels During Vietnam War (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)
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Frames The Most Disturbing Thing Ever Found In VC Tunnels During Vietnam War (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

Description The Most Disturbing Thing Ever Found In VC Tunnels During Vietnam War (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

Comments The Most Disturbing Thing Ever Found In VC Tunnels During Vietnam War (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

Gary Hudgins
I'm 5'5" Weighed 150lb when I joined in '78 Although the war had been over for about 3 years, the Corps still looked at me as "tunnel rat material" That's one job I'm glad I missed
Comment from : Gary Hudgins

The Praetorian
I have been looking into this, seems like it was a horror sorry written on Reddit Ether that or the version on Reddit is stolen and has been added to How ever if the version in Reddit is the only one than it clearly didn’t happen because the things mentioned on the Reddit story aren’t real, I can’t corroborate any of it including the existence of any of the weird religions they talked about Chances are this was inspired by an ancient religion, and tunnel rats, so some writer decided to pretend to be a Vietnam vet and did good research on how to fake it
Comment from : The Praetorian

Tarek Abulleef
I think the v solgers did not want to fight this war maybe nashanal service brMaybe forced and should have been taken as pow and proved and entervewed to find out what ghey were
Comment from : Tarek Abulleef

Leonard Hall
My brother Frank lost his life
Comment from : Leonard Hall

Leonard Hall
My brother had to go into the tunnels all over Vietnam my brother was there for three tours
Comment from : Leonard Hall

Fake story
Comment from : Lovey

Ben Dragan
Human rights violations right here killing those unarmed people… Do you know how much of that went down Forget about rules of engagement
Comment from : Ben Dragan

Ben Dragan
Strange that the water table was so low Filling those tunnels with water Here in Canada that shit fills with water fast
Comment from : Ben Dragan

Maybe she was a ghost Many of my cousins and neighbors went to Vietnam
Comment from : fishrgirl

war hound
I'm honestly greedy I'd have taken the statue I'd most likely be possessed by something but I'm 64 brSo I'd never have been able to take it lol
Comment from : war hound

90min is crazy
Comment from : Rvjking420

David Johnson
What was the source of this story? It's published someplace I assume? This story has a mythological, paranormal sense about it
Comment from : David Johnson

that's more of a horror story rather than a Vietnam war story, also I bet those people were drugged by a woman and followed the statue, so if the soldiers were to touch it they would have been killed in a way that people would refer to as something better being censored
Comment from : A

I dated a young lady in HS her Dad was 5'4he was a tunnel Rat He was stabbed twice
Comment from : Jeff

Jonathan Diaz
8 months ago
Comment from : Jonathan Diaz

Jaguar girl
If the US just did not go there to create war for vague reasons in the first place, this whole thing could have prevent many deaths on both sides USA lost and the only thing left were Hollywood Vietnam movies and TV shows such as MASH and Tour of Duty I still don't understand why this war was necessary
Comment from : Jaguar girl

Bulluc Sterteth
How about massive respect for the Vietnamese who built and lived in these tunnels for years until the invaders finally gave up and left
Comment from : Bulluc Sterteth

nope no way i could not go anywhere small like that 😫
Comment from : TheJoeml85

big ANT
What has the picture on the right got to do with the video?
Comment from : big ANT

Sajith Dantanarayana
That's pure murder
Comment from : Sajith Dantanarayana

This story sucked
Comment from : Gyrate

Echo Kilo
bDo you have names, ranks and service branches for these men, or are you just running your mouth to entertain yourself?/b
Comment from : Echo Kilo

Andre Fouche
I would never be able to to this job rather shoot me but in those tunnels no way
Comment from : Andre Fouche

if it's from reddit shit is def fake 💀
Comment from : Aquarius

Thomas Powell
My brother was a tunnel rat, he grew up in foster homes, died last year, cancer He was a survivor, until the agent orange got him He was a 22 year vet
Comment from : Thomas Powell

Angelique 76
This was extremely well done I was riveted 😅
Comment from : Angelique 76

Steven Thurston
If it is true then, and I dont want to say this, but they were murderers Unfortunately, in their fear they chose to kill those people May they find mercy and grace in Christ we are all sinners
Comment from : Steven Thurston

Maximus Meridius
I wouldn't do that under any circumstances
Comment from : Maximus Meridius

Appallo Kelley
My godfather Walter Clifford Hall was a decorated Vietnam vet , he told me crazy things , some I think he felt bad about He passed away recently and my life hasn’t been as happy since God bled these war heroes
Comment from : Appallo Kelley

The babies
Worship of idols, pure demonic Creepy
Comment from : The babies

dan ley
From what I've read and heard tunnel rats literally crowded over dead bodies snakes and spiders constantly
Comment from : dan ley

Tim Baker
The narrator says, 'The enemy soldiers were clearly dead, or something even worse' What a load of COBBLERS, they were moving!!!!
Comment from : Tim Baker

Curtis Johnson
My roommate was a tunnel rat in nam He doesn't talk about it much He has PTSD very bad He was on a path of destruction Even pulled a gun on his daughter She was taunting him and he broke He cries now because he actually chambered a round He is much better now with meds and marijuana
Comment from : Curtis Johnson

East Afrika
Not so scary at all It seems like some North Vietnamese tunnel soldiers had been down there so long that they probably suffered a post traumatic or post hunger psychosis, a compulsion to obsess over food and mothers milk, to the point of deifying the female form In their condition, they would not have felt the pain of a bullet wound, however, their disposition suggests that the woman and object of their obsession, may have been present and more Conscious, hence the sound of a female voice, as the the American men existed the tunnel
Comment from : East Afrika

Jason Kline
You wonder if the Vietnamese also have flashbacks similar to US from spending so much time in the tunnels?
Comment from : Jason Kline

Yet another reason to be tall
Comment from : IGoBrrrt

Elijah Caon
There is literally no source for this online, you made it up lol
Comment from : Elijah Caon

BakedMuffin dekab
They told NOBODY of what they saw in that room , but still here YOU are telling us what they saw :)
Comment from : BakedMuffin dekab

nate mcclain
One thing I can’t understand you said they didn’t tell anybody, so how do you know the story? How do we know the story is true ? If they didn’t tell anybody Lol 😂
Comment from : nate mcclain

Jeff Gulbrandson
Could you imagine the fucken dreams you would have when you got home
Comment from : Jeff Gulbrandson

Mark Jenner
Comment from : Mark Jenner

Tyler Morris
My coworker had this job and he said out of the 20 tunnel rats he knew only him and one other survived
Comment from : Tyler Morris

Met great guys that were Tunmnelrats during the funeral of Midge Garber CIA special field operator, who's 2 little children were killed by the secret service of president Marcos This she did find out that he forced tens of thousands little children (orphans) to beg for money every day She was on the death list of her own CIA A most insane organisation in those days Filled with many psychopaths, rapists and pedophiles After the murder on her husband and two children, she hired many mercenaries, also tunnel rats, and killed tens of thousands of Marco's murderers She died, on Kodiak island in 2003 and never was her honour restored With this, camouflage, I do wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=VgRXdozljRs
Comment from : Durk

Just Max
Comment from : Just Max

Richard Selous
Not a nice experience But it would be nice if you could share more of the scary stories
Comment from : Richard Selous

Tural Mirzaliev
The only disturbing thing in this story is the tunnel rat job
Comment from : Tural Mirzaliev

Super Cruiser
May god bless all the vets that invaded another country committed rapes and massacres
Comment from : Super Cruiser

Why not take the gold dang they should go back and find it jeepers
Comment from : RC IDEA

There is no way I could crawl through that tunnel
Comment from : 4o5919

J Jones
I had an uncle that did two tours just to come home with terrible demons, and be first hated and then forgotten he always told me to a Vietnam vet a "thank you for your service" is appreciated, but a simple "welcome home" was even better because not many of them had anyone say it to them I still tell them thanks and welcome home to this day RIP uncle James semper fi
Comment from : J Jones

Ronald Banks
Ahhhhh come on???? You left us hanging on a cliffhanger that'll never be explained Did they die?? Was there a baby with the group rocking back n forth? They probably all died, and they were down there to STAY ALIVE! What the heck
Comment from : Ronald Banks

Nathan Cornell
Wow amazing, I’m going to do a study on this, as my wife was born in Vietnam 🇻🇳
Comment from : Nathan Cornell

Forest Connect
that's pretty awful doing this video to get salacious veiws from veterans suffering
Comment from : Forest Connect

America could make a movie about this and make their soldiers as righteous heroic wronged men
Comment from : Rob

Prince of Darkness
Explain the clickbait photo Research the figurine Make this honest and intelligent
Comment from : Prince of Darkness

John Bethea
I was in Vietnam 1966-67 and have never seen an idol with octopus legs I don't know about this one???
Comment from : John Bethea

Just read Heat 2 Learned that Vincent Hanna was a tunnel rat in Vietnam Awesome contributing information to enrich the character brbrRandom thought In Forest Gump, they hand him a 1911 and send him in He was tall Well not shorter than normal They wouldn’t have sent him
Comment from : 372HGS

Sounds like bullshit
Comment from : Peedinkus

Franco Tenerelli
In war, u see the worst of humanity and the best part of humanity Frank t, 1st marines Siempre fi
Comment from : Franco Tenerelli

RADukura OG
Story sounds like a load of horseshit in this case No links to verifiable sources nor can I find the story while digging through the internet
Comment from : RADukura OG

Marshal Windsor
We’ll ignore the fact that the thumbnail photo on the right is from a short movie called Firebase
Comment from : Marshal Windsor

You think you know Me
They should tossed Hanoi Jane Fonda down there
Comment from : You think you know Me

Tom FlaTTop
We once had a Shack on the shore of the Murray River in Blanchetown, South Australia, where we spent months at a time, or just a weekend, Water Skiing and having a ballbrThere was a kid I was friends with in one of the Shacks nearby, whose Father, a guy named Walter, was an Australian Ex-Soldier who served as a Tunnel Rat in the Vietnam Conflict, and even then, at the tender age of about 12 - 14yo, I was acutely aware of, and understood how badly it MESSED HIM UP Occasionally, I observed noises like cars backfiring, fireworks at New Years, and other loud bangs or chaotic sounds, would trigger a flashback in himbrLater in life, after some equally horrific traumas of my own left me with temporary PTSD, certain reminders of them would trigger visual & auditory flashbacks that were VERY disturbing & unpleasant It gave me a new insight and even greater sympathy for what Walter had suffered, and as far as I'm aware, unlike myself, he never recovered frombrThe last time I saw him, I was around 18yo That was nearly 35 years agobrTo Walter and all the other Tunnel Rat Veterans,we thank you for your brave service, and hope you found some peace, eventually, from the Inner Demons you found down therebrNext time, whichever clown happens to be President in America, starts another illegitimate, illegal war, let THEM be the first down a Tunnel, or into a similarly terrible warfare environment THEY lobbied so hard for When THEY have first hand knowledge & experience of the horrific situations they send them into, and the damage & scars they inflict on the kids of their nation, perhaps there'd be less war brOur tree-dwelling ancestors threw their poop at each other, in conflict with rival clans Thousands or even millions of years of evolution later, we no longer dwell in trees, however, we STILL haven't evolved beyond the desire for conflict with ourselves Although, our poop has evolved to be far more sophisticated, expensive, and apocalyptic than our tree-dwelling forebears could ever imagine!
Comment from : Tom FlaTTop

All American solders who fought in Vietnam committed atrocities and still lost that war I teat all mericans as scum of the earth Even if they themselfs had nothing to do with it Tis only fitting to expect the next generations of scum follow in their footsteps They killed nothing but villagers l, farmers their wives, their kids If you're a tunnel rat or ww2 vet don't be stupid enough to talk to me I have no problem splitting g the face of an old veteran
Comment from : Kyle

BigSmoke 🍔
20 years of war in Vietnam just to loose, 20 years of war in Afghanistan just to loose Didn’t see such a big Skill issue for a long time Ameritards would’ve never won anything in WW2 wasn’t it for the Soviets who have weakened Germany severely before USA intervention
Comment from : BigSmoke 🍔

What’s your reference for this? Or was this just a pathetic click bait Halloween story you made up? Sooooo lame…
Comment from : UAL320

Jay Basey
This needs to be a movie!
Comment from : Jay Basey

Blinding Shadow
Why not smoke them out Fuck going in
Comment from : Blinding Shadow

Tom Dysa Stolan
Why are you using a picture as bait,
Comment from : Tom Dysa Stolan

Béla Lukovszki
Skull wall?? Who people have skulls in wall??? I have shock!!
Comment from : Béla Lukovszki

Béla Lukovszki
Very scary prison Who maked this? Vietkong?
Comment from : Béla Lukovszki

Cephas Martin
The tunnel dated from the days Viet Nam was under French occupation
Comment from : Cephas Martin

gerald hills
Very like the tunnellers in the first world war !
Comment from : gerald hills

FYI it's a Reddit /r/nosleep story, it was trying to find a source lol
Comment from : meowmeowmeowmeowmeow

The man who started the war is pathetic, the men who fought in it will always have my respectbr- Me, vietnamese
Comment from : Orelotus

Hell in a Nutshell
War bad 😨
Comment from : Hell in a Nutshell

vin rin
Bull shzt from the land where Kangaroos 🦘 Ruel
Comment from : vin rin

only useful thing to tell Viet Nam vet is: Sorry for the assholes that sent you there and sorry for the assholes that you came back to
Comment from : crabtrap

Tom Bleecker
Why not just blow the tunnel? Why do down there?
Comment from : Tom Bleecker

Carl Spencer
I had an uncle in the Navy Seabees, one teacher in the Army and two teachers in the Marines All saw combat Not to mention the ones I met growing up Mad love and respects for all those Veterans Thank You
Comment from : Carl Spencer

bMy claustrophobia became so much worse listening to this I’m pretty sure I would have preferred to get court martialed than go in those holes/b
Comment from : *NUDE TAYNE* *HATWOBBLE*

Comment from : garrett

Moon Rage
My uncle was asked about his bronze star often and never told Unknown to everyone, he had told the preacher why it was awarded and said Let them know why I never spoke of this From other information he told me I believe it maybe Far west then north of bong song His Squad was forward several kilometers of a battalion and witnessed over a dozen of the enemy taking shelter in a tunnel His team wanted to move on and he knew they could not do that, so he took most of their sidearms and strapped them everywhere he could carry, and entered the tunnel alone he killed seven of the enemy and 12 surrendered to him in the tunnel My uncle was my hero growing up, but I understand more of what he had to live with making decisions in such Grim moments with even Grimmer outcomes
Comment from : Moon Rage

Elizabeth Ann Collins
This is an absolutely incredible FIND You mentioned you don’t like to share stories that are scary or frightening, please remember history is doomed to repeat itself if the future generations don’t educate themselves, to come across painful (frightening) times from our past forces curiosities These curiosities teach us, what happened brIf children don’t know what a holocaust is, when we’re gone who’s going to explain to them what happened? Yes, it might be scary, but it’s the fear that will hopefully keep it from happening again brThank you for sharing your findings
Comment from : Elizabeth Ann Collins

Daniel Batitsas
Vietnamese had a term for this Dinky Dow, crazy I call it bullshit Can't help it, sounds like nonsense And what is the picture with all the skulls? I was there in 69 and knew a few rats Never heard of anything close to this
Comment from : Daniel Batitsas

jim bob
Well told
Comment from : jim bob

Tim Smart
more noy horror but chilling
Comment from : Tim Smart

Bo White
My old my was part of a K9-combat tracker unit brin 69 I was born in 1977 and I remember at the age of br10 some 18 years after his tour watching My father rocking in his chair after work and a 8track of bluegrassbr music on He would still be popping off his m16brand tossing M33's lost in 69 still fighting the VCbrHe come to terms with that war along the way and did brwell no drugs no alcohol 43 years at the same job brmissed not one day took care of a family of 4brbut every now and then at almost 78 now he still popsbroff a few rounds off the back porch with that thousand-yard stareVA is a long way from the jungle but not for him "Got Dam it!!! " br sorry wiping them back here br there are no words describes the love honor values and respects I hold TY Dad you did Dam good Soldierbrbr2Bronze Stars br2 medal of valor brpurple heartbr and documented confirmed kill 1st kid on his block tobrget one!!! and more br Hoorah!!br SGT RL Marsh braka MASH
Comment from : Bo White

Crazy how half the people in the comments knew someone that served in the Vietnam war as a tunnel rat even though there was like roughly 700 of them in total throughout the war
Comment from : Nightowl321

Le Derppz
Clickbait image, never actually shown in the video
Comment from : Le Derppz

Howard Watts
I met a guy back in 1999 at the bike shows he was a tabacco million air Had to do with music to owned land in the conarry islands for growing built churchesfor the natives a real nice guy was selling cigars He was a marine in vietnam a tunnel rat he never told me any storys but when he talked about what he did in tge service he would get very privet and most of the time would stop talking He did tell me that he say same very strange things in those tunnels
Comment from : Howard Watts

Ponraj Krish
If you are too afraid to die , just don’t go to other countries for warsit home and Just defend your schools
Comment from : Ponraj Krish

Ken Duffy
Though I’m forever grateful for the Tunnel Rats & every single Soldier, Sailor and Airman that fought in Vietnam So me, my children, their children & their children can sleep in a warm bed in a free Country! I’m not sure that most people watching don’t realize that there was never an official assignment to become a tunnel rat and there certainly wasn’t platoons specifically trained & assigned to be a tunnel rat! It was STRICTLY and totally on a voluntary basis! No Soldier would ever degrade another Soldier for not being a tunnel rat! To be a tunnel is something those Soldiers volunteered to be and to volunteer for a job like that (that was not an official unit in the Army or Marines Well something inside them enjoyed the thrills of climbing into an enemy tunnels I like use the metaphor of the real deal gunslinger of the old Western Frontier where the majority people were killers, rapist, cutthroat’s and thieves The tunnel rats were either running away from something or they were trying to start their lives over!
Comment from : Ken Duffy

Shoulda done it the easy way the only thing gets put in that hole would be TNT
Comment from : Maizie

Supra 85
So sad So many innocence people were killed by soldiers in this war
Comment from : Supra 85

Timmy Shore
the tunnel rats were unbelievable most of them were loners and disgruntled extremely brave
Comment from : Timmy Shore

Yeah this is a bullshit story This never happened
Comment from : Formalbug571

Glory and Honor to the Vietcong and NVA
Comment from : Formalbug571

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