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Calling International Numbers | How to Dial Abroad

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Information Calling International Numbers | How to Dial Abroad

Title :  Calling International Numbers | How to Dial Abroad
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Frames Calling International Numbers | How to Dial Abroad

Description Calling International Numbers | How to Dial Abroad

Comments Calling International Numbers | How to Dial Abroad

Kadum Lego
How to call from india ?
Comment from : Kadum Lego

When I try this from landline it just says the number has been disconnected I’ve tried about 10 different numbers and country codes none work?
Comment from : PlatinumGamingHD

Hi brI am from India and my friend is living in greece So, I want to call my friend so how do i call ?? If call him directly then call is missing directly and i cant contact him so plz reply me brbrIf u reply me i will sub
Comment from : Mikey

Twila Lebold
Thank you for this percise and well presented video I learned something new by holding the zero button on the phone I will get the plus sign
Comment from : Twila Lebold

Mala Mehta
India to Luxembourg?
Comment from : Mala Mehta

Thank you so much
Comment from : Danny

swift 88
Thank you so much for your clear explanation (I did not see how to insert the plus sign)
Comment from : swift 88

But it isn't connecting
Comment from : 🖤BLIИK💗

Hessian Technician
This doesn’t work
Comment from : Hessian Technician

jakariya ahmed
Your video is amazing, and yes you tell me how to call in Mexico
Comment from : jakariya ahmed

So I can cal and it won’t work
Comment from : TjCgm

Filtered Waters
Poor examples This should have been longer
Comment from : Filtered Waters

Comment from : Marita

Your mum
Comment from : Marita

What about a uk number calling Greece
Comment from : Kaix

Fred Rezfield
does anyone know how to call canada or USA from POland? what do you dial first?
Comment from : Fred Rezfield

Laxmi D
Thanks for the video Before calling international number do i need to contact my provider for international calling facility? Or how can i check it is already active or not??
Comment from : Laxmi D

jitam saha
and do we have to pay every time when we call abroad and there is any chance of getting tracked by international numbers
Comment from : jitam saha

jitam saha
sir i understood the process, thank you but could you make it clear what is the difference then between using any app for calling abroad and by calling with the default app that is present in every phone
Comment from : jitam saha

Robert Trotman
If I`m already in the USA HOW do I phone a US mobile number from my UK mobile
Comment from : Robert Trotman

Thank you!!! It worked !!!
Comment from : credisa2003

Jayatunganamal Karunarathne
Thank you brother
Comment from : Jayatunganamal Karunarathne

Alexis Aguilar
Comment from : Alexis Aguilar

I tried to call BMO Harris Bank on my mobile phone but there's a problem I don't know why Can you help me please? Thank you
Comment from : Bea

kenji maz
Please m I dumb? That I couldn't figure it out I'm Indian so how can I cll South Africa 🙂💔
Comment from : kenji maz

if the number in brackets like (833), what do i do for that?
Comment from : LetsGame

What if they are calling America from turkey ? Is that possible ?
Comment from : RealityInBlackAndWhite

Shadow_mangle 7797
Does it cost money to do this?
Comment from : Shadow_mangle 7797

Dennis Junior Rodriguez Figueroa Jr
Learned something new with press and holding 0 to get plus sign Thanks
Comment from : Dennis Junior Rodriguez Figueroa Jr

Peprah Charles
What happen Africa
Comment from : Peprah Charles

Thanks for your but about if u tryin to call In Haiti
Comment from : kaliyah&KamilleTV😍🤞

Greg Johnson
JUST FYI If you are outside of North America it is either impossible or very difficult to call NA 1-800 numbers The reason is that many countries have brnational (government-run) telephone companies and they want you money when you make a call Sometimes using AT&T will work but not always Other workarounds are Skype or Magic Jack It is amazing how many giant NA firms do not know this and think that 1-800 numbers are the solution to world poverty and hunger!
Comment from : Greg Johnson

It ain’t workin it just says WELCOME TO VERIZON WIRELESS …
Comment from : Juice

Nayak shilpa
Thanks for valuable information 😊👍
Comment from : Nayak shilpa

Mohammad Mehdi
Thank you so much🌿🌾🌵🌍🌒
Comment from : Mohammad Mehdi

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Comment from : contact🔎𝗭𝗘𝗖𝗥𝗔𝗞𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗖𝗛📡Oɴ Iɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ

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Richard Parker
Now what kind of religious Asian Carp is that now Imagine the flying outs on those specificas Ghost mules Theyre better have something better than gold How did Germany corner the industrial Kobalt to eyelids space museum? Capsules ? brbrPublic Pantries ?
Comment from : Richard Parker

Richard Parker
All co da
Comment from : Richard Parker

Food of Life Secrets
If i am working for finding students in another country what would be the process
Comment from : Food of Life Secrets

Kiyoku Taku
What happens if your calling from new Zealand
Comment from : Kiyoku Taku

edith ero
Omg tysm
Comment from : edith ero

besides skype, what other service can you call toll free # in US, from abroad,
Comment from : sxli3340

do i need to dial country exit code every time on dial phone ?
Comment from : sxli3340

Comment from : tonshmar

man a hamed
Comment from : man a hamed

anyone else here from the uk tryna call dream? just me? 😃✋
Comment from : lilybamorr

What if we r calling from India
Comment from : Aumprokiller

Tris A
will the other call be able to see who's calling them
Comment from : Tris A

What about from UK to US?
Comment from : ryu_m

Man we're u a big help
Comment from : Drago

Fenny Official
How can i call my friend when he is on los angeles usa and i am on philippines
Comment from : Fenny Official

Ty so much it wasn’t working before because it said “this service is not available”
Comment from : chatteey

Jackie Herships
But how to make this call from a cable phone Is it possible?
Comment from : Jackie Herships

Kuldep Singh
I want to call in southafrica in durban but when i call it says call ended iam from india what i do i do the same thing that you gave
Comment from : Kuldep Singh

Alok Bral
I have subscribed your channel
Comment from : Alok Bral

Alok Bral
Hi I am from India I want to call out of India Can you help me
Comment from : Alok Bral

Doesn't workbrTried calling from Slovakia to the US (specific person), but it won't actually callbrKeeps beeping, saying that the number doesn't exist (I checked a lot of times, I had correct number), or just saying I wrote something wrongbrbrAnyone can help please?
Comment from : ItzWizory

background music is loud , but overall tutorial, very nice
Comment from : CoolBlueSky

how do i text a us number from a uk iphone
Comment from : JakStevo

LuciferRB edit
If in maxico?
Comment from : LuciferRB edit

Nivea Suresh
I'm not able to make a call to virgin mobile in Saudi Arabia from India can u help me out plz
Comment from : Nivea Suresh

Nureen Natasha
How to call from Malaysia to US ? Help me please
Comment from : Nureen Natasha

I still cant seem to grasp my head around this im trying to call a friend from ireland and its still not working for me Could I have some help please?
Comment from : Fiizypopdrinkk

The_goatxll Zzz
I need help
Comment from : The_goatxll Zzz

Thank you🙏🙏
Comment from : Ashticks

Emily paige
mine didnt work:(
Comment from : Emily paige

Abhijit Khanikar
Nice video u opened my eyes today
Comment from : Abhijit Khanikar

I Fell Inlove With TWICE
How to call from Philippines to Germany?
Comment from : I Fell Inlove With TWICE

Tariro Tariro
May you please help me I want to call a Zimbabwean number from North Cyprus it’s ringing but someone different it answering and to the destination it’s not ringing
Comment from : Tariro Tariro

How about indonisa?
Comment from : KUTIIN

How to call from Canada?
Comment from : ethereal

꧁Valencia P꧂
What if it says my account isn’t authorized? what do I do
Comment from : ꧁Valencia P꧂

Basty Racasa
Thank you bro i see that you have a big heart
Comment from : Basty Racasa

How about calling from the Philippines?
Comment from : Mish

Harshith Darshu
Do you know South Africa
Comment from : Harshith Darshu

Thank you so much
Comment from : weopeng

Jow to call someone from mauritius
Comment from : Donutdude42

Rin rizzo
It didn’t work for me lol
Comment from : Rin rizzo

Eight Ball Crew :0
How do u call from Burma to the us?
Comment from : Eight Ball Crew :0

How to call indonesia?
Comment from : Shimizu

Do you know how I can make a call to China?
Comment from : Geraldine

How about Algeria?
Comment from : z

Maya Perez
It doesn’t work I’m trying to call someone in Germany please help me
Comment from : Maya Perez

zack la
How I can call Saudi Arabia
Comment from : zack la

Very clear, thank you
Comment from : VoteScientist

Jain Rituals
Making international calls are easy with Virtual Phone service providers such as CallHippo, I am its user and happy with its services callhippocom/international-phone-number
Comment from : Jain Rituals

Thomas K
Thank You Sir! You explained a lot in two minutes and I appreciate your detail!
Comment from : Thomas K

Prashiddha Bhattarai
How to do a call for Cyprus?brAny idea bro?
Comment from : Prashiddha Bhattarai

How to I call America in British
Comment from : theconntrolerKID

Abhishek Chandrvanshi
What about for America
Comment from : Abhishek Chandrvanshi

Comment from : f

Onfroy effects
it isn’t working for me 🥺
Comment from : Onfroy effects

You look nervous infront of camera lmao
Comment from : Felix

Alexander C Tåøng
Nice job! Can you be a little bit cuter? lol #Swoon #Drooling here
Comment from : Alexander C Tåøng

i am from indiai cannot call Burma number please tell me the process
Comment from : SESEM KIPGEN

Comment from : Gab

Pritpal Singh
Comment from : Pritpal Singh

Amy jones
For international calling use online Phone number callhippocom/online-phone-number
Comment from : Amy jones

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