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How to read a knitting chart for beginners - step by step

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Information How to read a knitting chart for beginners - step by step

Title :  How to read a knitting chart for beginners - step by step
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Frames How to read a knitting chart for beginners - step by step

Description How to read a knitting chart for beginners - step by step

Comments How to read a knitting chart for beginners - step by step

Make sure to comment below in case you have any questions and of course, don't forget to give my video a like & follow!
Comment from : NimbleNeedles

jessica artus
Question, will you be have a tutorial on how to create a chart pattern? if so, do you have any good suggestion on which software/app one can use?
Comment from : jessica artus

jessica artus
Thank you for doing this, your explanation makes it very understandable
Comment from : jessica artus

Jennifer Pierson
Hi I'm new and just watched your video on reading chartsbut I have a problem I have a color chart book that doesn't have number I'm not sure how I read it
Comment from : Jennifer Pierson

Len Araullo
What do mean by „No Stitch“ in a Chart I am following a Chart Pattern and am baffled by No Stitch, even though going through it several times After the symbol (\) for knit 2 together (decrease in toe part), it shows symbol for „No Stitch“
Comment from : Len Araullo

Martha Reed
Do the squares represent how many stitches you should have on your needle? I’m finding my next row have way too many stitches Ssk and Yo and Ssk sts
Comment from : Martha Reed

Anna Tronson
I love your picture! Any details on it?!
Comment from : Anna Tronson

I been knitting for a long time and I hate reading and doing chart but I do know how to do it You did a great job of explaining it I know there a different between straight and circular needle in chart But it was the first time I understood why the number were on both side brWhat do you in chart reading and it mean for knitting in a straight needle
Comment from : D M

Sew Happy Sarah R
Norman, thank you so much for this video I am an advanced beginner and want to take my knitting to the next level My first step of learning something new is digesting all of the info I can get before I start This is a great beginning to my next step in my knitting journey
Comment from : Sew Happy Sarah R

Jennifer D
Excelente! Thank you from Dominican Republic! ❤️
Comment from : Jennifer D

Sandy van Buren
I enjoy lace work I found my very first chart very daunting but here's what I've found after just diving in and deciding that struggling a bit was okay: brbrEvery chart has a rhythm to it For every knit2tog there'll be a yarn over somewhere to fix the balance brbrThis is not just the case for lace charts Every pattern will have a pattern, so to speak I recommend: just dive in and find the rhythm to your pattern It might be a bit hard at first but Norman is right: you'll soon learn the language and you'll be fine creating knitted magic! brbrAnd don't forget to enjoy the ride!
Comment from : Sandy van Buren

Bob Lowney
and I forgot to mention that I found this video really helpful as well! Sorry!
Comment from : Bob Lowney

Bob Lowney
totally agree that written instructions and a chart are both visual!
Comment from : Bob Lowney

Bob Lowney
with a chart, why can't you use the terms even rows and odd rows instead of RS and WS? with written instructions, that is okay, but a chart displays numbered rows I recommend crossing out RS and WS in the legend and write in odd and even
Comment from : Bob Lowney

Just checked out your website and it's a godsend I was totally bamboozled by the instruction to 'repeat in pattern' but you've given me hope that I can actually do this project! Thank you for your clear instructions
Comment from : PallasAthene12

Katherine Shaw
I love your videobr Please help me understand this I CO 90 sts, my chart doesn't brhave that many sts Do I go back to the right and continue the same row until all 90 sts are knit?
Comment from : Katherine Shaw

Miren Fabregas
Love the picture to your left ❤️
Comment from : Miren Fabregas

Vanessa Engelhardt
Another super easy and helpful video Thank you for dedicating so much time to help all knitters
Comment from : Vanessa Engelhardt

Donna Halls
I have been using charts for quite some time now I currently have a chart for a sock I am knitting that starts at row -4 and ends row 8 I understand the legend, but have never seen a chart staring in the negative numbers None of my experienced knitting friends understand it either Are you able to shed some light on what this means?
Comment from : Donna Halls

Christa Laos
Thank you!
Comment from : Christa Laos

Patricia Jones
You have such excellent and simplified directions to learn on how to knit with a chart 😊 Do you have a list of all possible stitches with their symbols for a chart? If so I would appreciate a copy of them, so I can study them and be able to breeze through any pattern Thanks 😊
Comment from : Patricia Jones

Nifty Knits and Crochet
Thanks for this video I've wanted to make a dahlia jumper by le knit for a long time however I wasn't sure if I would be able to follow the chart I will now give it a go
Comment from : Nifty Knits and Crochet

Ieba Anderson
Thank you! Very nice!
Comment from : Ieba Anderson

Michele Tsuzuki
Hi Norman, Wow You can write Japanese! I remember when I lived in the United States, when I saw a knitting book, there were only text and there were no charts at all… I was wondering how these people can knit by text only instructions 😳 In Japan, most instruction books are mainly charts and rarely explained only with letters It’s good to learn and understand both text only and chart 😊
Comment from : Michele Tsuzuki

Tall Cedars
Thank you for the instructions Norman I am an intermediate beginner sock knitter about to read my first chart With bad eyes my chart will be in large print The sticky note idea is a good one although I would like to see what other methods there are Will check on YT in the meantime, happy knitting!
Comment from : Tall Cedars

Fuji Maylor
I really love your video Thank you so much for your time Excellent!!!
Comment from : Fuji Maylor

Anine Hartog
Norman - can you please show me how to do a PDYO (Purl, dropping extra yarn over from previous row) I will be very gratefull for you help
Comment from : Anine Hartog

Love, Love , Love You!!!!!! thank you for all you do!
Comment from : Christy

Carol Ruddy-Hara
I didn't know charts existed I am clapping!br👏
Comment from : Carol Ruddy-Hara

Christine Voss
Thanks for recommending this video I am going to give it a try
Comment from : Christine Voss

laurie nesdahl
I love your channel! This is the best video I have seen to make this easier for me 😃I have been afraid to try them although I have no trouble with crochet charts I lived in Germany for several years when I was child and your english is beautiful! Please never stop
Comment from : laurie nesdahl

Sylvia Fikiert
Thank you so much this was so helpful it opened my eyes to see the knitting chart more clearly and not scary 😊
Comment from : Sylvia Fikiert

Romy T
I exactly feel the same now Thanks for the video :)
Comment from : Romy T

Teresa Scully
Thank you again for another informative video! Charts gave me anxiety but when you said the right leaning slash meant K2tog because it's a right leaning decrease, I got it! Sometimes it's the smallest little thing that makes it all go together Thank you! I am learning so much from your videos!
Comment from : Teresa Scully

Mary Hillman
Comment from : Mary Hillman

Ruth McDonough
Thanks for your channel! I’ve learn so much from you brCan you explain when the chart has the symbol for “No stitch” I’ve watch others explain and I’m hoping you will get thru to me!
Comment from : Ruth McDonough

Robotic Zamat
omg! bryour intro is how I feel! brthank you for understanding and helping!bryou're amazing!
Comment from : Robotic Zamat

Elizabeth Shin
This video was amazing! Thank you!
Comment from : Elizabeth Shin

Misha Hengl
Hallo Norman, ich habe deinen Kanal vor kurzem entdeckt, was mir besonders gefällt ist deine unaufgeregt Art Ich habe mit 4 Jahren Stricknadeln in die Hände bekommen, seit mehr als 58 Jahren stricke ich nun, dass was ich als Kind fabriziert habe, weit weg von schön Du sagst in einem Video, Chart lesen ist wie eine Sprache lernen, stimmt absolut und auch die Fingerfertigkeit würde abgespeichertbrIn einen anderen Video hast du einen sehr schönen schwarz weißen Schal umgelegt, vielleicht verrätst du mir das Muster?brAnsonsten hoffe ich du hattest schöne Weihnachtstage somit wünsche ich letztlich ein gesundes und erfreuliches 2022🥂brLiebe Grüße aus Wien
Comment from : Misha Hengl

Susan Suther
Love your lessons!!! You are a fabulous teacher! Thank you so much Btw I have the same black and white pillows on my sofa! 😃
Comment from : Susan Suther

Bernadette whelan Carroll
Can you explain the no stitches on the chart and how do you knit them at the beginning and end of the row
Comment from : Bernadette whelan Carroll

Lourdes Olmos
Hi from Tucson in Arizona I really like and enjoy your videos They’re very helpful and very clear thank you
Comment from : Lourdes Olmos

Angelica Herrera
Wow! Excellent teacher, so much patience and very clear to explain
Comment from : Angelica Herrera

Ombretta D
Excellent! I am a beginner and want to knit my first hat for my daughter so I am going to get your chart right away Thank you so much for your work and for sharing your vast knowledge with us
Comment from : Ombretta D

Cleo Koch
Thanks for clearing this up I am a knitter who have always steered away from charts
Comment from : Cleo Koch

Thank you so much for the simple yet thorough explanation I've been trying to convince my older mother and aunt to learn charts for knitting and crocheting I'm brand new to both but realized how important charts are and picked up on it rather quickly
Comment from : PutrescentCadaver

Janice Murphy
I am finally ready to take the plunge and learn to read a chart You are a thorough, gifted instructor and I am so glad I found your site Love the icon too Jan Murphy
Comment from : Janice Murphy

Angela Sprecco
Thank you so much!!!!
Comment from : Angela Sprecco

Mercedes Orozco
Thank you You got me started with double pointed needles also
Comment from : Mercedes Orozco

The HappyStitcher
You're very clever Norman : )
Comment from : The HappyStitcher

Eva Muhlhause
Ihadnoidea, this is hugely useful
Comment from : Eva Muhlhause

Penny Pearson
Thank you Norman! I'm just getting started with charts (also for a lace pattern shrug) but I'm finding that when I knit the pattern, I run out of stitches on my needle before the current row ends! I know it's math with the yo (increase) and left/right slants (ssk, k2tog and k3tog) how the heck do you determine the actual number of stitches will be in a row? Add to that, the pattern needs to increase! [I am trying software, but it tells me I have too many or to few stitches in different rows!] Do you have another more advanced chart with these elements?
Comment from : Penny Pearson

Marilu Murphy
Your instructions are so clear, ON EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you so much for your videos Norman!!!!!
Comment from : Marilu Murphy

Debra Cubitt
Oh thank you!!!
Comment from : Debra Cubitt

I'm so glad YT gods blessed me with and recommended your videos to me I'm only on my 3 headband but I'm so excited about what can be made with two needles and yarn I sew charts and was fascinated by them and wanted to learn to read them, thanks for a clear explanation
Comment from : pesahson

Lacie Marie
I have been looking at lace sts, and noticed its in a chart I get the basics of charts but there is a orange outline around some of the sts Does that mean that's where the lace actually happens? Iv sometimes seen it on cables as well Harder than basic cables anyways As a beginner I wish I would've learned the chart over the written bc it shows st by st, and starting out that's sooo helpful IF you can understand a chart Thank you for taking time out of your day and making these videos that are so helpful to new knitters like myself When I want to learn a new st I always come to check and see if you have made a video on it
Comment from : Lacie Marie

You are a great teacher! Most helpful Thank you! 🥰
Comment from : Cosmoskatten

Enjoyed your explanation of why knitting symbols and charts are like a language I find seeing the pattern on a knitting chart gives a more spatial view of any repeated groups of stitches and how large they are Good explanation, slow enough for beginners, detailed enough for more experienced knitters Nice one
Comment from : kiwifeijoa

Joan Haney
You convinced me I will know longer translate charts to ‘knittish’ I’ll learn the symbols Thanks Norman!
Comment from : Joan Haney

becca wissbaum
Thank you This gives me the courage to try knitting from a chart
Comment from : becca wissbaum

Paula Simoes
I have already said this, but here goes- YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER!!!
Comment from : Paula Simoes

Diana Britton
I recently subscribed to your channel and am impressed by your knowledge and teaching style While I have been knitting for 40 years I always learn something new I do have a comment/question about using charts, I cannot seem to wrap my head around the "no stitch" symbol One instructor said if you see that symbol you do nothing But how can you do nothing if there is a stitch to be worked? Thanks for your feedback
Comment from : Diana Britton

Phyllis Harris
I am 75 and just started knitting a year ago You are never too old to learn a new skill and a new language also Lol I'm so glad that I found your channel with all the wonderful things you show us Thank you for sharing with us all
Comment from : Phyllis Harris

Roberta McIntyre
Hi Norman: I watched your tutorial for chart reading for beginners I'm not good at reading charts that have repeats Can you do a tutorial on those types of charts They are confusing because the repeat part can be at one side, in the middle, separate and etc I enjoyed your teaching
Comment from : Roberta McIntyre

Lorraine Binskin
Thank you for giving me the push to try chart knitting, this will be a game changer for my work
Comment from : Lorraine Binskin

Regan Martin
This is brilliant! 'Knittish' as a languagereading charts as a languagegenius! Thank you!
Comment from : Regan Martin

angela ritch
Great explanation thank you God Bless You can't tell you how much I enjoy your videos
Comment from : angela ritch

Yolanda Chavez
wow! best explanation ever! thank you
Comment from : Yolanda Chavez

Daniela Downie
I'm trying to knit doll clothes and one pattern uses a chart Thank you for the video!
Comment from : Daniela Downie

Ulrike Günther
The transformation from writing the stitches to the chart was really a „Aha moment „😊 You are a very good teacher👍
Comment from : Ulrike Günther

Thank you, now I have understood the lesson after much research⁦🙏🏻⁩
Comment from : Shaymaaeltorky

Sandra Skibo
Thank you for this explanation for reading knitting charts I have a excellent understanding of charts now Do you have a step-by-step tutuorial for Japanese Knitting Charts? I will check your website out thank you again
Comment from : Sandra Skibo

Leanna Stoufer
What a clear, concise, and encouraging explanation you've provided here! I have knit for years, but just recently started challenging myself with larger projects and more complex patterns I never learned to read a chart (use knittish), so I am brand-new to this Thank you for helping me learn!
Comment from : Leanna Stoufer

Very helpful! Should left-handed knitters reverse the directions in a chart? For example, should I knit the bottom line of a chart from left to right instead of right to left? Thanks! 🧶
Comment from : jessesimms

Y Liberal
Your channel is “by far” excellent You literally explain exactly what is needed, even for a novice knitter I just had to subscribe 😀👍🏼
Comment from : Y Liberal

Assia Feraga
Please add sub arabic if u kan
Comment from : Assia Feraga

Road Bunner
Very helpful! Thank you so much!
Comment from : Road Bunner

Debra DLuna
Thanks, Norman Very clear
Comment from : Debra DLuna

Is it possible to put the knitting symbol somewhere in paper or the screen everytime you do tutorial? For example knitting from the back loop, you write ktb then you also put the symbol too Thank you
Comment from : nrasjid

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