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What no one tells foreigners living in Japan

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Title :  What no one tells foreigners living in Japan
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Troy Powers
iJesus Christ/i
Comment from : Troy Powers

Ntobeko Ndamase
I’ve been in China for 4 years and I can’t wait to graduate and leave this country but Im from South Africa due to the economy I feel like I can’t go home I’m constantly paranoid about Chinese people touching me or touching my hair asking if it’s real I’m just at a point where I don’t like them coming close to me or looking at me I don’t like them having their phones out near me cause I feel someone wants to take a picture of me I might have to work here after graduation I just don’t know how I will cope especially with my boyfriend gone home I feel like I should stay home and not leave the house unless I really need to Basically being in a foreign country can be a lot
Comment from : Ntobeko Ndamase

Steve Masterson
I loved being the outsider… Country side where the mums had the corner in the street to meet loved it I kicked around a ball the kids had fun just kicking around … mums were a bit worried but after a time they knew who I was and my Japanese family … Takes a while of trust I still miss kicking around … Much love my Japanese community
Comment from : Steve Masterson

Nasir Mahmood
What was your gas meter reading
Comment from : Nasir Mahmood

Piotr Chylarecki
Man, that camera mis-focus threw me
Comment from : Piotr Chylarecki

Freedom and Liberty
I think they stare because you are good looking Don’t worry too much about it
Comment from : Freedom and Liberty

I've got asian face so no problembrAnd for harrassment,I have a super power to just completely switch off my ability to hear (;-)
Comment from : ヤムララジャ

Ravi Pal Singh
Though random as you said, however pretty candid and eventually helpful Hannah!
Comment from : Ravi Pal Singh

Khalid Ait Hamou Ali
Hi I am in Japan Where can i meet Canadien employers and entrepreneurs I want to move to Canada It's my dream ThanksbrPlease help
Comment from : Khalid Ait Hamou Ali

Tokyo is QUIET ! i love a quiet place
Comment from : 星猫

Darassyl Moniakam
there was a time i wanted to go in japan, but now, not anymore
Comment from : Darassyl Moniakam

Justname ityourself
i love your video but the part where you said uhhh logan paul got me laughing so hard
Comment from : Justname ityourself

John Browning
You cracked the code Been here 3 decades seen it all and then some It's like anywhere Take the good with the bad
Comment from : John Browning

Nur a Shams
My friends: man what kind of gal u like , just tell us, we will find for you Just don't remain single, u have ur agewe will definitely find one for youbrbrMe: just watching a random japanese video at 1:38 pm and certainly pressed the save buttonbrbr😊
Comment from : Nur a Shams

Maegal Roammis
i like japan but not its locals they make zero efforts to understand us
Comment from : Maegal Roammis

Ben Barber
Eventually when I can travel, I'm coming to Japan and it's something that I've always wanted to do Japan just looks beautiful and I'm a massive samurai geek but the one thing that makes me nervous is that I kinda stand out in public here as I'm 6ft 4 and have quite a lot of tattoos on most of my body including my face will I be treated a certain way due to my appearance??
Comment from : Ben Barber

Willy Gold Forrest
I’ve learned a lot about japan even though I don’t live there I’ve come to like some things and hate others, but I still want to teach and live there I hope I come out of the positive end instead of the negative one, especially if I end up marrying someone from there
Comment from : Willy Gold Forrest

Reed Gage
interesting watch
Comment from : Reed Gage

BTW Dogans video is unavailable and private
Comment from : basspig

I lived in Kamata for a while in 2017 We rented an apartment in the Xebec building next to Kanata Station I miss that city!
Comment from : basspig

When you "Assume" you make an "ass" of "u" and "me" When you said that my mind was blown :D New to your channel and I'm lovin your vids got so many to get thru
Comment from : Noel

Oh I'm not an emigrant, I'm an expat Look at me and me shiny poop!
Comment from : testerpt5

You can blame Logan Paul all you want but Japanese restaurants hotels and onsen have declared 'no foreigners allowed' for decades, but as you were :)
Comment from : M R

Great vid
Comment from : Mirza

Ren Burke
I had this exact same experience in Tokyo I eventually took a break from Japan and then after reflecting felt better about it and decided to return
Comment from : Ren Burke

Drum Beats
When I lived in Los Angeles, CA, I got to know a little bit about Japanese people and some of their tradition And they were great people My American Dad when we were kids introduced us to a Japanese Seventh Day Adventist Church people and yes at first I thought it was strange that they have their services on Saturday mornings So I use question their beliefs at the time, but as we kept going back to the church every Saturday, we learned that they are just as normal as anyone else People with regular lives They were very kind to us They invited us to their homes My tutor was a Japanese elderly She was very generous I love Japanese people, they are some of the most humbling people and generous It just that because maybe what we've learned, heard or seen about them, we can get indifferent towards them, so fear take form and all of sudden we become paranoid Japanese people are so funny and so much fun to be around with, especially during the holidays!! And some of them I love their naïveté when they visit LA But think about when we go to their country, and so it is what it is and instead of worrying about what they think about us, find out and learn who they are, learn about the culture There's a Japanese girl who loves to visit the Philippines, and she's a YouTube vlogger too, and she just loves everything about the Philippines, sometimes when I'm watching her I find her strange We make an ass of ourselves when we think too highly of ourselves, thinking we're better than them We're not!!! We are all part of the Circle of Life! So wherever we are, people will always look at you strange because maybe they are seeing someone different for the first time apart from what they're use to seeing everyday Wouldn't you? When I first met my American country cousins and Aunts, we were the main attraction because of the color of our skin and that we didn't speak English much, so they were fascinated by us
Comment from : Drum Beats

Man these loser expats visiting Japan is hilarious there is not end to them
Comment from : battiTatti

Murad Isa
wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=ZOH2wT3QxeIbr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=8hzKIeYfq6A
Comment from : Murad Isa

Maurice湯 茂 林
Every situation is different You cant say no one is talking about you You also can say everyone is talking about you Just relax and be objective
Comment from : Maurice湯 茂 林

Ian Copsey
I lived in Japan for over 20 years My second secondment was to be the most enlightening time of my life – in Tokyo My eldest brother also started his career in a bank This was back in the 1960’s when mechanisation of the banking system was in full flow Slowly, the grey cabinets of dusty papers began to disappear, not entirely, but it would still be some years before the banks became computerised So, when I stepped into the large office in Tokyo and new and different culture, I smiled at the long walls with their grey dusty cabinets In the 1960’s my brother had to wear a suit and call his colleagues by their surnames Equally, in this new environment I found myself, we had to address each other by their surnames I smiled to myself at the parallels between these 31 years I found this new environment engaging My new colleagues were rather cautious at first, but they began to warm up to me as I went through my duties I guess I was rather old fashioned too! These colleagues soon became friends and, after 31 years, have become  friends because of their charming characters I truly have an affinity with the people because of their, now pacifist, outlook Several of my ex-colleagues have opted to work with the United Nations and for the good of other nations They are organising a reunion for me
Comment from : Ian Copsey

Benny Benny
There is a problem U r Beautiful Thats y
Comment from : Benny Benny

javier marcial céspedes bernedo
Hola, que tal?, como van?, Los mejores y más cordiales Saludos desde puente piedra, lima, Perú, ojalá que puedas venir en algún momento a mi país y que disfrutes mucho de todo por aquí, con la familia y los amigos, felicidades por tus vídeos
Comment from : javier marcial céspedes bernedo

Wie b l
One of the best authentic non psychology loaded video on racial differences, than YOU, very much Many things you say resonates with me (and many others I think) that it stems from our own insecurities However, there are nations that loves to talk shit about other races, their racism runs deep and it's now open for the world to see
Comment from : Wie b l

Kristen Harlin
How do I get a job where you work?
Comment from : Kristen Harlin

Rodney 1984
It's their country, they get to decide what they think/say/do
Comment from : Rodney 1984

Hey dummy that old woman could have been lying
Comment from : Keychan64

Raula Gaikovina Kula
Very Genuine message! Thanks for this
Comment from : Raula Gaikovina Kula

Linda Pasaribu
That is true I agree with ur opinion that most of Japanese people are very kind and polite though they look so quite since I work with them so many years
Comment from : Linda Pasaribu

adaptation is a necessity in life
Comment from : NatureBoy711

We not gonna talk about how she just bullied Logan Paul 😂
Comment from : SHEFW_TOKYO

Sebass Slam
You probably might not read this but I just wanted to say that I watched this video 2 years ago when I was going through some difficult times I took a extended amount of time off from college once I finished high school and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life After I stumbled upon this video I started looking more into Jbloggers, and I discovered that living in Japan wasn't so far off of a dream that wasn't obtainable Because of you I rediscovered my love for Japan and as someone who went through the bullying of the early 2000's where liking "Japanese" culture as an American was considered Cringe; I'm glad that my love for the culture and country has stayed I started studying Japanese a year ago through Genki 1 & 2 and I'm planning to pass the JLPT N2 someday! I have a plan to live in Japan in the near future and I couldn't thank you enough for "opening" a whole new world of possibilities for me lol Thank you for popping up on my Youtube feed 2 years ago
Comment from : Sebass Slam

Karie Avant
I just feel like the only person that can speak to racism in a country is someone who would experience it
Comment from : Karie Avant

Anna Gutierrez
Anybody know where I can apply to teach in Japan? I applied to different programs but haven't heard back Thanks!
Comment from : Anna Gutierrez

sinleng lim
Well, I went to New World Supermarket in NZ, kids chanted covid, covid, covid
Comment from : sinleng lim

in life generally no one is thinking about you or talking about you, they just don't care
Comment from : Daniel

I have travelled and lived all over the world All through Europe ans Indonesia and never felt unwelcome or uncomfortable Only here They would prefer were were not here do not kid yourself Hannah these are children in a fairytale land with slight autism I think thats the social backwardness and how do you explain women having such bent legs especially the left one abd the sacro illiac issue in the lower backwhen it doesnt appear in the genetic ancestors of the Chinese and Korean A magic godly mutation maybe I or just plain inbre which would explain everything
Comment from : Esoterique

Are you still here? I have written 4000 poems and songs here to keep my head above water All with an rap or R and B rift and taken thousands of photos It is tough I havent seen a foreigner in 3 months except my son he was born in Australia Amazing experience in Japan and lots of beautiful people but as a collective they will not accept you and do not want U here Sorry the truth
Comment from : Esoterique

If you can get to the store without the hateful looks or someone freezing and running away and no I am a regular guy
Comment from : Esoterique

Yeah Stop living your life in fear A lot of it is mostly in your head Same applies everywhere in the world
Comment from : TheFringe

Kaffra Raffin
Comment from : Kaffra Raffin

Ethraa Translation
People are the same everywhere
Comment from : Ethraa Translation

I've never lived in a different country, but hearing this made me realize I'd go through very similar phases if I did I bet I would feel about the locals as this big entity that I'm trying to have a dialogue with, and I would have to keep reminding myself that they don't all talk to each other, they are not all the same, and that in this "relationship" I'm the only one capable of change because I'm an individual I can seek good people and avoid bad people, just like everywhere else I think when you're in the minority you're forced to confront that, while when you're in the majority, you can just keep viewing a minority as an entity ("everyone is the same!") because there's no incentive for you to do anything about it
Comment from : metacob

Abtin Khamoshi
Nobody tells you not to call bald people hage
Comment from : Abtin Khamoshi

Soman Rama
Not when it comes to old creepy men but when it comes to being a minority in a foreign country its pretty much the same across the board People and their mannerisms come across as very peculiar at times and we ascribe meaning to it that may not be the case
Comment from : Soman Rama

Joe Smith
Good points!
Comment from : Joe Smith

Thank you for sharing your experience and traumatic ones too, that's very brave! And I am so sorry you had to go through any of that, I can only hope that friends around you were supportive and helped you go through it But I also feel like you are downplaying the severity of discrimination which is not only someone attacking you or actively behaving in a way against you, but also staring at you, speaking about you regardless what about, this is a form of discrimination As a human being you deserve to walk your way without having this paranoia that someone is constantly watching you and judging you If they have something nice to say about you, well do it when you are not there or if you are, they should tell it to your face And about that thing with an old lady, we have all felt silly in those kinds of situations but I think we should stop feeling bad about it because the oppressive system does no good to anybody and us "mistreating" the situation and simply having trigger and looking out for ourselves is not something to be ashamed of!!! That one incident of misjudging what somebody says once does not compare to what we go through on daily basis I also think it is a not a good way to handle prevailing system by looking down, doing your job and walking away, I don't think being submissive to the system and simply accepting things the way they are is a right thing to do I think we collectively need a shift into our attitude and unlearn some things we have been taught Because if I don't like something, I'm not gonna leave, I'm gonna stay and speak up about it and also because I am not alone in that
Comment from : Elektra1901

Love to see some of the nature of japan your vids are great keep it up!
Comment from : DG E

Ezra Leslie
This girl is saying all the right things $4:28
Comment from : Ezra Leslie

can relate but in UK
Comment from : LUCIDLILY

Zar -CySecure-
Well sadly not my experience I was busy chit-chatting with a friend on phone outside my rented apartment at Takadanobaba when some Japanese Teenager kicked a bin hard - with all the trash spewed out with one kick - near me while he was passing by It was 11pm and the kick was super loud in the silent neighbourhood
Comment from : Zar -CySecure-

Dev D
It's Overthinking I guess 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Dev D

Nat Kelley
as an 19 year old Mexican-Asian, I'm going to study in Japan in a few months this is the only video I have watched of yours and its strangley comforting to hear growing up, people had always told me that I should be only fully Mexican or fully Asian because of the stigma I grew up with Hopefully in Japan, I get more of a "I'm at home" type of feeling but I know that won't be the case because of the stigma of how half people should look I met this Japanese lady (she's an elder) and she has helped me so much as to what I should do and what I shouldn't do when I move She told me that I shouldn't be worried if people are talking about me since the majority of the time, its not gonna be about me
Comment from : Nat Kelley

All the top comments being essays
Comment from : Pastagamingboi

Osean Fallacy
Old lady : these fucking gaijins are everywhere bah I hate thembrbrGaijin : Haha Japan Numba Wan! Kimochi yameteh!
Comment from : Osean Fallacy

Nine Dragons
Japan has a lot or racism pretty much everywhere but when you ask about it, they'll do anything but admit that it's racism - they couch it as uncomforableness, inablity to speak a foreign language, or they think foreigners are 'cool' or whatever but the point is they bwere/b being racist, and they think there's no problem with it, but they'll call it anything else but racism If the same behaviors for the same reason were done in another country, we'd call it racism Don't let them explain it away, it's really not okay You don't have to be confrontational but don't let them soft sell what is by definition racism This may take foreigners years and years to learn I've had multiple friends stay for up to seven years and still not recognize what's going on - which is fine for them i guess - they have great memories and a great time, but what they aren't seeing is the reality here longterm Have a good time, make friends, sure - but don't be a rube
Comment from : Nine Dragons

Hey I live in Kamata! brbrAnd ya no one cares if you’re foreign or not It’s always down to that one individual being a piece of shit than a country being racist Make effort to adapt, be a functional member of society, and people will see you as one People recognise decent people regardless of skin
Comment from : Metrostrider

poor girleven the makeup feels like trying to be japanesewhy everybody try to be something different?If youre sad with your life and with yourself whenever you will go will not change thatBest of luck for true happiness

Roberto richardsen
it's very simple pretty girl next time when people harrasd you slap them right in the face straight away without thinking !!! and speak loud "dont toch me" !!! so everybody knows exactly what happend!! :-) i bet he will never do it again :-)
Comment from : Roberto richardsen

Jack Mehoff
I don't know how old you are but you are much wiser than your years
Comment from : Jack Mehoff

Frank Spilotro
Brave decision by Japan to help slow the spread of COVID Let's all pledge to reward them for their selfless behavior in the coming year by buying Japanese products and planning trips to Tokyo and other Japanese destinations #thankyoujapan#domoarigatojapan #domoarigatotokyo
Comment from : Frank Spilotro

She has typical feminist mindset Feminism is for the trash
Comment from : GoldChampion23

Carlos Bardales
Here is something somewhat related to this topic but most at the term expat Have you ever wondered why when English speaking persons when they are in their own country call foreigners immigrants However, when they are abroad and they are the foreigners they are expats? I wonder if they view themselves differently than those foreigners in their own country Enquiring minds want to know
Comment from : Carlos Bardales

I heard a lot of foreigners can't get housing or citizenship in japan They will not be able to even get good jobs either and the people will make them want to only stay short term
Comment from : AutumnsArtStudio

Tony Low
Based on my observation, Japanese wasted a lot of time in communication They love to repeat what you have just said in a question tonebrbrMe: I am going homebrJapanese: You are going home?brMe: I love sushibrJapanese: You love sushi?brMe: Please dont repeat after mebrJapanese: I am repeating after you?brbrLOLdont believe me? Next time, pay attention and you will see
Comment from : Tony Low

Muhammad Ijaz
Hay madam how r you whant work veza jahan plz help me thank
Comment from : Muhammad Ijaz

Aries WildChild
Well I've never been to Japan but I want to go for sure, to see with my eyes What I know from what I've seen in videos, movies, been told and stuff, is that there is an order but people are cold Kinda, very polite but cold brIn country where I live you can easy make friends, or stop someone at the street and if your personalities fits, easy become friends, talk like you knew each other for yearsbrOf course many people are rude, swear, care not if they cause you trouble, care about no laws and restrictions brI honestly prefer the good manners And of course not someone smile at you and stab you in the back, but some people here lives like they never been in society Nobody cares about others You can send bad feedback and complaint about bad service, nobody would care
Comment from : Aries WildChild

Fred E
how funny to see white people making videos complaining about other races being RACIST towards themITS FUCKING HILARIOUS !!!!! white people just want to be loved everywhere they go, but they cant fucking do the same
Comment from : Fred E

English Grammar
Japan is as good as it gets Lived there 20 years ago for a year and a bit That's before the smartphone revolution Even then all I can say is they were ahead of Australia on the tech front
Comment from : English Grammar

Bella End
10 mins of Hannah being paranoid
Comment from : Bella End

matt wiLLiam
-you're CUTE
Comment from : matt wiLLiam

Buster Biloxi
White neurotic
Comment from : Buster Biloxi

Daegen Love
If you don’t mind me asking what company do you work for bc I’m 16 from Alaska and dream of living in Japan and don’t know what job I should try
Comment from : Daegen Love

Norris Horris
That intro was so annoying I thought it was an advertisement
Comment from : Norris Horris

Yoo Anto
U talk too much
Comment from : Yoo Anto

She's so good
Comment from : Xaioxa

Robert L
Dang I feel sorry for you A that old lady probably was talking smack to you, calling you an old lady or mumbling something rude B that girl in the convenience store who had an old dude reach over from behind her, nobody does that its rude to reach over someone, people won't do that in the us to invade someone's private space, unless you were trying to grind up on someone C That sucks you had those bad experiences with harassment from old dudes I would recommend taking some self defense classes then you don't have to be so scared or worried If someone harasses you again, you can defend yourself But overall I feel like you went from being cautious to now being naïve all in one video
Comment from : Robert L

Raymond Chow
As an American expat living in China, I hope you are not an English teacher
Comment from : Raymond Chow

2 years laterdid you get enough sleep? xD
Comment from : Accelerator

People look at you because you’re pretty
Comment from : PCEngineGaijin

ל מ
What is the right way, on the internet or any social network- for a foreign woman to hit on JAPANESE MEN? I am frustrated after using some international dating website- because some of them ignored me and some weren't active at all This happens on facebook groups, too Is there any other virtual way to connect foreign women to Japanese men before visiting Japan (for romance)?
Comment from : ל מ

The Invoker Dark Soul
Holy shit, respect! Seriously brIm a foreigner but living in another country called jordan,and I’m originally syrian these countries are in the middle east basically south east of AisabrbrWhenever i walk i seriously think everyone is staring at me and talking badly about me, maybe thats not it! brIts true what you have said that its like a cycle once you look at somebody he will look back at you, that doesn’t mean he wants a fight or somethingbrIts all based on a personal insecurities brbrIm really glad i found this video you opened my eye on this, and it was basically as you described a tumor, but in my case its been for years evolving little by little slowly getting more and more isolated from the world brbrPlus you said your past experience might be shaping your future encounters with the environment in a negative way And thats absolutely true our hole personalities are shaped from the experiences we go throughbrbrThank you, and also you are truly beautiful 😊
Comment from : The Invoker Dark Soul

Jenneth Macaraig Alorro
Comment from : Jenneth Macaraig Alorro

Akio Benjiro
Thank you Im trying to move to Japan I love the culture and the way of life Just so new this os a huge jump for me! Just hope I cant do enough research
Comment from : Akio Benjiro

I'm sorry to hear your dreadful experiences with older Japanese not-so-well-to-do men I am in this category but I understand your points They are not not nice to just you but all women being foreigners or young Japanese girls as they lived through baby-boomer mentality I am not so proud of my generation, either Anyway, I always enjoy your quality in talks and videos So, calming in the busy world
Comment from : tokunagaster

Your story reminded me of the time when I was at a grocery store in my city I was looking around and then I walked to a different part of the store Then out of no where, a bunch of girls were like "this man is following us, why are you following us? Don't follow us!" I was like "????"
Comment from : Shel

Thank you for being brave and for talking abt this
Comment from : URHO

John Thriemer
waaaa such a complainer, guys are like that in every country
Comment from : John Thriemer

I love how much understanding you've got, for me, am on my 6th year in China and share from same opinion and feeling as you'd I wished to see much videos about nice points on moving to Japan, are you still there? how's life now? I am about to take my decision over getting there to work
Comment from : Elvis欧伟恒

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