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Monica got pregnant! I YAKITATE JAPAN

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Information Monica got pregnant! I YAKITATE JAPAN

Title :  Monica got pregnant! I YAKITATE JAPAN
Lasting :   2.26
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Frames Monica got pregnant! I YAKITATE JAPAN

Description Monica got pregnant! I YAKITATE JAPAN

Comments Monica got pregnant! I YAKITATE JAPAN

Martin Christian Aguilar
0:11 - Yoshikage Kira wants to know Monica’s location
Comment from : Martin Christian Aguilar

RS Tempest
Cute samurai! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : RS Tempest

The Mask Samonji
I think she and him got pregnant, i saw a baby that Monica was carrying in the last chapter
Comment from : The Mask Samonji

Chris Tian
unknowns don't reproduce, they corrupt
Comment from : Chris Tian

Beautiful hand? Is that Jojo reference ?
Comment from : 𝕿𝕽ՅՅ

So shes a german girl and hes japanese its rare to see an interracial couple in anime
Comment from : OTP

Nick Chavenia
Is that the lost episode
Comment from : Nick Chavenia

Comment from : 食べたいおにぎり

Genz General Administration
Can someone tell me what episode this is 😁
Comment from : Genz General Administration

code giko giko club
Comment from : code giko giko club

what episode tho?
Comment from : SUB TO DUCKNOL

The Harsh Truth
Now i have to somehow hug my Crush atleast once
Comment from : The Harsh Truth

just a cook
I can imagine that Gintama crossover
Comment from : just a cook

High Level Chain Devil
If chicks get pregnant by hugging that explains why my single mom having a baby can't wait to be a dad 😄
Comment from : High Level Chain Devil

Knight gamer Z X Cronus
You are way too naive hashirama 😀
Comment from : Knight gamer Z X Cronus

Tony Griego
Wholesome Truly wholesome
Comment from : Tony Griego

Ichigo Ken
Plot twist at end😅
Comment from : Ichigo Ken

Kaito Darkness
FuckbrThe list kept on growing
Comment from : Kaito Darkness

Rishav Raj Gogoi
Comment from : Rishav Raj Gogoi

Santia San
Fun fact: the seiyu of monica is same with seiyu of kagura from gintama, Kugimiya Rie 😃
Comment from : Santia San

Apollos Gadfly
Ah yes, Sakura in an alternate universe
Comment from : Apollos Gadfly

Obviously Cancer
Comment from : Obviously Cancer

Sora Tatami
Hmm??? Dude only hugged her like she did at the end??? brHate to break it to you but uhhhYOU NOT THE FATHER
Comment from : Sora Tatami

Just Another F2P potato gamer
The queen of tsundere
Comment from : Just Another F2P potato gamer

I don't know what have I thought about making babies as a kid I probably imagined something like the baby gets spawned when u get married or smt lol
Comment from : Orange_Pie_33

Well he's sure is lucky its a comedy themedbrUsually though he'd been ntred and damn
Comment from : Rafiq

Yugioh! 16
What episode is it?
Comment from : Yugioh! 16

0:13 yoshikage kira legacy
Comment from : Sunny

Kevin Eontrainer
As a child I thought the "sperm" can literally swim out of a mans body and enter the women if they sleep together for too long You cant see them cuz they're microscopic Kinda like how you catch a cold if you sleep with someone who has cold
Comment from : Kevin Eontrainer

Man I fucking LOVE that anime!!!!!!! The nostalgia!
Comment from : MainGoldDragon

Heta Riko
Did he call her onaho? Is it a dialect for onnanoko ?
Comment from : Heta Riko

Comment from : PEyRhSsON

Well in some cases hand-holding is enough to impregnate someone
Comment from : Satan

mka maka
What is the source
Comment from : mka maka

I remember watching this in Filipino Dub
Comment from : ボン

Ichirou Arisato
I don't remember much but the continuation on their stories Monica having trouble for having real baby meanwhile Kai was wondering why the baby take a long time to birth 😂
Comment from : Ichirou Arisato

Something about the old style that made any anime unique, i think it's the fact old anime's were handrawn which gave aestetic vibe now its more digitally done, GTO is the same, as well as old Ghibli anime's
Comment from : GoTi4No

Czarvell Siatoca
This just proves how manly kai is impregnating monica by only hugging him
Comment from : Czarvell Siatoca

Whats the anime at the outro?
Comment from : Ruboi

Glod Azka Loopable Nakirium
This is so cute, thanks creator now i can imagine shana and yuuji in xanadu
Comment from : Glod Azka Loopable Nakirium

Mini Panini
You can tell when an anime is made by the way their eyes lookexcept for dr stone, the guys look modern while some of the girls look like they’re from the 90’s
Comment from : Mini Panini

Stevie Garcia
What episode was it in this anime?
Comment from : Stevie Garcia

gustavo vazquez
Nombre del anime
Comment from : gustavo vazquez

G Kagara
Bang bang Not quite lmao
Comment from : G Kagara

Pure comedy
Comment from : Huebman

Plot twist: Afro guy helped in baby making
Comment from : KYEL CORPUZ

Kiaana kaslana

He is so masculine he got girl pregnant just looking at her
Comment from : Banana

Shreeram Parija
Is that Kagura's voice actor?
Comment from : Shreeram Parija

rido aji alamsyah
Kid: mom how you get married with dad?brMonica: we hug each other and we thought I get pregnan
Comment from : rido aji alamsyah

Rama Syailendra
This kakashi even has kid
Comment from : Rama Syailendra

Kristian Titus
🤣 yeah maybe
Comment from : Kristian Titus

Me watches this: VISIBLE CONFUSION
Comment from : Morada

Agent kirifuda_Shank
Re:zero: hehe
Comment from : Agent kirifuda_Shank

kusama ID
Pregnant by hugbrBiology: am I a joke to you?
Comment from : kusama ID

Just like when conservative moms tell their small girls - dont hold hands, hug and cheek kiss with small boys, YOU'LL GET PREGNANT!
Comment from : RDU23

Unidentified God Of Dankstruction
His talk about hands are giving me strong Man with Pink Cat who wants a peaceful life vibe
Comment from : Unidentified God Of Dankstruction

The one I ship the most
Comment from : fesoJ

Lavanya Rajput
This guy needs to learn some science 🙄
Comment from : Lavanya Rajput

"I'll slice my stomach! Where is my sword!?"br"I am pregnant!"br"Forget the sword, where is the chainsaw?!"
Comment from : tremor230

Chris colombie
My mom once told me that she prayed really hard to Jesus and after that I was born
Comment from : Chris colombie

Biology isnt this anime's strong suit is it?
Comment from : CruddyCircle

Mesidias Vellal
A retro good times feels so mad man but good times
Comment from : Mesidias Vellal

Pranab Pant
Everybody missed Matsushiro’s original jokebrbrand after Weinsteingate it can never be made again
Comment from : Pranab Pant

Hito Kikoeru
Wow he's more pure than I thought
Comment from : Hito Kikoeru

I Live For Memes
Is that kagura?
Comment from : I Live For Memes

Sun Tzu
Because Kai didn't wear a hand condom that she got pregnant with a hugbrbrbrA gloves
Comment from : Sun Tzu

Barrick Fischer
Matsushiro is just being a man and never wanted Kai to abandon a woman in love Which is why he created that lie
Comment from : Barrick Fischer

Joshua Salen
YouTube algorithm feels
Comment from : Joshua Salen

Date Masamune
Cooking anime is many times weirder than any shounen or ecchi anime
Comment from : Date Masamune

ZeusPH Cristobal
From what I watched, it is safe to assume that Kai isn't the fatherbrbrThe afro-haired manager is the father
Comment from : ZeusPH Cristobal

Carry Me Anego
man, he got scam
Comment from : Carry Me Anego

This Sol Badguy Lookalike share the same issues as the original Sol Badguy: Women
Comment from : Wolfrage76

Tia Gen
Rie kugi is everywherebrbrHer playing a hella thicc girl is rare tho
Comment from : Tia Gen

nxt tym
hahaha what kind of thinking is that
Comment from : nxt tym

White Beast
She's not pregnant 😅
Comment from : White Beast

Did he just get cucked?
Comment from : AcidicRegent0

Sure "Hugs"
Comment from : Maynard

Ayano Aishi
and again biology has left the server
Comment from : Ayano Aishi

the innocent man
Comment from : Red

Uhm, I didn't remember this in my Science topic Does this really happen?

Jherico Gaza
Kai is as dubious as goku when comes to babies 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Jherico Gaza

wtf why are yakitate japan clips are showing up in my yt recommendations ?
Comment from : Blitzkit

Spoiled rice
What if monica pregnant by other man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comment from : Spoiled rice

Best ninja Chad ever
Comment from : ZERO

Yoshikage Kira would be proud Lol
Comment from : a

Are these Asuka's parents?
Comment from : AnonymousRussian

Karren Roferos
Could someone enlighten Kai 😳 or just let him do it when the time comes😏 They seem inlove at each other, so it’s a okay 🤷‍♀️👍🏽
Comment from : Karren Roferos

Sofia Tsiwkou
0:25 Connie ?!? 😐😅😄
Comment from : Sofia Tsiwkou

matias delgado
Japanese knows how are some american blonde girs who wants to have their strong japanese men
Comment from : matias delgado

Vladimir Vladislavovich Tiranozavrov
Biology class: Eh?!
Comment from : Vladimir Vladislavovich Tiranozavrov

Comment from : 本田美幸ほんだみゆき

Angelica Fiona
Comment from : Angelica Fiona

Comment from : 田中太郎

Zachary Zier
Me before 2:14: "Wait they did it?! Wow, that's a new one, there's something more going on here"brMe after 2:14: "There it is"
Comment from : Zachary Zier

Comment from : 雨のち晴れ

Subhadra Mahanta
I used to think people get pregnant if they marry
Comment from : Subhadra Mahanta

so did the samurai discovered that she is not really pregnant?
Comment from : Yazmarohma42

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