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The Surprise Revenge Raid on Tokyo After the Pearl Harbor Attack

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Information The Surprise Revenge Raid on Tokyo After the Pearl Harbor Attack

Title :  The Surprise Revenge Raid on Tokyo After the Pearl Harbor Attack
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Frames The Surprise Revenge Raid on Tokyo After the Pearl Harbor Attack

Description The Surprise Revenge Raid on Tokyo After the Pearl Harbor Attack

Comments The Surprise Revenge Raid on Tokyo After the Pearl Harbor Attack

Napolian Solo
It wasn't the amount of damage that was important, it was the middle finger in the face of the Japanese that was Saying-it's not over!
Comment from : Napolian Solo

I think what will be lost in time is ifHad the fleet never been discovered How the pilots would of faired out Or Had they pressed on anyways to the carrier take off point If they would of been met in the air And a attack on the carrier afterwards
Comment from : freakyflow

Will Tell
RIH Soldier! My family and I, Salute you!
Comment from : Will Tell

Zach Whaley
If you think about it, even if it wasn't a big punch, it was to their CAPITAL I think that more than "hardly rates"
Comment from : Zach Whaley

Frank Hoffman
True, little actual damage was done by the raid but absolutely MASSIVE psychological damage was done to the Japanese One need only look at how many months and how brutal the Japanese were to anyone who had even the slightest hint of helping the Americans Midway came not long after and the Japanese had to know they were in a fight
Comment from : Frank Hoffman

The American Crusader
God bless those brave 80 souls True patriots
Comment from : The American Crusader

Paul Ayers
Roman Abramovich and EVRAZ
Comment from : Paul Ayers

Paraphrased: "The damage to Tokyo is minimal in comparison to Pearl Harbor"brbrHow the tables really turn a few years later towards TOTAL annihilation
Comment from : jpablo

Tony Panzarella
If anyone was ever named improperly, it was Doolittle
Comment from : Tony Panzarella

Bill Edwards
A true hero
Comment from : Bill Edwards

Simon Tide
I had to agree with certain newspaper title that time br"Japan asked for it"brWhat goes around comes around
Comment from : Simon Tide

Metal Gaming Warrior
As a US combat veteran I must say, this video does not make us look very good
Comment from : Metal Gaming Warrior

Japan googled the wrong address
Comment from : Houssam

US is buffed, And Japan is behind,brbrThis is when the small dude punch the Chad and the Chad Punch back with more Joule
Comment from : GodzillaSolos

Krishna Jotti
The VEDIO QUALITY that makes the vedio more vintage and exciting
Comment from : Krishna Jotti

nate Dizzle
Japan probably thought “that’s all the US did to respond? HA! We got them on the ropes boys 🍻 “ brbrAmerica - “start feeding the fatman, and tell that little boy we found a nice daycare for him 😉”
Comment from : nate Dizzle

surprise attack perl harborbrsurprise attack hiroshimabrits a tie
Comment from : JONATHAN JORDAN

America 😂 : choti diwali in pearl HarborbrAmerica : Diwali in Toykyo

Should have tried to hit tojos home
Comment from : RBB

Peter Hilligoss
Its not about the damage, its about sending a message
Comment from : Peter Hilligoss

Barry Foster
Daft, really
Comment from : Barry Foster

So a waste of time then ? 🙄
Comment from : serenityinside1

Joshua D
1:55 The PHYSICAL damage is minimal The PSYCHOLOGICAL damage, on the other hand,
Comment from : Joshua D

G Eric Sanders
Comment from : G Eric Sanders

Jerry Paul
A friend of mine was on that raid it took him over a year to get out of China thank you Ed Welborn rip
Comment from : Jerry Paul

A Rober
Amazing job guys!!
Comment from : A Rober

Whoever wrote this is either ignorant of history or trying to modify it The Doolittle raid put fire in America’s veins and very much helped move the US forward to victory Americans cared plenty about this raid, and so did the Japanese It was the beginning of their understanding that they were not invincible
Comment from : Rascal01

Alfred Nueman
My information is that Doolittle was the first plane off the carrier with the shortest runway since all the other bombers were lined up behind him
Comment from : Alfred Nueman

MD Saiyan
So it was a suicide mission? All of those men knew there was no returning
Comment from : MD Saiyan

Amen Insanov
For what Japan did to China, Korea and the USA deserved retaliation I believe so, in spite of I love Japanese people
Comment from : Amen Insanov

I never knew Ben Affleck was that old to fought in this war
Comment from : vtecx626

Dell Cruz
psychological attack
Comment from : Dell Cruz

Lewis Kemp
This raid didnt do much damage but it made America unbeatable
Comment from : Lewis Kemp

wade underhile
America didn't care? Really? Hiroshima and Nagasaki were pay back for Pearl harbor Remember America did not start the war Japan begged for it and got it
Comment from : wade underhile

Super Gojira
Doolittle raiders are a rat get it?
Comment from : Super Gojira

benjamin sus
America have the uno card
Comment from : benjamin sus

I'm not super pro military everything but respect to those young men to go on a more than likely 1 way mission for their country That is true bravery
Comment from : EL RAW

Peter Rodby
Imagine if the carriers were moored at Pearl and destroyed during the attack The Doolittle raid would not have been possible
Comment from : Peter Rodby

Louis Tann
Comment from : Louis Tann

USN veteran
We owe these men and their families a debt which can never be repaid only honored & respected You really cannot understand what it is like to serve unless you have worn the uniform and done the job Thanks to all now serving, those who have, and those who will in the future!
Comment from : USN veteran

Darius Bendasiuk
Just imagine how cool would it been if they bombed tokyo instead of hiroshima
Comment from : Darius Bendasiuk

Crash land in China bc they were an ally back then Now they aren't and Japan is lol Crazy
Comment from : MR VISTA

Going Fubar
It destroyed the myth that Japan could not be attacked at home, this was the true Victory of the raid
Comment from : Going Fubar

Charles Dickens
pointless exercise that had to be inflated for public news outlets The real revenge for Pearl were those two atom bombs What was the cost of Doolittle raid for it's minimal impact A good credo is ,," the best revenge is to get on with things and live well ",, time lands opportunities in your lap such as those bombs in this instance
Comment from : Charles Dickens

Dexter Cochran
Japan: Felt cute Bombed Pearl Harbor last month Nothing bad will ever happen because of thatbrbrNever
Comment from : Dexter Cochran

I hate this channel's Click Bait
Comment from : uruiamnot

I'm suprised to see the Smithsonian Channel show men getting into a B-17 at the start of the film when the Doolittle raiders flew B-25s
Comment from : Centerpoint

Joseph Ramos Reyes
that mission didn't make japan pay for pearl harbor because of it is not successful and even if it did become successful it is so little to what happened to pearl harbor
Comment from : Joseph Ramos Reyes

Jazzbengsoon SOON
Those r brave men Salute They knew they will barely survive
Comment from : Jazzbengsoon SOON

jj 2812
imagine if USA is not the most powerful country in the World or if the usa didnt won the war against japanesebrbruntil today imperial will reign in japan and will continue to reign in asian countries//brbrand there will be no anime for us to watch xD
Comment from : jj 2812

charlotte quillen
great camera angles on B-24's and B-17's, although I'm not too sure what they have to do with the famous Doolittle Raid's North American B-25 Mitchell's
Comment from : charlotte quillen

The western media never mentioned those pow raiders were tortured and then beheaded Some of them were used as live human experiment and disected while being kept alive by the infamous unit 731
Comment from : morbid747

Colonel DoolittlebrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrIs a amazing manbrbrbrbrbrbrThank you for your service
Comment from : Tree

Bejie Redoble
USS hornet name of air Craft Carrier
Comment from : Bejie Redoble

The title is terrible! They need to include Doolittle Raid!!in the title!!
Comment from : Lawomenshoops

Steve Langstroth
Fun Fact (for me, at least) --- Glenn Curtiss, the 'Father of Naval Aviation', inventor of the stepped hull flying boat and arch rival of the Wright Brothers, was my great grandmother's 2nd cousin Whooooo Hooooo! :-)
Comment from : Steve Langstroth

Japan: Ship go boombrUsa: City Go Boom
Comment from : Skorpion4286

Danny Morales
Dear Father, some days are hard They feel hopeless Turn my heart to You in my brokenness Give me strength to simply ask for help
Comment from : Danny Morales

At the time of Pearl Harbor we hadn't actually used Carriers? I thought the Japanese were upset because they needed to take our Carriers out the war I am confused
Comment from : Moosedogg

Christi Hilliard
Comment from : Christi Hilliard

Japan: bombs pearl harborbrUs: Have seen our bombbrJapan: nobrUs: would you like to
Comment from : Raum

The bombing of Hiroshima was the US's ultimate revenge
Comment from : Rachel

“America is about to pwn us” Admiral Yamamoto
Comment from : doctorhonda111

Crisanto Rivera
This will happen to the Chinese military if they tries to sink US aircraft carriers
Comment from : Crisanto Rivera

[details hilariously ineffective revenge]br"Americadoesn't care"brb[cut to massively-overstated US propaganda version]/b
Comment from : Kasper

Tom Justis
The "Doolittle Raid" indeed caused very little tactical (material) damage to Japan However, it had a profound strategic effect The Japanese, having believed the United States could never attack the homeland, finally saw that they were in fact vulnerable Although this was a one time, go for broke operation, the Japanese did not know that, and therefore withdrew hundreds of fighters from front line combat areas to use for the defence of the mainland in case of additional air attacks While it would not have changed the final outcome of the war, how much more costly to the United States, and how much longer would the war have lasted, had all of those fighters, sitting uselessly at home, been on the front lines in the early days of the war? Tactical victories and strategic victories are not always the same thing, and military operations should always be judged by both tactical and strategic value
Comment from : Tom Justis

Hiroshima: DropsbrNagasaki: DropsbrJapan: Losing their families and crying on streetsbrAmerica: YES SUCCES, CHEER GENERAL WE DID IT WOHOOO
Comment from : Jelloz_

Johnryan Lapera
My Grand Father Is Pearl Harbor Veterans Soldier
Comment from : Johnryan Lapera

Jerome Taperman
The first plane off the carrier had the shortest runway Guess who the pilot of that plane was?
Comment from : Jerome Taperman

My favorite point guard
The Doolittile raid damage was minimal But it sends a warning that japan could be hit
Comment from : My favorite point guard

Ed Milton
The effect on Japanese morale and military planning was devastating It changed the initial course of war in the Pacific
Comment from : Ed Milton

Jeff Pittel
Only the atomic bomb could revenge what was done to us at Pearl Harbor
Comment from : Jeff Pittel

The Doolittle Raid wasn;t overall minor It put fear into the Japanese, which also caused them to hold back some of their military to protect Japan's own island Certainly already put Japan on notice
Comment from : w41duvernay

I here the Smithsonian is about anti white racism these days
Comment from : eworldtraveler

Flanker 27
This video has some very wrong information The recon plane launched by catapult was being launched off a BATTLESHIP The American aircraft carrier fleet was all ready for operation at the time of the raid, it just was not fit for launching bombers (not that it would ever be, throughout the war) The carriers were, however, perfectly ready for launching fighters, which did not have the range, nor payload for a bombing raid The bombers used in the raid were slightly modified for the purposebrPlease get your facts straight
Comment from : Flanker 27

Moses Woo
Dolittle raid was just a trailer of the impending doom and firebombing that followed up with an atom bomb
Comment from : Moses Woo

Kevin Yau Chee Kin
That raid maybe killed 50,000 to 250,000 people wrong unnecessary victims think about it
Comment from : Kevin Yau Chee Kin

“America doesn’t care?” That’s not what I heard And I also heard the Japanese also cared A lot!
Comment from : drewby613

The Dolittle raid did very very little to Japan
Comment from : squatchPNW

Nathan Ieong
Why didn’t they use Catapults?
Comment from : Nathan Ieong

Vanessa Mae
Japan: Attacks pearl harborbrbrbrbrbrbUNO REVERSE CARD/b
Comment from : Vanessa Mae

Mystical Glow TV
Now the real war is against God
Comment from : Mystical Glow TV

Deshawn Anderson
U kno its bad when it ends with the man saying "America doesnt care"
Comment from : Deshawn Anderson

My question is why did it take 3 year for the US to bomb them the bombing was a payback if you ask me
Comment from : TeTe

David Rouse
It was our footnote that said, we're coming to get you Big Time!
Comment from : David Rouse

Hans and his panzerfaust
Murica bombed japan so hard that now instead of being imperialist they are animist
Comment from : Hans and his panzerfaust

More Than
CNN headline would have been: America's unprovoked attack on Japan was an utter failure FDR must apologize
Comment from : More Than

David Ronson
What an embarrassing stunt, I could not call it a raid because it was pathetic However, I tip my hat for the airmen who followed orders
Comment from : David Ronson

Robert Burnos
Don't trust the Smithsonian this is a scrape against the United States from the Smithsonianthey have an agendajust saying
Comment from : Robert Burnos

gary mathews
it was done for US moral ,and to put fear into Japan ,that they weren't out of reach
Comment from : gary mathews

Glenn Dower
Just saw thiswhy would the Smithsonian, ay about 0:59, talking about B-25's show a B-24 then a B-17??
Comment from : Glenn Dower

Roberto Merced
Comment from : Roberto Merced

Bart Schwartz
Young boys did what they were asked to do to the best of thier ability and was a suside mission They came home as men and went back into the work force
Comment from : Bart Schwartz

Joe Harkins
The raid was a great strategic success It so totally embarrassed and startled the Japanese military that they changed their area plans, diverting large forces in reaction And of course, it provided the USA people with hope at a time when so much was going wrong
Comment from : Joe Harkins

This raid also made all the carriers a Major Target
Comment from : RageKID VLOG

That was an extremely gutsy raid Those men clearly were in "sacrificial" mode The morale boost to Americathe demoralizing of Japan was enormous
Comment from : topgeardel

america got its payback when they dropped the atomic bombs in 45 because the Doolittle raid was only the beginning
Comment from : ColumnedFox5508

For your all information atomic bombs is different to nuclear bombs ok just incase you didn't know
Comment from : DH4KSNU RECTO

Jarrod Yuki
doolittle raid whatever
Comment from : Jarrod Yuki

polygamous1 Sozou
look like America's neocon masters sit down n think how best to accuse others of what they are thinking of doing in a way to blame others, who believes them? only Americans of course n No one elsebrChina is eyeing high-tech ‘surprise PEARL HARBOR’ attack on US electric grid… using ‘stolen’ American technology, report claims
Comment from : polygamous1 Sozou

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