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Lonely Enzo YT
Okay but how much is it gonna cost me to ship it to Europe ????
Comment from : Lonely Enzo YT

Shaz Khan
What site does everyone to buy a import car in the uk
Comment from : Shaz Khan

Does this guy every buy a damn car
Comment from : ItsChef

We want to see a Supra MK4…
Comment from : AKH VLOGZ

Ian Robinson
Comment from : Ian Robinson

Achu Anandu
How to buy car from Japan to India?
Comment from : Achu Anandu

hindi movies
Which auction is this and how we can import to united arab emirates
Comment from : hindi movies

if those prices are in jpy, the white FD RX7 was only 20k USD no wonder these importers are still in business
Comment from : LTFD-Blazed

nice video
Comment from : ‌mj

for someone who loves JDM and is british right hand drive and cheap 80's to 90's is right up my alley!brsadly i cant go japan till im 20 :(brDAMN U PARENTS!
Comment from : MeisgoinTrans

We should boycot the Japanese cars for a while 😂
Comment from : ♕𝑅𝑎𝑖𝑛𝑦𝑦♕

CRB Roudh
Hi dude I would like to import a Toyota Esquire 2018 16 hybrid about 30000 mileage possible slightly rear damage one Could you help me out , and could you recommend any UK customer agent
Comment from : CRB Roudh

No clutch switches in JDM?
Comment from : Okayman

Juliet Germanotta
we need more of these in the USA, the smaller the better gas prices in the USA are crazy I want a really small jdm/kei car
Comment from : Juliet Germanotta

Awesome video- would like to know your advice and recommendations for importing a JDM car to Australia? Do you recommend going through a middle man?
Comment from : ken92

13:00 damn I was really looking forward to buying auctions from here but guess favourtism rules the site
Comment from : A-SuperBlender274

Jennifer Breitenstein
Ijust have to say hi to all japan folks I miss u all like crazy though
Comment from : Jennifer Breitenstein

Nicolatta Pelchat
Mrs Sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : Nicolatta Pelchat

Gtx 1650 or 1660
Comment from : hallo

I had 180 seats in my st141 corona
Comment from : Anarchy411

Kel Tran
After you win a car, what's the process to getting it to the US?
Comment from : Kel Tran

Mohammed Risban
What’s the place called
Comment from : Mohammed Risban

Meng Vue
How much is supra
Comment from : Meng Vue

Leo Martínez
Is there a way to see those auctions online?
Comment from : Leo Martínez

A manual 2jzgte aristo would be my pic even in auto they still can move pretty well for a big body car
Comment from : thrashar79

A King
All the good stuffs been exported already, leaving the clueless yanks with the dregs
Comment from : A King

Lewis Foster
What is the currency of the car auctions?
Comment from : Lewis Foster

Muhammad Hanzalah
Which auction is this
Comment from : Muhammad Hanzalah

fordjour anthony
how can i buy it?
Comment from : fordjour anthony

fordjour anthony
how can the aution card?
Comment from : fordjour anthony

Demetrius Palmer
I really love these auction vids tho Sam keep doing these as I'm looking into importing something in the near future
Comment from : Demetrius Palmer

Demetrius Palmer
I'd love a Stagea but they probably go for crazy prices nowadays
Comment from : Demetrius Palmer

Adam Hayden
You think that’s a lot of oil!! Hahah you should see lake baikal under my 2005 Cadillac deville! Haha ok it’s not that huge, but man she leaks a lot Plan on getting more rebuilt
Comment from : Adam Hayden

XDragon WarfareX
I wonder what's my fascination in watching these videos I'm broke
Comment from : XDragon WarfareX

Comment from : STAXXX ON THA BEATZ

Rocky #RipVon
They must play the easy city theme here
Comment from : Rocky #RipVon

The s13 is good for me lmao
Comment from : NL_JDM_STAR

Guys in the states ls swap anything with 4 wheels
Comment from : shiro

Stephen Child
That Stagea is a death trap I'm loving the S13, 180 & DR30 are sweet!
Comment from : Stephen Child

youtube/hKO-Mnwg2Zc?t=428 toyota EA86 trueno
Comment from : pan_piterko

Jarrod Wareham
So is that 8grand-50 grand Japanese yen or like us-Australian dollars??
Comment from : Jarrod Wareham

Comment from : Valen

Swatkiller- FDNY
Where's a link for rohab for us to enquire about a car purchase
Comment from : Swatkiller- FDNY

It's not that complicated importing a car yourself The paperwork is tedious and more time consuming, but if you don't want to pay these insane markups, diy is the way to go
Comment from : L4rceny

يوكي / Yuuki

Comment from : يوكي / Yuuki

6:30 im pretty sure thats a toyota MR2
Comment from : Savx

so your in tokyo?
Comment from : Savx

Sammit get an m54
Comment from : Shagbabyyeah

Chris Bee
i cant imagine :D
Comment from : Chris Bee

You are the best and I'm proud of you brother
Comment from : Dtv

Take me there pls ♥️
Comment from : GX GAMING FORZA

Nathan Beauchamp
What auction house is this
Comment from : Nathan Beauchamp

Why you where mask it make me think you are a bitt dork
Comment from : yiyoto

Cortney Whitecotton
Blowed head gasket on blue car
Comment from : Cortney Whitecotton

Limon Ortega
how much is it to import one of these to the states? yes im asking before watching the vid
Comment from : Limon Ortega

James james
Looking for a subaru legacy gen 1 turbo have you seen many over there and if so what are the price thanks
Comment from : James james

Relaxing With LunarStar
Trying to get a starlet that isn't a lemon without someone to inspect the actual car has been hard honestly
Comment from : Relaxing With LunarStar

Luis Chavez
Whats the website for this place?
Comment from : Luis Chavez

scientic stratgies
What you mean by @ what goes before I like the EVO mitsubishi van
Comment from : scientic stratgies

i love how i was recommended this video after your newest one
Comment from : zakk

Critical Event
I don't know how USS hasn't put a hit out on you yet Every exporter seems to be afraid to say or film anything about them now
Comment from : Critical Event

Don Klass
How can I buy,
Comment from : Don Klass

Bandkid ignxred
whats the currency
Comment from : Bandkid ignxred

Love that supra ang a skyline
Comment from : Ai_Aprophecy

luqmxn hxkim
How to buy gtt,
Comment from : luqmxn hxkim

Derek g
I wish they are so so so expensive here I wqnt a s15 and r32 r33
Comment from : Derek g

Daniel Sobolevskyy
does he live in japan?
Comment from : Daniel Sobolevskyy

so when your saaying grand u mean us dollar or japanese money
Comment from : DEEPGALAXY 123

Where do you get fake ganadors from? I like them but don’t wanna spend 4k lol
Comment from : Dimos

gonzalo sapia
anyone know if these prices hes saying are in US dollars or australian dollars?
Comment from : gonzalo sapia

Want to grab the supra
Comment from : NEWBIE

Critical Thinkers
Prices for supras en skylines are retarted in the netherlands I would never be able to buy anything more than my miata Also prices off containers are more then double the price from before covid So shipping is to expensive
Comment from : Critical Thinkers

Jakub F
Is there a website where I can see all these cars or do I have to be there in person?
Comment from : Jakub F

Carole Baskins
How much for that bmw m3 aka 2 door chaser
Comment from : Carole Baskins

Super Dude
But It's So SadbrYou Have To Be In JapanbrTo PURCHASE JDM Cars😒
Comment from : Super Dude

Justin Coleman
very disappointed you didn’t look at the dc5 type r next to the toyota chaser you reviewed as the 2nd car
Comment from : Justin Coleman

Kenny dean
can you do a video of prices in australian dollars please
Comment from : Kenny dean

lisa tran
What's the name of the auction
Comment from : lisa tran

Chito Cayabyab
How do I buy one? I want to buy me a GTR R33 Thanks
Comment from : Chito Cayabyab

Yusof Nodin97
15:17 chaser or BMW?😂
Comment from : Yusof Nodin97

Damien Morgan
He boring
Comment from : Damien Morgan

GT Marmot
Ia this actually a thing, and what's caused the fall in prices? Demand or supply led?
Comment from : GT Marmot

That turret rust on the Nissan is super common in that place just needs repairing properly
Comment from : asdreww

What site do u go to look at these auctions?
Comment from : Tulmenkov

Antonio Avila
Andrew please
Comment from : Antonio Avila

How much does it cost to ship to the UK and what are the taxes so is it worth doing etc
Comment from : MR MAN

Joseph Sveum
non cracked dash is like a Golden Ticket to s13 owners
Comment from : Joseph Sveum

Danyel Ali
@sammit what is this auction called ? brbrThanks
Comment from : Danyel Ali

Are there any trusty sites where you could bit in cars as a Private buyer?
Comment from : BLANK

Guillermo Jimenez
Fords and dodges are better!!!! Jajajja nobody believed that
Comment from : Guillermo Jimenez

Tizzy P Hmp-y
All scared about rust come uk I’ll show you rust loool I’ll upload some vids of my dads 80s t25 camper he’s done 2 enjoys them but theyer honestly rot boxes to the point chassis have rotted through and things he’s always welding some piece of shhhh but I love the variety of cars the explanations and parts/specs of the cars clearly a clever and cool fella but rust is repairable if you like the car enough do it yourself and it’s very very cheap but pricey to go to someone
Comment from : Tizzy P Hmp-y

Richie Staunton
How much is it roughly, the average car you look at
Comment from : Richie Staunton

15:10 loll
Comment from : Taiju

David Po
35 point Σ(°Д°; 4:52brbrmore like 2 point
Comment from : David Po

Anthony e
You talking about 2,200 $$ or 22,000? Or not US dollars?
Comment from : Anthony e

Joshua N Ajang
I fancy the blue A80, white ER34 GT-T and the red GTO
Comment from : Joshua N Ajang

Asad Alam
What currency 50 grand you talking about ? Japanese yen ?
Comment from : Asad Alam

Stephen V
1 vid later " so i talked about street scene and now it's more expensive than before my bad guys lol"
Comment from : Stephen V

Lahiru Shehan
Comment from : Lahiru Shehan

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