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Tokyo Creative
Which tip was the most helpful to you? Who else has their flight to Japan already booked?! 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
Comment from : Tokyo Creative

Ellie Lots
Do you think it’s better to book sleeping arrangements on the go while you’re in Japan or have everything planned out beforehand?
Comment from : Ellie Lots

Idalia Espinoza
What are your tips for solo travelers going to Japan for the first time??
Comment from : Idalia Espinoza

In america the wait staff get paid less than minimum wage Tips make up what is not being paid foe by the employer
Comment from : SpicySaltyStickySweet

Benny Boo
Planning on going for a week next years February for my birthday Glad I came back to the channel
Comment from : Benny Boo

Jerris Gibbs
Just to add perspective on American tipping- I always hear YouTubers say that we “tip for a good job,” but the reason tipping in the US is necessary (and you seem like an evil turdface if you don’t) is because the minimum base wage for tipped workers is $213/ hour It’s been stuck at that rate since 1997 There are states with higher minimum wages but for a hefty chunk of the country that’s it, and a lot of places fully lean on customers to subsidize the wages for their tipped employees Super common for full time tipped workers to take nothing or close to it home in their actual paychecks
Comment from : Jerris Gibbs

the perfect pair to give me tips
Comment from : TheCreepypro

Darkside 6Ven6om6
do you have a Reddit page that people can view or put tips about japan on? even places to visit and such? locations to go to get the pocket wifi's or other important things
Comment from : Darkside 6Ven6om6

Darkside 6Ven6om6
whats the best way to book hostels/ hotels/ or air BNB'S
Comment from : Darkside 6Ven6om6

Sheilah Gregg
One other phrase I’d add - Doke dae (Ya spelt wrong…) I used that a lot on my first trip back in 2014 And I’d say the location like Tokyo tower! And point to either side of the station Poor guy was happy he only needed to point to the exit to answer But it made it very easy to get around
Comment from : Sheilah Gregg

Elena K
This is SUCH a helpful video! Thanks so much Emma and Aki <3
Comment from : Elena K

Christy the Cat
I'm going to Tokyo in March! These were all super helpful! Thank you!
Comment from : Christy the Cat

Lady Rapture
A good tip we spent the whole first day travelling to Japan and finding out where our accommodation is and we just spent the first day in the same area we stayed in in Tokyo and walked around and chilled and went to some fun activities on the first official day which helped us get over jet lag
Comment from : Lady Rapture

Nikeet Shah
One thing not mentioned is if you're a toruist in Tokyo you can go to any BicCamera and show the staff your passport and ask for the "Metro 24/48/72 hour Pass" The pass lets you travel on the metro for an unlimited number of times within the specified time The 72 hour pass is only 1500 Yen
Comment from : Nikeet Shah

Tipping is so weird I never do that and never would Why would I ever give a company more money than I have to, willingly? That's nuts And if it's because waiters don't get paid enough, obviously there's an issue with your country's economical system that the employer can get away with doing that, which they of course shouldn't be able to
Comment from : Snake

One I'm going to use a lot if I can't get across what I want to say or ask is "eigo desu ka?"(what my former teacher said is "is English?/is English ok?")
Comment from : PokéTrap666

Abbi Telford
Does anyone know how people with disabilities should be aware about? Of course in Europe, we have the sunflower scheme which is a big help but for someone like me who is autistic, airports in general are already a huge stress Dunno when I’ll go to Japan but it is a life goal of mine at some point is to go to Japan and would love to know how to make it as stress free/easy to navigate! Any tips would be very appreciated thank you in advance!! 😊😊😊
Comment from : Abbi Telford

Mark Most
For the form what if you want to go to Japan but do some camping instead of hotels? Or just want to go where the wind takes you no set destination?
Comment from : Mark Most

Rory Shields
I’m so excited to head back to Tokyo
Comment from : Rory Shields

Great video I think you forgot one important tip: do all the immigration, customs, and Covid forms online beforehand It was a little complicated but I now have done all the forms online and supposedly I just need to show the QR codes upon arrival I will find out when I come to Japan the first time soon
Comment from : RunningBirderAndBeer

My Getaway
How much do you recommend putting on a Suica card? Like, how much is too much or too little to be able to travel and buy at the stores, without having to recharge it too often?
Comment from : My Getaway

Chris Evangelista
Related to the luggage in shinkansen tip consider not even taking your luggage to wherever you're going if it's only for a couple of days I took a 3 day trip from Tokyo to Tohoku once and I stuck my big suitcase in a coin locker that cost like 800 yen a day, so 2400 yen total Obviously not good if you need whatever is in that luggage, but I suspect most people can get by with a backpack if you're leaving a major city for only a couple of days
Comment from : Chris Evangelista

Rob Durante
Daijobu this!!! 🔥
Comment from : Rob Durante

Not sure if its still available - when i travelled to japan for the second time, i discovered that if you are travelling through Narita and want to grab a suica card, you can grab a NEX suica…the card is a special edition of the card with ¥1500 and also gets you from Narita airport into tokyo…I got this as the JR pass wasn’t value for money for me…brbrI’m looking forward to getting back to japan in 2023 (was supposed to go in 2020, but well we know what happened that year)…flights are already booked…and the countdown has begun!
Comment from : jurrassitol15

Nancy Kraus
In America, the federal minimum wage fir servers is ridiculously lower than standard minimum wage They assume tips will make up the difference Just pay them a liveable wage all ready
Comment from : Nancy Kraus

Vanessa Maddoux
I've never used a pocket wifi or SIM card US phone plans have international service that works just fine in Japan My Sprint/TMobile plan is serviced by SoftBank The moment I land and turn on my phone it works Also, iPhones have international SIM cards now No need to change out It also has the Suica Card available to easily add to the Wallet and can be loaded easily from the phone
Comment from : Vanessa Maddoux

the intentionalist
I'm down for some yaki soba and a 6am train home
Comment from : the intentionalist

17:30 You can get a courier to take your luggage to the next love hotel
Comment from : evilparkin

Matsuyama Alex
Google maps is God awful in the entirety of japan, I live here it isn't just the transfer times or trains It's the fact that a walking road is a thing on Google maps, or the fact it'll tell you to turn right then instantly have a seizure and say stay on your route here That never happened to me in the entirety of America
Comment from : Matsuyama Alex

dp ypu need a negative test to enter the country ?
Comment from : Mendez

Having a big palette and being vegan is not diametrically opposed
Comment from : HotGiselle

Yeah Tipping in the west is usually done as a subsidy for low wages The fact people tip service was at some point worked into the pricing for pay on some jobs, and as a result those workers doing that job would get paid less The employer would assume a certain amount of tips and lower the workers wages accordingly, so they would not be making delextra/del moneybrbrOver time, this resulted in the non-standard minimum wage system that exists today Some jobs, even as of a few years ago in the US, were still being paid pennies compared to any other similar jobs, and it would depend on the employer if they counted tips as part of the worker's pay, or as actual gratuities inot/i to be counted on (not everyone will tip) brbrIn Canada where I live, we don't have that There is one minimum wage set for the province/territory and its guided by the federal gov't so there's a basic minimum Some provinces/territories have opted to have higher min wage, while others have opted for bare basics - but our servers aren't relying on tips primarily as part of their actual wagesbrbrHonestly, I think it's better to have the system as the Japanese do, where the tips are "included" in the bill instead at a fixed price (like with those "gratuity" starter/side dishes that they give you automatically) It's more regulated and it keeps employees from having to rely on the generosity of the general public to make their full wages :x
Comment from : RedVexeD

Lmao some of this would have been useful for my trip in 2007 I'll just make note for whenever I can get there next lol
Comment from : RedVexeD

Mochammad Santaka
This is from my personal experience when it comes to using sim cards in a foreign country I personally prefer putting it in your personal phone, which is why dual Sim card phones are a godsend Specifically when you go to conventions when there're tons of Wi-Fi devices in a small area, you'll have a problem connecting to your pocket wifi (though a 5ghz one would be fine but a 5ghz pocket wifi is not easy to find) Having the sim card in your personal phone will keep your phone aways online And if you want to share the connection, most modern phones (check if you have a contract though) can Wi-Fi tether And lastly, less device to charge Ymmv though
Comment from : Mochammad Santaka

You gotta look up why tipping is a thing in the USA and its roots in racism It’s really quite fascinating and sad Also, it’s not because we feel bad for them, it’s because they’re getting legally paid $2/hr and their income is based on tips from customers It needs reform and some places have but tipping is a necessity for eating out because of greedy owners
Comment from : datimmyp

makoto kashihara
Buy a hand towel If you’re from japan iykyk
Comment from : makoto kashihara

Nicely done, ladies!brbrAfter having been to Japan numerous times, these are tips I would also build into a list for those coming for the first timebrCheers!

Gorkii Crescent
Thanks for the tips! I've been to Japan twice already and in March I'll go again I've never been there during the cherry blossom season Do you guys have any places in mind where you can enjoy the sakura best? Smaller cities would be perfect :)
Comment from : Gorkii Crescent

kingjulian 1202
know only a little bit of japanese I can just speak for myself and I know it´s not for everyone, but when I will go to Japan for the first time, I will have learnt it for 4 years
Comment from : kingjulian 1202

Some of the newer phones, like the iPhone 14, have e-sim instead of the physical sim card like previous phones Has anyone tried to purchase an e-sim for Japan and if so, how did it work out? Going to Japan next spring and normally my group and I would rent one or two pocket wifi units but looking to see if its easier and maybe cheaper to just go with the e-sim option
Comment from : joits

Right, about the pocket Wifi I have a carrier that says it has free roaming in over 100 countries, Japan included (Google Fi), and I'd like to believe that will see me through However, I'm paranoid that it won't work for whatever reason, and I'll be stuck with no internet, and won't know how to GET a pocket Wifi once I figure out my phone has failed me Is there a way to do this? Or has anyone used Google Fi and can back up their claims? At this point I'm inclined to just buy a pocket Wifi regardless just to be double-sure, but what do you think?
Comment from : CrimsonKage

Rebecca S
Thank you for those tips! I'm coming to Japan in March/April and now I think we've scheduled too much!
Comment from : Rebecca S

Suica is only really useful in Tokyo and only if you are just to lazy or unfamilier to pay in cash! There are no benefits to it, its even more expensive than paying in cash, as you have to buy the suica card first so if you are staying like only 3 days in tokyo it's useless Just buy the tickets in cash :) or if you are not able to use the ticket mashines (they have english)
Comment from : nastjuschechka

This is super helpful Gonna go Tokyo next week!! See you there!
Comment from : FUFU

Guillaume Doré
4:44 interesting choice to zoom on the machine what does not sell Suica while talking about buying a Suica The pink machine is the one to use to buy 5:00 they work the same, but technically are not 100 the same, for example you can load some really specific tickets like the Subway 24-48-72 hours ticket on Pasmo and the Tokunai Pass on SuicabrI agree with not over planning, but in a different way I think it's fine to plan 10 things to do in an area on a specific day, but also be flexible and take time to enjoy what do you, it's fine not to follow a planbrOverall really good tips
Comment from : Guillaume Doré

How early can we book for oversized luggage in shinkansen? can we book one right before we go on board or has to be the day(or more) before?
Comment from : Sunny

Sadly I only have 3 days left Nov1-17 One warning about SIM cards If your OS is too old a SIM card might not work I think android 8 is the lowest the SIM card works My phone was 711 OS
Comment from : Jonathan

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Japan and we can’t wait!! We’ve been doing as much research as possible in preparation, and this video was so helpful! If you have more tips to share I (and I’m sure many others) would appreciate a part 2 😊 Cheers from Ohio!
Comment from : AlliEats

Go to Okinawa and do Taiwan at the same time for a small air fare! (hot tip comment section addition )
Comment from : CannedCherry

Yudyca Putra
Tip 13 Get a LIP BALM (even for Men!) I went to Japan during a Spring and my lips went so dry that i had to buy a lip balm in 7eleven That is the only time in my life that i was forced to use a lip balm because i had to
Comment from : Yudyca Putra

Brett (Bat) Taylor
My tip would be to know your exit from railway stations Too many times i have just used the closest exit only to spend way too much time getting my bearings Literally you could be 500 metres away from where you should be
Comment from : Brett (Bat) Taylor

Oh I got one!brAssuming that you'll spend most of your time in Tokyo or Greater Tokyo/suburb areas;brGREATER TOKYO PASSbrYou're welcome
Comment from : thepan

ian smith
Comment from : ian smith

Mario H
It's so nice that people might try to help even when they don't know how to speak english I've been to some countries that refuse to talk to you even if they know how to speak english which is really frustrating
Comment from : Mario H

Jc Lopez
More please Me and my partner are planning on going to Japan on march This has been very helpful
Comment from : Jc Lopez

Immortal Rimas
The first time I went which was back in February 2020 for 2 weeks I only scratched the surface of sites to see in Japan The next time I go (which will probably not be for a few years based on my finances) I wanna use the full 90 day visa my Passport provides to explore all of Japan or at least all the major sites on each island
Comment from : Immortal Rimas

Immortal Rimas
To be fair we should encourage fairer wages across the world so we don’t need to tip no matter where we are
Comment from : Immortal Rimas

Immortal Rimas
The Walking time thing is true Google told me 45 minute walk from Shinjuku to Shibuya but took my friend & I 2 hours!🤣
Comment from : Immortal Rimas

these are fine and dandy i'm just scared that I might need a emergency roll of TP in the case of none being in the public restrooms had three acquaintances have it as problem when they went to Japan
Comment from : CHASM GAMING

My tip: Rent a car and drive around Japan It's a great and convenient way to see the beautiful countryside of Japan and you dont have to worry about train, plane or bus schedules To do this, you need to get an international driver's license and this needs to be obtained BEFORE you leave your home country They're very easy to get, at least in the US, if you have a valid license from some state You can get them thru Triple-A, if you're a member All you need is to fill out a form several pages long, pay a small fee ($20 or so) and in a couple of weeks or so you'll have your license Car rental prices are similar to what they are in the US Dont let the fact that they drive on the left dissuade you I think this is pretty easy to get used to Tho, if you're used to driving a manual transmission, I'd recommend renting an automatic transmission car because then you dont have to learn how to shift w your left hand, which is more problematic than it sounds
Comment from : jazznik2

Treating my trip to Japan much like my trips to NYC Each day had 1 or 2 main things to do with a lot of slop time built in because I knew I would be walking or using the subway, might get lost, miss a stop, or get distractedbrbrEdited for clarity
Comment from : Grumpus

Silk Velvet
I so very much would like to visit Japan Your advice is incredible It's exactly the sort of information that tourists need to streamline their first impressions on arrival brWhen planning my trip back to Oz from the UK with a stop in Singapore on the way there and a stop in Bangkok on the way back, I researched extensively for all the 'If you know, you know' advice before getting there because I knew that with no understanding of the local language, we needed to know how to navigate the cities (yeah, technically Singapore is an English speaking country, BUT not everyone does) brIt helped so much So you two offering up this info cuts down on the research, but also offers a starting point for specific research, so thankyou so much, even if a trip to Japan at this time is just a pipe dream for me
Comment from : Silk Velvet

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that the Suica phone app recently stopped allowing US credit cards/apple pay, which makes it useless for US travelers
Comment from : Kean

Marco Abyss
fun fact: you don’t need a pocket wifi all train stations and most major cities have public wifi brbrsource: i just got back from an 11-day trip to hakata, tokyo, osaka, tamana, and iwakuni and i survived with just the free public wifi from train stations, shinkansen, hotels, and city wifi
Comment from : Marco Abyss

Lost in Japanglish
Congratulations 🎊 sure but the flights are so expensive 😂 since not so many companies restarted their flights towards Japan, what's the most cheapest country to fly from to Japan and what's the cheapest month to travel to Japan?
Comment from : Lost in Japanglish

Speaking of dietry requiments, I would love a video on gluten free/cealiac friendly places in JapanbrI'm apart of a few groups on facebook- but visuals really help with the anxiety
Comment from : StreamedTogether

Hi Ladies great information and I love watching your videos One bit of information most people don’t talk about is taking medications into Japan, including over the counter stuff I’ve found, in the past that customs requires that you have a letter from your doctor about any prescription medications, copies of prescriptions and you have to fill out forms to send to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare department
Comment from : TiggerC

Nice tip about the change I saw a similar tip in a travel hacks book except it said to give it to someone who is arriving in the country you're leaving Not sure how you would do that thoughbrbrGoogle Maps walking distance is weird here in the US too I always wonder how they even calculate those I know they still capture Street View with cars (cause I've seen them) so maybe they do something similar with walking
Comment from : Mizusenshi

Sirin Lucinda Göksu
So are Vegetarians and Vegans „picky eaters „ ? One Note : There are various reasons People really can‘t eat Fish and Meat so it‘s not about being picky There are lot of cool options to choose from in Tokyo for Vegans and Vegetarians because there are lots of Japanese People who are also Vegan and Vegetarian So to all those People ; don‘t be shy and don‘t fret ! Also Sharla in Japan or Sharmeleon is also Vegetarian and or Vegan - you can check her out for some really cool locations to eat !😊
Comment from : Sirin Lucinda Göksu

I'm a little late, but for those who want SUICA / PASMO on their phone, you CANNOT use VISAbrthere are major issues that don't allow you to charge the card, making it impossible to use It is known about and is being fixed, but they aren't hopeful that it will be fastbrIf you don't want it on your phone, that's fine, but if you do, I would look at getting a MONZO card or similar, that is a Mastercard, as they will work with charging your Suica
Comment from : Battenburg

'Another thing you can do is load your coins onto your Suica cardi usually do that multiple times per trip
Comment from : TheMayorPete

is it me or did aki sound irish at 21:38
Comment from : MikaHiyako

Carolyn Segovia
Check the airport map for the bathrooms ahead of arrival, it’s super stressful after a long flight if you really need to pee and you cannot find a toilet I was zonked out on an anti anxiety med and couldn’t bring myself to read the signs, but the nicest local pointed me in the right direction and also showed me where to buy my pasmo card (absolute angel) Can confirm over planning is a no no, I try to have just 1 thing, restaurant or area we want to see each day Also we have at least 1 day with zero plans midway through since we get tired from all the walking around lol
Comment from : Carolyn Segovia

Q Adisti
Going to visit Japan next week! My first time tho 🥺 So anxious about the public transportation the most Thank you for your tips! ✨️
Comment from : Q Adisti

thanks for the tips on vegan food !!
Comment from : henrique

Tip culture in the USA is rooted in slavery just fyi
Comment from : GoodBum

Nick M
I would say Apple Maps is even better than Google Maps and the walking times and directions are very accurate brbrAlso try and spend at least 30 of your time in the countryside Cities in Japan are great but the countryside is just as special and shouldn’t be missed The JR system is extremely english friendly no matter where you go
Comment from : Nick M

Little expansion on the initial tip of knowing directions from airport - if you can, fly into Haneda instead of Narita Much more centrally located in Tokyo and train line can take you into Tokyo station in less than an hour
Comment from : TheAquilaSamurai

I went with SIM over Pocket WiFi as it mean I didn't have to worry about carrying an extra device around with me (and also worry about making sure to return it) - only issue was activating it which would've been quicker if I'd just read the instructions that came with it properly :PbrIn regards to Suica/IC cards, there 'may' be an app available on Apple app store, but doesn't seem to be a Suica one available for non-Japanese phones, so bbest option is just get a card and slot it in your wallet or back of your phone casebrOversized luggage does have me with that anxious feeling annoyingly, even though I had no issues last time with my suitcase in the overhead rack going to and from Kyoto Only concern with the delivery services is the times since I want to make sure that my case is actually THERE at the hotel when I need it :S
Comment from : TheAquilaSamurai

Emma got no business being that cute stealing my heart every episode Someone ask her to stop Thanks
Comment from : SWVCH

Can't wait for my first trip to Japan! Thanks for all the great tips, keep doing what you're doing!
Comment from : TonberryTime

Julez Mercury
Thank you so much for all the tips!!! <3 My childhood dream will finally come true next year and I'm excited as hell so your tips are so welcomed!
Comment from : Julez Mercury

I can't handle anything with a face or that still looks like it did alive, like lobster I'm totally down otherwisebrbrEmma, I NEED to know where you got those earrings
Comment from : Wren

Aki: Try this "different dish" like okonomiyan, takoyki and yakisoba brWeebs: that's just common food LOL
Comment from : JetzTenshi

The Toki Girl and the Sparrow Boy
Many, many years ago I was given this tip Carry a business card with your hotel's (or other acomodation) address and phone on it IN JAPANESE Carry 20000 ($150) in yen in a secret stash This means you CANNOT get lost If you miss the train, no worries Flag a cab or go to a cab stand (at the station usually) and get into a cab, hand the driver the card, and off you go Use your secret stash to pay the cab fare, and you are there! I have never had to use it — and didn't spend my original secret stash bills until I moved here — but knowing that I had it was very reassuring Sure, you can probably use a credit card (or an IC card like Suica or Pasmo), but, please, make sure you have cash They don't all take cards Honest Japan is still very cash basedbrNow, I speak pretty good Japanese, and I use my phone a lot (because, shockingly, cab drivers don't know everything!), but this…is still a very good tipbrOh — and pay NO ATTENTION EVER TO TOUTS ANYWHERE No matter the nationality No matter what they're trying to get you to do No matter what language they are speaking DO NOT FOLLOW A TOUT ANYWHERE Especially not into a bar or club This leads to HUGE scams Don't do it!
Comment from : The Toki Girl and the Sparrow Boy

Alessio Fangano
Honestly, this was great! Awesome tips :D
Comment from : Alessio Fangano

Rachael B
Oh my gosh this was so amazing practical and useful thank you these are all the nitty gritty details I wanted to know
Comment from : Rachael B

Wait staff in America only make like $2 to $3 an hour, that's why I tip
Comment from : Scáthach

Melanie Jane Procter
I never had to fill a form in to say where I was staying when I got to Japan I got help to get on the right train and off And help to get to my hotel brI got the card and the WiFi when I went to 2020
Comment from : Melanie Jane Procter

I'm looking for advice on airlines, I'll be flying out from Europe so anyone who've gone from there to Japan have any thoughts on the matter worth sharing? Which ones are reasonable in prices, reasonable in quality and service? Which ones will reschedule your ticket last minute, steal your luggage and kick you in the teeth? This will be my first time flying so internet horror stories is pretty much all the information I have to go on
Comment from : Frag-ile

I've figured at this point that, for what we want to do, I'll probably need to rent a car We really want to visit Hokkaido and Aomori prefectures
Comment from : Perposterown

My son is sensitive to shellfish and cod (and we assume whitefish in general?) He doesn't have an immediate reaction but about 4 hours later will be sick for hours I was thinking of getting little cards printed with this information in Japanese to help communicate How impossible do you think it would be to eat at any restaurant that serves seafood? How receptive are restaurants to these type of requests? Restaurants here have all been good but I know it can be hit or miss anywhere
Comment from : Midnight

I would love to go there, good idea with the pocket Wi-Fi!
Comment from : Somebodythatiusetoknow

yeah we tip because waitstaff here generally minimum or even less than minimum wage here Employers dont pay waitstaff very much so many of them live on tips here
Comment from : Dracokiro

Ashley Pierro
In Japan I travel with a 24in / 60cm medium checked bag If you book a seat in the front row of a shinkansen car, the bag will fit right in front of your legs and is low enough that you can still use the tray table
Comment from : Ashley Pierro

If you go to any famous shrine or tempel or famous spot and you want to bet the crowd go as early as possible Even on weekdays the places get flooded after 9 am with school classes Japan is the land of the rising sun(around 5:30am) So use thoose early hours for a little quiet time
Comment from : yenzmcgee

John Becker
I've always had great success with Japan Wireless for pocket wifi Fantastic customer service
Comment from : John Becker

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