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How to make Matcha ~ how to whisk matcha like a pro!

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Information How to make Matcha ~ how to whisk matcha like a pro!

Title :  How to make Matcha ~ how to whisk matcha like a pro!
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Frames How to make Matcha ~ how to whisk matcha like a pro!

Description How to make Matcha ~ how to whisk matcha like a pro!

Comments How to make Matcha ~ how to whisk matcha like a pro!

No milk?
Comment from : J

how much gram matcha powder
Comment from : Vediepay

Love_me Royal
It's always something
Comment from : Love_me Royal

Somni 224
Joan Cusack?
Comment from : Somni 224

Thank you for this!
Comment from : pam

Belleza Xenno
If I tried to whisk it the way she did, all the tea would be on me, the counter and walls
Comment from : Belleza Xenno

Edward Lee
I’ve seen so many uncultured people make their so called matcha latte, ive almost lost all hope looking at such horrible grotesque versions, until I saw this video, such modern beauty and elegance in the matcha making way, i thank you very much for this beautiful representation of Japanese yes culture
Comment from : Edward Lee

Freedom Freedom
I would put it in a container and shake it
Comment from : Freedom Freedom

Grant Carl
Comment from : Grant Carl

Sounds with Cha
Great demonstration, thank you :)
Comment from : Sounds with Cha

Karen whitesplaining Ughh it’s exhausting Let the lady who is Asian take fully over, we dnt trust y’all nomo
Comment from : BruceLeeWayne

In my country, 75-80C water is a hot water
Comment from : countersreet

That whisking was brutal! I need to practice that haha
Comment from : Proxy

I need an asian friend to whisk this for me I know only they are skilled enough
Comment from : freakasaur100

Thank you for teaching this white kid to properly prepare matcha, my parents think I’m weird af due to my tastes in multi cultural food, media, music, but I don’t care
Comment from : Koniel

Kwame Armah
Lvl 99 Karen
Comment from : Kwame Armah

Uranus Planet
Do you want to be addicted to a cold healthy drink? follow the steps belowbr1- Cold Whole milk in a bowlbr2- 3 tablespoon Matcha br3- Raw Honey br4- Electric Frother (you can buy it from Amazon for $10)brFroth them all until they become foamy Make it a little sweeter than you like then pour it on a plastic mug full of ice with straw brYou are Welcome brbrIf you want to up the game a bit, put 1 large spoon of powder milk or coconut milk It will make it even better :)))
Comment from : Uranus Planet

Great technique and application Thank you
Comment from : chuckheinch

Comment from : Christian

Too much matcha for one person!!
Comment from : BU SH-B

Karichi Du Soleil
Trying to make matcha more often This morning I thought I did a pretty good job on getting a nice foam- then i saw this HA Mine was pathetic compared to this frothy beauty 😍 I better keep practicing! 🍵
Comment from : Karichi Du Soleil

Renee DSouza
Thanks for this tutorial! I must say, you remind me (look and voice) so much of Joan Cusack!
Comment from : Renee DSouza

Mark Hanna
Wee tip, use a battery whisk 😉
Comment from : Mark Hanna

David Sanford
Where did you find the white bowl with Handel?
Comment from : David Sanford

Hameeda Bano
Please send in hindi
Comment from : Hameeda Bano

Loved this tutorial, very user-friendly! =]
Comment from : kerfluffee

The whisking was a workout for me I had to do it extremely rapidly, going through a whole container of matcha before I was able to get a good froth
Comment from : xmnemonic

I add 5 spoons to get cappuccino-like foaming but it is drinkable now
Comment from : Bullseye

I use the uji matcha Use 90 degree water Whisk it And get bad foaming Big bubbles What am i doing wrong?
Comment from : Bullseye

Comment from : Bullseye

just use an aero latte, it works like a charm I also use my latte maker heater (nespresso) and it makes a great tea too from cold water
Comment from : RiseUpBlue

Thanks for the video! I was wondering where the white whisking bowl is from!
Comment from : CK

Naomi Patrao
Is there something wrong with the lady's right eye?
Comment from : Naomi Patrao

Thank you Just got one today 🙂
Comment from : KingFoofy

Jobelle Castro
I always froth with hot water and it never works … thank you for exact measurements
Comment from : Jobelle Castro

Abeera Fazal
First she was slow that I thought of increasing the play speed but suddenly wooo she started with sonic speed
Comment from : Abeera Fazal

Matthew Lavergne
You can find similar projects on the Stodoys website
Comment from : Matthew Lavergne

Thank you for this video! I'll still probably mess it up but now I know what to do at least Cheers!
Comment from : TrumpForce:MAGA

Nate • 18 years ago
My problem is real matcha green tea is so expensive I dont wanna waste even a tiny bit of it remains in the scopp the whisk the bowl 😅 every 0001 grams counts! 😅
Comment from : Nate • 18 years ago

Kat Back
i can't get mine to foam =[
Comment from : Kat Back

ding dong
less is more (frank carney)
Comment from : ding dong

Hi, just brought the whisk and the middle part looks very different more closed looking Does the middle part open up after a few uses? Thanks
Comment from : SHA VFX

Paul Phelps
It's important to know that ALL matcha products are good from a health viewpoint brThe ratings 'better' or 'best' are about artistic values --taste, fragrance, appearance
Comment from : Paul Phelps

Pre S
Do I have to put my chasen in warm water each time?
Comment from : Pre S

Nikolay -
what about the milk??
Comment from : Nikolay -

Joe Carmona
Impressive procedure! Arigatou gozaimasu!
Comment from : Joe Carmona

Bảo Hoàng Nguyên
This is too british
Comment from : Bảo Hoàng Nguyên

I'm so scared when you whisk it, I thought it will splat everywhere
Comment from : Nyan

Valentina DAnnunzio
Comment from : Valentina DAnnunzio

Tyler Stannard
Try throwing it in a blender I bought the whisk and now that I see it’s so complicated, I want to return it
Comment from : Tyler Stannard

I got cerimonial match and its a lot darker and never gets to that shade? What am i doing wrong? First time whisking and doing it "how you should" but there is a big difference in the color of mine and mine dont froth no where near as well? Am I not adding enought matcha or what? Couls you please do a follow up vidoe of showing us what to do or what could be the problem if your matcha isnt turning out quite right My matcha is not sweetened either I have a whole pound of it and a matcha set so id like to make it right
Comment from : Jessies

Thanks I know why my matcha 🍵 looks dull and boring
Comment from : Jimiec

wilk pl
3 scups for 1 cup wow its strong!
Comment from : wilk pl

I always mistake matcha for instant coffee and I end up with a big clump that won't resolve into the milk but just floats there
Comment from : Zahra

Justin Pettit
I've been whisking matcha and I have been struggling with it Lol Hopefully I can figure it out Lol
Comment from : Justin Pettit

Rodolfo Peralta
I was waiting for the other girl to get in the video what happen?
Comment from : Rodolfo Peralta

Excellent demo 🦅🦅🇺🇸
Comment from : Mr FLK

If you pause at 0:50, what is the powder-blue ceramic item on the right hand side of the screen? I recently ordered a matcha tea set from Amazon and one of those came inside Unfortunately, there were no instructions as to what it's used for Thanks! This video was very informative!
Comment from : Jaybeenzy

I'd say 75° is pretty hot 😆
Comment from : aliciacb8284747274

David Sanchez
I want to drink matcha out of a jug
Comment from : David Sanchez

How do you whisk that fast? I would break my wrist
Comment from : Floof

Got my matcha making set yesterday and I found out it's surprisingly hard to get a good whisking done I have made it 3 times now, 2 were absolute failures Not just the whisking but also the temperature, since it became really bitter But my third try it's wasn't too far off on the temperature and the froth wasn't absolutely god awful but not that good either
Comment from : Kenshiro(XIII)

Thank you for creating this content ❤️
Comment from : Gee

Wish my dealers 3 grams looked like that
Comment from : xHarpua

A Marmot
That’s about $700 worth of ceremonial grade Matcha
Comment from : A Marmot

Mayank Aggarwal
Wow amazing video Really helped me in enhancing my matcha tea experiencebrI have a question- are you using a steel container for storing matcha??brIs it okay to store matcha powder in steel air tight container
Comment from : Mayank Aggarwal

That hand speedmy forearm got tired and I started to cramp up
Comment from : CoD LEE

Leonardo UBI CPRI
"The water is not hot" 7580°C
Comment from : Leonardo UBI CPRI

Joghurt 。
would it make a big difference if I used powdered sugar instead of that sugar syrup?
Comment from : Joghurt 。

Taag Taag
the second she started with the whisk i knew i was doing it wrong lol i was barely whisking it
Comment from : Taag Taag

Red Rascal 42
Am I the only one ehpnsinwottied she has 80 degree Celsius on water
Comment from : Red Rascal 42

Ben Schroth
Speak up
Comment from : Ben Schroth

Excellent video showing the necessary details Thank you
Comment from : k9healthy

Deborah Paddison
I need a good cup like this to whisk matcha tea!brbrWhere did you get it?brbrHow much?brbrThxbrbrDeborah
Comment from : Deborah Paddison

GoodbrShall we add half sugar in it The taste would be better
Comment from : Mathi

average YouTube consumer
Look at her go with the whisk!
Comment from : average YouTube consumer

Why not in a chawan?????
Comment from : AlphaLeporis

why the foam at the end 4:56 looks like squidward lol
Comment from : Hala

JAMB ジャム
Man I can't get it to froth anywhere near that much
Comment from : JAMB ジャム

MD Din
what is the flouver of matcha can you answered me please?
Comment from : MD Din

Creed Bratton
I use 1 scoop Sift it through a screen and soften the bristles under tap water while water is warming When I can hear the water starting to get hot (but not boil) I gently pour it and whisk it back and forth until foamy and then drink straight out of the mixing bowl It might not be the right way but it works well enough for me I use ceremonial grade not the cheap stuff btw
Comment from : Creed Bratton

Does one scoop = one teaspoon?
Comment from : Clemmo

Adv Naini Gujral
Oh my god in one cup3 spon of Matcha is too excess mam, so harmful for body
Comment from : Adv Naini Gujral

Evo pivo
if you used the frother in that expensive espresso machine, you wouldn't have to waste water heating the bamboo one up, or have to clean it,
Comment from : Evo pivo

Cool Thanksbrbrhow much is that a cup?
Comment from : SevenDeMagnus

Francisco Borja
This is the first time I've seen a video like this: absolutely extraordinary because it shows the do's/don'ts and Why's in the process of making this tea I think this is one of the best videos I've seen as it explains everything
Comment from : Francisco Borja

I just microwave my water Is that bad? I just got my whisk in the mail yesterday I haven't tried it yet I didn't know the temperature was so critical
Comment from : Kaeben

What grade Matcha is that? I only buy top grade Ceremonial grad Matcha It taste so good You can definitely taste the difference between the cheap Matcha And the colour is so much brighter
Comment from : Clemmo

It's so hot when a woman can make you a nice cup of tea
Comment from : mugensamurai

Tiffany Rupp
O________________O your froth is amazing!!!
Comment from : Tiffany Rupp

Aleksander Dhima
i have a qustion , i bought some really good macha acording to the seller , it was the most vibrant green out of all the kinds When i make it and wisk it , it smells literaly like mud and fish , it smells so bad i can't get any flavor when it is passing through my mouth , i tried drinking it with a closed nose and the taste was amazing , the best green tea ever , but how can i get through that smell ?
Comment from : Aleksander Dhima

Tabarak Horani

Comment from : Tabarak Horani

doby putro parlindungan
muncrat kabeh
Comment from : doby putro parlindungan

Wow that's really frothy, you have skills Mine never comes out that well not even with an electric milk frother 😭
Comment from : Geo

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