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How to Read Knitting Chart Symbols // Technique Tuesday

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Information How to Read Knitting Chart Symbols // Technique Tuesday

Title :  How to Read Knitting Chart Symbols // Technique Tuesday
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Frames How to Read Knitting Chart Symbols // Technique Tuesday

Description How to Read Knitting Chart Symbols // Technique Tuesday

Comments How to Read Knitting Chart Symbols // Technique Tuesday

Julie Rice
Can you please inform me about circular knitting pattern, and it has cables at midpoint only The chart has RS/WS knitting/Purl notes, yet I am only looking at RS I suppose I need to have even rows as WS? Thanks!
Comment from : Julie Rice

Bob Lowney
the best chart explanation on you tube
Comment from : Bob Lowney

You explain so well Thank you!
Comment from : N L

Chill Bro
very useful And i really wanted to see how k2tog and sk2p were actually used in a chart (is in one box or in multiple boxes?) My pattern book had k3tog symbol across 3 boxes But has no charts for any of the lace patterns which is why i'm trying to draw the chart i tried doing sk2p across 3 boxes and then ran out of boxes before i was supposed to hahah
Comment from : Chill Bro

Tall Cedars
This was just what i was looking for The closeup descriptions of knit stitches was wonderful and helped me to understand what I am looking at Ive knit socks for years but blindy till nowbrOne thing I am looking for is how knitters actually mark & follow along on their charts I am about to knit socks using my first chart and would like some ideas Am checking online but there doesn't seem to be much Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill;)
Comment from : Tall Cedars

Jane Langlois
That was brilliant what you just showed us about the different symbols for the delay stating I wish you had done the three stitches on the pattern I’m not quite sure how to do that when you’ve got zero each side do you think you could show us how to do it thank you and God bless
Comment from : Jane Langlois

Laura Wellinghoff
With so many new knitters and YouTube channels appearing in the last few years…your Channel should be RISING ABOVE! Help for the newbies, and the fact that you do a WONDERFUL job teaching! Not just the basics to get a stitch done, but the WHY a designer has done something and the how to read your knitting so well explained!!!! brbrIf you know NEW knitters, recommend This channel, she always does so well!
Comment from : Laura Wellinghoff

Debra Cubitt
Roxanne I am considering knitting lessons to learn how to knit socks I am a basic knitter only Our local yarn shop is offering classes over three days Beginner sock knitting circular needles worsted weight yarn cuff down I have never taken a class Rather shy but I want to learn more I watch videos too What do you think? Classes are small
Comment from : Debra Cubitt

Emma Page
I love your tutorials you make it so understand! Now I know what no stitch means I prefer your tutorials over any other
Comment from : Emma Page

Miriam Ortiz
I have a knitting chart that has a long x horizontal what does it mean It explain it “sl 3 to right needle, dropping yos and pulling sts up to elongate, sl 3 sts back to left needle, (k3tog tbl, yo, k3tog tbl) into same 3 sts tog”
Comment from : Miriam Ortiz

Dana Wouster
So I am yet still confused with the shaded boxes you said ignore those boxes and go to the next st so do I carry that ignored st over before knitting the next st Tia
Comment from : Dana Wouster

Deborah Clem
I have learned so much from your videos Thank you so much
Comment from : Deborah Clem

Maria Bergmann
Again, so helpful I wish I would have watched it before I started my new sock project Had to unravel rows and rows and became frustrated and discouraged Your tutorial will definitely make life easier Thank you so much!
Comment from : Maria Bergmann

Nancy Huber
This was so helpful Thank you so much Great, clear tutorial
Comment from : Nancy Huber

Laurel Argumedo
Question what type of needles do you recommend?br What brand are the black double pointed ones you use? Thank you for all your help
Comment from : Laurel Argumedo

Curtrice Ennis
Thank you for sharing your knowledge Would like to see, however, the other ways you spoke of to increase your work when you said how there are "several ways" Could you please also show us how you do a YO I know a little about knitting, but, am less familiar with reading the charts Your tips in this video are wonderful to know Thank you again for sharing
Comment from : Curtrice Ennis

Adrienne Richter
THis as a very informative video I had no idea how to read these charts even though I have been knitting charts for years I would like another one on reading a chart that uses cable stitches and how to read hem Thanks so much, Roxanne
Comment from : Adrienne Richter

Luna Holmes
Your tutorials are great I really like that you explain not only how to do things but also why they are done this way In the long term it's way more useful and really helps build new skills Thanks
Comment from : Luna Holmes

Thanks Roxanne I found that really helpfulbrI am currently using a chart which has a number of white gaps which are not marked at all The first ones show where an s2kpo is made but the blanks increase as you go through the chart I suppose I have to increase the number of s2kpo stitches according to the number of gaps?? But I will knit a swatch first to see what happens - it is the top of a hat that decreases more and more as you go through the chartbrbrWish me luck :)
Comment from : GR

melinda huntley
always, always an excellent tutorial, you are an amazing teacher
Comment from : melinda huntley

Elizabeth Herbert
Thank you! I was baffled by "no stitch" I instruction Viewed 3 videos before i got to yours and NOW I GET IT!!!!
Comment from : Elizabeth Herbert

Hannah Bley
This again has been so helpful I really love your videos! I will undo the beginning of the lace sock that I just butchered and start over - now hopefully I will get it right 😂
Comment from : Hannah Bley

Stephanie Bloodworth
This explanation was intriguing!
Comment from : Stephanie Bloodworth

Mind thoroughly blown Wow Thank you
Comment from : B P

Emily Drexler
Thank you so much! Very clearly explained and very helpful!
Comment from : Emily Drexler

T Baker
Love the shirt
Comment from : T Baker

Paula M
Hi Roxanne, great video When am I supposed to move my markers back to original positions after adjusting for yo and decreases? Thank you again for your wonderful videos
Comment from : Paula M

W Cashmere
Thank you so much,
Comment from : W Cashmere

W Cashmere
Thanks for your quick respond I saw he video but you did not demonsrate like you did for the other symbols You did say just ignore is that mean you jump over a stitch ? brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr
Comment from : W Cashmere

W Cashmere
Will you please demosrae how to ignore he black squarehanks
Comment from : W Cashmere

W Cashmere
Hi, When a lace chart have a black square and it said no stitche how to do that? Thanks
Comment from : W Cashmere

annu B
Please provide link for the first part
Comment from : annu B

Rabig House
Oh wow! You made this so amazingly clear in your teaching! I saved this because I know I will be referring to it all the time! Some take aways - the purposes of the shapes used to symbolize stitches, the placing and shifting of markers for repeats, and how to see your stitches on your needles to compare to the pattern Thank you!
Comment from : Rabig House

Thanks Roxanne for your tutorial, I would like to suggest that if possible, could you please use lighter yarn for easier to see the stitches Hope you don't mind,thanks a lot for your lovely tutorial
Comment from : Kim

soo neaty Orchid care
Hi thanks for the lace knitting chart symbolsI love your videos for the detail explanation Question for you- I came across a lace knit pattern from Europe and was unable to interpret a symbol that looks like a cross or plus sign, ( pearl?) and vertical line I am guessing is a knit symbol Please help as I love the scalloped edge it produces
Comment from : soo neaty Orchid care

Seham Ali
Thank you so much 👍🏻💐💕
Comment from : Seham Ali

Xenia Martin
okay, here is a million dollar question i have a pattern that begins with 69 stitch cast on four times does it tell me 'ns6' WHAT DO I DO WITH THOSE STITCHES!!!!!! because if it ignore it on the chart and just move on, after the pattern row, i am left with 28 stitches before even finishing the row it tells me to cast on 69 stitch, so OBVIOUSLY those 28 stitches from the four 'ns6' HAS TO GO SOMEWHERE!! i can't drop it, i can't slip it, i can't fucking do anything with them and everyone keeps repeating the same thing so did the pattern lie when i told me to cast on 69 stitch and start my first row like that? do i need to cast on more? i need a fucking clear answer here because what happens when you are in the middle of a pattern and row and suddenly come across it? YOU CANNOT IGNORE THIS STITCH SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE TO IT DROP IT, SLIP IT, IT DOES NOT DISAPPEAR OUT OF THIN AIR, SO WHERE THE FUCK DOES IT GO! bAND DO NOT TELL ME TO 'IGNORE IT'/b I am not talking about the chart view let's leave this to written out instructions
Comment from : Xenia Martin

Jo Mercer, LMT
Who would be your counterpart in quality and quantity of videos for crochet?
Comment from : Jo Mercer, LMT

carolina Björkman
Thanks for a clearly lesson
Comment from : carolina Björkman

Thanks Rox That was a great lesson in chart reading especially for a novice like me I have another question I have encountered a lace chart in which only one half of the pattern is charted When you reach the center stitch you have to mirror the stitches on the second half of the row This poses a problem to me when I encounter the decreases Any tips on how to keep these straight? Thanks for you knowledge
Comment from : Sarah

AMAZING LESSONthank you so much This series is exactly what I was needing You are the best Wizard
Comment from : buzzwaffle

LoveoftheDark Fiber Arts
I cannot even believe how much information I just understood, from this video I'm a good knitter, i can follow a chart and all of this, but I never even knew that i didn't know why the symbols were presented the way they are This is seriously world-opening! Thanks Rox!
Comment from : LoveoftheDark Fiber Arts

Carrie Ridgeway
Amazingly helpful! I’m editing my comment to let you know that I am now using the chart in the “Firenze” sweater when before watching your video, I was using the written directions Using the chart after watching your explanatory video is SO much easier than using the written line by line directions Thank you!
Comment from : Carrie Ridgeway

Sandra Roper
Hi Roxanne?brThank you for a very informative video I do have one question on faux cable charts used for socks It’s says “if you prefer a less open fabric, the yarn overscan be knitted or purled through the back to close them up” If your knitting in the round how do you identify when to purl through the back?
Comment from : Sandra Roper

A Moore
I have done many charts and could never figure out why those symbols were chosen Thanks for clarifying! Also really enjoyed your explanation about moving markers with YOs and decrs Thanks!
Comment from : A Moore

Miranda Flores
Ojalá todos los patrones tuvieran diagramas!
Comment from : Miranda Flores

Michelle Lindgren
Hi Rox Your thoughts on how to shift the markers for knitting in the round were “off the charts” (really good)
Comment from : Michelle Lindgren

Thanks 😊
Comment from : SilverDragon196

Shavon Martin
Thank you for this easy to follow and in-depth video
Comment from : Shavon Martin

Sara Soskin
Thank you for this fantastic video
Comment from : Sara Soskin

Cassie D
I have a question When you showed the symbol and then the actual knitting of the M1, I believe you dud a M1L Did that loop symbol symbolize any M1 or a specifically a Left leaning or did that come from the key description of the symbol for that particular pattern? I hope that question makes sense
Comment from : Cassie D

Anne Graheck
So appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge I learn so much and go back to reference and replay your technique videos when I come across a challenging situation 🧶😍
Comment from : Anne Graheck

Lisa Hoppe
This is wonderful, thank you
Comment from : Lisa Hoppe

Corrine Wilkins
Thank you for an excellent tutorial I always learn something Sometime ago you mentioned a programme to help draft charts, which I forgot to make a note of, would you mind repeating the name, please I love using various combinations of lace and or cables and think this would save a lot of time Many thanks
Comment from : Corrine Wilkins

You have a fantastic ability to teach clearly and concisely Thank you once again
Comment from : Vickie

The knitting craft
Beautiful pattern👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Comment from : The knitting craft

Thank you for such a clear & understandable explanation of chart symbols More & more I like to see a motif charted so I can visualize the result Recently I was swatching the pattern stitches for Drift from Berroco It was only a 4 row repeat but it wasn't looking the way I was expecting So I charted that part & immediately saw the pattern was correct I was misinterpreting the written instructions
Comment from : stitchknit72

Monica Buch
Thank you for the tutorial😊
Comment from : Monica Buch

Eternal Dreamer
Thank you !
Comment from : Eternal Dreamer

Suzanne Berry
I have tried teaching It is incredibly difficult to go back to the perspective of someone who has no knowledge of the topic You make teaching look easy You are terrific Thank you
Comment from : Suzanne Berry

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