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4 Hal yang harus kalian coba ketika berada di Okinawa

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Information 4 Hal yang harus kalian coba ketika berada di Okinawa

Title :  4 Hal yang harus kalian coba ketika berada di Okinawa
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Frames 4 Hal yang harus kalian coba ketika berada di Okinawa

Description 4 Hal yang harus kalian coba ketika berada di Okinawa

Comments 4 Hal yang harus kalian coba ketika berada di Okinawa

What beach is this exactly? Looks amazing! Going to Japan for honeymoon and adding Okinawa to the list
Comment from : Peggy

Semih Aki
yakuza 3 made me want to live on the beach here and just eat fish everyday
Comment from : Semih Aki

looks like the hawaii of japan
Comment from : countryboy1995

Jim Betts
Spam, spam, spam, spam!
Comment from : Jim Betts

Keith Maxon
Taco Rice
Comment from : Keith Maxon

How was this 6 years ago already?!!
Comment from : Tiago

Timothy Horan
oooo thos chris boobies Love it
Comment from : Timothy Horan

I'm just now watching this in 2022 and I'm wondering where Chris's entourage of amazingly beautiful women disappeared to
Comment from : JohnnyNismo

Fenella Lynch
I was born in Okinawa
Comment from : Fenella Lynch

Comment from : DF_556

Krol King
kasia swept him out pog:)))
Comment from : Krol King

Krol King
Comment from : Krol King

Krol King
MY STAR :) )** )*
Comment from : Krol King

Krol King
Comment from : Krol King

Okinawa the birthplace of karate
Comment from : Tsubaki

Thanks to the nihilistic 1993 gangster film ‘Sonatine’, whenever I think of Okinawa I just think of expressionless Yakuza dudes casually pumping bullets into each other (Which I’m sure is not remotely representative of real life Okinawa)
Comment from : IbnShahid

Probably already been mentioned somewhere brbrAt 5:01, does that display cone look like part of the lower portions of the Male Anatomy
Comment from : Mwa

Dylan Benton
Underwater Chris sideboob 😳
Comment from : Dylan Benton

Kenneth McDonald
An opinion fail instant cute
Comment from : Kenneth McDonald

Johannes Chatto
くり くみ やいびん。
Comment from : Johannes Chatto

robert castel
So, the conclusion it's do you like the spam?
Comment from : robert castel

OMG JUN AND RACHEL! What a small world!
Comment from : hungr4anime

8-Bit Octane
best beach ive been to was Baby beach in Aruba
Comment from : 8-Bit Octane

Sir Nicholi Braden
I agree with Bret Maverick - this guy is boring asf, lmao
Comment from : Sir Nicholi Braden

Carrie Padgett
I didn't know you knew Rachel and Jun until I started binge watching back to your older videos
Comment from : Carrie Padgett

Spam musubi is everyone favorite breakfast in Hawaii so good need a special sweet soy sauce flavor
Comment from : Rakimi

Nelson Lisboa
With the new series arriving soon (Journey Across Japan: Scape to Paradise), I needed to comeback and rewatch this videobrbrOkinawa surly deserved a series of its own
Comment from : Nelson Lisboa

Denis Denisovs
Oh wow, didn't think I'd randomly see Rachel here-
Comment from : Denis Denisovs

I get the feeling those frog purses were not artificial 🤢
Comment from : KiyokaMakibi

Nice contents tnx for sharing my friend the island’s riches
Comment from : DeSag777

Tyler Bobbett
not sure how ive never known about such a warm region its like the hawaii/california of japan
Comment from : Tyler Bobbett

The snake sake looks like the most disgusting shit on earth 🤢🤢🤮🤮
Comment from : freethinker1

Birthplace of karate
Comment from : purp

grimmer jxcts
Did you meet a guy called Kazuma Kiryu ?
Comment from : grimmer jxcts

Connor Faulds
Everyone “spam is gross”brAlso everyone when they try spam “oh it’s actually good”
Comment from : Connor Faulds

Lc Weathersby
Probably one of the most amazing place to live Beautiful people and beautiful landscapes The food is amazing
Comment from : Lc Weathersby

fire water bros
Why does Chris look so young
Comment from : fire water bros

Garry Ferrington
"You can't go wrong with pork" unless you believe in the Bible lol Also Spam is a big British staple
Comment from : Garry Ferrington

Ben DeWalt
Snake sake or snake if you will
Comment from : Ben DeWalt

You clearly need to travel round the UK more if you think the beaches are bad Evidently you've never been to Cornwall, Devon, Northumberland, Pembrokeshire or the Outer Hebrides
Comment from : CharpyTheHedgehog

J Prado
not a hater but its salty but bland? HAHAHHAAHAHA decide chrissss
Comment from : J Prado

Cooking with Yarda
Orion is the name of Czech chocolate company ;-)
Comment from : Cooking with Yarda

Spent a year in Kin (Camp Hansen)Yanke go HoooooooomeLOL
Comment from : M

M Richard Speights
Fried SPAM with eggs and grits (or fried potatoes) and toast or biscuits for breakfast is hard to beat Even better, wrap bacon around the SPAM :)
Comment from : M Richard Speights

I'm surprised there's no yakuza comments
Comment from : Hingedcookie34

Kevin N
Haven't had musubi in a long time!
Comment from : Kevin N

Dan D
3:38 White dude about to need aloe, and lots of it
Comment from : Dan D

Pickled snakes Absolutely the most vile, disgusting, filthy thing I have ever seen Anyone that eats that crap is disgusting
Comment from : TheSkydiverphoenix

Nice 👍
Comment from : Liza67Vlog

Dr Justin in Japan 🇯🇵
I MOVE TO OKINAWA in 2 weeks!! I can't watch past 5-minutes Don't want to ruin the surprise 😂
Comment from : Dr Justin in Japan 🇯🇵

Jenghis Gonzalez
Chris needs to come back here now that his video equipments have been upgraded
Comment from : Jenghis Gonzalez

“Chewy ice cream” that’s the ‘one for food for me
Comment from : TheSakuraGumiLTD

Daniel Whyatt
Okinawa is definitely one of the top places I want to visit in Japan someday It’s quite a ways away from Tokyo (even by train for me) so instead of travelling through Japan and then eventually flying there, I would probably just go straight there instead after enjoying the capital or Kyoto a bit Just goes to show you really can’t enjoy the best bits of the country as a whole in one trip, no matter how long it is You really need to go multiple times (for those who can damn well afford it😓😔) or try living there And the latter just brings up struggles of its own brEither way though, Okinawa would be such a pristine experience that would really warm my heart Not least because of the sun and pristine waters😁 Maybe I’ll just quit my future prospects and just become a boat driver, local restaurant worker or work at a tack/equipment shop there or something! Lol
Comment from : Daniel Whyatt

Saporo beer sucks though
Comment from : Flavio

Mark Tighe-Crea
I sweat like a donkey allot too Just stand down wind of important people
Comment from : Mark Tighe-Crea

I love to make sweet and sour spam with bell peppers, ginger, garlic, green onions, pineapple chunks, water chestnuts all in a red, thick, sweet and sour sauce (red fool coloring, brown sugar, vinegar, soyu, and corn starch) It must be served with rice and sakelots of sake
Comment from : Muthah

Smashing underwater shots! Too bad Ryotaro was left behind in Sendai Your videos suffer without him The underwater video of you made me think how similar you are to Ariel She was the littlest mirmaid you look a flounder(er) Love it Don't put down the beaches in the UK They do the best with what they have Where else in the world can you go on the beach and have several, simultaneous ultimate fighter riots breaking out And you thought those were shark teeth littering the beach?
Comment from : Muthah

1:18 Ranking all japanese beers Sounds like a new video idea
Comment from : Baumkuchen

What happens when you combine Austronesian Explorers, Chinese Traders, and Japanese Freeholders and Ryukuyuan Citizenry?
Comment from : Arshan

I heard they hate Americans there because the military pump and dumps their women probably why the women don't wear bikinis haha
Comment from : Wesley296

After binging the Odigo vids, it's nice to see one of those vlogs from the always wonderfully Chris-like perspectivebrbrHis clean-cut professionalism in the Odigo vids were almost disturbing This Chris is the one I have come to know and love lol
Comment from : SquareBraceX2

Willy Barp
I ABSOLUTELY ADORE OKINAWA! ´ve been there SEVERAL times and never got tired
Comment from : Willy Barp

Chris apparently never been to Scotland Because the beaches there look like straight out of a travel catalogue as well
Comment from : Salembookworm

You should have gone to the aquarium or to American village! There's also pineapple park and the Rycom shopping mall You missed out! Also, Koki Beach would have been a good beach to go to too It has copious amounts of sea life
Comment from : 🌸CinnimonT0ast🌸

omg Kasiaaaa
Comment from : A M

Mika Sasaki
I loved abroad in Japan when it was these kind of videos but now they feel like it’s really scripted and too organised
Comment from : Mika Sasaki

Kenneth Uyeno
Love your videos, Chris I hope you can make it over to Hawaii one day and try some GOOD Spam musubi at 7-Eleven
Comment from : Kenneth Uyeno

"Kirin" is brewed in Germany by the same comoany that makes Beck's lol
Comment from : Orrphoiz

i wanna know the song name when he is looking at the spam and snake sake
Comment from : HealsYeah

You missed the marines storming the beaches
Comment from : EM D

Grey Man
What kind of cameras do you use for under water filming?
Comment from : Grey Man

Tanja K
Aw, the redhead: Rachel!😃
Comment from : Tanja K

Laura Buchanan
Thank you Okinawa is beautiful I've always wanted to go there There's not as much information on Okinawa compared to Mainland Japan The beaches are gorgeous The city is beautiful I like the culture
Comment from : Laura Buchanan

Prio Sapto Utomo
I only watch rachel scene, the rest of the video is disgusting
Comment from : Prio Sapto Utomo

Jay Jabber
This doesn't look anything like Mr Miyagis home town 🤔
Comment from : Jay Jabber

Haxton Knits
You picked the wrong dish to try spam! Gotta get some Goya Champura! Bitter melon, spam, and tofu over rice
Comment from : Haxton Knits

Taschia W
That’s a spam musubi Very popular here in Maui Hawaii Ever come to Maui I’ll make you a proper spam musubi I promise
Comment from : Taschia W

Ryan Kane
Asahi beer is not great
Comment from : Ryan Kane

John Zaabi
Are you showcasing your moobs in this video?
Comment from : John Zaabi

This reminds me of the beaches and waters around Jamaica!
Comment from : Djentleman

Florian Baumgärtner
chris you should definetly redo this episode :D
Comment from : Florian Baumgärtner

Darius Tucker
A lot of Islanders across the world love Spam, like Hawaiians and Palauans iirc Spam musubi was actually invented in HawaiibrbrWhere I live there's a ramen shop that makes Spam musubi with bulgogi pork in it, and it's absolutely amazing
Comment from : Darius Tucker

2:38 a wild Sauske appeared
Comment from : M S

Katherine H
Had a Filipino friend who would bring wraps with fried spam and would always trade or just share, life-changing really I make it myself now sometimes It is very very very salty lol
Comment from : Katherine H

Noticeme Senpai
You kept calling the dish “spam”, but was that for simplicity? In Hawaii they call it musubi and I have to assume they call it that in Okinawa too, right?
Comment from : Noticeme Senpai

After we take shuri castle we can go home, all of us
Comment from : Bigsmitty

Robbie OByrne
You need a tour guide… you missed all the good stuff in Okinawa
Comment from : Robbie OByrne

rene arnhold
SPAM how I know it is a English food Spam was famous from mont pyton spam Decades later it was used at the spam folder from email accounts Sh you don't need
Comment from : rene arnhold

Eugenia Wagner
I dislike Rachel I don't like her videos She seems stupid and shallow I'm a woman and I don't feel represented
Comment from : Eugenia Wagner

Not to be weeb trash, but this straight up looks like a beach directly out of a "cultured" beach episode
Comment from : Yeahboibebop

OkinawabrbrThe rape haven for the US militarybrbrHow many local Japanese girls got raped by these army trashes in Okinawa so far
Comment from : 운한서

Gabrie Montano
Did he say he doesn't normally like ice cream!? What a freak 😱
Comment from : Gabrie Montano

Jacob Arroyo
4:57 Banana Susanah is the best Blue Seal Favorite period, Okinawan Salt Cookie is D tier compared to it
Comment from : Jacob Arroyo

Fellow tourist lol jun and rachel
Comment from : Cicadas01

travis moore
Chris Broad at a beach what could go wrong is my first thought Okinawa Ice cream, not mint chip I guess? Oh no not spam Chris you should eat something better Snake venom Sak'e, yuk
Comment from : travis moore

The beach looked gorgeous but way over populated for me
Comment from : StabStabStabStabby

Oscar L
oh this video was on my birthday :/
Comment from : Oscar L

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