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Влад Коломієць
Comment from : Влад Коломієць

Younger generation of Japan is about to experience inflation for the first time Until now, inflation was something that only exist in book for them
Comment from : C KC

Bad reporting
Comment from : Niutuiui

Serena chase
TRADEMINNER'S crypto platform is doing a wonderful job Payment comes on time as expected Congratulations!! To me and my family
Comment from : Serena chase

Renee Romero
Inflation is falsely blown out of proportion because these massive billionaire owned corporations pass all the costs down to the labor force and consumers Inflation is simply a result of all these large companies like Amazon and Tesla sucking up all the resources and money out of our economy It’s pitched to us that it’s necessary to have this happen in order to keep up with China and other large economies just like steady population growth is also necessary, but I fail to see how a few thousand greedy people having absurd amounts of money or overpopulation of our planet will have anything to do with outcompeting China Also they are private companies so they can and do buy, trade, and propagate the Chinese economy Maybe if they paid their fair share of taxes and absorbed some of the costs of doing business like everyone else inflation would just magically reverse itself
Comment from : Renee Romero

S Young
Did Japan dump trillions of dollars into its economy like we did in the US?
Comment from : S Young

Premier CC Guy MMXVI 🇺🇦
Japan has been dealing with a deflation issue the past few decades with a stagnant economy so not too shocking they aren’t seeing a big inflation issue like other countries such as the United States and Europe
Comment from : Premier CC Guy MMXVI 🇺🇦

Lia Watson
Inflation is due to profits noy wages
Comment from : Lia Watson

Lia Watson
Comment from : Lia Watson

4:30 "Tesla, storming onto the scene and seizing a huge part of the car market"brThat's the hype alright The reality is that they are selling 1 of the world cars brAnd they've been around 15 years now
Comment from : jim

Master Aurelius
Pick your poison: -36 peace of mind or 21 sick and dumb society!
Comment from : Master Aurelius

Master Aurelius
This means the economy is really just fine after all Having highly capitalized industries causes drops in return on capital Thus prices become stable or fallingbrbrDon't attempt to grow a very mature economy That is tantamount to cancer US-based and US-biased economists, politicians and the moronic public love their cancer-like (and cancer-causing!!!) economies!
Comment from : Master Aurelius

jeff strong
Japanese 10 years bond was 0 before pandemic thus even after spending $11 trillion pumping into their economy during pandemic, BOJ just can't raise rates because they can't pay the interests Japan is now at the point which they can't pay any rate increase with 260 of their GDP size debt Better sell all your Japanese Yen holdings and go short More bad news waiting for Japan with trade war continued with S Korea
Comment from : jeff strong

Cetifiably Snuggly
That's the best looking big mac I've ever seen
Comment from : Cetifiably Snuggly

jeff strong
China has been borrowing Japanese Yen at 0 and exchanged to USD for investment abroad for Belt and road initiative which caused lost of interest income in hundreds of billions for the US federal reserve Japan has currency swap deal with the US and their debt ratio is at 260 of their GDP thus Japanese federal bank kept their 10 years bonds at minus 01 to 0 or else they can't pay their debt Washington must stop currency swap deal with Japan to stop China and Japan must compensate Washington in hundreds of billions of interest income lost
Comment from : jeff strong

Almost all price increases in the US are for profit , It's not due to expenses brUS companies had record profits last year
Comment from : Matt

Gol D Roger
It is better, good and safe to ride in a tamed horse than to a wild horsebrbrThat's why many already been hit hard in the US than in Japan
Comment from : Gol D Roger

So essentially Japanese capitalism doesn’t have the flaws of American capitalism in the sense that in America consumption is of utmost priority & thus consumers will buy so long as they have funds However in Japan, as shown in this video, the people actually reject a product that’s above its average price Hence American corporations price gouging would not stick in Japan because the people are more vocal Meanwhile Americans are so complacent that they’ll still buy while blaming government rather than the corporations that are creating artificial inflation via using real world events like the War in Ukraine as a facade/excuse to raise said prices
Comment from : Thatssojohn

Joh Do
I prefer flat prices in an economy I am just average people Home prices in my country went up 3 to 4 times in the past 10-15 years Rent doubles or more than doubled Minimal wages also went up a lot Food prices at least doubled People who rely on fixed pensions suffer the most
Comment from : Joh Do

Well, this is going to age well
Comment from : Naoki

Miriam Lopez
The wisest thing that should be on everyone's mind currently should be to invest in different streams of income that doesn't depend on the govt Especially with the current economic crisis around the world, this is still a good time to invest in Gold, silver, crypto currencies (BTC, ETH)
Comment from : Miriam Lopez

Amiga 501
I’m visiting Japan right now, and find alot of things are quite inexpensive here The best thing is, the quality is still top-notch even the price is relatively low If you doubt me, visit any Daiso store and be amazed what mere 80 cents could buy here
Comment from : Amiga 501

Afnan Acchan
WSJ failed to mention the Japan demographics that is main reason why total spending is falling every year Worker shortage is even a bigger issue in Japan compared to US because of aging population and fewer immigration, that is why unemployment rate remain lowest among develoed countries
Comment from : Afnan Acchan

get rid of the useless mask we cant hear you
Comment from : BDH BDH

Dimas De Eldendy
Because ASEAN is the secret key
Comment from : Dimas De Eldendy

Sebastian Wardana
why wouldnt you go for cheaper alternatives in america?
Comment from : Sebastian Wardana

The report left out the stimulus elephant in the US even when supplies slowed down
Comment from : Marcus_1982

Farah Mo
As long as consumer retail prices are constant, then wage increase is not required otherwise it becomes a cycle This keeps inflation down and hopefully 0 interest which is favourable in Islam 👍
Comment from : Farah Mo

Japan’s government is not as corrupt as the US who is bought by the corporate lobbyists, the US is recovering😅 and who you fooling brother basic staples Food Corporation and Supermarkets 🤪Rent are in the for their PROFITS Japan is a stable SOCIETY unlike the US That’s the reality🤣
Comment from : Holland GIVANCHI

Veritas et Scientia
Japan is old and declining developing country Additionally, almost everything is controlled by one rulling party for more than 70 years It’s semi-democracy country Unfortunately, No hope for japan
Comment from : Veritas et Scientia

Comparing the US economy to the Japan economy is quite hilarious Americans are well trained noncritical thinkers when it comes to compulsive consumption Japanese are openminded & raised critical thinkers when it comes to overall consumption America spends & spends with buyer's remorse, yet while Japan focuses on quality over everything else I probably can't convince anyone that my ESP E-II Eclipse is the best product I've ever spent my money on, but it is! As an American I've learned a lot of over the years about the overall quality of living here & compared to the rest of the world we have most definitely fallen way behind in every aspect imaginable I'm personally ashamed I didn't put myself in debt to go to college just so I can afford to live, & I'm also sorry that I don't have any debt to pay for
Comment from : Brandon

Japan seems much more conservative than the US when it comes to expanding the money supply
Comment from : Pteranodon

No One
Outdated Analysis
Comment from : No One

David Webb
The logic of this piece sems to be that the USA with overblown asset prices and roaring inflation is somehow 'better' than a country where the people spend their money wisely I cannot agree with that reasoning The US zooms from boom to bust regularly, the Japanese learnt to avoid this mistake decades ago
Comment from : David Webb

Kevin García
for me, a stable economy sounds far better than dynamic economies such as the US
Comment from : Kevin García

Jason Cheok Wan
With an advanced society and economy like Japan the question is: is more growth always a good thing? Especially when that growth comes with a cost of the environment to produce more pointless luxuries or low quality goods Japan had been through the collapse of their economic bubble and I think that changes their mentality on spending and consumption
Comment from : Jason Cheok Wan

Always Sunny In West Allis
!!!! WARNING Japan SUFFERING COMING !!!brbrSave Families MONEY -Hyperinflation brbrGet XRP to empower yourself brAll elites,banks,corporations have!!!brNew World currency research the ISO 20022 coins Debt reset coming this year!! brbrEvery federal reserve by law is issuing new currencies that run on these following approved FED NOW coins brbrThis is part time of the distraction brYou can either lose all the value of your money or on the future currency and gain all the value when people are forced into it it’s your choice brbrGet them before May 2022brFED NOW ISO 20022 coins or suffer!!!brbrXRP-2022 Supranational currency replacing the US petrodollarbrXLM-stellar lumens brXDC-Replaces swiftbrALGO
Comment from : Always Sunny In West Allis

cassandra portelli
The idea that a company as big as McDonald's would have to mark up the cost of their disgusting food because they have to pay their employees a livable wage now is ludicrous That's nothing more than corporate greed and has nothing to do with to companies ability to turn a profit
Comment from : cassandra portelli

Latex Rope
To summarise: Japan has enough stuff America has more stuff but wants more
Comment from : Latex Rope

Anime Yahallo
We all know he brought some anime figures when he went to akihabara
Comment from : Anime Yahallo

Ricardo m
Can we not blame wage increases let's talk about market manipulation Japan actually calls out corporations unlike the us bends over for big business
Comment from : Ricardo m

mert denis
I wonder how would that feel to be in a sophisticated country and freak over 10 inflation Feels like a joke
Comment from : mert denis

Is it greed and price gouging responsible for the inflation?
Comment from : Slim

Give it a few years maybe a decade Below replacement birthrate, lack of easy credit, high debt at all levels But in the meantime it's gonna be rough and 2020s America will not be roaring like the 1920s I can totally see 40 trillion national debt before Biden leaves office
Comment from : Davitofrito

coda creator
Corporate greed First, exploit the opportunity to make more money, then blame the current administration so you can put your GOP lackeys back in office
Comment from : coda creator

coda creator
American Greed Period
Comment from : coda creator

Kenny Liu
So the American Plaza accord didn’t ruin Japan, it helped Japan by freezing up the price 😅
Comment from : Kenny Liu

Just wandering if WSJ journalist have seen the documentary Princess of the Yen
Comment from : Ola

Paulina L
bro is saying nothing
Comment from : Paulina L

Basil Patilani
rokok naik 430 -> 450 yen
Comment from : Basil Patilani

Wow, reading insightful comments by the Japanese on the ground there makes you realize how ignorant the WSJ analysis really is Like the blind leading the blind
Comment from : AnujMadanArtist

Brian French
Jan 2022 producer prices were up 86 in Japan Deflation is over in Japan If they don't pass on higher prices to consumers their companies earnings will crash
Comment from : Brian French

Because theyre self sufficient
Comment from : CH

All About Good news
Print more money! The more they print money the value of US dollar decreases Blue states pushing the increase taxes is another factor aside from this pandemic If leaders can’t think of a better ways to fight this inflation and to mitigate the basic necessities will result to chaos in the next two to three years
Comment from : All About Good news

Biko Konstantinos
Will the US real estate market and stock market face a multi-decade bear market like what happened in Japan? The Fed is now trapped Let inflation spiral out of control and potentially destroy the entire economy, or raise interest rates agressively and their borrowong costs on 30 Trillion National Debt rise exponentially Either way, there will be plenty of pain ahead for the Real Estate Market and Stock Market youtube/jr1tf4s8Uz4
Comment from : Biko Konstantinos

I would choose stability than inflation
Comment from : JK

Scott Burgess
Let's not forget the main reason prices are increasing Most corporations raising prices blame inflation, but in reality, they just saw record profits and gave their executives multi-million dollar bonuses It is a farce! Yes, inflation is happening, especially squeezing small business owners, but corporations are once again being greedy and lining their pockets - and as usual, pointing the finger at someone else Will prices come down once inflation calms down, no they won't
Comment from : Scott Burgess

No mention of declining demographics?
Comment from : S C

Greg Afuso
Japanese are traditionally frugal and would much rather save than spend
Comment from : Greg Afuso

No other Like my own skin
Part 2brbrIndia
Comment from : No other Like my own skin

hiro yuki
Comment from : hiro yuki

Hemant Pandey
This is technical deflation Deflation produced due to exponential rise in high tech
Comment from : Hemant Pandey

Sulit Tipid
Yeah right, inflation is only good for billionaires and business owners like the one who paid this shill to condition the minds of the masses that inflation is good Just follow the money who got richer during the pandemic, not the working public it's the billionaires
Comment from : Sulit Tipid

Claudia N
Don't attempt to copy Japan low inflation for most of them are over-working and has high saving, whereas USA's keep rewarding those who do not work!
Comment from : Claudia N

B Troy
The e we best thing for the Japanese government do was to sign the plaza accord for lover 30 years ago , if they have not comprised with the US they should be the number 1 economic power in the world
Comment from : B Troy

Guy M
Take a complicated subject and reduce it a simple 5 minute video and a title that seems to explain it all The American way Americans dont want to understand the complexities This is the reason we have the simple minded government representatives we have
Comment from : Guy M

Sicao is dead
Maintains such a strict and stable nation is only possible in such homogenous countries, like Japan With great diversity comes differences in cultures, ethics, needs etc, just like US Japan has only managed this because they hardly have any non-Japanese and they like things consistent It could be considered a blessing or a curse But diversity generally brings innovation and growth
Comment from : Sicao is dead

Dave Rich
I live in Japan this is not true
Comment from : Dave Rich

Same all my friends!
Comment from : Kaboom

Trang Huyen
Some segments in the video are stamped not adjacent to each other
Comment from : Trang Huyen

TV Sony
Please stop whitewashing Japan, WSJ! brThey’re doing just fine
Comment from : TV Sony

Wall Street Journal "reporting" with 2 huge omissions in this story brbr1) Not one word about corporate profits in the US during this time period brbrThough the piece was happy to point out how higher wages are actually to blame for inflation which has been disproven several times but was silent on the massive amount of corporate greed Profits have far exceeded wage increases in the US but don't want to point that out and get the corporate masters all upset Major companies in the US have more than enough money to pay their employees a living wage and make moneythey just don't want tobrbr2) GDP is not the only indicator on how a society is doing, nor should it be
Comment from : A B

US government paying out stimulus and people are lazy to go to work So they have to raise wages to beg people to work
Comment from : ahh01010

Syed Imtiaz
well in other asian countries there is 12 inflation - while the wages remain the same - inflation is the worst form of tax - i am happy for japanese retirees - who are now able to afford a life post retirement - compare that with US - where the entire 401 K ( if not wiped out ) cannot even sustain a rent -
Comment from : Syed Imtiaz

Free speech
Here America is to much waste buy n trown away n never ending on buying things
Comment from : Free speech

Cam Adams
2:20 FALSE Prices were not raised because of higher salaries If that was the case we wouldn't see record corporate profitsbrA significant number of industries in America are monopolies and they are using the pandemic as an excuse to raise costs
Comment from : Cam Adams

Klaudiusz W
Disgusting material claiming that rising prices are due to the rising wages brIn reality, wages only contribute to 10 to 40 of the total cost of the business operating, not 100, therefore there is no reason why a 10 wage increase net into 10 prices increase brYou rich dogs are lying on spot I have an idea for you, decrease your own wages so they are closer to the ground, instead of taking millions a month into the pocket brAlso japan experiences the price change in a form of decreasing volume and quality of products purchased
Comment from : Klaudiusz W

Henry Navarrete
Prices increases only good for business
Comment from : Henry Navarrete

Evan Buelt
Dude needs to get fitted for the right N95
Comment from : Evan Buelt

The Angry Gamer
But would you not want this? With so much inflation in other countries you hard work is diminished and so is your purchasing power I can trust the currency and through time, there will be a dip in population but will lead to an increase when they add policies to encourage people to have more 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : The Angry Gamer

Kevin C
0:46 I bet he went to maidreamin right after the camera cut off 😂😂 IYKYK
Comment from : Kevin C

Athena Bryant
I buy from American companies I refuse to support another country and their people when American's need the help keeping their businesses alive
Comment from : Athena Bryant

Kawaii Dere
The wages in the US haven’t gone up either though
Comment from : Kawaii Dere

Gerardo Rivera
CEOs in Japan don't get 351 of average workers compensation How about freezing that one!
Comment from : Gerardo Rivera

Ezinneifechukwunyelu Ndubueze
So in other words, GREED?
Comment from : Ezinneifechukwunyelu Ndubueze

This host’s mask does NOT fit
Comment from : momoxiaoshizi

This report completely misses the growing problem of ‘working poors’ in Japan; companies keep low prices by keeping wages low Their productivity heavily relies on ‘contract employees’ who are hired and fired depending on demands They do exactly the same job as the ‘official’ employees but receive much lower wages and little employment benefits, eg, paid holidays, workers comp etc
Comment from : hikaju

Jakob Morningstar
Most of these companies in the states could easily afford raising worker pay while maintaining the prices we used to see Companies like McDonald’s just want to price gauge and play victim to workers demanding a modern minimum wage They (McDonald’s) would still make a boat load of money even if prices remained steady while increasing worker pay
Comment from : Jakob Morningstar

Price freeze is good for the people, while inflation is good for the country" wonder what is a country anyway
Comment from : imp3r1alx

Zackary Stewart
Inflation is a thief It causes men and women to work longer and it stops them from being able to hold on to their purchasing power In the real world this disencentivizes people to save Thus they consume Consumption requires production We in the United States put production ahead of anything else Production ahead of retiring, production ahead of picking up your kid at school, production ahead of allowing one of the parents to stay home to raise the kids Production ahead of a long vacation Decentralize your currency Dump your US dollars and stop feeding the machine Wake up
Comment from : Zackary Stewart

Philip March Alquizar
the answer is Japanese people think of their country first They are patriotic
Comment from : Philip March Alquizar

In the end it's not about growth or figures, it's about the people and society Do they have an income, a safe place to stay, enough food, sufficient water supply, safety and stability, medical care, is there a homeless crisis, is crime out of control, etc etc It's better to have a slow but stable economy than a roller coaster economy with crises and disintegration of society
Comment from : Jacques777

shubham maheshwari
Current scenario points that's Inflation is transitory Japans aging population is putting deflationary pressure on it and in the long run, countries with Ageing population will also suffer same proposition
Comment from : shubham maheshwari

Really enjoyed this video
Comment from : KinorinaDIY

Monetize YouTube
Comment from : Monetize YouTube

Monetize YouTube
As usual US corporates don't talk about their cut of profit margins which could be in billions and blaming over pricing of goods and services on poor poor employees 39 wage increase cause more than 8 price increase?
Comment from : Monetize YouTube

I absolutely disagree with this report The main reason why America is having such huge problem is greed
Comment from : arun2995

Or US corporates are just price gouging
Comment from : gigante87

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