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ALL ABOUT Japanese Schools!: Schools in Japan vs America!

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Information ALL ABOUT Japanese Schools!: Schools in Japan vs America!

Title :  ALL ABOUT Japanese Schools!: Schools in Japan vs America!
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Frames ALL ABOUT Japanese Schools!: Schools in Japan vs America!

Description ALL ABOUT Japanese Schools!: Schools in Japan vs America!

Comments ALL ABOUT Japanese Schools!: Schools in Japan vs America!

Sonnie Travels
Hello from Thailand! What do you think of Japanese schools compared to the ones you attended? :) Also, how do you like the longer video?
Comment from : Sonnie Travels

Paul Victor
I'm a TESL teacher that teaches 1 on 1 with most students in China and let me tell you, nothing makes me feel more lazy than asking my students about their day or week and basically just hearing "School, class"brOn the one hand, I'm impressed, on the other I'm sad
Comment from : Paul Victor

optimuq 2627
Which practices from Japan’s school system would you include in the US’s school system?
Comment from : optimuq 2627

Oscar Meyer
This is why foreigners need to be educated about the topic, before spreading lies NO the school year start has NOTHING to do with cherry blossom season (Mar-May) NO there is not "Federal Law" requiring silent reading time Each school falls under local board of education requirements NO the government does not think 5-days of schools is "spoiling" kids Return to six-day school weeks is based on ILSA scores such as TIMSS and PISA Not all schools have cafeterias where students do the serving
Comment from : Oscar Meyer

Sasha Arroyo
How long is the typical school day? Great video btw
Comment from : Sasha Arroyo

Mayumi Harris
Maybe her experience may have to do with the region she's in or her particular school because my family is from Japan and their experiences are different from hers in many ways My brother, for instance, never dealt with many of the negative situations she spoke of
Comment from : Mayumi Harris

Demian Marchione
Sign me up in the list of those who fell for herbrShe is gorgeous, she has a cat and, most importantly, she has a Harry Potter tattoo
Comment from : Demian Marchione

Melissa Smiley
Awesome experiencebrGive and take
Comment from : Melissa Smiley

Super Obosan
May I know which school you are teaching?
Comment from : Super Obosan

Moe Tanida
What the!! I’m Japanese and am still surprised about some of the things you said Cuz physical is never allowed in my school Super surprised that there’s still that kind of school and that make me sad
Comment from : Moe Tanida

This sounds like a horrible system Seriously unhealthy for the children’s mental and physical health, bad for the education because teachers won’t even know their subject…
Comment from : TA S

hussen mazen
So there books does it have more things to read or is it the same ?
Comment from : hussen mazen

Malpuppydog 0712
Your cat is pretty
Comment from : Malpuppydog 0712

Mike Shoults
Don't forget to mention the practice of forcing students with blonde or brown hair to dye it black Or forcing black girls to straighten their hair They are required to get doctors notes and show medical evidence that their hair is natural, otherwise they are forced to use hair dye, colour contacts and straighteners so they fit in Only black hair is okay All other hair colours are dirty
Comment from : Mike Shoults

Mike Shoults
I just talked to a traumatized jr Highschool girl who had her hair cut in front of the schoolbrIn Japan abuse is okay as long as you call it a rulebrYou will find many many abusive rules that are acceptable because they are "rules"
Comment from : Mike Shoults

Wow your cat is a bigboy love it
Comment from : Whippyice

Molly McGregor
Thank you so much as this is preparing me somewhat I'm going to be be an exchange student for a year in Japan so thanks! I f I saw a teacher hitting or in any way harming the student like you said, I would probably get kicked out for yelling at the teacher for doing that Hopefully that doesn't happen cause I want to be there for a year!
Comment from : Molly McGregor

Valencia Claudio
The moment you said girls aren't allowed to pluck their eyebrows 😮😵 I'll be coming in like this: 👹
Comment from : Valencia Claudio

Randel Pro
u make it sound like teaching english is easy in japan's schools
Comment from : Randel Pro

Skamer official
Here I was thinking Japanese schools would be just like how animes are😭😭😭😭😭😭brDamn this video was hurtful 💔
Comment from : Skamer official

Nu begrijp ik waarom de Nederlandse (school)kinderen de gelukkigste in de wereld zijnbr今、私はオランダの(学校の)子供たちが世界で最も幸せである理由を理解しました。
Comment from : MrHaagsesjonny1

Tiktok obsessed bish
My school is not like the other schools that she talked about the teachers don’t wrestle us down on the floor but we dont do like theMeditation thing
Comment from : Tiktok obsessed bish

Ravikiran Nookala
1st realistic truthful information about schools there
Comment from : Ravikiran Nookala

ᜊ Topaz Butterfly ᜊ
Japanese system seems abusive Also, how long is a school day and what subjects do they study
Comment from : ᜊ Topaz Butterfly ᜊ

thank you so much for this! i might move to japan for 5 years and im really nervous on how to make friends and the how schools are:D thank you sm
Comment from : ghxstboyxx

絢爛豪華 kenrangouka
Currently studying Japanese and am hoping to eventually teach in Japan, I was curious if you took any JLPT tests, I am considering taking all of them but am still not sure brAnother curiosity of mine is if you got to teach anything like Shakespeare or Romeo and Juliet brLove all the information, it’s hard to find a teacher’s in depth view of the actual school system and conditionsbrOh another thing, about your tattoo, did you have that during Japan? If yes was there any backlash or interest generated from it?
Comment from : 絢爛豪華 kenrangouka

Lawrence Nodarse
You need to put that cat on a weight-loss diet!!brbrI taught in China for 6 years, so this was very interesting for me, to compare and contrast-- many similarities to China but many differences, too
Comment from : Lawrence Nodarse

Heherson Angel
Hi Can i ask a copy of syllabus in the subject you are teaching I can use it in my conference/seminar talks Thank you
Comment from : Heherson Angel

Michael Damon
Great video! I really want to live in Japan but I don't want to subject my future kids (God-willing) to such unnecessary pressure I think ill have to take a look at international school or another country altogether
Comment from : Michael Damon

wait, militaristic?!
Comment from : math

I go Japanese schools, and I honestly think that how the school works is a bit different per prefecture
Comment from : TԋҽCσριҽԃVιɾυʂ

Tobias D
I would have loved if u had timestamps
Comment from : Tobias D

I want to go to a japanese school so bad now love the discipline Ofc there are some bad things but all in all they want the best for them!
Comment from : Selal

you just saved my ass
Comment from : Zec

Annabeth Chase
It sounds like Japanese students learn so much more than in America
Comment from : Annabeth Chase

Information here is misleading, all schools in Japan are different Most of your information doesn't represent most schoolsbrbrbrEdit: I understand it's just her experience though
Comment from : Kuromaku

6 day schooling, cram? I knew already its too pressured Ease up Japan, murder and suicide a terrible phenomenom I advocate Finland
Comment from : TheKeithvidz

Peter Chong
Well I am in Malaysia My wife is Japanese One of my daughter went to Japan and studied in Sendai for about 3 moths She enjoyed it very much She goes to private school (UK syllabus) in Malaysia I didn’t hear any of those horrible stories like that from her She is actually looking forward to go back to study there, after the covid 19 lock down brDo you think the school she went to is different from yours?
Comment from : Peter Chong

La Commission - sitcom
Thank you for this very interesting video I hope you won't mind I exploit it for my lesson of English in France!
Comment from : La Commission - sitcom

The Shöcker Pit
Well no wonder the country is so smart it’s because they have the school system down to a T I’ve just realised that most other schools don’t focus on important things all the folk Isabel is okay so you’re going to learn this then this and then you’re going to puke out of your brains and then we’re going to learn about this and this
Comment from : The Shöcker Pit

i feel like the show rule helps to teach them organized
Comment from : TregNeg

Japanese school sounds like a b**ch
Comment from : Fearless

Kent Asbury
Thank you Now I understand why the Kyoto Tachibana High School marching band is so good The Japanese system is designed for it
Comment from : Kent Asbury

Aichu Johnson
Wow The system sounds like a house of cards
Comment from : Aichu Johnson

Angelina Tran
Fluffy cat fluffy cat fluffy cat fluffy cat
Comment from : Angelina Tran

12:23 lol the cat in the background 🐱
Comment from : PizzaBear

Safwan Hossain
Thanks for the video explaining all this and straight to the point! I watch a lot of anime where highschool is feature and I always confused on their school structure (and why new years always begin with cherry blossom scenes lol) Also the 1-club thing was noticable too! I think it's about fully connecting and commiting to an extracurricular instead of trying to juggle so many
Comment from : Safwan Hossain

Gummy Dragon
Well shit I evy those schools where i am in America start in September because they actually start in August for the state i am in lol😭
Comment from : Gummy Dragon

Wait so like in Japanese public schools you need wear uniform?
Comment from : JustThatAsian

Ocasla Earl
Its because japanese school system more focus on decepline and politeness and the important of thier culture "ILY♥" japanaese manners
Comment from : Ocasla Earl

Yeyeyeyeyeye Donut
So I doing a WEBTOON and I been debating if I wanted to do Japanese school or America school and honestly now it kinda both so do you have advice or get more details how it works,and they bulking situation cause I been trying so my research but it pretty hard find some stuff 😔
Comment from : Yeyeyeyeyeye Donut

b e n j a m i n
Hi from India the rules and system in Japan and India are soo similar Except we dont have to work that hard
Comment from : b e n j a m i n

Leila Meade
How do I become a teacher/ get a job in Japan as an American? I'm a psychology major in college and am taking Japanese language courses and I adore the culture I am seriously considering trying to get a job there
Comment from : Leila Meade

Bumble Juice
about american schools, my family decided to move to new york, because they thought the school system would be better, i can assure you it isn't my rights have been violated and i've been discriminated against not just by students, but by administration more i wish my school was as good as i've heard these other schools are
Comment from : Bumble Juice

DaDeliePanguin EXE
Wow And I thought the American school system was fucked
Comment from : DaDeliePanguin EXE

Ducky the most pissed off swimmer
Wow wish I could have went to school in Japan school here in the US suck ass
Comment from : Ducky the most pissed off swimmer

Thank you for providing us for your comparison and by the way, you are really beautiful! Also your eyes are stunning!
Comment from : CandiJapan

Nihon Scope
Fukuoka huh? Cool, just came back a few months back went to Genki Jacs actually updating my Japanese blog nihonscopecom and your video is perfect for the Japan vs American school system and your video is the best! Thanks!!
Comment from : Nihon Scope

Nita F
Schools in the US now are using uniforms for grades under High School public school but they still don't have uniform for public school high schools
Comment from : Nita F

i guess all we want, as humans, is for our children to have the best opportunities to learn but what system is the best!?!? im envious you've had the privilege to experience multiple systems! :)
Comment from : DaveOz

Lui Wallentin Gøttler
Wauv that sound like how the year 1 to 9 were run here in Denmark 50 years ago Very strict and all the teaching is about memorizing, and not actually reflecting about the things you learn But it does not really surprise me From what I know of Japanese culture, it's an extremely conservative and dogmatic culture But it sounds good that changes are being made
Comment from : Lui Wallentin Gøttler

juulia •
Hey Sonnie, I was wondering if when you lived in Scotland, did you ever visit Glasgow, and if so, what were your impressions?
Comment from : juulia •

Karina Wilson
The most surprising thing that's happened to me in Japan as an ALT was when one of my home room teachers was telling me that she thinks the school system in Japan is too lenient, that the kids are badly behaved and get away with too much - and that, because of all of this, she wants to move to somewhere like London because she thinks British children are polite and quiet I would have laughed if I wasn't so surprised!
Comment from : Karina Wilson

Fine Ass Amy Fresh
Oh my goodness Some practices sound amazing Some sound very scary (coming from a culture where physical agression against a student is criminal) How do you handle yourself during times when you are shocked by the things tolorated in schools?
Comment from : Fine Ass Amy Fresh

Failing does happen in high schools
Comment from : konzertnr9

David Smith
Another great video Sonnie! Didn’t realise Japanese schools were that different, I’m currently doing my TEFL, want to teach English abroad Do u enjoy teaching?
Comment from : David Smith

Andy U
Hiya I've followed you since before you arrived in Japan Comparing this vid to your early one(s), it seems to me that, actually, nothing at all has changed within the Japanese education system whatsoever Did I miss something? On a different note, how's your health holding up? All the best to you
Comment from : Andy U

Caz Avery
I would have loved to wear socks in my classes! I just don't like wearing shoes, ever Ideally I'd be bare foot but I think that's almost more taboo in Japan Woooow I was never that committed to any school club, ever, I think I'd go a bit mad if I had to stick with the same one all the time (and bhad/b to take one!) I always remember my uniform(s) quite fondly Both my primary (4-11 years old) and secondary school (11-18) had uniforms and that's pretty normal for schools in the UK (especially state ones) My primary uniform (winter uniform, it was different in summer) had kilts for the girls, despite the fact I grew up no where near Scotland! We had the rule of no nail varnish (though entirely clear was ok), no make up and no earrings, hair dye was allowed as long as it was a 'natural' colour, lots of girls got in trouble for make up, some teachers carried wipes around with them to 'check' I never thought my school was that strict about it but when I went to university I found out lots of other schools were less interested in stopping the girls from wearing make up brIt's a shame it's all just memorisation, there are definitely some uses to it but definitely not for everything! Kids serving food is a bit intense - we had people who collected the trays etc and we were on a rota for that but nothing more than that We also always stayed in the same classroom but teachers moved during primary school but we changed classroom during secondary The order to classes sounds kind of useful! None of this packing up before the class is over thing We have 6 week summer holidays, I don't know if that's the same length of US schools? I guess that's still longer than the Japanese holidays though? My brother in law is a teacher in the UK, I think he'd say he has about 3 weeks off in summer because he has to do school related work either side But he does do exciting things in that time! brMy school had very few elevators in it, but we did have them for people with mobility needs brbrI definitely don't think the kids need that much pressure! They seem to do well on their exams but they also seem to have almost no time to just be kids! And the work culture it prepares them for isn't healthy either I definitely think the UK system has flaws, but I'm glad it wasn't like thatbrbrHope you're having a wonderful time in Thailand!
Comment from : Caz Avery

Well there are lockers in some Japanese schools (including the one I attended)
Comment from : konzertnr9

Stephen Gardiner
Japanese schools sound so strictand the pressure the kids are under - unbelievable! I'm surprised anyone would want to be a teacher with those working conditions - I'm assuming you don't do 80 hours a week or watch after a club? Don't even think about it - you've got our videos to make! ;) lol
Comment from : Stephen Gardiner

Cris Nemitz
That was really interesting! Man, I thought teachers were underpaid here In Japan it sounds much worsebrOff topic : Have you guys ever told us how long you plan to stay in Japan? Or what comes next?
Comment from : Cris Nemitz

Marcel TK
Like that kind of informative videos And this one was very interesting Thank you
Comment from : Marcel TK

FewGrain 42
O interesting The cleaning should be at my school but as a punishment it would be better Scotland i think it is new year, England/Wales is September England has PE kit and school uniform The school chooses them Pah silent reading try getting 10 kids in my year to read silently Im british 4:00 LOL And yeah thats too much We do once a week at most so Cramming is fun sometimes Music lol What would happen if i told you what i done in the last week there? I havent washed hands specefically since like October Primary school we stay in one/2 rooms really In Secondary we go to the rooms that the teachers have Lol we have less than half capacity and like 5/6' wide corridors Good being tall lol UK primary is 4/5-10/11 Secondary is 11/12-15/16 or 17/18 depending on Sixth form or not Just allow people to be how they want without extremes Yea well GCSEs Pretty much from yr10 (14/15) to May yr 11 (15/16) So like an inset day in a hurricane/blizzard Yay Well Thats not fair What clubs do you run? That meditation could be good tho But i dont close eyes just stare at the ceiling or something Uk is very rare to go stay so Honestly the military thing could be good at my school Lack of order wrestle to keep studying Seems counterintuitive Also just flip the teacher down and make sure they cant? Like arm twist and punch the teacher in the stomach like i did to a freind They havent tried to do it again I dont think any teachers will really try ti wrestle me so if it could happen beat up the teacher Yehs
Comment from : FewGrain 42

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