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Kings and Generals
Want FREE tickets to Japan? Use ourcode: KINGSANDGENERALS10 and link: bitly/3yhY5Lv brto get 10 off your Bokksu subscription and automatically be entered in their giveaway! Anyone who subscribes before December 31st, even as a gift, will be eligible to win ✈ 🥳brPacific War Podcast: thepacificwarpodbeancombrPacific War Prelude 01 - How Europe Colonized Asia: youtube/MEgIHN63ojUbrPacific War Prelude 02 - How the Meiji Restoration Turned Japan into an Empire: youtube/rHgbG1HsIrYbrPacific War Prelude 03 - Rise of Ultranationalism in Japan: youtube/7vQ6nxBRGd8brPacific War Prelude 04 - How America Became an Empire: youtube/DY2CUazAaaYbrPacific War Prelude 05 - China at War: China at War: youtube/TnYHe80ZvBwbrPacific War Prelude 06 - War in Europe: youtube/U4EdDCZ4pCAbrPacific War Prelude 07 - Why Japan Attacked America: youtube/NacJi_WO3esbrPacific War #1 - Attack on Pearl Harbor: youtube/ZzS1ZAulpoY
Comment from : Kings and Generals

I'd like to finish this vid, but someone keeps trying to plug a guitar into an amp every few seconds Extremely annoying
Comment from : wwjudasdo

Michael John Catubuan
Malaysians can't even defend their country so sad
Comment from : Michael John Catubuan

Wenxuan Liu
a pacific war documentation with Japanese advertisement sorry who win the pacific war again?
Comment from : Wenxuan Liu

Japanese invaded Malaysia by bicycle onlyhahahaha
Comment from : xXx

Inti Ortega
The graphical presentation in this episode was absolutely amazing Congrats on the job well done!
Comment from : Inti Ortega

Malaysians blamed Britain and Thailand Meanwhile Indonesians did not blame anyone, even those who were anti-Japanese This shows the two don't share the same views, unlike what people say
Comment from : XVIXVII

rr ww
Malaya has all this jungle but none of the defenders blew up the bridges or otherwise made the roads unpassable?brtens of thousands of labor-ready bodies idling and no engineering/earthworks done;bra few days delay would have given Singapore enough time to store provisions and last through a siege
Comment from : rr ww

Robert Ibert
Brit's were sure not prepared for that, no intel and their codes were cracked, ouch!
Comment from : Robert Ibert

I have watched several of these videos and they are great Do any of these cover the Thai-French war at all? So far I have not come across any discussion of that event Thanks
Comment from : exocet1

Tom Monk
One of Japan’s major problems in WWII was the persistent desire to use complicated plans on multiple targets rather than concentrate their forces Sometimes it worked, as with the attacks in concert with Pearl Harbor, but often it did not, as at Midway
Comment from : Tom Monk

Doing a Bokksu ad in Pacific War series is like doing a Volkswagen ad in WW2 in Europe series
Comment from : choppany

Cavava Cava
Wait U still Exist ( I ) or we Already Flag ur Channel And U Can Expect more Mass Flag on ur chanbel Cus off ur Vandalism and racism History
Comment from : Cavava Cava

Sugam Nema
this is gold
Comment from : Sugam Nema

Once Japan attacked the US, everything they had needed to be dedicated to fighting the US Anything else was mostly a waste of men, time, and material, unless there was significant fuel to be gained
Comment from : Coraltown

Sriman Archarya Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda
It seems that the Japanese ended the British empire and rule in Malaysia as the Malaysians acted like slaves Village tribals that where disciplined by white British people It was people like Subhash Chandra Bose and the INA army that assisted the Japanese in freeing Malaysia from British tyranny It wasn’t peaceful Asia was freed by the Japanese and Indians as the British people where tricking the Asian country’s in fake made right deeds to own Malaysian property on there own land The Indians and Japanese did well to free them regardless of there own history Many national stories where made in Malaysia during the years but where all rejected internationally as the story is quite obvious 🤴🏽🕉🔺➕
Comment from : Sriman Archarya Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda

Fān Wtn
Hm Net knew that Thai police were an obstacle for foreigners since the time of World War 2 hahaha
Comment from : Fān Wtn

Snehal Arunachal
bJapan was clearly an invincible force 6 15/b
Comment from : Snehal Arunachal

Nick Danger
Patrick Stanley Vaughan Heenan (29 July 1910 – 13 February 1942) was a captain in the British Indian Army who was convicted of treason, after spying for Japan during the Malayan campaign of World War II[1][2] Heenan was reportedly killed by his wardens while in custody during the Battle of Singapore According to Heenan's biographer, Peter Elphick, these events were suppressed by British Commonwealth military censors[1]
Comment from : Nick Danger

Xia Niaa!
Thanks you Brittish for help Malaysia brLove from Kedah 🥰
Comment from : Xia Niaa!

Agent PP006
after the war, the truth is gone all that left is propaganda
Comment from : Agent PP006

Nazrul Hanif
Other side of history fact brbr4 Malayan State (Kedah, Perlis, Terengganu, Kelantan) were in the hand of THAI given by the Japanese upon success of the Malaya invasionbrbrAfter the British comeback after Japanese Surrender in WW2 The 4 Malayan State (Kedah Perlis, Terengganu, Kelantan) are transferred back to the BRITISH from THAI which what make the Malaysia today
Comment from : Nazrul Hanif

Why is the playlist backwards?
Comment from : IJoK3r

Marco Polo
5:09 capture and disseminate,
Comment from : Marco Polo

Raymond Liou
Amazing docuseries Something I think deserves praise beyond the usual quality of your videos is the sound design Are the airplane noises actual recordings of planes from that era? They are really immersive and I can only imagine the sound of dozens of planes amidst the other sounds of chaos Amazing job and keep it up K&G!
Comment from : Raymond Liou

Thank you for video sir

กิตติภพ กัญญาพันธุ์
thailand we Ax but we win the war :V
Comment from : กิตติภพ กัญญาพันธุ์

ASEC Mimosas
Japanese logistics are truly remarkable It's almost as though they're playing a video game
Comment from : ASEC Mimosas

Good video Kings and Generals covers lot's of things which wouldn't be covered in mainstream documentaries
Comment from : Timothy

Mental Kuyak
Indonesia belike: malay kok anak inggris
Comment from : Mental Kuyak

Petr Staš
This series is so epic I'm pooping my pants a little
Comment from : Petr Staš

hyuuga natsume
I am glad my grandfather managed to retire young to become a farmer back in his hometown in Negeri Sembilan He used to be in British Armies in Kuala Lumpur during pre-WW2 He managed to escape war and survive with my grandma due to the farm he had
Comment from : hyuuga natsume

japanese generals are genius
Comment from : 枣

If there's a 3rd world war, never trust the thais
Comment from : iamizan

***AR *****
🇲🇾 🇸🇬 🇧🇳 : Japan is crime of Asia brbrMeanwhile 🇮🇩 : Dai Nippon Banzai 🙌🗿
Comment from : ***AR *****

Lol big guns pointing the wrong direction
Comment from : Xenos

Mior Zharif 1986
The one mustake is,british s3nd 2 battleship who newly end fight KGS Bismarck at Atlantic northern sea,this time IJN is top3 strongest inthe world,that why 2 battleship sunk
Comment from : Mior Zharif 1986

Mior Zharif 1986
The last big battle time IJ invasion at Batu Pahat,Kampar,and Bukit Candu Singapura,all who defense this land,isAustralia British,Sikh and Melayu who from Penisular Malaysia,where are chinese PAP?,13 mei 1969 at where PAP ,who make Singapura spread from Malaysia is PAP,are not feel shy,take singaura?
Comment from : Mior Zharif 1986

Magda Manduhai
Thanks Imperial Japan for Liberating Asia from the british and american colonisers Banzai banzai banzai!
Comment from : Magda Manduhai

FL Freaks
7:25 The biggest traitor, their own neighbor Thailand I am still surprised that Malaya and British decided not to retribute after the WW2 ended Well some say Thailand got cursed with ladyboy capitol of the world because they acted cowardly during WW2
Comment from : FL Freaks

Raymond Tay
The UN Leader shall take a look at this video and banned Japan for weapons and Aircraft Carriers for good 💪💪👍👍👏👏
Comment from : Raymond Tay

Naser Moha
lekeh malaysiakena main2 lagu tu jesmpi la skrg
Comment from : Naser Moha

After watching this, does it make you wanna play a strategy game?
Comment from : theory8sf

Plaek is not a dictator
Comment from : Axia AXELIA

16:56 big mistake - the water body on map is Bang Lang Reservoir - water mass holded by Bang Lang Dam which construction ended in 1981 !!!
Comment from : Hartasek

5:51 @Kings and Generals discrepancy (sure bug) - right top corner there is date Nov11th, 1940, in subtitles and voice too, but on picture, in bubble pointing to the ship is correctly November 11th, but wrongly year 1941
Comment from : Hartasek

Mario Camba
Japan has a porposethey wanted europian colonoizer out of asia Asia is for asian onlythis is the motto of japan imperial army
Comment from : Mario Camba

Comment from : YELLOW UGLY JAP

Singaporean could have been defend, the Japanease supply situation was horrible The British should have consolidate in Southern Malaya and build a number of defense fortification The under supplied Japanease forces would never overcome multible prepared defensive lines in a row so far away from their supply lines brbrThe British made the typical mistake of trying to defend everything, and they were destroyed in bite-sized chunks Horrible performance by British and high risk by Japan But it paid off for them
Comment from : 21nickik

[ MadKat ]
The first debut of Malay Regiment
Comment from : [ MadKat ]

Green Lord
Im looking forward for the Marawi Siege Documentary
Comment from : Green Lord

Saiful Ikram
Lieutenant-General Arthur E Percival is always a worst general, bringing shame to the British Empire The massive Johore Battery was loaded with armor-piercing rounds; intended to pierced the armor of the battleship, used against infantry but only killing a few
Comment from : Saiful Ikram

To cut a long story short, basically, the British chickened out of Malaya, and opted to only defend Singapore How the mighty had fallen
Comment from : Deep SKULL

Som Chai
Comment from : Som Chai

Mohd haziq qayyum Bin termizi
Iam from alor setar Kedah Malaysia
Comment from : Mohd haziq qayyum Bin termizi

Izhar mat isa
You forget about Royal Malay Regiment
Comment from : Izhar mat isa

Riduwan Saputra
Subtitle Indonesia
Comment from : Riduwan Saputra

Dale More
The attack on Malaya actually happened hours before pearl harbour It’s because of the international dateline that it sounds like pearl harbour was first, 7th of December as opposed to the attack on Malaya, the 8th of December
Comment from : Dale More

Tommy Paget
As a Thai, I’m interested in these details, how the Thai police had actually, at one point, fought against both the Indian/British force and the Japanese forces in Betong
Comment from : Tommy Paget

Siamese the traitor, no wonder southern thailand want to separate from them
Comment from : Mfkrtoblank

Stick golden
11:02 The Japanese Bombers fly over Narathiwat province, Thailand to bombed Malaya My grandfather toll me he saw many Japanese Bomber fly over our house in 1941
Comment from : Stick golden

lukman azuhan
Nice contest bro i Like that 😁
Comment from : lukman azuhan

Tigrex Ace
Thanks a lot USA sb atomkan jepun ni klau x, dia x kn berenti kezaliman dia kt negara jajahan nya malah sehingga hri ni belum ada permohonan maaf dri kerajaan jepun kpd negara yg dizaliminya malah ada juga yg berbangga dgn tentera dia dlu
Comment from : Tigrex Ace

Bob Menzies
As far as the USA was concerned Japan is their best friend & ally they even are part of their military 2022 Who cares about Malaya it was British colony at the time & it was Japan that stood in the way of USA primacy thats all !
Comment from : Bob Menzies

H S Lee
General Pacival is a joke to as a commamd leader Is a shame for british army Weapon in high number and quality is better than japan Dont have knowledge for fightbrJapan come from north is not easy go to sought Because geografi is good for the defence But the leader quality too poorbrWw2, german, china, produce a lot general knowledge to use a weak and small troop to bit bigger enermy That is army should to be like that But in malaysia Is the rich british loss to poor japan This is british army systems is question how to selection on the leader to lead the army
Comment from : H S Lee

H S Lee
Why british let malaysia independent Can make thid videobrAppreciated your video
Comment from : H S Lee

I've been liking your channel for years and now you're making one bout my hometown, this is super great!
Comment from : frogwater09

Kiron Manuel
The British should have been better prepared
Comment from : Kiron Manuel

Ryan S
整个部队不是被伏击就是在被伏击的路上 看着白白送死的军人很痛心感谢你们曾经为马来亚奋斗过 虽然历史课本没什么提到过你们 但是你们在我心中是无名英雄 敬礼 salute!!
Comment from : Ryan S

Din Wahabi
its a good strategy by japanese army not attacking from s'pore but from the north
Comment from : Din Wahabi

Mobile Legend
What i know stupid thailand give a way to come to Malaysia
Comment from : Mobile Legend

老虎 Micah
Excellent video documentary, made all the better with great animation
Comment from : 老虎 Micah

Captain Nutsack
i need this type of micro in HOI5
Comment from : Captain Nutsack

ilham Sport gaming
Very good japan invasion of Malaya in order not kolonial eropa
Comment from : ilham Sport gaming

Paul Wan
Thank you K&G, War is bad, millions dead As a Malaysian, colonies threatened lives and holocaust
Comment from : Paul Wan

Skudel Rok
The great japan won war againts brittish, voc n us only atomic devil defeat them
Comment from : Skudel Rok

kenter Shackle
This affirm that the act of EMBARGO/ SANCTIONING a country does not work It willonly give Strength to Internal factions thats Aggressive drowning the peaceful ones
Comment from : kenter Shackle

Gabriel Gibson
Thank you Kings and generals from Malaysia
Comment from : Gabriel Gibson

Emp Mmus
Why is Macau covered by a flag of the Kingdom of Portugal, and not a flag of the Republic of Portugal? The Portuguese monarchy ceased to exist in 1910 - therefore the current red and green flag, with no crown, applies
Comment from : Emp Mmus

mohd riduan
All history are lies it's made by British even in our history book in schoolrecently we Malaysia historian collaboration with Japan historian found many document ,proof ,notes , manuskrip and even video about what motive Japanese came to malayain 1942 - 1944 Malayan people's leaders gathering all over malaya with politician ,scholarship and all the village leaders gathering with over 10000- 50000 Malayan in every town to give them message about japanese is comingand Malaya need to support Japanese Malaya they inviting Japanese to stop invasion by British clearly in video Malaya waving nippon flag shouting " hidup nippon" , which means "long live nippon " supporting Japanese to came Malaya and Indonesia Japanese was invited not invasion like British and this gathering also supported by most of leader states which is sultan ,or king of states which the big meeting Japanese general Yamashita with all sultan² states at Singapore after British defeatedalso recorded in video thanks God the truth revealed even most of the proof was destroyed by British
Comment from : mohd riduan

xavier zaxavier
just to make sure when you say Indian troop it mean Malaya native people right? not india worker right?cause British at that time put india and malaya people as same one race when their actually was differentjust because their have almost same skin colourif that so it make more sense cause from what i learn there is only 1/5 india while 1/5 British and 3/5 is malaya troop1/5 or half 1 over 5 are india troop while 1/5 British are all command officer while the rest 3/5 are native malaya defended correct me if im wrong is not there almost no reward or acknowledgement be given to native there in history there is not any praise be given to native people
Comment from : xavier zaxavier

amierull ridzwan
As malaysian history enthusiasts, i confirm that you really explained it so well
Comment from : amierull ridzwan

Tty Tty
Bye bye👋 Alor Setar my hometown
Comment from : Tty Tty

Fariston T
Unfortunate to have a little snake in the grass as a neighbor isn't it? they sell you out just like that
Comment from : Fariston T

San 29
It's sad that the local history school text books don't talk about the soldiers who fought a daring and heroic ,albeit doomed, retreating action for almost the entire campaign I was already out of school when I learned about all the major engagements, and horrors, such as the Parit Sulong Massacre
Comment from : San 29

This campaign needs to have its own game Can already imagine the stories in the campaign playing as the British, Thais, locals and heros in malaya and singapore
Comment from : 25thChestNut

IamJack Dude
Imperial Japan was too powerful
Comment from : IamJack Dude

'But before we talk about the Japanese invasion of Malaya, here are some awesome Japanese snacks found in Bokksu!'brbrJapan going for that cultural victory too, eh 😀
Comment from : unifieddynasty

yew soon fatt
in this invasion, the British army withdrew too quickly to Singapore, the brits wanted to go back to Britain and fight the German more than fighting for the colonies so the indian and malay soldier surrendered to the Japanese easily without a real fight because their British boss ran to Singapore and they felt abandoned , the morale was destroyed and in the fact of history, the communist guerillas fought real hard against the Japanese imperial army because they still have bond with their motherland China and the war crimes Japanese committed in China like massacre and raping the civilians was well known among the Chinese thus, the Japanese treated the Chinese in Malaya real bad, unlike how they treat the Malays The Japanese training and using the Malay puppets to fight against the Chinese But these history was all wiped out by the british and Malaysia the Malaysian history textbook didnt mention the guerillas fought the Japanese while the Malay surrendered , but they call these guerillas terrorist Because After the war, the Brits came back to Malaya and they exploited the workers REAL BAD, because they wanna repay the debt of the war and they need money to rebuild britain and thus, the British rules just became as bad as the Japanese occupation, the workers got only 1/3 of the wage before the war despite the price of all goods were so expensive so the workers came out and protested against the british exploitation, but the british just ordered the indian and malay soldier to open fire against the workers, many were killed and thus, people stand up and supported the communist guerilla to come back and fight the british the war was called "Malay insurgency", they brits didnt want to admit that was a war, so that they could do things against the Geneva conventions Including concerntration camps, killing the innocent people like "Massacre of Batang Kali" (They killed the entire village of Batang Kali and called them all communist (but actually they were not, some they were some inncocent women) The sons and daughters of the victims were still trying to bring this into brithish court for a formal apologize but the british just ignored them
Comment from : yew soon fatt

Crafty Prop
As a Malaysian,
Comment from : Crafty Prop

bull a buck
decades later CCP use the same strategy upon US allies in SEA
Comment from : bull a buck

Curious Bengali
Most of the British Forces fighting in the war were Indians Also, fun fact The Indians lost more men than Great Britain itself in WW2
Comment from : Curious Bengali

Nadrev Caranay
Ngl, that Bokksu ad was a treat
Comment from : Nadrev Caranay

magnasyst g
Thank you👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : magnasyst g

great video better than what we have in national museum
Comment from : ffendi

Japanese ground army very fast And i like I166 kaidai class submarine, their didn't attack maybe because want keep unknown their have submarine linger at there
Comment from : (^o^)

Hurray for Malaya campaign
Comment from : 90streamer

Chia Jie Chong
So ironic featuring, Japanese product couple with japanese invasion
Comment from : Chia Jie Chong

I would love to see the origin sultan in Malaysia
Comment from : Junior

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