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The Tide Turns For The Allies | Battles Won and Lost | Timeline

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Information The Tide Turns For The Allies | Battles Won and Lost | Timeline

Title :  The Tide Turns For The Allies | Battles Won and Lost | Timeline
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Frames The Tide Turns For The Allies | Battles Won and Lost | Timeline

Description The Tide Turns For The Allies | Battles Won and Lost | Timeline

Comments The Tide Turns For The Allies | Battles Won and Lost | Timeline

niwde ^-^
And know we're allies with the Japanese 😅
Comment from : niwde ^-^

Steve P
Never understood the Japanese navy flinching when it came to fighting to the death when it would have made a difference!
Comment from : Steve P

History repeated itself
Comment from : Mistaking03

aPenny4 UrPodcast
Lol, love how so manny of the hot take opinions in the documentary are just malarkey
Comment from : aPenny4 UrPodcast

Hans Olowe
Thank you for not censoring /blurring this video 👍
Comment from : Hans Olowe

Thadious Morrison
Comment from : Thadious Morrison

Min 32:53, Dr Peter Pedersen: "all the (kamikaze) pilot had to do was take off, fly straight and level and dive straight into his target" EASY!!! PIECE OF CAKE!!!brbrWTF!!!!brbrThis "Doctor" doesn't know what his talking about A rather simplistic and light assessment, to say the least, when presenting the facts brbrI would like to see Dr Pedersen (hypothetically) in command of a Japanese fighter aircraft taking off "easily" from an unprepared and improvised airfield in a theater of war, flying "straight and level" in the middle of an air battle, then diving towards the target, in the middle of a hail of anti-aircraft artillery, crossfire, with turbulence generated by the detonation of the AAA warheads and then, if survives that, trying to hit a moving target (a naval ship) that is making evasive maneuvers EASY!!!brbrThese "academics" only knows the theory and talk with a superiority and certainty only provided by the ignorance of not knowing the practice
Comment from : ANDRES GUERRA

The BigE Podcast
30:55 facts
Comment from : The BigE Podcast

The BigE Podcast
I have allways heard of guada canal but did not know what it was
Comment from : The BigE Podcast

Billy Wylie
WW2 was a colossal waste of skill flesh and finance how about them 9/11 war games and put options
Comment from : Billy Wylie

If you like documentaries about the Great patriotic war i recommend you the SOVIET STORM with the Russian perspective
Comment from : IVAN IVANOVICH

Article 15
This series would be so much better without the two douchers playing a modified version of the board game risk It just ruins the whole show
Comment from : Article 15

Siljoa Zunega
5:00 so both of them(both sides) were ignorant against each other!!!!
Comment from : Siljoa Zunega

Siljoa Zunega
Lol!!! is that what the Japones call that main island, did they just derived that from the Spanish/Portuguese or Iberian term?
Comment from : Siljoa Zunega

Mistérios Gloriosos
bWell done indeed Thank you for creating these videos!!!/b
Comment from : Mistérios Gloriosos

Duncan Maclean
I had never heard of the battle of Dakar
Comment from : Duncan Maclean

Roman Moukhine
My man, why do you always forget the eastern front ? It was the biggest and bloodiest in WW2
Comment from : Roman Moukhine

Carlisle Panting
Belize central America!! pray for world peace!!✌🙏🌎
Comment from : Carlisle Panting

I always say imagine if Japan invaded Hawaii or instead just fought with Germany and didn't fight in Pacific only near homelands
Comment from : RYAN TRAVIS

Hmm Sounds like another case of terrible British leadership…again Did Mount Batten ever do anything of worthwhile note? Or did he just completely fail all the time Full disclosure; I say this as a biased Canadian with family ties to the Ontario regions where the bulk forces of the Dieppe raid came from
Comment from : dogmatix

One of the most effective "small weapons" that were used against paratroopers in Crete in 1941 was a makeshift one It used a long wooden pole, anything really above 2 meters long would do, with a kind of knife, ANY kind of knife, tied to its "business end" Scores of hapless paras were introduced to the fabled Cretan hospitality when they were skewered by these "weapons", many of which were wielded by local men AND women defending their homes brbrEven today, ANZACs that fell during the Battle of Crete are specially honored in the military cemetaries on the island Cretans will never forget those who fought here, especially those who came from half a world away, probably not even knowing the island existed, to die here This is a debt that can never be repaidbrbrNote 1: Freiberg was either an idiot or totally incompetent To have intelligence early and not act on it is nothing short of criminalbrbrNote 2: Charles Upham won his second Victoria Cross (the only combatant to do so in the decoration's history) for actions conducted in Crete
Comment from : MaegnasMw

John Wright
Your accuracy leaves something to be desired You said it was two years before another 1000 bomber raid on Hamburg when in fact it was 13 months later in july 1943 Also it would be nice if you gave the year and not just the month But don't get me wrong I have learned much that I have always wondered about
Comment from : John Wright

Spīnalo Bifida
I like how there's a "competition" between the two piece movers in the "war room" I wish the commercials and the film were at the same volume I have to turn it up all the way for the show and get blasted with ads
Comment from : Spīnalo Bifida

MM Sizzlak
Dub-ya dub-ya two
Comment from : MM Sizzlak

fabio sunspot
The biggest counter attack since normandy was in the Arden forest after those thousand bomber raid, the bombing was killing hundreds of thousands of civilians but it wasn't stopping the army from fighting and production of armaments was at it's highest during that time,in short it never worked
Comment from : fabio sunspot

fabio sunspot
All japanese outside Japan was never ment to return home unless they won the war, they were there to fight to the death
Comment from : fabio sunspot

David Lloyd-Jones
One huge Allied loss: the Battle of the Straits of Messina This was when the British and American navies cut off the German forces in Sardinia, destroying them as they tried to escape to the Italian mainlandbrIt didn't happen Huge victory for the Germans
Comment from : David Lloyd-Jones

David Lloyd-Jones
All of this is part of the residual evil of Versailles The Western Powers giving Germany's conquests in China to the Japanese as an incipient Empire was both madness and great evilbrWar in the Pacific, indeed Japan's whole adventure in European-style imperialism, was totally unnecessary -- but fair pay-back for the loons Wilson, Lloyd George and worst of all Georges Clemenceau
Comment from : David Lloyd-Jones

Tracy Tavares
To all that brag that there family served , did you honor them by serving ?
Comment from : Tracy Tavares

8:30 KawaGucci
Comment from : NoOb_4502

Arun Kumar Sahoo
I watch
Comment from : Arun Kumar Sahoo

Jim Eastman
This is one of your least accurate documentaries I have watched Also, quite a bit of bias by your participants!
Comment from : Jim Eastman

Robert Calamusso
Untold human suffering for all including women, children and older people brbrThe insanity of war and power brbrSo sad
Comment from : Robert Calamusso

Robert Pajkovski
It just shows again, without the Russians WW2 would have been lost to the Germans
Comment from : Robert Pajkovski

Andreas Leonardo
Nice historical videowhen populations livings under totalitarian authoritiesinnocence civilian centres are not causing official authority's decrease morale!!!because citizens spirituality has not any prices inside Totalitarian elite minds but bombarding of industry centres and strategic positions brings positive result
Comment from : Andreas Leonardo

The war has become a world war, when Brits have promised to protect Poland Which they didnt The poles then went to UK, and had the most successfull Squadron of Battle of Britain Fought at Tobruk, conquered Monte Cassino, fought at Arnhem, and many other places After war, they were given to Stalin, and were not even allowed to march in the Victory parade And now Poles in the UK are commonly threated or attacked just because they are Polish, while at the same time UK is giving moral lessons to the Eastern Europe about its racism
Comment from : Noldo

Guttormur Thorfinnsson
outestanding tv thanks
Comment from : Guttormur Thorfinnsson

gbafon gbafon
So many African Americans denied their chance to fight and lead
Comment from : gbafon gbafon

Adam Frazer
If anyone knows, was it Fryburg who had men blast out some personal quarters out of solid rock ?
Comment from : Adam Frazer

delta co2000
adverts every 5 mins
Comment from : delta co2000

Zie SpiralOut
Leningrad always chokes me up What those people went through is unreal Rip to all the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives
Comment from : Zie SpiralOut

Mohammed Says Rashid
Bombing civilian centers are not creating lack of Morale of peoples or decreasing morale and Political men are knowing that but they are lies in their speaking because all authorities before wars starting they are changing or leaving gradually their humanity ,Justice ,people serving processes to more vicious ,corrupted behaviors &,directing most resources to wards official Forces under slogan (Wars requirements ) and authorities becoming aggressive Nationalist Dictators so peoples are frightening from their own government and exchanging bombing between fighters at same time every civilian centers bombing has secret & hiding aims far from Morale issue
Comment from : Mohammed Says Rashid

Falcon Ward
The titles of this series are misleading They don't match the episodes they cover Plus the mish mash of battles and dates that range all over the world and all over the war timeline make this confusing and almost nonsensical Seems very poorly organized It's too bad because most of the individual episodes are done well Whoever concocted the idea of scrambling them into this tangled mess of episodes blew it! I can't watch any more of these Battles Won and Lost - they're making me angry!
Comment from : Falcon Ward

Eugene James
Comment from : Eugene James

N Lynch
48:53 This video is 99 Western documentary, 1 how it affected the natives
Comment from : N Lynch

I Robott
14:00 for Germany perhaps - but the general consensus is that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did shortenbrthe war with Japan
Comment from : I Robott

I don't believe that not a single one airmen British or American didn't question the civilian bombings raids
Comment from : Ahornblatt2000

Nurkki Abdi
Too many advertisements
Comment from : Nurkki Abdi

John Smith
6:14 some of those Wildcats looks like Mig-15s
Comment from : John Smith

Peter Clark
Churchill demanded the campaign in Greece For romantic reasons (the home of democracy) Which then enabled Rommel to land and spend a few years in a master-general illusion Erwin's secret to mastery was the US diplomatic code book Winston was a disaster as a strategist balanced by being less so in rear-echelon matters (Radar, Mulberry, wooing FDR) Dakar etc were no-brainer decisions Crete was sacrificed to protect Ultra
Comment from : Peter Clark

Raymond Caylor
How can you skip Midway when talking about battles that turned the tide of the Pacific War ? brWithout the victory there America would still be in defense of not only Pearl Harbor, Alaska, but also the entire West Coast
Comment from : Raymond Caylor

John Kallsen
Leningrad! Noonee ever brings up the shortage of tiolet paper!
Comment from : John Kallsen

This video has some merit, but it is such a disorganized mish-mash that the good commentary is wasted The two guys, table, and cardboard symbols are a total waste as well
Comment from : bigapplebucky

Glenn Tompkins
WAaaaaaaaaaYYYYY too many commercials Every 30 sevonds
Comment from : Glenn Tompkins

This is nonsense Civilians were bombed because they were located near the war production factories that they worked in These were not to a great extent innocent civilians, they were civilians who were building bombs, Gans, bomber’s, tanks, etc it would be absolutely impossible in any modern at the time city to bomb the factories without bombing the workers of those factories Certainly they were innocent civilians killed in mass But to say that serious war planners on either side were counting mostly on the demoralization of citizens it’s nonsense
Comment from : DaveT

This series is a grand idea but borders annoyance with wave after wave of ad's
Comment from : NYCamper62

peter dollins
Bombing did influence events Germany withdrew masses of tank killing 88's from Russia to use as flak guns, also masses of fighters 28 millon Russians were killed as against about 300,000 german civilians? The claim of this documentary bombing did not influence wider events is false In point of fact, a lie Point is to avoid war as modern war is an exchange of horrors Clearly those of the Axis were on a scale and number beyond anything the Allies committed against the horrors of fascism Bombing did become more accurate as the war went on Agsin this lie we were alone We were never alone Not only the commonwealth but the Empire was with us The Greeks fought the Italians and Germans before and adter defeat as did the Norwegians whilst many French as other fought behind the lines, Yet this childish lie is repeated by so-called historians You lot of liars you
Comment from : peter dollins

Michael Birt
I don't mind themthe movements on the game board gives a simplified version of what's being described - archival vision can't do that, and static maps are a little old fashioned Also, the films aren't just for knowledgable folk like many of us We surely want to encourage younger people to understand this important part of our history
Comment from : Michael Birt

B T66
Tennōheika Banzai!
Comment from : B T66

Chris Scerbo
Russia SHOULD always be our allies President Turman was a terrible President and started the cold war One fact that can't be denied about Stalin, he always kept his word from those meets at Potsdam AND from other meeting Churchill AND Roosevelt, AND Stalin I say this ALL the time I wish Roosevelt would've lived just LIVED 6 TO 9 MONTHS LONGER that whole end of the war would've went down differentt
Comment from : Chris Scerbo

Chris Scerbo
These have been great documentaries Thanks for reposting, I haven't seen these ON cable WHEN they aired
Comment from : Chris Scerbo

Elsie Andrade
i hate it that the axis lost the iniative this is my mom's account
Comment from : Elsie Andrade

Sir !! -------------MY Father was in the 1st platoon to land on Guadalcanal; he was a machine gunner He contacted Dengue Fever , & " Combat Fatigue " , spent 15 months recovering in New Zealand, receiving a Navy Cross for his time in the war --------------------------------WolfSky9, 73 y/o
Comment from : Wolfsky9

Sir ! --------------THE 1st " offensive mission" was the Raid on Tokyo, April 1942, from the USS Hornet--------------------WolfSky9, 73 y/o
Comment from : Wolfsky9

Leo Arc
Some battles are a actually a drawbrThe documentary started well
Comment from : Leo Arc

Fernando Baptiste de sousa
Comment from : Fernando Baptiste de sousa

Mohd Hasyudin
I'm fight withcaptain America against hydra He crash into the ice,and live 70 years later But mine also crash but into the volcano and when I wake up I were in the kree planets Miracle
Comment from : Mohd Hasyudin

Monaro Mark
Hollywood should make a movie about what happened at Guadalcanal It would help with their influence in the Pacific over the Chinese at this time But they would want to include the coast watchers and the island natives who helped a lot during the battle This documentary doesn't mention their contributions at all
Comment from : Monaro Mark

Least rewarding actions in history: Allying with the French
Comment from : Pugiron

KnoxTN Yankee
Too many ads on Timeline vids
Comment from : KnoxTN Yankee

REMOVE THE DEDES!! They are so unnecessary and make watching this kinda cringe
Comment from : CockroachB

Zdzichu S
This series is what I would call "easy watching" (like an easy listening music) - not much to do with REAL history, details omitted and often false, two actors take money for cheap PC animation, (although they do add some human spirit) - I like it, but from a history point of view these films are about nothing good for High schools? I'm not so sure
Comment from : Zdzichu S

1:48 The Guadalcanal Campaign 1942 br12:50 The Allied Bombing Campaign 1942 br20:10 The Battle of Dakar 1940 br26:24 The Relief of Lenigrad 1944 br31:27 The Battle of Leyte Gulf 1944 br38:30 The Battle of Crete 1941
Comment from : DataWaveTaGo

At 39:20 "so the issue of special rations was doubly welcome"brBully Beef plain, Bully Beef with shoe leather, Bully Beef with spoiled milk, Bully Beef with scorpion, and Bully Beef with slight e-coli
Comment from : DataWaveTaGo

KDPP / PMPDA Channel
Comment from : KDPP / PMPDA Channel

catbyte 06
My dad was a Marine Raider, 1st Marine Division He was in the first wave at Guadalcanal He'd never talk about his experiences in the war, which is par for the course After his death, I found a shoebox filled with medals, ribbons, and pictures, including a Purple Heart and Silver Star with cluster I saw one picture of my dad after he was evacuated in November, and I almost didn't recognize him He was always built like a tank, but it looked like he lost close to 100 pounds He had bouts of malaria for over 20 years At my dad's funeral, one of his war buddies came up to me and said, "You know, your dad was a real hero" He was always this little girl's hero, so it came as no surprise I miss him every day
Comment from : catbyte 06

Proton Neutron
NO! There was no great arguments in the Allied halls of power in 1942 about what was the dominant theater THAT was COMPLETELY settled around Christmas 1941 in DC by Churchill & FDR Why do they dredge up idiots to babble nonsense on this video?
Comment from : Proton Neutron

Walter Shumate
Square inch for square inch, Malta has got to be the toughest little Nation, would Luxembourg running a close second
Comment from : Walter Shumate

EL Cheapo
bThe world needs more cowards to put an end to war/b
Comment from : EL Cheapo

Scott Krater
Details are important 1st marine division was relieved by the 14th US army corps, not a marine unit
Comment from : Scott Krater

Kurt Bjorn
This notion that "strategic bombing did nothing" is nonsense Factories were destroyed, factory workers killed One less guy making shells, that obviously affected production Multiply that by 1,000,000
Comment from : Kurt Bjorn

Rakesh Tom
More episodes like this
Comment from : Rakesh Tom

What is the point of the guys playing Risk in the middle of the show?
Comment from : Grasshopper

Super Sami
Awfully complimentary of De Gaulle considering all the antics he pulled especially the last 18 months of the war
Comment from : Super Sami

Irwansyah Tour Guide
The tide turns of the WW2 began when the British Army under General Bernhard L Montgomery ousted the Italians and Germans from North Africa in June through July 1940 Afterwards the British Army defeated the Japanese in Myanmar and India The U S Army defeated the Japanese in the Guadalcanal campaign and the Russians under Generalissmo of Josef Stalin defeated the Germans in the Battle of Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Moscow in the USSR
Comment from : Irwansyah Tour Guide

Chris King
woodland mills are not worth buying don't bother
Comment from : Chris King

E K Bellinger
Seconding Mr Sewell's statement that the commentary on Leyte is all wrong Your description of Kurita's retreat off Samar is incomprehensible without describing the ferocious counterattack by the hopelessly outgunned Taffy 3 Kurita, already exhausted by losing his flagship Atago in the Sibuyan, expected to see carriers and battleships He saw escort carriers and thought they were fleet carriers The ferocious, suicidal counter attack by Taffy 3's "Small boys"--destroyers Johnston, Hoel, and Heerman, and DE Samuel B Roberts--made Kurita think he saw battleships The "small boys" and the vigorous counterattack by the air crews of Taffies 1, 3, and 3 convinced Kurita that he was up against a much stronger force than he actually was
Comment from : E K Bellinger

Arashi Miyazawa
"The Japanese called the main island (says Guadalcanal in a bad Japanese accent)" You don't say?
Comment from : Arashi Miyazawa

Peter Pauwels
These 2 turkeys pretending to move pieces on maps is ridiculous I'm gone!
Comment from : Peter Pauwels

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, Thank God good men did something
Comment from : MARKO ENRICO

Maximus Decimus meridious
Vichy France in W Africa choosing to fight their allied sides French troops is sad basically saying “it’s okay we lost Paris and were embarrassed, let’s prove to our German daddies that we are good soldiers”
Comment from : Maximus Decimus meridious

Joe Montague
Let me guess, the people writing this are part of the public relations office for Vandergrift and Uncle Sam's Misguided Children! or just poor historical researchersbrbrbrThe US Army XIV Corps formed in December 1942 under the command of US Army General Alexander "Sandy" Patch consisted of one Marine Division (the 2nd) and two US Army Divisions, including the Americal NOT three Marine Divisions as described here at 11:02!brbrbrThe 164th Infantry Regiment of the Americal landed on Guadalcanal on 13 October 1942 ahead of its brother regiments, as emergency reinforcement for the 1st Marine Division The Regiment was the first US Army unit to engage in offensive action during World War II as part of the Battle of Guadalcanal Between 24 and 27 October, elements of the regiment withstood repeated assaults from Japanese battalions and inflicted some two thousand enemy casualties; the 164th also supported and participated in Marine attacks The First Marine Division's commander, Major General A A Vandegrift, was so impressed by the soldiers' stand that he issued a unit commendation to the regiment for having demonstrated "an overwhelming superiority over the enemy" In addition, General Vandegrift took the unusual step of awarding Lt Colonel Robert Hall, commander of the 3rd Battalion, 164th, with the Navy Cross for his role in these battles The 164th was then occasionally referred to as the '164th Marines' due to their special relationship with the Marines on Guadalcanal brbrbrbrNever forget
Comment from : Joe Montague

Adam Lucas
Why no mention that Germany began the policy of bombing civilian targets with the Blitz? Crudely speaking, Britain served up to Germany what they had dished out to London - only the RAF was by this time so superior that it was able to drop as many bombs as they wanted, so the damage was far worse I'm sure if the Luftwaffe had had control of the skies above Britain, they would have reduced all Britain's cities to ruins
Comment from : Adam Lucas

Gottlieb Goltz
One of the best
Comment from : Gottlieb Goltz

Ne mo
At last, a programme that recognizes the few dead and no change at the battle of Dakar as crucial to the outcome of WW2 Historians take note!
Comment from : Ne mo

Jon Perelstein
Many historians now say bombing campaign against Germany was wildly successful, just not in the way intended It forced Germans to pull pretty much all their fighters back to defend Germany, which gave Brit, Americans, Russians complete air superiority over the battlefields Many estimate at least an extra year, if not more, plus many more tens of thousands of troops dead had they not had that air superiority For example, the number of days it took for German tank reserves to get to Normandy after D-Day
Comment from : Jon Perelstein

Only two allied cruisers were sunk at the Battle of Savo Island?
Comment from : AARON FULWIDER

Neil Korchinski
That scumbag DeGaulle spat in the face of every Canadian soldier who fought and died to liberate his sorry country
Comment from : Neil Korchinski

Craig Beatty
He was wrong about strategic bombing It was vital for victory
Comment from : Craig Beatty

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